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Slayer meets Shinigami

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Summary: While Buffy is patrolling through the graveyard, she meets a strange Death god by the name of Ryuk. And they start off a ,short, little conversation.

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Anime > Death NoteSangraFR131304015492 Jun 112 Jun 11Yes
Story crossover:Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Death Note.

Characters:Buffy and Ryuk.

Date: 2002, May 1st, 12:00

*For your information people I do NOT, repeat, NOT, own anything in this story. None of this is mine*.

Buffy was patrolling though the graveyard one night, nothing really special happening. "Oh god, this is so lame when every vamp knows they can't beat you." Buffy complained.

When, suddenly, she stepped on a piece of paper. She picked it up. There was nothing written on it. "Lazy Bastards." Buffy complained. "Don't people know about trash cans!?" Then she heard a noise behind her.

She turned around, she saw a strange looking figure floating in the air.

He said "Well well well, FINALLY you can see me." The figure said.

"Have you been following me?" Buffy asked.

"Yes, but don't you think it's strange that a dark, and terribly skinny, weirdo was following you, and you didn't even know up until now?" the figure asked.

"Yeah. Who are you anyway!?!" Buffy asked.

"My name is Ryuk. I am a Shinigami Death God." Ryuk answered.

A God was something she wasn't hoping for again. "Shit, how did I not notice you before?!" Buffy asked.

Ryuk explained, "That page you stepped on was a page from what is called "The Death Note". When you stepped on it I was able to be seen by you.

"What?" Buffy asked.

"Oh just watch the Death Note Anime." Ryuk said.

"You know what, screw you, you're not worth beating up!" Buffy yelled.

"You couldn't any way." said Ryuk.

"Just get out of here, I'm pissed off enough." said Buffy angrily.

"Be seeing you." said Ryuk waving goodbye.

"Hope not." said Buffy flipping him off as she walked away.

They went their separate ways. "Humph! That bitch probably loses a lot of boyfriends." He said floating away.

The End

You have reached the end of "Slayer meets Shinigami". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking