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True Destiny

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Summary: As the Destiny powers down for the integalactic jump, Eli observes something unexpected...

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Stargate > General(Past Donor)betascudFR1354,59245612,59131 May 1127 Aug 11No

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina

Disclaimer: Neither Stargate Universe nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to me. The idea itself may be partially attributed to Gregory Benford in his book Cosm.

Buffy was the last one to go through the portal. She was already able to hear the approaching horde and really, really hoped it wouldn’t follow them though. If it did, the whole thing would be for nothing, maybe just delaying the end. So she took the small altar in her hand and stepped through…

… to a darkened metal room, not unlike the ones they were hiding in for the last few days. Only this one was different, with something that was not really rust on the walls, and a strange ring that they just came through. And with steam rising out of the floor behind them. And with a fat guy in his pajamas standing near some consoles. Near a hatch. Definitely not human-built hatch, as she had seen lots of them recently and they did not look like that. So she just had to ask:

“This is not Earth, right?”

The guy, obviously stunned by their recent entrance, looked at her funnily.

“What?” she asked, looking back at the last survivors of human race. Well, last survivors from our universe at least. They did look like a group of refugees, but the guy was not all that different, with badly cut hair and stains on his… well, pajamas. Or maybe it’s just this geek’s basement?

Deciding not to wait for the guy’s response Buffy moved to help the others. Some of them were hurt and they didn’t have the time to move them around between teleporting them to the last stand and opening the portal…

“Uh, who?” the guy finally mumbled.

“Good, so you can speak,” Buffy said, turning back to face him. “Now, where are we?”

“We’re… uh… it’s…” the guy stumbled over his own words. He still stood near a console, his hands moving over some kind of panel, which he occasionally looked down on.

“Look at me,” she said in her most commanding voice. Over the years it had gained a lot of power and the guy’s eyes immediately shot up. “Where. Are. We.”

“A starship,” he finally said.

Buffy’s eyebrows rose. “Willow?” she turned around, looking for her oldest friend.

The redhead, who was just tending to one of the few Slayers left alive, looked up.

“Yes, Buffy?” she asked, her voice sounding weak in the large room, exhaustion visible in her pose.

“We are supposedly on a starship. Something went wrong.”

Willow’s head fell down, almost as if she had suddenly fallen asleep. “No,” she said in a voice so quiet, only the few conscious Slayers heard. “No”, she repeated to herself… And then her head shot up.

“The precursors!” the witch exclaimed.

“Huh?” Buffy simply asked.

“The ship, it is not ours, right?” Willow turned to the local. “It was built by precursors, right?”

The guy slowly nodded at that.

“And what is its purpose?” Willow asked intensely.

“Ummm, well…” the guy stumbled, “To determine the underlying message in the background radiation of the universe.”

“Well, this all makes sense then,” Willow said and then, turning to Buffy, continued, “you see, we couldn’t be sure that the universe evolved in the same way, if Earth was even created and so on. That’s why we had to try multiple times. But then, we couldn’t check what is the situation from the outside, magic is limited in its range and the point of origin would probably be nowhere close enough to Earth to check it out. So I had to add some kind of in-universe method for checking if the conditions specified were met. I didn’t determine what method that would be, but if it was magic, there would probably be some summoning spell in an obscure book that could only work if the parameters of the universe were right. And if there is no magic, then a scientific method to check would have to be available…”

“Uh… Can’t say I understood a word of that,” Buffy admitted.

“Wait!” somebody shouted in the background.

“You see,” Willow continued, ignoring the shouting, “we wanted to arrive in 2011, so this couldn’t be a human starship – the world would be too different for that and the parameters would not be met. So this means that an ancient race must have built the ship to check if the conditions were met. And when they were, we came through.”

“Still, I don’t see how there are humans here,” Buffy expressed her doubt.

“That was one of the conditions. Someone of a familiar bloodline would be the trigger.”

“So I’ve got a cousin on board?”

“You, me, someone else... But someone.”


“They were destined to be here, to trigger the portal.”

“Wait! wait…” they finally turned to the yelling guy. “Does this mean this is like the Matrix? Some kind of virtual reality?”

Buffy smirked. Willow smiled. The rest of the refugees continued helping the wounded.

“I can assure you,” Willow said, “This is a fully functional universe.”

And then the guy shrieked: “YOU CREATED THE WHOLE DAMN UNIVERSE?”

Note: This was not beta-read. If you spot a mistake, tell me by PM or review. This story is not my top priority, as I have some more interesting stories partially written, already longer than this, and still not published anywhere.
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