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True Destiny

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Summary: As the Destiny powers down for the integalactic jump, Eli observes something unexpected...

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Stargate > General(Past Donor)betascudFR1354,59245612,59131 May 1127 Aug 11No


Neither Stargate Universe nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to me. The idea itself comes from Gregory Benford in his book Cosm.
Note: This chapter contains some elements of Cosm – about as much as I remember from it. I could open the book for precise quotes, but Willow read about this in a newspaper – this is about as much as she knows. Anyway it may be less fun for most of you - but Rush wouldn't just accept anything like Eli did.
Note no.2: Also, the 'previous tries' may be used for magic-wank crack-fics in the future. This one will be mostly realistic (as far as those franchises allow that is).

“I think we broke him,” Willow said, turning to face Eli Wallace, the guy who met the group of refugees after arrival. Or, to be more precise, “transfer”. I can’t believe the universe actually rewrote the programming of the starship, she though, but for the interfaces to change to English? This seems almost… magical. Oh no, nononono.

Eli was nodding to her last statement when her eyes suddenly went wide open, her own reasoning almost making her hyperventilate.

“What?” Eli asked, surprised. The other guy, Doctor Rush, still looked stunned – he was now sitting in front of his statis chamber, holding his head with his hands.

“You told me that the ship suddenly powered up,” she answered him, “where did the power come from?”

“I have no idea. I had assumed it was drawn from the universe itself. The ship was designed to recharge using stellar plasma, so-“

“Oh, it is powered by the universe itself. There is this one part that is the universe concentrated. What have I done,” her speech started turning into babble. “Can we revive the medic next? We need her or the consequences may be quite severe,” she sped up even more,” and then Buffy would kill me for doing that to-“

She was speeding up once again, but Eli stopped her with a simple: “Ok.”

“TJ’s this way,” he continued.

Maybe it is only temporary, maybe I am wrong, she silently listed her hopes, it didn’t intend for her to simply collapse. Maybe it will stop.

While pondering the consequences of their arrival, Willow followed Eli all the five steps it took them to the statis chamber with the local medic. Willow tried looking through the semi-frozen glass of the device, but all she could tell was that the medic was a young woman, and was slightly familiar. Most of the faces I saw through the glass here looked familiar. I’m definitely reading too much into this whole “related” thing.

“I’ll have to revive Colonel Young soon as well. He would like to know what is going on here,” Eli stated once he started with the new console.

“Yeah, alright, I guess-“ she didn’t finish as she felt a hand on her arm.

“How?” someone asked from behind her.

“What?” she turned back to face the scientist – Rush. He was visibly better now, standing on his own and staring at her coherently.

“How exactly did you do it?” he asked again.

“Eli,” she ignored the scientist for a while. “How long will it take?” she asked Eli.

“Uh, as long as with him,” the younger man answered. “Maybe three minutes.”

“All right, Doctor Rush, I’ve got three minutes for explanation. I have no idea if you will like it.”

“Go on,” he simply stated, his accent reminding her of Giles.

“Right, where to start?” she wondered. “I don’t know the physics details, you see, but there was an experiment conducted in one of the particle accelerators on our world. Just before the apocalypse that is.”

“Apocalypse?” Rush asked.

“Why do you think we even considered evacuation? Anyway it was Brookhaven Lab I think. They’ve run ultra-dense particles there. The result was a black sphere. A macro-scale quantum physics effect. A baby universe, or to be more precise a window to a random universe that started at the precise moment of the experiment.”

“So you’re one of the Brookhaven scientists then?”

“We didn’t exactly use the particle accelerator, you know. There was no electricity anywhere to start it.”

“Then how?”

“Well, they’ve used uranium at RHIC. We had something much more… energy-efficient for our operation.”

“The Omega particle,” Eli broke in while operating the console.

“We actually call it the Key,” Willow continued her explanation. “It came to our attention when someone tried to use it for… let’s call it dimensional travel.”

“Visiting parallel universes, you mean?” Rush asked.

“Not precisely, but close enough. Anyway, it was enough for us to use for non-relativistic collisions. And so we created a new universe.”

“I wonder if the same would happen with naquadah. It was used in the quantum mirror after all,” Rush pondered aloud. Then he returned to the conversation, “I guess it is possible, I will check the precise calculations later. But what about the conditions in the other universe? How where you to verify if they were optimal? What if, for example, the cosmological constant was different?”

“Actually we had to create a few before we found this one. As for the measuring mechanism… Do you believe in magic?”

“No,” he flat-out stated.

“Well, then I can’t really explain it.”

“What do you mean by-“ he started to ask her, when the statis chamber hissed and the medic of the crew was freed.

“Done,” Eli stated, “now will you help me with the others, Rush? Or should I do this one after the other?”

“What? Right, right,” the scientist was visibly confused by the interruption.

“Great, another orientation,” Willow muttered. “Come with me,” she told the struggling woman, then took her hand and guided her back to the other refugees.

“Wait,” Eli called as she was leaving, “do you know the way?”

“We’ll manage.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "True Destiny" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Aug 11.

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