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Visiting Her Family

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Summary: After the destruction of the Hellmouth Buffy decides that she wants to visit her family.

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NCIS DC (Filler)

Sorry about not updating sooner but I was blocked on what I wanted to do. This chapter is a filler chapter because I wanted Ducky and Tony to have their own chapters with Buffy.

I hope you like who I chose as the newest spell chosen slayer.


Thank you to everyone who reviewed.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Buffy, Independence Day, or NCIS. I am only borrowing them.




            Once Buffy and Bo had gotten Dawn to the airport in Atlanta and said goodbye they began making their way to DC. They had split the driving between them. Bo drove from the Atlanta airport and kept driving until they stopped for dinner. It was at that time that Buffy had told Bo all about what she really did for a living. She gave Bo the short version of her being the slayer and about vampires being real. Buffy could tell that Bo was only a little skeptical, but all that was gone when Buffy staked a vampire outside the diner. Buffy could see that her cousin was clearly in shock. Taking her shocked cousin by the arm Buffy led him to the car. Once she had her cousin in the car Buffy went around and got in the driver seat.

“Why don’t you try and get some rest? We have to be at NCIS by eight if we’re going to get there before Uncle Donald and my cousin Tony. We can talk some more later.”

Bo managed a nod as he leaned back and closed his eyes. Buffy started the car and was soon on the road. The silence of the car and the steady movement had soon eased Bo’s shocked mind to allow him to sleep.


            It was around three in the morning when Buffy pulled the car into the parking lot of the hotel. She pulled the car into a free parking spot turning off the engine. She turned to look at Bo who was still fast asleep. He was stretched out as much as he could and his head rested on the window.

“Bo, wake up Cuz.” Buffy gave Bo a little shake.

“What? Where are we?” Bo asked groggily.

“We’re at the hotel. Let’s get the bags and get checked in.” Bo nodded yawning as he reached for the door.

Once he was out of the car Bo quickly stretched his stiff muscles before heading to the trunk to help Buffy with the luggage. Together the two walked into the hotel and to the front desk. The night concierge, a red headed man in his early forties, looked up and gave them a warm welcoming smile.

“Welcome to the JW Marriot.”

“My name is Buffy Summers and you should have two rooms for me.” Buffy said handing him her ID and the credit card Angel had given her. The concierge nodded and began typing into the computer.

“Yes Miss Summers I have your reservation, and your suite is ready.”

“Suite? I’m supposed to have two single rooms.”

“Yes, but you’ve been given an upgrade. I was told to give you this.” The concierge handed her a sealed envelope. Buffy accepted the envelope and opened it.


Welcome to DC. I hope you and your

cousin enjoy the presidential suite.

The room and anything you order will

 be taken care of by NCIS.

See you both at eight.



“Who’s it from?” Bo asked.

“It’s from Leon. He’s the director of NCIS. It seems Leon here upgrade us to the Presidential suite and picked up the tab.” Buffy told him.

“I hope everything will be to your liking. For the duration of your stay with us the kitchen will be open 24 hours. James will take you to your suite. You’ll need these to get you to the secured floor you’ll be staying on and they will also open the door to your suite.”

Both Buffy and Bo nodded and said thanks as they followed James the bellhop to the elevator. The elevator doors opened and they piled in no one saying anything. When the elevator reached the top floor the bellhop led them a short distance down the hall to where the room door was.

“You two are the only one on this floor so you won’t be disturbed.” James told them as he opened the door.

Both Buffy and Bo’s mouth dropped at seeing how big and beautiful the suite is. The bellhop gave them a small tour putting their bags in their separate rooms. After the tour Buffy gave the bellhop a tip before seeing the bellhop out.

“Do you want to talk?” Buffy asked knowing Bo probably had questions.

“It can wait until later. You need to rest a bit before we go to NCIS.”

“I’ll be all right. As a slayer I can go on very little sleep.”

“If you’re sure?” Bo said as he sat down on the couch. Buffy took a seat beside him and for the next hour she did her best to answer Bo questions.


            Buffy and Bo were up that morning by seven. Buffy ordered them breakfast and they both went to get ready while they waited. Fifteen minutes later Bo was dressed in a pair of blue jeans and dressed in one of the few nice shirts that he had with him. It was a red polo shirt that Daisy had gotten him for his birthday. Bo had gone out on the terrace and was taking in the view. He couldn’t believe that he was looking at the White House where the President of United States lives with his family. Bo only hoped that he and Buffy would get a chance to take the tour. A knock on the door and the cry of “room service” took Bo away from the view and his thoughts. Bo moved to answer the door just as Buffy was coming out of her room. She was wearing a pair of designer blue jeans with a purple blouse. On her feet was a pair of three inch high-heel black boots. Buffy let Bo open the door and the waiter rolled the cart in with their breakfast on it. He then began placing most of the breakfast on the dining table.

“I hope you both enjoy your meal. If you need anything else my name is Steve and I’ll be glad to get it for you.”

“Thank you Steve.” Buffy said as she handed him a five-dollar tip.

Steve nodded his thanks and quickly left the room. Bo and Buffy went over to the table and sat. Bo said grace and soon they were eating. Bo was having steak and eggs while Buffy was having waffles and sausage. They both were drinking coffee with their meal. Twenty minutes later they had finished and put their dirty dishes back onto the cart. They pushed the cart into the hall as they were leaving to head downstairs. The elevator ride down to the lobby had been uneventful as most people were probably still asleep. Buffy and Bo exited the elevator and were headed for the exit when the nighttime concierge called her name coming toward her.

“Miss Summers, I hope you and your cousin slept well.”

“We did and my compliments to the chef for breakfast. It was absolutely divine.”

“Good. Good. Our chef will appreciate your kind words. Transportation for you has already been arranged and is waiting for you.”

Both Buffy and Bo turned and looked toward the exit to see a black Lincoln Town car waiting for them.

“Did this come from NCIS as well?” Buffy asked as all three of them walked toward the exit.

“I can’t say for sure, but I believe there is a note for you inside. Have a good day today, and I’ll be back on duty tonight if you require anything.”

“Thank you George.” Buffy said as they stepped outside.

“Hello Miss Summers, Mr. Duke, my name is Paul and I will be your driver for the whole time that you are in DC. I was instructed to make sure I gave you this note.”

The chauffer said reaching into his jacket for the sealed envelope and handed it to Buffy. He then moved an opened the door for them. Once they were in he shut the door and then went around and got in behind the wheel.

“So where are we headed to so early this morning?”

“To NCIS headquarters at the Washington Naval Yard.”

“Very good. We’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

Buffy nodded and then turned her attention to the letter. She opened the envelope and pulled out the letter. She smiled after reading who the note was from.

“It’s from the FBI. A friend of mine will be meeting us at NCIS at noon for lunch. He also said that the car is mine for the duration of my stay.”

“Wow free hotel stay and free chauffeured car. Think you can get us First class tickets for our flight to Ohio?” Bo asked with a teasing smile.

“Who knows? I haven’t gotten anything from the CIA yet, or better yet maybe we can get a ride to Ohio on Air Force One.” Bo eyes widen at that.

“Do you really think so?”

“Well the President did say if I needed anything to ask, and I’ll be talking to him via video conference once we get to NCIS.”

Now not only were Bo’s eyes wide but now his mouth dropped open in amazement. Buffy couldn’t help but laugh.


            Fifteen minutes later they pulled into the Naval Yard and the driver let them out in front of the building. Buffy and Bo entered the building stopping at security.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, I’m Buffy’s Summers and this is my cousin Bo Duke. Director Vance is expecting us.”

“Yes Miss Summers, the Director told us to expect you. I need to see your ID’s first to verify you are who you say you are.” Buffy and Bo showed him their IDs. “All right everything checks out. Here are your badges make sure you wear them at all times and if you follow Mark he’ll take you upstairs where the Director will be waiting for you.”

“Thank you. Special Agent DiNozzo and Dr. Mallard aren’t in yet are they?” Buffy asked as they clipped their badges to their shirts.

“No Miss Summers. Director Vance wants us to call him as soon as we see them.” Mark told them. “Now if you will follow me I’ll get you two out of the entrance way before they do arrive.”

Buffy and Bo followed Mark the security guard to the elevator. Mark pushed the button and they waited for the arrival of the elevator. They rode the elevator up and when the doors opened Director Vance was waiting for them.

“Hello Buffy.” Leon said with a smile.

“Hello Leon.” Buffy said as she moved to hug him. “Leon I would like for you to meet my cousin Bo Duke. Bo this is Director Leon Vance. He’s the one that is responsible for our nice upgraded hotel room.”

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Duke.” Leon said as he and Bo shook hands.

“You too Director Vance.”

“We should head on up to my office. You have a conference call with the President in five minutes.”

“Well let’s go. I don’t want to keep the big guy waiting.”


            Leon took Buffy and Bo up to his office where he told his secretary that they were not to be disturbed. He then went about getting everything ready for the conference. Two minutes later, President Thomas J. Whitmore was on the screen giving them all a warm smile.

“Good Morning everyone. Buffy, how has your trip?”

“It was good Tom. It was actually nice not to have to drive the whole way by myself. Tom I want you to meet my cousin Bo Duke.”

“It’s nice to meet you son. Bo Duke? Have we met before?” The President asked.

“No sir.” Bo said nervously. He couldn’t believe he was talking to The President of the United States.

“Tom, Bo and his family were the ones to help recover your predecessor’s limo when it was stolen in Hazzard County Georgia.” (Referring to the Dukes of Hazzard episode: Limo One) Buffy told him and they soon saw the President begin to chuckle.

“That’s where I remember the name from. Paul was very grateful to your family for what they did. You’ll have to tell me your version of the story tonight.”

“Tonight?” Buffy asked.

“Director Vance you didn’t tell them about tonight’s dinner party?” The President asked Vance.

“No sir, they had just arrived right before your call. I did not have time to tell them.” Vance told him.

“Well I guess that leaves it up to me. Tonight there is a dinner being held in your honor. Those in attendance will the best teams and directors from the CIA, FBI, NCIS, and Secret Service. It’s formal and starts at eight which means Marilyn and I will pick you and your cousin up in Limo One at 7:30.”

“You don’t have to make a special trip for us Tom. The FBI was courteous enough to provide us with a chauffeured car.”

“I insist besides Marilyn would like the chance to meet you before the party. We’ll not take no for an answer.”

“Then I guess Bo and I will see you at 7:30.” Buffy said giving President Whitmore a smile.

With that settled Buffy and the President talked for another half an hour about what the plans were for the rest of her week and then the link was disconnected.

“Looks like you and I will have to go shopping after lunch. Neither one of us have anything nice enough to wear to something this formal. Let me see if I can get our lunch time moved up an hour.”

Bo nodded and watched as Buffy reached into her purse for her cell. While she was doing that Vance’s phone rang and he answered it. Vance hung up his phone and waited for Buffy to finish her phone call. A few minutes later Buffy ended her phone call, and looked to Bo. Lunch has been moved up to eleven. That gives us two hours here. Leon are they here?”

“Yes all three are in the building.”

“Good, business before pleasure.”

“I’ll have Nancy have her come up here.” Buffy nodded.


            Buffy, Bo, and Vance were sitting in his office quietly talking as they waited for the newest slayer to enter the office. Buffy and Vance had talked about the best way to go about this. Buffy figured she would get straight to the point with telling the newest slayer about being a slayer. Vance had agreed. A few minutes later the intercom on Vance’s office phone buzzed.

“Send her in.”

The door to Vance’s office opened, and Buffy got her first look at her newest slayer. Her uncle and cousin had described her perfectly. She was just what Buffy pictured.

“It’s you! You’re the woman from my dreams. Who are you?”

“Miss Sciuto, this is Bo Duke and Buffy Summers. Buffy is…”

“She’s one of the Chosen Two.” Abby said in awe.

“How do you know about the Chosen Two?” Buffy asked her.

“I’ve been having dreams for the past few months about you and a dark haired woman. She said you were the original chosen two.”

“So you know why I’m here?”

“I think so, because I’m one of the newly called slayers?” Buffy nodded. “Why now? I understand that something changed but I thought slayers became slayers in their teens not in there thirties.”

“Yes that’s how it normally happens, but the spell Willow did said any girl who might be a slayer would become a slayer. It would seem that you are one that could hold the power. Since you were adopted the old Council probably had no idea how to find you as a potential slayer.” Buffy told her.

“Wow…” Abby said clearly stunned, and Buffy would bet this was one of the few times Abby was ever speechless. “So what happens now? I mean do I have to quit my job and become a full time slayer slaying things that go bump in the night. I really like my job and the people here are like my family, but then it would be cool to be all ninja-like like Ziva. Ooh, I’ll be all…”

“Miss Sciuto!” Vance’s voice cut through Abby’s babble. Abby looked up sheepishly realizing she had been babbling.

“What’s you’re caffeinated beverage of choice and how many have you had already?” Buffy said with a knowing smile.

“Caf-Pow and I’ve only had one so far. Of course it was the extra large one. I had a feeling something was going to happen today.” Abby said with a smile.

“That’s what I figured. As for what’s next, Leon is going to call in a temporary lab tech for the rest week of the week while I give you the basics. At the end of the week if you don’t feel comfortable I’ll see if I can work a few sessions in while Bo and I are visiting family.”

“Family?” Abby asked curiously. “Do I know them?”

“I would say yes since I’ve heard a lot about you from both Uncle Donald and Cousin Tony.”

“You’re related to Ducky and Tony? Do they know you’re here? Do they know they share you as a relative? I can’t wait to see their faces. When are you going to tell them you’re here?”

“Yes, no, no, and as soon as we are done here. Now do you want to tell your NCIS family about your status as a new slayer? The old Council would want you to keep what you are a secret from everyone, but the new Council recommends telling family and friends.”

“Will you help me?” Abby asked her. “I think it would be a great way to surprise Tony and Ducky.”

“Leon, can you get everyone to one of the conference rooms?” Buffy asked.

“I’ll call and tell Gibbs that I want to see his team in the conference room immediately and then I’ll have Nancy call Dr. Mallard and Mr. Palmer. Once everyone’s gathered I’ll send you a text to your phone.”

“Sounds good.” Buffy said looking to Bo to see if he agreed. Bo nodded his head in agreement.


            Gibbs, Ziva, Tony, and McGee arrived first in the conference room. Vance didn’t say anything just motioned for them to have a seat. About a minute later Ducky and Palmer arrived taking their seats with Ducky sitting beside Gibbs. Abby was the last one to enter the conference room not wanting to give away that she knew why they were there. She took a seat beside Tony as Director Vance stood and move toward the head of the table.

“Now that everyone is here let’s begin.” Before Vance could say anymore the door to the conference room opened.

“Oh sorry I was looking for…oh there ya are Uncle Donald.”

“Beauregard? What a pleasant surprise? What are you doing here?” Ducky asked as he got up from where he was sitting to hug his nephew.

“Well I came to see you and Great Nana Mallard.” Bo said with a smile.

“What a wonderful surprise? It’s so good to see you and mother will be thrilled to see you. Are you here in DC by yourself?”

“Actually he came with me.” Buffy said from her spot by the door a shit eating on her face.

“Buffy!” Ducky and Tony said at the same time and then looked at the other in surprise.

“My dear what are you doing here? The email that I got yesterday told me not to expect you until next week.” Ducky said as he moved to hug her.

“And my email said three weeks.” Tony said coming behind Ducky also to hug Buffy.

“Anthony, how is it you know my niece?” Ducky asked as he finished hugging Buffy.

“Buffy and I are first cousins. My mom was her dad’s sister.” Tony said as he took his turn to hug Buffy.

“And my grandmother was Uncle Donald’s older sister. My mom gave me her name as my middle name. Now to answer your earlier question Uncle Donald, this week I’m here on business. Then next week since Bo is with me we’ll spend visiting with you. I had wanted the visits back to back but Uncle Burt’s wedding is the following week and I’m in the wedding. After that I’ll be back to DC to spend a week with you Tony. Now which one of you wants to introduce Bo and I to the rest of your team?” Buffy asked.

“Beauregard, Buffy, I want to introduce you to our Forensic Specialist Abigail Sciuto. Over here we have Special Agent Timothy McGee and Probationary Agent Ziva David, and this is Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. I have a feeling you both already know Director Vance.” Both Buffy and Bo nodded with knowing smiles. “Everyone this is my niece Buffy Summers and my nephew Beauregard Duke.”

“It just Bo Uncle Donald.” Bo said with a bit of exasperation. “It’s nice to meet you all.”

“That goes for me too. Between Uncle Donald and Tony I feel like I already know all of you.” Buffy said giving them all a smile.

“So Buffy, what kind of work do you do?” Tim asked once Buffy and Bo had shaken everyone’s hand.

“Well if we all sit down I’ll tell you what has brought me to DC besides my family.”

Everyone took a seat with Bo taking a seat next to his Uncle. Buffy went and stood where Vance had been, and Vance had taken a seat beside Abby. Buffy spent the next hour giving them the quick version about vampires, demons, slayers, and watchers.

            Ninety minutes later Buffy had answered all their questions and told them what the next possibilities for Abby are. As the meeting ended Bo and Buffy walked out with the others toward the bullpen. The first thing everyone noticed was the man that was sitting behind Gibbs desk.

“Fornell, what are you doing here? What’s the FBI need help with now?” Tony asked.

“I’m not here for anything other than to pick up my lunch date. So Buffy are you and your cousin ready for lunch?” Fornell asked as he got up and headed toward Buffy to hug her.

“Real subtle.” Buffy said with a roll of her eyes. “Hello Tobias, I thought Bo and I were going to meet you at the restaurant.”

“I figured I would just meet you here.” He said as they hugged.

“You just wanted to see their faces to see if I told them.” Buffy said giving him an accusing smile.

“Guilty as charged.” Fornell said with his most innocent smile.

“Buffy, how do you and Fornell know each other?” Tony asked his face clearly showing his curiosity.

“I met Tobias and Emily when I was in college back in Sunnydale. I saved him and Emily from being a midnight snack.”

“Buffy charged in like a superhero, saving us before we could be bitten. Emily to this day still calls Buffy Wonder Woman.”

“And she is the only one I let call me that.” Buffy said giving Tony a knowing glare. “How is Emily doing?”

“She’s doing great. This weekend is my weekend to have her and I hope you’ll come by and see her.” Tobias told her.

“Of course I will. We can talk about it during lunch. Shall we go? Bo and I still have to go shopping for tonight’s little party that I just found out that I have to attend since it’s in my honor. Bo and I will see you all tonight. Uncle Donald and Tony I expect to dance with both of you at least once.”

“We’ll leave a spot for you on our dance card.” Ducky told her. Buffy grinned and she and Bo said goodbye before heading toward the elevator with Fornell.


Next chapter Buffy and Bo spend the week with Ducky and Nana Mallard.


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