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I Could Have Fallen in Love

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Summary: Xander remembers.

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterCorruptedSmileFR1311,039051,87129 May 1129 May 11Yes
Disclaimer: If you recognise it, it’s probably not mine. If you don’t recognise it, I probably do own it. I don’t make any money from this story. Not the writing of it, not the posting of it, nothing!

‘Buffy: the Vampire Slayer’ is owned by Twentieth Century Fox, Joss Whedon and others. ‘Supernatural’ is owned by the CW, Eric Kripke and others.

The song ‘Falling in Love’ is owned by McFLY.

Crossover: Supernatural/Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.

Pairing: Xander Harris/Sam Winchester.

Rating: FR13, because of the swearing and the mention of a slash pairing.

Spoilers: Only for Xander’s Great American Road Trip.

Summary: Xander remembers.


Story: I Could Have Fallen in Love

There is no escaping from the heartache

Oh, great. Not only was he feeling lonely, now he also had to listen to this?! Telling Slayers of any age not to do something was like him stripping: humiliating and never to be done again.

Not like it did him any good, anyway. The only time he got them to listen was when they wanted something else and were hoping to get in his good graces. And moving on . . .

For crying out loud! It seemed that at the moment the Baby Slayers had foregone all other bands just so they could fully concentrate on the yumminess (Amanda’s word for it) of this particular band.


Okay, so he could totally appreciate the geekiness involved in choosing the name of the band, but still . . . Young, hot and talented was what the Baby Slayers wanted and as of late British accents were also an absolute must. Robert Pattinson, McFLY, Aaron Johnson, The Stiff Dylans, Alex Pettyfer—and how creepy was it that he could name all those names off the top of his head?!

He shuddered. Maybe he should find himself a couple of guy friends again. Hanging out with all girls, both young and old, all the time was definitely screwing with his head.

As much as he hated to admit it, though, the guy who was singing had a point. He couldn’t escape from the heartache. Sam kept creeping back into his thoughts just when he thought that he was finally getting over losing him.


Always better late than never

This guy really had it in for him. What was he? Did he have some kind of freaky sixth sense or something? Oh god, this guy was a demon, wasn’t he?! Just call him Xan, the attracting-demons man. Man, he was losing it.

‘Repeat after me—well, I am me, but anyway, repeat: just because someone is young, hot, talented and apparently knows exactly what you’re thinking doesn’t mean that he’s a demon who wants to get into your pants.’

Yeah, the whole I-like-men thing . . . Not such a surprise anymore, but if he had any say in it, he would be staying the hell away from any male demons. Well, not that Sam was fully human, but whatever. He was allowed to make exceptions. It was his own rule after all.


Wishing I could be in California

California . . . The state they had met.

Sam was on one of his hunting trips with his brother and he was on his Great American Road Trip—from Hell. Or should that be his Great American Road Trip away from Hell? Sunnydale, home sweet Hellmouth. And now he was making jokes for an audience of one. That one person being himself.

‘Just great. Things keep getting better. Now I’m making jokes to myself in my own head.’

Which step was talking to yourself again? He was certain that it was part of one of those 12-steps-to-a-more-boring-life plans. Didn’t matter anyway. Nothing really mattered ever since—


Fallen in love

This was getting plain irritating and annoying and creepy.

‘Let it be known that the Xan-man doesn’t like having his mind read. At all.’

At least now he knew what Buffy must have felt like when she had gotten hit with that demon-aspect thing.


Wasted half my life

Well, maybe not half his life, but it had been a significant amount of time. How long had it been again? Oh, yeah, about six years, eleven months, twenty days, seven hours, thirty minutes and fifty seconds. But that was just a rough estimate. Not like he was counting or anything.


Wishing I could be with you

Yes, even after all this time, he wished he could go back in time. Go back to just before he had to make that decision. And he knew—he just knew—that he would have made a different one. If only he could do it again . . . Being with Sam had been the single most amazing thing that had ever happened to him and he had managed to throw it all away.

What if . . .?

Well, he wouldn’t have lost his eye for starters. He and Buffy probably wouldn’t have drifted as far apart as they had now. And if they had, it would have been something as simple as the geographical distance between them that would have widened the gap and not trust issues.

I can’t take another night on my own
So I take a breath
And then I pick up the phone

And that was exactly what Xander did. Because who was he to argue with male foretelling demon who could also read his secret heart’s desire?


He said, “Falling in love . . . I know how that feels. Even after all this time it still hurts that you picked them over me.”

“I know. But please, can we meet? I’ll fly to America without complaint. I just want to talk. About us, this, whatever. Just—please,” Xander pleaded, silently wishing for that one word that would set him free; free to explore what may be left between them.

“Okay,” was Sam’s answer.

And Xander grinned brighter than he had ever had since he broke things off with Sam Winchester.

There might be another chance for them in the future; even after all that time. He was definitely going to America to find out, one way or another, if something more was still there between them.

End of “I Could Have Fallen in Love”.

A/N: Short but sweet, I think. I’ve never written a Xander Harris/Sam Winchester story before, so it would be appreciated, if you left me a review to tell me what you thought or how I did.

Flames will be used to heat up the room, though. And not only that . . . *points at Simon Amstell* Need I say more? He’s mean and I’m mean, so figure it out.

The End

You have reached the end of "I Could Have Fallen in Love". This story is complete.

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