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Visiting Her Family

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Summary: After the destruction of the Hellmouth Buffy decides that she wants to visit her family.

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Great Uncle Ducky

Sorry for the delay. I blame my muse. Here’s the next chapter.

Thank you to everyone who reviewed and have stuck with me through my updates that seem to take forever.


Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, NCIS, or Independence Day. I am only borrowing them.



            After a successful dinner party and week of training Abby as a slayer, Buffy and Bo were making their way to the Mallard house for Sunday night dinner. On their way Buffy asked Paul if he knew where the best place to get some kind of dessert would be. Paul nodded and took them to a place that was considered the best bakery in all of DC. Buffy and Bo went in together and picked out a chocolate cake and a lemon meringue pie, which they knew, were their Great Nana’s favorite dessert. Once they had paid for both, Buffy and Bo returned to the car and resumed their journey to Mallard household. Ten minutes later the car pulled to a stop in front of the Mallard house. Paul parked the car and got out to open the door for Buffy. Buffy climbed out carrying the cake. Bo followed with the pie.

“Thank you Paul. We’ll be several hours so you don’t have to wait. I’ll call you when we’re close to being ready to leave.”

Paul nodded and got back into the car and drove away. Buffy and Bo walked together toward the door. Before they had even reached the door it was opening.

“Buffy! Beauregard! I’m so glad you both are here.”

“Hello Uncle Donald, I hope we’re not late. We stopped off to get desserts.” Buffy said as she and Bo held up the desserts.

“You’re not late. Dinner won’t be ready for another half an hour. Mother is waiting in the sitting room. Today’s been one of mother’s better day. Why don’t you two go into the sitting room and see her while I put the desserts in the kitchen. I should warn you that mother’s Corgi’s like to nip.”

“Thanks for the warning.” Bo said as they headed inside.

Ducky opened the door and allowed Buffy and Bo to enter. Buffy and Bo could hear the corgi’s barking as soon as they entered. The doors to the sitting room were closed and the three dogs were trying to get to them. Buffy and Bo handed the desserts to Ducky. Ducky took the cake and pie and quickly headed into the kitchen. Buffy and Bo moved toward the door. She opened the door and the three corgis immediately assaulted them both. It was Bo who bravely bent down and began petting the corgi pulling on his pants leg. The corgi let go of Bo’s pants and tried to get the hand that was petting him. Buffy also bent down and petted both dogs in front of her. Having been acknowledged the three corgis moved to go back and lie down by their master. Buffy and Bo came into the room and were being eyed suspiciously by their Great Nana.

“Who are you?”

“Hello Great Nana Mallard. I’m your great-granddaughter Buffy, and this is your great-grandson Bo.”

“Hello Great Nana Mallard.” Bo said.

“My great-grandchildren?” Victoria Mallard asked not quite comprehending.

“Yes mother, remember I told you the Buffy and Beauregard would be joining us tonight for dinner.” Ducky said as he entered the room.

“Dinner? I haven’t had dinner yet?” Victoria Mallard asked very confused.

“No mother. Dinner will be ready soon.”

“I hope you used butter and not margarine.”

“Of course mother.” Ducky said not going through this particular fight with his mother again.

“What are we having Donald?” Victoria asked.

“We’re having British pork cassoulet.”

“Do I like that?” Victoria asked.

“Yes mother, it’s one of your favorites.”

“Mine too. I love your British pork cassoulet. It’s been years since I last had it. You’re in for a real treat Bo.”

“I’m looking forward to it. Uncle Donald, where can I wash up before dinner?”

“The lavatory is down the hall on the left.”

“Be right back.” Bo said as he left the room one of the corgis followed him.

“Sit Buffy and we’ll talk until dinner is ready.”

Buffy nodded and went to sit on the couch figuring Bo would sit with her when he returned from the bathroom. Ducky took the other chair across from his mother.

“We haven’t had much time to talk. How have you and Dawn been?”

“Right now we’re good. She’s staying with my Aunt Hetty and just started school last week.”

“She’s growing up so fast. She’s a senior now?” Ducky asked.

“Yes, Aunt Hetty got her into a really good school that has a really good language program. Aunt Hetty told me just this morning that Dawn is easily picking up the Mandarin language.”

“Good for her. And what about you?”

“I’m doing better than I have in a long time. Taking this time to visit family has brought the light back into my eyes.”

Bo entered the room returning from the bathroom. They all looked up but it was Nana Mallard that spoke.

“Who are you? What do you want? I have a knife in my brassiere.”

“Stop that mother, you do not have a knife. That is your great-grandson Beauregard. He and Buffy are here for a visit.” Ducky reminded her.

“My great-grandson? Cynthia’s grandchild?”

“That’s right mother. Beauregard, how are things going for you?”

“Pretty great. Thanks to Buffy and Mr. Matlock.” Bo said giving his cousin a grateful smile.

“Well I couldn’t let you and Luke go to jail on charges that were clearly trumped up. Beside it was Ben who was able to get your probation dropped so that you could come with me.”

“This sounds like a truly interesting story. Why don’t we head into the dining room and you two can tell us all about it over dinner.”

Bo stood went over to Great Nana Mallard and offered her his arm to escort her to dinner. Victoria Mallard accepted it with a smile.

“That’s very nice of you my dear sweet Edmund.” Bo just nodded deciding not to correct his great-grandmother about calling him by his great-grandfather’s name.


            Buffy and Bo sat beside each other. Ducky sat at the head of the table while his mother sat to the left of him. While everyone was eating Buffy and Bo told Victoria and Ducky about what happened in Hazzard. Both Ducky and Victoria had enjoyed the story. When it was time for dessert Buffy and Ducky had the chocolate cake while Bo and Victoria had the lemon meringue pie.

“Do you two have anything planned for tomorrow? I thought it might be nice if I took you sightseeing.” Ducky asked.

“What about Great Nana Mallard? Going sightseeing won’t be too taxing on her will it?” Bo asked.

“Mother will be staying her with her nurse who will take her to the park and keep an eye on her.”

“I like going to the park. Will you take me now Donald?” Victoria asked.

“Tomorrow mother, Clarice will be here when you wake up.”

“I like her right?”

“Yes mother.”

“I think that sounds like a great idea Uncle Donald. What do you think Buffy?” Bo asked his cousin.

“Sounds good to me too. How about you meet us at our hotel room around nine? We can take the car Vance provided for me.”

“I’m sure you’ll both find tomorrow’s sightseeing tour most delightful.”

Once dessert was done Bo and Buffy offered to the dishes since their uncle made such a wonderful dinner. Ducky took his mother and the corgis and went back into the sitting room. Twenty minutes later Buffy and Bo joined them. They all sat and talked for the next few hours. At nine p.m. Buffy called for the driver to come and get them. Forty-five minutes later, the driver had arrived and Buffy said goodnight to their great uncle and their great nana.


            The next day Ducky arrived at Buffy and Bo’s hotel ten minutes before nine. Buffy and Bo met him in the lobby a few minutes later. They left the hotel and went out to the chauffeured car. Paul opened the door for them giving them a cheery smile. Buffy got in first, followed by Ducky, and then Bo. Ducky took them to the more popular tourist sights first. They went to the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial before stopping for lunch at a little café that Ducky and his co-workers frequently visited. After lunch they went to the Smithsonian where they spent several hours looking around before Buffy received a call from President Whitmore. He wanted Buffy, Bo, and Ducky to come tour the White House. Buffy told them they would be there soon. Twenty-five minutes later, after getting some souvenirs at the Smithsonian gift shop, they arrived at the gates of the White House. Paul rolled down his window to talk to the guard.

“I have Buffy Summers plus two and I believe the President is expecting them.”

The guard nodded having received the memo from his superiors to expect Miss Summers. He was even given a picture so he would know what she looked like. The back window went down and the guard could clearly see Buffy, Bo, and Ducky.

“Open the gate. Here are your badges. Please wear them at all times. The President will meet you out front.”

Buffy accepted the badges handing one to Ducky and Bo. The guard gave Paul directions to where he could park and Paul nodded in understanding. When the gate opened the car proceeded through. Once the car was parked Paul quickly got out and opened the door for Buffy and the others. They climbed out each offering their thanks. A dark hair, early forties, Secret Service agent met Buffy, Bo, and Ducky as they head toward the White House.

“Miss Summers, I Secret Agent Miles Pryor. It’s an honor to meet you. The President had to take an emergency conference call and asked me to start the tour.”

“Call me Buffy Agent Pryor.”

“Only if you call me Miles.”

“Deal. Let me introduce you to my Great Uncle Dr. Donald Mallard. He’s the ME for NCIS.”

“It’s nice to meet you Dr. Mallard.” The two shook hands.

“And this is my cousin Bo Duke. He and his family helped get Limo One back when it was stolen a few years back.”

“Really?” Miles asked surprised. “You must tell me all about it before we start the tour.”

As they walked toward the entrance Bo was telling Miles about how they got the President’s car back mere moments before it was about to be stripped.


            The tour had been going good. They were currently in one of the lesser-known West Wing rooms. Miles was impressed with Ducky’s knowledge of the White House. Miles was truly interested in Ducky’s stories, and was giving stories of his own. Buffy and Bo just stood there smiling at how enthusiastic their Great Uncle looked. After another few minutes they left the room and were headed toward the Roosevelt Room. President Thomas J. Whitmore was waiting for them outside the door of the Roosevelt Room.

“Welcome to the White House Buffy. How’sthe tour going?” Whitmore asked as he and Buffy hugged.

“It’s going great. Miles has been doing a great Job playing tour guide. Great Uncle Donald has been giving Miles here a run for his money on White House facts.” Buffy said pointing to the two who were once again in discussion over something about the Roosevelt room.

“Well I’ve finished my conference call and schedule is clear for the rest of the evening. Shall we continue this tour?”

“Sounds good.” Buffy replied and looked to Bo and Ducky for confirmation. Bo nodded and Ducky was about to when his cell rang.

“If you’ll excuse me one moment. It’s mother’s nurse.”

Buffy and Bo watched as their uncle’s face became one of worry. He talked for another minute before hanging up the phone.

“What’s wrong Uncle Donald?” Bo asked.

“That was mother’s nurse. Mother is missing.”

“How? I thought the nurse was suppose to be watching her.” Buffy questioned.

“Clarice said they had just finished lunch and she had put mother to bed for her afternoon nap. After cleaning up the lunch dishes, she went to check on mother to find her gone.”

“I’m sorry Tom we’re going to have skip the rest of the tour.”

“It’s okay Buffy. I understand and would like to help. Miles round up a team of six and go with Buffy.”

“It would be our honor. We’ll meet you by your car.” Miles said before leaving to inform the others.

“Thank you Tom.” Buffy said hugging him.

“I walk you to your car. Miles and his team should be there by the time we get there.” The President said as he began leading them back to the entrance.

As they were walking back Buffy called Leon to see if he could spare some people to help in the search.


            By the time Buffy, Bo, and Ducky had arrived at the Mallard household Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Tim, Abby, and Palmer were waiting for them. Abby immediately came up and hugged Ducky.

“How do you want to do this Ducky?” Gibbs asked.

“Hopefully mother hasn’t gotten too far. Last time this happened we found her sitting in one of the neighbor’s gardens picking flowers.”

“Then why don’t we let Abby and Tim check the neighbors?” Buffy asked looking at Ducky who nodded.

“We’re on it.” Abby said pulling Tim along.

“Bo, Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, and Palmer pair with a Secret Service agent and take the cars and look for her. Uncle Donald, Miles, Secret Service Agent Cullen, and myself will go and check the park. All right people let’s move. I want my Great Nana found before dark.”

Everyone paired off and was getting in the cars. Clarice was staying at the house incase Mrs. Mallard returned on her own.


            Ducky and Miles took Ducky’s car to one end of the park while Buffy and Special Agent Sasha Cullen, a red headed agent with long flowing hair, took Buffy’s chauffeured car to the opposite end.  Buffy and Sasha walked through the park keeping very alert. They had already been searching for thirty minutes and were currently walking down the trail toward the pond.

“Do you hear that?” Sasha asked.

“I do. It’s her. Come on!” Buffy says as she quickens her pace.

 Buffy and Sasha hurried down the rest of the path and soon saw Victoria Mallard standing in the shallow end of the lake having a conversation with something that only she could see. Buffy knew that even though it appeared her Nana was alone in the water she wasn’t. Buffy’s slayer senses were tingling fiercely. Buffy looked back at Sasha and whispered.

“Call Uncle Donald. Tell him we found Nana and my spider senses are tingling.”

Sasha’s eyes went wide knowing what that meant and quickly pulled out her phone and called her superior who was with Buffy’s uncle on the other side of the park. Buffy casually walked up to the pond’s edge. She quickly slipped her boots off and stepped into the cool pond water. Her great-nana was still talking to what Buffy believed was some kind of invisible demon.

“Donald, Beauregard, and Buffy will be here soon and they’ll take me home.”

“Nana? Who are you talking to?” Buffy asked reaching out with her senses so she knew exactly where the demon is.

“Buffy? When did you get here?” Victoria asked looking totally confused.

“Just now Nana. Who were you talking too?” Buffy asked again.

“My dear sweet Edmund, your great grandfather. He wants to meet you.”

“I’d like that, but I don’t see him. Can you show me where he is?”

“Silly girl. He’s standing right there.” Victoria pointed to the area off to the right.

“Oh good, let me just make sure I look presentable.” Buffy said going into her California valley girl routine.

She reached into the backpack purse and pulled out a mirror and checking out her hair. Fluffing her hair a bit, she puts the mirror back in the bag and pulls out a can of hairspray. Instead of spraying the can toward her hair she sprayed it in the direction her great nana had pointed. As Buffy sprayed, the form of the demon began to appear. Buffy would have to let Andrew know that his spray worked well. Victoria shrieked at seeing the image of her husband turn into a demon. Buffy quickly kicked the demon sending it flying. At the sound of splashing water, Buffy quickly looked to see her uncle had come into the pond and was leading his mother to dry land.


            Once on dry land Ducky held his mother tightly as he, Miles, Sasha, and his mother watched his niece take on the demon that was trying to lure his mother away.  They watched the fight for several minutes before Ducky let go of his mother and grabbed the bag that sat at their feet. When Sasha had called telling Ducky that there was some sort of demon around, he had stopped at Buffy’s chauffeured car and grabbed the emergency slaying bag. Opening the bag Ducky grabbed a sword and waded back into the water. Ducky held the sword at the ready as he watched his niece hold the demon’s head under water. It wasn’t long before the demon’s struggles ceased and Buffy pulled the body back to the shallow end.

“I’ll take that. Thanks Uncle Donald. I want to make sure he’s dead.” Buffy said as she took the sword from her uncle.

Buffy quickly used the sword to chop off the demon’s head. She handed the sword back to her uncle and then dragged the demon’s body toward the middle of the pond. Letting go of the remains the body quickly sank to the bottom of the pond. Ducky stayed in the shallow end and waited for his niece to make her way back.

“You alright my dear?” Ducky asked when she was standing beside him.

“Nothing a hot shower and clean dry clothes won’t cure. We should call everyone and have them meet us at the house for dinner. It’ll be my treat for helping us look for Nana.”

“They’re already on their way. I called Beauregard and Jethro as we made our way to you.”

“Good.” Buffy said as they made their way out of the water.

Miles had a blanket in his hand and had wrapped it around Buffy the moment she and Ducky had gotten out of the water. Buffy gave him a smile of thanks.


            Upon their return to the Mallard house, Buffy quickly excused herself and went to take a bath leaving Ducky, Miles, and Sasha to fill everyone in. The night nurse had taken Victoria to her room to get her changed into dryer clothes. By the time Buffy had returned, wearing a pair of sweats and a tank from her emergency stash, the pizza had arrived. Buffy paid with cash and gave the driver a huge tip. Everyone grabbed a paper plate and began loading up their plate, and getting beer, pop, tea, or coffee to drink. Buffy took a seat beside Tony and Bo.

“Hey Buffy, I’ve been meaning to ask you…how’s Danny doing? I heard he’s living the sweet life out in Hawaii.”

“He curses the place every time I talk to him calling it pineapple infested hellhole. I think he can’t admit he really likes it there. I’ll be spending two weeks there in a few months. I’ll give you his number. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.”

“Great. Thanks.”

Everyone ate until they were full, and then sat and talked for a bit. About an hour later Miles and the rest of the secret service crew left. Thirty minutes later Abby had to leave or she would be late for her bowling night with the nuns. Tim and Ziva left within minutes of each other about twenty minutes after Abby had left. Jimmy and Tony helped Buffy and Bo clean up. Once everything was cleaned up and Jimmy was sure that Ducky didn’t need anything, he left as well. Gibbs, Tony, Ducky, Bo, and Buffy then sat in the drawing room. Gibbs, Tony, and Bo were nursing beers while Buffy and Ducky had settled for tea. A couple hours later, Gibbs and Tony said their goodbyes leaving Buffy and Bo with Ducky. After they had gone Buffy, Bo, and Ducky had made plans for the next few days.


            Buffy smiled at the look on her cousin’s face as they sat with the President and his family on Air Force One. Even she was finding it hard to believe that she was flying to Ohio on Air Force One. President Whitmore had just given them the tour and they both had gotten pictures to remember it taken by the First Lady. A few days earlier President Whitmore had invited them back to the White House for the tour and dinner. During dinner when Buffy had mentioned that they would be flying to Lima, Ohio in two days to attend their uncle’s wedding he insisted that they fly with him on Air Force One. The President and his family were flying to New York, so a quick stop in Ohio wouldn’t be out of the way. Wanting to make this trip even more exciting for her cousin Buffy accepted.


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