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Summary: A story about an original character set in the D&D setting.

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Games > Dungeons and DragonselfwitchFR1812,3160137927 May 1127 May 11No
Disclaimer: Do not own any characters or gods of the D&D universe orignial characters are my own.

Now on to the story.

Ember, an ancient bronze dragon, made her home on the side of a mountain that over looked a landscape so beautiful and pure that was fit for the goddess Mielikki, queen of the forests. Ember was not a follower of Mielikki but did respect her for what she represented so she protected the forest from being over used or completely demolished. For this she brought the wrath of an evil enchantress upon her. This enchantress wanted to use the land for her own and if need be destroy it so no one else could use it. Ember could not let this happen so she drove the enchantress off the lands that she would have used for evil. Mielikki was pleased with this that she came before Ember and thanked her and that if there was anything that she could repay her for protecting the one of her druid's groves just to pray and let her know.

Life went on and soon an old samurai warrior name Shou petitioned Ember to build a small cottage and live the rest of his days in peace in the grove. For he no longer craved to spill blood in the name of good nor in the name of his lord. Shou craved peace and tranquility of nature and the solemnness of the area. Ember agreed if Shou only used what resources he needed and not what he wanted and to live off the land responsibly. Also there would be no killing for sport only for survival and absolutely no hunting of the unicorns or kirin in the forest. Shou agreed to these terms and built his small cottage and would have Ember over for company or would visit her in her mountain lair. He would take care of her eggs that she laid while she hunted for food or talk with her while she nested. He would also hunt for her when she could not leave the lair for one reason or another. The two got on famously and defended the area from any threat that came along.

Now all the while the evil enchantress vowed revenge upon Ember but knew that the ancient dragon was to powerful to defeat. So she went around that and decided to punish the children of Ember. The enchantress sent forth her minions to attack Ember while she slipped in and slaughtered Embers clutch of hatchlings. While Ember was dispatching the horde of evil she realized that this was a distraction and immediately went to her lair and saw that someone had broken though her wards she placed on the her the door of her home. She came to where her hatchlings were in the back of the lair and saw that Shou was either dead or unconscious because all but one of her hatchlings were dead. Before the enchantress could raise her dagger to kill the last one she noticed that Ember had returned was about to flee, but decided to get the last laugh in and cursed both Ember and the hatchling. Ember was cursed to never to have any other hatchlings and the lone hatchling was cursed with the body of a half-elf so that way Ember's dragon line could not continue though her daughters children except for in humanoid form. Ember was so enraged that she used her electric breath weapon and electrocuted the woman where she stood and died. So the curse could not be lifted by the one who had set it.

Ember knew what she needed to do so she went into the forest and found a peaceful spot and prayed to Mielikki for help. The goddess chose to visit Ember in her dreams that night and asked what was the reason for such pain and sorrow. When Ember showed the goddess what had transpired, Mielikki was horrified. But being the goddess of the forest she could not right this wrong for it was not in her power to. So Mielikki petitioned the god of good dragons Bahamut to change the hatchling back to its natural state. Bahamut explained that he could not for the hatchling would have to figure out on its own how to break this curse. But he would be able to allow the hatchling retain some of her dragon abilities but not all. The ones the hatchling would keep would be the inherent magic and immunities that all bronze dragons received upon hatching but that was best he could do. “But know this that the enchantress that cursed her was a follower of Tiamat. So the enchantress still lived and only a construct was killed. So there was chance that the young one would be able to hunt the enchantress down and remove the curse upon her.” Bahamut explained.

Ember told Bahamut that the hatchling's name was Amber and that she was going to ask her friend to raise the her. Both Mielikki and Bahamut looked at Ember and said, “friend?”

Ember explained, “yes friend, I met an aging samurai name Shou that wanted to retire in this grove and allowed him to build a small cottage here. We became friends and would help each other out. He was also hurt in the melee between myself and the witch.”

Mielikki and Bahamut nodded their approval at this and left Ember to wake up and tend to her friend and Amber. Ember turned herself in to a elf to help her aging friend to a cot that was set up for him when he slept their in her lair while she went to hunt and he protected her young. Shou woke with a start the next morning and looked at his friends solemn face and asked, “did any of the young survive the battle.”

Ember nodded and replied, “yes but not in the way you think. My only hatchling that survived, Amber, was cursed into the form of a half elf. I have prayed to Mielikki who had said that she would repay my deed of protecting this grove with something if she could. But even she nor the god of dragons Bahamut could reverse this curse, for it has to be broken by Amber herself. So could you please teach my child the ways of war and any ways to survive in the world outside of here please?”

Shou bowed and said, “I would be honored to raise any child of yours as my own and teach it to survive in this world. Not only the ways of war but also the ways of compassion and goodness. So that way she doesn't need to feel that it's a curse but a blessing in disguise.”Ember nodded and agreed with this logic and handed her daughter to him wrapped in a silk blanket of shimmering bronze.

He took Amber and taught her to use a chain whip and bladed fan for they were easy to conceal and no one would be the wiser. They would think that she was just a harmless girl or beautiful woman. One morning while they were practicing a woman in a tattered outfit of silk and beads came up to them and said, “please you must help me. I request sanctuary with in your home from the man that calls him my master. I have been held captive since I was a child and my mother was killed by this man. He claimed me as his property and slave. Please for the love of the gods help me!” Then the woman passed out from exhaustion. For they noticed the direction that she had come was from over the mountains and not the local area.

Shou took the woman into his home and had the local healer come and look a her to see if there was anything besides exhaustion wrong with her. The healer indicated there was not and that she should make a full recovery in the next week or two and that the woman would sleep for the better part of the week or less depending on her healing rate. So the samurai and Amber took care of the woman that showed up on their doorstep until she woke up and provided more information on her situation.

The woman woke up with in two days and was up and around by the third. This caused the samurai to think that there was more to this woman than meets the eye. So he went to talk to her about why she recovered so fast. The woman replied, “I have always been a fast healer and being a dancer and wizard help with my healing.”

“A dancer you say, and a wizard. Well that would answer what I was going to ask you. 'What would you be able to provide if I allowed you stay in my house?' I have taught my daughter Amber all I can about war, weapons and how to make her own armor, but now she needs to know how to be a woman and what that entails. If you could provide the lessons I will provide you sanctuary from the ones that pursue you.”he offered

“Before I agree there are two more things that I am obligated to tell you. The first is my name is Amethyst. And the second is that I am a natural born Lycanthrope of the cheetah variety. I also follow the goddess Selune's teachings.” Amethyst told him

Shou nodded and said, “that is fine and neither I nor my daughter will condemn you being a lycanthrope for my daughter has her own secret. When she is ready she will tell you what it is and then you will probably meet her mother. Now let us get you set up to teach and live with my house.”

So over the next couple of months Amethyst trained Amber in the ways of being a woman and a dancer. Then found out that Amber was a bronze dragon trapped in the body of a half elf and that her mother Ember was the protector of this druid grove. This changed nothing in Amethyst's eyes it just meant that Amber had a goal that she was working toward. It may never be solved in her life time or Amber may decided that she no longer wants to be a bronze dragon. Or one day she may break her curse and change back to her true self. So not only did she teach Amber how to dance and be an acrobat but she taught her how to incorporate her chain whip and bladed fan into her dances as if they were harmless items. The blades on her fan could be concealed and the chain whip could be disguised as a simple belt. Then one day the training changed for Amethyst walked by Amber's rooms and her her singing a beautiful song. Amethyst knocked and Amber stopped what she was doing and Amethyst said, “Keep going I want to hear you sing again. You have a beautiful voice. Almost like a song birds but not quite that high.” So Amber sang again and kept singing and Amethyst was impressed by Amber's natural talent for singing. “Okay you can stop now. I didn't know that you could sing. I also noticed that you have a natural gift for this. Did you you know you could use your voice to cast spells?”

Amber looked at her teacher like she was crazy, “you can't cast spells with just your voice it is unheard of.”

Amethyst just laughed at her student's remark, “Ha, yes you can. Watch and learn young one.” Amethyst started to sing a beautiful melody and the Amber saw the flam from her candle jump to floor and dance around as if some one was directing it to dance. Then Amethyst stopped the flame went out. “See that was fireflow and all I did was sing a song about how the flames danced and then they did. Would you like for me to teach you how to be a song wizard?” Amethyst asked her charge.

Amber nodded vigorously, “yes, yes, yes. Please will teach me Amethyst. I want to learn this so that way I can protect myself even more if I do confront the witch that cursed me. If feel as if I should fly and sometimes my instincts want to kick in and I want to run off, find a liar and start to amass a large horde to sleep upon. But I know that I can not do that in this form, I must return to my natural state to really understand the instinct. So please teach me.”

Amethyst said, “All right I will teach you but it will be a long and grueling task on your part for there is a large amount of studying and learning to sing properly. So let us begin your new lessons.”

So Amethyst taught Amber how to use her voice to cast spells and finally she was able to be called a song wizard. So now not only could Amber fight the witch that cursed her by weapons one day. But she will be able to battle the witch with magic that is not inherently dragon magic but song magic as well. After all her she could be taught by both her father, birth mother and Amethyst, Amber decided to set out and get experience in the world outside of the grove. But not before she decided to cast her first spell to find her familiar who turned out to be a red tailed hawk. So Amber and her hawk, Shani decided that the have had enough waiting to see if the enchantress would make a mistake or come calling again. But neither one had happened so the two set out to meet friends and companions who could help her on her quest to return to her true form.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Amber" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 May 11.

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