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The Thin Blue Line

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Summary: S6 Andrew conjures up something he hopes will gain him points in the Trios competition to mess with Buffy. Poor guy. He knew not what he unleashed.

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Literature > Sir Terry PratchettLetomoFR1573,2980255,62330 May 1115 Mar 12No

1: Andrew's Summoning.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Sir Terry Pratchett's work, except copies of the books these came from, and nothing at all of Buffy, or anything related to her.

1: Andrew's Summoning.

"Okay, Andy-boy, it's your turn. Whatcha gonna do?"

Andrew was a little scared. Oh, not in any big way. But he had to top Jonathon and Warren's latest tricks on the Slayer, and he wasn't sure what he could do. Well, he could summon something, of course, but what?

"Uh, gimme a minute. It's a tricky summoning ritual, and I can't be interupted, or it'll go horribly wrong." He inspected the chalked outline, making sure that there were no mistakes, or areas that gapped. That would be bad.

Once he was sure of everything, he got out his robe (ignoring the snickers from the other two), and got in position. He leafed through his spellbook, then selected one. Okay, so he hadn't fully translated it, but it looked good!

"Oh valde vox ex rotundus universitas , EGO postulo ferus creatura in vos. EGO voco lemma. EGO voco lemma. EGO voco lemma. Addo lemma continuo! Pario Puteulanus ones , Puteulanus threat! Pario Puteulanus ones , Puteulanus threats! They should videor hic , sic EGO can to order lemma!"

"There, that should do it! They'll be appearing . . . any . . . minute . . . "

"Uh, dude, there's nothing there."

"Yes, see, the dust is swirling! They had to travel a long way to get here, through untold dimensions, further than anything else I've summoned!"


5 minutes later.

"See, nothing. You failed! Well, guess the turn moves on. So, Jonathon, what do you want to do to her?"

"Well, I've been thinking . . . "


That night, after the Nerds are asleep.

"Ach, crivens, wouldja look't tha. Som'uns left chalk all o'er the floor."

"Well, giv't a good kickin'!"

Ah'll give you a good kickin'!"

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