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Visiting Her Family

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Summary: After the destruction of the Hellmouth Buffy decides that she wants to visit her family.

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Charmed Cousins

I hope that you all like this. I enjoyed writing this one.

Disclaimer: I do not own Charmed or Buffy nor do I own the pictures. I am only borrowing them.


Thank you to those who reviewed on TTH and my one reviewer on fanfiction. Net. I love reviews and they make me want to write faster.


Helpful criticism will be excepted but please do not flame. If you don’t like what I writ don’t read it and don’t review.


On with the story



            Buffy pulled the car to a stop six hours later outside of her cousin’s house. The last time she had seen her cousins was when her mother had died. Prue and Piper had come to the funeral but her third cousin Phoebe, who is around the same age as her, hadn’t been able to come from New York to attend. Buffy left her stuff in the car incase her cousins couldn’t put her up for a few days. Locking the car up Buffy walked up the step and knocked on the door. A minute later the door opened and Phoebe answered. Buffy’s slayer senses picked up on a great deal of power that Buffy was sure hadn’t been there before.

“Buffy what are you doing here?”

“I guess you didn’t get my e-mail. I sent e-mails out to the family to let them know that Dawn and I were all right and that I would be visiting everyone soon. You, Prue, and Piper are next on my list.”

“We’ve had a busy few days. Come in.” Buffy held back her wince.

 They didn’t know how bad it was to say those words. You never know when a vampire might be nearby and that would leave there home open for vampires to waltz right in.

“Prue! Piper! Come see who came to visit.” Phoebe yelled as she shut the door.

Thirty seconds later Prue and Piper came down the stairs. Piper came over to her and hugged her tightly. When the three sisters were together Buffy knew that something had happened to her cousins since the last time she had seen them. They had gotten a major power boost that when put together could rival Willow at her worst.

“I had hoped you had made it out of Sunnydale before it collapsed.”

“We did. We had few causalities but most of us made it out safely.” Buffy said as Prue hugged her as well.

“Let’s go into the parlor where we can talk and you can tell us what you’ve been up to.” Piper suggested.

Buffy sat on the couch with Phoebe and Piper while Prue sat in the arm chair.

“I was telling Phoebe that I sent you an email a couple days ago to let everyone know that Dawn and I had made out safe and that I would be visiting everyone soon, but she said you guys have been busy.”

“Like you wouldn’t believe. Where is Dawn?” Prue asked.

“Dawn is staying with my Aunt Hetty on Dad’s side. Dawn’s been on a bit of a rebellious streak and I haven’t been up to par. We’ve been at each other’s throats. I decided that we both need to take time from each other before one of us kills the other. I’m hoping that staying with Aunt Hetty will help both of us to get our relationship back on track.”

“It can’t be that bad.” Phoebe told her.

“It is. Dawn’s been caught stealing, sneaking out, and cutting classes. I was suffering from a very bad bout of depression. It was so bad that the social worker was going to take Dawn from my custody.”

“Why didn’t you call? We could have helped.” Prue asked.

“I didn’t want to burden you. Plus you three were dealing with the death of your grandmother. Sorry about not making it to the funeral.”

Buffy’s Aunt Penny had died during the time that Buffy had been dead. She remembered being there with her mom and her cousin Patty Halliwell when Patty’s mother, Buffy’s aunt, had showed up.

“Sounds like you were dealing with a lot yourself.” Piper told her.

“I was. I was in a depression and my friends kept coming to me with their problems wanting me to fix them when I couldn’t fix my own. Enough about me, let’s talk about you and when you three became witches.”

Buffy watched their faces and saw the surprise on their face. Buffy watched as Piper threw out her arms out, and Buffy felt the effect for about thirty seconds and then it was gone. The sisters noticed that Buffy didn’t freeze.

“Why didn’t you freeze?” Piper asked.

“Don’t know.” Buffy said. “I was right you are witches. When did this happen?”

“Hold that thought,” said Piper. “Leo!”

Blue orbs began to form by Prue. Buffy’s hand was going into her boot and was on the handle of the dagger just in case. As soon as Leo had fully orbed in Buffy knew he wasn’t evil. Buffy released her hold on the dagger and tucked it back into her boot.

“Leo, Buffy didn’t freeze. Why didn’t she freeze?” Phoebe asked.

“Well she is your cousin which means that she does have magic in her, but it’s also may be because she’s Buffy Summers THE Slayer.”

“The what?” The sisters asked at once.

“I suck at being secret identity girl.” Buffy mumbled.

“The slayer. I believe the slayer is in the Book of Shadows.”

“I’ll go get the book.” Phoebe said getting up off the couch and heading for the stairs.

“What are you some kind of angel?” Buffy asked Leo.

“You could say that. I’m a whitelighter. I watch over my charges, which are Piper, Prue, and Phoebe, and intervene when necessary to help them along their path and keep them safe.”

“I’ve got the book.”

Phoebe took the book over to the couch and sat back down next to Buffy. Leo and Prue stood behind the couch and looked over Phoebe’s shoulder.

“I believe it toward the back by vampires.” Leo told her.

“Found it. The slayer is a young female girl bestowed with mystical powers that originated from the essence of a pure demon. To the demon world she is considered a myth but is very much real. Her powers include enhance strength, speed, agility, and resilience. The slayer also has super human senses. Into every generation a Slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. She is the Slayer.”

“Is this how you knew we are witches?” Prue asked.

“I could feel your power especially when you’re together. When did this happen because at mom’s funeral you didn’t feel like this.”

“When Grams died. You tell us your story and we’ll tell you ours.” Prue suggested.

“I can do that. Think I can stay here for a few nights? I’d like to see your club Piper and spend time with you guys before I head to Vegas to see my cousin Nick. He’s a CSI.”

“Sure you can share with me.” Phoebe told her.

“Thanks.” Buffy said and began telling them about her life as the slayer.


            It had taken almost three hours for Buffy and the sisters to get their stories told. Everyone was hungry and Piper was going to make a late dinner for them.

“Phoebe, do you have a lap top I can borrow for a few minutes? I would like to check my email.”

“Sure it’s up in my room. I’ll go get it.”

Buffy sat at the kitchen table and watched Piper try to cook but was being hindered by Leo. She could tell that the two loved each other very much and wondered if they had any plans to marry.

“Here you go.” Phoebe set the lap top in front of Buffy.

It was ready to go and Buffy signed into her Yahoo account and checked her mail. She had emails from some of the family members she had yet to see. There was an email from G, Sam, Kensi, and Eric. There was an email from Hetty and the last one was from Dawn. Buffy started with Dawn’s letter first.



I can’t believe you sent me to live with Aunt Hetty. Why couldn’t I stay in England? At least there I know I would get to have some fun. Do you even want to see me or are you abandoning me to live with Hetty until I turn eighteen. This is punishment for kicking you out of the house isn’t?

I can’t believe you did this to me and I really hate you for this.


Buffy fought back the tears that were threatening to form. Dawn’s email proved her point about both needing some time. Buffy hit respond and began typing out a reply.


I truly hope that those words were spoken out of anger and that you do not really hate me for I love you so much that even being part from you makes my heart feel a bit empty. I miss you a lot, but you and I both know that thing between us have not been well. You and I have been sniping at each other a lot more than usual. When you kicked me out of our house I was hurt and felt betrayed but you are my little sister, my blood. I have sacrificed so much for you to not trust that I knew what I was doing. When I came back into the house everyone acted like nothing had happened. None of you even apologized and you assumed that everything was okay. I know I was kind of distant after the whole Glory thing but you knew the reason for that. I love you too much to have us keep fighting like we were. I think if we would have kept sniping at each other one of us would have probably killed the other and that would really suck. Your stay with Aunt Hetty IS only TEMPORARY. Even though Aunt Hetty has custody of you, you can always call me or email me but her word is law. If you don’t follow her rules she can discipline you in any way she sees fits, and remember that she carries a badge, a gun, and works in a place that can lock you up. I love you Dawn and I hope that you will see that this is the best for both of us. I will definitely come and see you before school starts and I will take you with me to visit the family we have in Georgia and Florida. You only get to come with me if Hetty gives me a good report but either way I will visit. I am sure that Hetty told you the reason why I didn’t want you to stay in England and that was the truth Willow and Giles will be busy and you would not be properly cared for. If I were punishing you for kicking me out of the house I’m pretty sure I could come up with something better than staying at Aunt Hetty’s with nice houses and pools. I hope to see a response soon. I’m currently at our cousin house in San Francisco and will be leaving here Monday morning to see Cousin Nick on dad’s side in Vegas. I’ll pick you up a tee shirt and send it to you.

Love you always


With a sigh Buffy sent the email and then read the other ones. Her email from Hetty had been to let her know that she had picked Dawn up with no trouble, and that they had returned home. Buffy answered Sam’s, Kensi’s G’s and Eric’s letter before closing the lab top.

“Everything okay?” Leo asked.

“No but hopefully it soon will be.”


            The next night the sisters took Buffy to P3. The place was crowded as the band Creed was performing there tonight. Buffy was sitting at the bar drinking a water when her senses went off. Buffy began scanning the crowd and it didn’t take long for her to spot a guy nuzzling the neck of a woman as they headed for the exit. Buffy looked to see her cousins in the middle of the crowd. She moved through the crowd quickly and reached the door and looked at the bouncer.

“Which way did they go?”

“They headed down the alley. Why?”

“He dropped his cell.”

Buffy lied and then headed toward the alley just in time to hear the girl scream. Buffy pulled the stake from her boot She looked up just in time to see a red fiery energy ball coming at her and jumped out of it way. Dodging the fiery energy balls Buffy advanced toward the warlock without being hit, and then was thrown against a brick wall and landed in a pile trash. Buffy felt a bit dazed and looked up to see the warlock standing over.

“Get away from her!”

Prue yelled as she used her power to fling the warlock away from Buffy. The warlock crashed into the vampire who getting ready to bolt. Piper stood beside Prue ready to freeze or blow them up if necessary. Phoebe and Leo were checking on Buffy.

“Buffy, are you okay?” Phoebe asked.

“I’m okay. Just a little stunned. Don’t think I’ve ever come across a warlock before.” Buffy said as Phoebe and Leo helped her to stand.

They looked up when they heard the sound of an explosion to see that Piper had just blew up the warlock and the vamp.

“How did you guys know I was out here?” Buffy asked.

“I had a premonition of you being attacked.” Phoebe told her. “Bruno told us you went into the alley after a couple.”

“I thought I was saving lady from a vampire but it was just a trap to get at me. As soon as I had got into the alley, she through the energy ball at me.”

“Were they targeting you because you’re the slayer or hoping to use you to draw the girls out?” Leo asked.

“Don’t know but it’s going to be hard to find out since Piper blew her up before we could ask.” Buffy said with a grin. “Let’s go back in. I’d like to catch the end of the show.”

The sister’s, Leo, and Buffy walked together back toward the club.


            On Sunday Piper had cooked a big family dinner. Andrew was a good cook but his food didn’t compare to Piper. Now it was Monday morning and Buffy was putting her stuff in the car and preparing to leave. Buffy gave each of the sister’s a hug.

“If you guys need help call me and I’ll coming running possibly with an Army behind me. Piper, if you ever get the rutabaga off the ground I hope I’ll get to be there.” Buffy told her referring to the wedding that Piper and Leo wanted to have but was forbidden by the elders.

“I’ll try. You make sure you call us too. Especially when you get done visiting and hopefully you can come back and visit us and bring Dawn.”

“She’ll like that.”

“Buffy, if you need help for any reason just call out my name and I’ll be there. The Elders said that you are a special case and have given me permission to help you anyway I can.”

“That’s pretty cool of them. All right I’m outta here. I’ll see you guys in a few months.”

“Bye.” The others said as they watched Buffy get in her car and drive off.


Another chapter down. I am writing these as they come to me so I will post as soon as I can.


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