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Lovers, Slayers And Witches

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Summary: Season 5 in an alternate Buffyverse. Buffy/Willow/Tara triad.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Threesomes - FemslashRebeccaAshlingFR183010,078029,94627 May 1127 May 11No



DISCLAIMER: "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" are owned by Joss Whedon and his corporate affiliates. I own neither of these properties and I am writing this story for fun, not profit.


A/N: This story begins about a week before Tara's 20th birthday. Dawn is Buffy's fraternal twin. Willow has known she is a lesbian since adolescence.


:Tuesday, 10th October 2000:


We're lying on the bed we've just made, Faith and I, she on her right side, me on my left, facing one another. Faith looks sad and desolate. The zest in her dark amber gaze has turned to ash.


"What's up, Faithy?" I ask her.


She glances at the pool of blood between us. "It hurts, B." she says in her husky voice. "It hurts real bad. Please take it out. Please... please forgive me, Buffy."


I see the wound in her belly that I made with her own knife. It oozes red corruption. I can't bear the sight of her pain or the weight of her tears. I slide the weapon from out of her flesh. The wound disappears, replaced by a scar. A sunburst of dimples illuminates her features, golden flecks of mischief dance in her eyes. She brings her head toward mine and I lean forward to meet her kiss. The taste of chocolate and honey fills my lungs. My heart beats so fast it's almost painful. We embrace, make love. I feel the warmth of her soft skin, slicked with sweat and our combined essences. Hands and tongues play rhapsodies of joy on the other's body as we breathe hard to our climax. When we are spent, Faith's expression turns sorrowful again. But there's no despair there now.


"I gotta go, B." She caresses my cheek tenderly. "Tell Willow I'm sorry. I didn't mean... I shouldn't have hurt her or you, your mom, Angel... I love you, Buffy."


And then Faith is gone. "I love you." I whisper and awake weeping to the urgent ringing of the phone. I answer it.


"I'm sorry to call you at such an early hour, Buffy, but I have-"


"I know, Giles." I interrupt him. "Faith is dead."




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