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Balance of Power

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Summary: Sequel to Hard Road, Willow and Faith are settling in Charming, but with new relationships forming, and the complications that come with the Sons, how will the two warriors for the Powers come to terms with business as usual in Charming?

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Television > Sons of AnarchyRogueWolfFR1533,879032,34427 May 1111 Jun 11No


Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Sons of Anarchy; I’m just borrowing them for a little while.

Last time: “Deal.” Faith stalked ahead, towards Opie’s truck and Jax’s bike. “Think my bike’s ready yet?”

Willow stared up at the ceiling of the guest bedroom in Opie Wilson’s house; it had been two months since they had met, put the seal on the site, and started an explosive relationship, sometimes literally explosive. Opie’s control over the powers that they awakened was getting better, which meant they no longer set off fireworks when they kissed, but the last time they got as far as the heavy petting stage of their relations, they blew the power for all of Charming for two full days, and Faith wouldn’t let them forget it.

That wasn’t why Willow was in the guest bedroom, though. Early on in the relationship they agreed that they would set boundaries in front of the kids; Opie had failed to do with Lyla, and regretted the strain it put on his relationship with his kids. He had thrown a woman at them; put her in their mother’s place, in her bed, while he should have still been mourning her, and while they were still dealing with her loss. So, Willow rarely stayed over at the Wilson house, and insisted that Opie spend as many nights as possible at home. When Willow did stay over, it was usually because Opie couldn’t be there, and she slept in the guestroom.

Opie had left the evening before with Jax, on a run up north, looking for support from some of the other Sons in the continued struggle to restore the balance to Charming. Willow felt the isolation of having Opie far away, their bond in the few months they had been together, had grown strong, and she always had the sense of him, like a hum in the back of her head. With him being so far away, it was faint, pulling at her powers to maintain the feel of it, to hold onto the control she had helped him build. It was leaving her feeling drained and cranky. It didn’t help that Faith and Chibs had left for Ohio a few days before to sort out their current housing problem. The land owner who had originally been thrilled at the prospect of selling his house and land, had suddenly backed out and no amount of prodding form Sam Crow was changing that. He had on the other hand agreed to sell the land separating his property from Cara Cara, a fifteen acre plot, which included the site, but no access road. Faith was working with the New Council securing building permits and rights to build a road leading from the Cara Cara access road to their property, which they had ended up buying for as much as they had originally been quoted on the house and property. The idea was to build over the site, securing it further, but it was slow going, and though Willow and Faith had moved out of the hotel and into a short term apartment, Willow was anxious to have a real house again, preferably one where the roaches weren’t big enough to pay rent.

Willow heard the door slowly push open, feeling the quiet hum of Ellie slip into the room. The girl was like a tiny feminine version of her father, and Willow could imagine her turning out to be a great deal like Tara someday, given the right tutelage. Willow was teaching her basic meditation, how to center herself, and draw and release small amounts of energy. Ellie was taking to it rather well, her young age making it easy, her father on the other hand, had a tendency to blow up light bulbs and things when he got frustrated, but it was getting better.

The girl crawled up onto the bed, sitting cross legged in her PJ’s, beginning to run through her meditation. Willow reluctantly crawled out from under the warm covers, mimicking the girl’s meditation pose and starting her own daily ground exercises.

“Willow,” the girl broke from her meditation, leaning back on her hands, clearly something on her mind. “Do you love my dad?”

Willow looked at Ellie for a moment before answering honestly. “Yes, Sweetling, I do.”

“Are you going to marry him?” the little witch asked in just an out of curiosity kind of way.

“I don’t know, baby,” Willow told to girl, folding her hands in her lap. “We’ve only known each other for a little while.”

“When you marry my dad,” Ellie started, completely convinced of her statement, which made Willow wonder if she knew something, or was just being a kid. “Will you become my mom?”

“No, Ellie,” Willow took a moment to formulate what to say. Two months ago she hadn’t thought she would ever potentially be in a situation of having a partner with children, and she was still adjusting. “Your mom will always be your mom, whether she is with you physically or not, she’s here.” Willow placed the girl’s hand over her heart. “I would never want to take that special place from her; it’s hers and hers alone.”

“So, what will you be?” Ellie asked, clearly in need of something tangible to hold on to. She was too old to really need to ask these questions, but with how intangible her life had been since her mother had died, and since her father had come back, she wanted an absolute to hold on to, the reassurance that Willow loved her dad was almost enough, since he had said the same thing when she asked, but he hadn’t known how to answer the ‘mother’ question.

“I am now, and always will be Willow, Little Bit,” Willow said fondly. “No matter what happens in the future, I will be your teacher and your friend.” Willow took the girl’s hand lightly in hers for a moment before releasing it. “Okay, Bit, go get your brother up, it’s time to get ready for school.”

Willow shuffled the kids off to school, noting that while Ellie had taken to her, and was quickly becoming a great little witch, Kenny was becoming more and more withdrawn. It was a subject that she and Opie had been dancing around, but one that was going to need serious attention.

Willow swung by Gemma and Clay’s to pick up Abel so that Gemma could go to work, and was sitting in Opie’s living room with a text book for a grad class she was taking on Occult Mythology on correspondence through Oxford, thanks to Giles, and reflecting on her life. Two years before she was stuck in a volatile relationship with an even more volatile Slayer. A year before she was trying again with Oz, her werewolf ex, and running around the world looking for activated Slayers. Now, she sat in her biker boyfriend’s living room watching his best friends son teeth on one of her wooden goddess statues, while she did her homework and contemplated after school snacks for his two kids, and she couldn’t be happier. Well, she could, if Opie wasn’t in Washington State.
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