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A New Life

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Summary: Buffy hasn't dated anyone since Angel, and he hates her for sending him to hell, her friends are not who they used to be and she has no one to turn to, she needs to start a new life.

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A Visit From An Old Friend


Joining NCIS may be the best thing that ever happened to Buffy Summers. She was kept occupied a lot and didn’t have time for brooding or deep thinking as she liked to call it, whether she was on a case, or having lunch with Ducky and Abby, training once a week with Gibbs and Ziva which left them even more confused, with the skills packed into a compact cheerleader, than they were before, or the nights when McGee came round to help Buffy touch up, or teach, her computer skills. They had all filled her life, and though she wasn’t stupid, she knew Ziva and Tony were trying to find dirt on her, but the one good thing about working with the IWC was all of her slayer career has been deemed Classified on a higher clearance level than even the director, they could find her LA scrapes, the Kendra Situation or the time she was drinking underage at the Bronze, it was all completely cleared by the IWC, so they knew nothing about Buffy Summers Work except what she told them, which wasn’t a lot. That was why when a visitor came storming in demanding to see Buffy Summers right away it wasn’t a surprise that everyone was at the end of their desk chairs listening into there every word.

Buffy knew that they would come, she might be blond but she isn’t stupid, they would try to win her back and expect her to fall in line. Unfortunately, for the first time in a very long time she felt content, maybe even happy, she didn’t know what would happen if they ever found out about her Slayer past but also knew there is no way they would, the spell on the system should stop and potential hackers, she could hardly find one vampire a night, and a fledgling at that, and in the two months she’s lived at Washington DC she’s only fought one Fyarl demon and a fear demon she found at a club Tony took her to, luckily for her Tony had his tongue down a random blonde’s throat and they were both completely oblivious to the ghosts, walking skeletons and other things that made the rest of the club scream in horror. So all in all, Buffy Summers wasn’t in the mood to be changing anything, anytime soon.

So when Xander stormed into the office she was not surprised and simply leaned back in her chair and looked in hatred and disgust at Xander’s two hazel eyes.

“Buffy, what’s this I hear about you being rude and interrupting Giles’ meeting just so he could listen to your mood swings; honestly, you’ve got to stop being so selfish all of the time.” Xander ranted in an annoyed tone as if I was the cause of all of his misery.

“Actually Xander, I only took less than half a minute to tell my boss I’m working under a new name, if it got lost in the mail I’ve got a copy of my letter of resignation somewhere around here somewhere.” I said calmly flicking through some files, my blood boiling. I’m the selfish one Mr. Nothing Matters As Long As I Get My Eye Back.

“She’s worst when she’s at her calmest,” Ziva whispered to Tony in the background creepily noting my behavioural patterns.

“I don’t want your bloody letter of resignation we need you to come and get to the piles of paperwork on your desk! Who did you think would do it?” He all but roared at me, jerk.

“Fine,” I sighed overdramatically waiting ‘till I could see the spark of victory in his eyes, and confusion in everyone else’s, before continuing. “I really need to get that progress report done, you’ll have to go now, and I can’t have any distractions.” Please, please, please go before I break every bone in your measly little body before gouging out both of your eyes, no wait, please stay, shaking myself out of the homicidal thoughts I opened my laptop and opened my finished file and started adjusting my punctuation and making it look more official-like. I saw Xander’s hand about to come slamming down onto the machine, and no one messes with me, so without looking up, caught his wrist and squeezed it, until everyone heard an audible crack of Xander’s wrist shattering.

“You stupid bitch!” Xander cried out in agony, honestly, I’m surprised he’s still conscious. “Why the hell did you do that? We’re all tired of you being such a cow; no one knows what the hell is wrong with you anymore! Now come on, the plane’s leaving in four hours and I need to see a bleeding paramedic about my wrist.”

“It’s your fault my sister’s dead! Now if that isn’t reason enough, leave.” I growled causing the whole room’s conversations to die on their lips. He starts stuttering.

“Now, get the fuck out before I fully blind you!” I yelled leaving me breathless with uncontrolled fury.

“She wasn’t your sister, and you know that.” Xander said in a low voice displaying all of the greed, lust and anger he felt towards me, where is that boy that I could always turn to for help, or comfort.

“Wasn’t she? Wasn’t Dawn, the little girl that had a crush on you, the clumsiest girl that couldn’t make the cheerleading team no matter how hard she tried, the girl who couldn’t grow up fast enough if she tried,” Pausing for a second “No, you’re right, she wasn’t my sister, but she damn well felt like it to me.” I mocked in a low voice. The pure anger and animalistic traits in my eyes made Xander turn tail and flee, but not before one last parting message.

“God, I don’t even know you anymore.” Good, bastard, who’d want to know you?

Wiping the stray tear from her cheek at the memory of her deceased sister, Buffy Summers ran to the bathroom.

“How did Dawn Summers die again? Her records were all hinky when I tried to get into them, they were all covered into the IWC, and I couldn’t find anything past about six years ago.” McGee commented, suspicious.

“The official report was she died of a heart attack three days after her nineteenth birthday, says here she was studying to be a, hmm, says ‘Watcher’ here, but that’s covered in IWC too, I can get hardly any information about Buffy, but even less than Dawn, I can’t even get a Birth Certificate. And why would a nineteen year old with no heart problems, at the peak of her health, and in pretty good physical shape judging by the photograph, have a heart attack.” Ziva commented.

“Funny that, no Birth Certificate, but a Death Certificate, and it’s like she didn’t exist until her fifteenth birthday, McGee, you and Abby up for a little hacking into our great friends, the IWC?” Gibbs snapped, bringing everyone to attention.

“Yes, boss.” They chorused. “One problem, the IWC has THE Willow Rosenberg as their technician.”McGee hesitated.

“Well, work around it, McGee!” Gibbs persisted.

God, when had things got so wacked up? I thought. Maybe it was right when I moved to Sunnydale, meeting Angel, or maybe it went even back to when she was sitting on the steps of Hemery High, meeting Merrick for the first time, staking my first vampire in that ridiculous puffy orange coat. Or maybe it didn’t happen till on the tower with Dawn, or when my mom died, Giles leaving, or even something stupid as the time Spike clipped me in the mouth and I chipped a tooth. I just want to know when it all went wrong.


“I loved you and you sent me to hell, I’m hurt, Buffy.” Angel mocked. “Tell me, how long did it take you to get over me and start whoring off to other men, or boys?” Angel spat on the floor, the mocking look on his face always remaining, though marred with disgust, his Angelic face corrupted.

“A-A-Angelus?” I whispered through my tears, backing away.

“Wrong again, you were never the smartest though, but you do win this wonderful vase.” He sneered, throwing at my head, making me fall onto my side, overcome with dizziness.

“I loved you and you left me in hell, for a hundred years, I have to say, I’m hurt, Buffy.” Angel repeated his earlier words, the last thing I heard before I faded into unconsciousness, feeling a sharp kick at my ribs, my heart and my head bleeding out.

Buffy? Buffy? BUFFY?” I was awoken to a stinging slap on the face. “Come on, Buffy, wake up!” Xander pleaded with me. Outside of my memories I smiled at the old Xander’s selflessness and bravery at being out alone at night guarding me from things ten times stronger.

“I’m up, Xander, where are we?” I swayed, gripped onto Xander’s jacket to stop myself from slipping down.

“Behind the Bronze, what happened? Are you okay? I’ve only just got you back, I can’t lose you again!” He was borderline hysteria, my sweet friend, how I miss you.

“Angel?” I murmured.

“Buffy, Angel’s dead, don’t you remember. You don’t have amnesia do you?” He softly asked scooping me up.

“No! No, Angel was here, in the mansion, I put my ring down, and I was walking away when, when... he came back.” I sobbed into Xander’s neck as he carried me somewhere.

“What happened, Buffster?” Xander sharply asked. “Did he do this to you?”

“H-H-He hates me, Xander, he hates me!” I wail.

“Sh sh sh, you don’t need Dead Boy anyway, come on, let’s get in out of the cold.” He comforts me. I hadn’t noticed where we were going but I recognise it now as Willow’s house. We walk to Willow’s room and he gently sets me on the bed and Willow pulls me into a ‘best friend hug’ and grabs some chocolate ice-cream and puts in a DVD, no questions asked. Xander quietly fills Willow in on what’s happening and they wrap me up in warm blankets not caring about my bedraggled state. We all curled up together that night and Willow set her alarm an hour earlier so she could go out and fetch some of my clothes while Xander made pancakes for the three of us. : FLASHBACK END :

“Abby, stop burning that God awful sage! And turn down the music.” Gibbs grumbled. He was completely ignored as Abby uttered her first ‘aha’ since starting the monstrous task of hacking to IWC. All members ran to the computer that was currently being occupied by McGee and Abby.

“The files are de-crypting themselves!” Abby exclaimed.

“We’re in, Boss.” McGee confirmed.

“And there is a whole folder called Buffy Summers,” Abby noted. “I’m going to try downloading it.” After a few clicks, Tony gasped and pointed.

“Holy crap, that’s over a hundred gigabytes, that’s either billions of photos and text...” McGee started.

“...Or lots and lots of video!” Abby finished, taking an enthusiastic sip of her Caf-Pow.

“I guess we’re working an all-nighter, then.” Tony tried to conceal his excitement to know more about the girl, badly.

“McGee, go tell Buffy to take the rest of today off, we don’t want to be disturbed, who knows how she feels for the company as a whole and we’re breaking the law and her private space.”

Buffy, on some level, was jealous of Dawn. Dawn could do no wrong in Spike’s, or her moms for that matter, eyes, Buffy often wished her relationship with Angel was like that. For Dawn, Saturday nights meant Spike picking her up, at half past seven exactly, even though he was always waiting for at least half an hour for Dawn to finish getting ready as ‘I thought I could do this quicker this time!’ but no matter how long she spent getting perfect Spike always pulled her into a kiss ignoring the grumbles about her lip gloss and told her, ‘you look amazing however you decide to do your hair’. For Buffy, Saturday nights meant going to the Bronze and ordering a Rum and Coke, the same drink every day, before waiting at the bar by the back entrance for a girl to end up going in there for a vamp for what she suspects, a heavy petting session, what he suspects; a blonde bimbo milkshake. For Dawn, Vampires and Demons are to be ignored, apart from in the late night ghost stories Buffy hears when Spike sneaks in at night to check up on her, which Buffy so isn’t listening to because she’s lonely, it helps to know the vampires, and what happens if he pulls a move on Dawn. For Buffy, Vampires and Demons are a way of life, Giles teaches them, Willow spells them and Xander runs from them, but Buffy, she lives them. So really, it wasn’t a surprise when out in a fake stake-out for vampires that aren’t there, Spike confesses he may love Dawn.

“Spike, any vampires that were here must have left at least a month ago, now stop wasting my time, because no matter how much my sister loves you, I will stake you.” I grumble.

“She loves me?” I hear the hopeful note in his voice and my heart breaks all over again, ‘yes, of course she loves you, you dimwit, she loves you with a love that goes through her every bone, a love that I can never have again!’ I feel like yelling, but instead I try and find less distressing words

“Spike, are you in love with my sister?” I murmur in a quiet voice.

“Well, uh, you see now, I might, that only concludes if you, yes.” Spike says hanging his head.

“Thank God, if one of you didn’t say it soon I’d think you’re dating each other for all that candy crap you keep buying her which is going to cost me an arm and a leg in dentist bills.” I lecture.

“Well, see the problem is, uhhh,” Spike stutters.

“You don’t know how to tell her?” I guess. Spike nods his head violently.

“First things first are, you need a fancy dinner somewhere, midnight picnic, fancy restaurant, afternoon stroll in the park...” I add in a teasing note.

“Very funny, Slayer.” He growls at me.

“Then get her jewellery, something expensive, and chocolates, and a pretty dress from some exotic country, and DON’T forget dessert, it is a girl’s best friend. Just do the cliché, Dawn loves the cheesy stuff, and you know her better than anything, what would SHE like, now scram!” I laugh as he starts sweating, causing him to stare menacingly at me.

“Doesn’t work, neutered Big Bad, ahhh, I’m so scared.” I mock him, with Xander’s new nick-name for him. Xander didn’t like it too much when Dawn stopped crushing on him, and started dating Spike.

“But Spike, do remember she’s only fifteen, won’t you?” I plead.

“Wouldn’t dream of forgetting, Slayer, or in fact, only in my dreams.” He gives me a wicked smirk until I punch him straight in the nose.

“Ow! Slayer, watch the nose, how many times do I have to spell it out for you?” He whines at me, reminding me of a five year old after you’ve stolen their lollipops.

The park was a different place at night, the moonlight reflected on the large expanse of water, on the grass beside showing a red and white checkered blanket and a wicker basket which promised lots of tasty treats to whoever opened it, there was a large pile of presents wrapped in silver and gold paper with coloured ribbons, but to Dawn Summers, the most exciting thing there was the leather wrapped vampire waiting nervously for her arrival. Skipping down the hill to the edge of the lake, Spike thought there was not a prettier sight in the four corners of the globe that there was now, in front of him. The teenager was dressed in a skin hugging deep blue dress with sequins lining the one sleeve the dress had and the edge of the material where it ended just above her knee, showing enough to make him crazy, a hundred times more than with the slut dresses Drusilla used to wear, the innocence of the outfit making it all the more appealing to him. She stood awkwardly, uncomfortable under his intense stare, not seeing the beauty in herself that he was so entranced by now.

“Oh, come on, sit down, I brought some cushions so that the ground wouldn’t hurt you ‘cause you’re human, not that being human is bad or anything, I love the way you are, wouldn’t change a thing,” He trails off.

“Everything is wonderful, Spike, and here I was thinking we were just having a normal dinner.” She reassured the vampire, who if he could, would be blushing by now. Leaning over he places a chaste kiss on her lips, smiling at her in adoration. He pulls out some sandwiches and, of course, some buffalo wings and one of those ‘onion flower things’. They fade into a comfortable silence and somewhere between that she crawls over and snuggles into his side, resting her head on his chest.

“So, did you get what you were looking for this week, Spike?” Referring to the short trip he had been on the past few days.

“Of course, nibblet, now, open your presents, I think you’ll like what I got you.” He teased her laughing when she made a grab at the first one. Carefully unwrapping it, after Spike’s warnings she found a beautiful hand-made Venetian Mask, it just covered the eyes and rested on the eyes and supported by a long thin strip of birch on one side. It was gold with intricate patterns and swirls with black glitter framing the eyes and the edge of the mask. “And the best part is that the birch is real wood so you can always have a stake in case anything temporarily incapacitates me.” He boasted, but with a hint of worry in his eyes and if she wasn’t sitting down she would have thought her knees might have given out at the protective growl he sounded. After his urging she opened the next gift, it was a pink hand woven scarf made in India with silver patterning sewed in swirls into the material, she was still giddy when he passed her a final small gift. Opening it she found a new bottle of her favourite mascara, only sold in three shops in the whole of LA, he must have gone there just to get it for her, for some reason, this was the best gift of all, she had only told him about it once but after her final tube ran out two weeks ago and with Buffy avoiding LA like it’s the Black Plague, she couldn’t see herself getting any more in the foreseeable future. While she was lost in her thoughts Spike reached into his duster pocket and pulled out a small skull ring, identical to his own, snapping Dawn out of her love-induced daze he went into the best, heart-felt speech she had ever heard in her life.

“Nibblet, I know we’ve only been dating a few months but in my very long time on my life, I’ve only been sure of one thing, and that’s you, as a human I was weak and ineffectual, writing about things I didn’t know existed, as a vampire I hid behind a crazy woman and took on crazy and possibly suicidal missions, but now I’ve finally found a place to call home, and that’s you Dawn, I love you.” Squealing she launched herself onto him so hard they both tumbled down to the edge of the lake and falling straight in.

After floating to the surface and catching their breath, Spike’s unneeded, they burst out laughing.

“Spike, I love you too, silly.” She got out between giggles. Whooping in victory he captured her mouth in a passionate kiss, accidentally dunking her under as her momentarily forgot he was surrounded by a hundred cubic metres of water and pond weed.

“Oh, you’re going down!” Dawn squealed, splashing him all over his face, her new ring glinting in the moonlight.

Buffy Summers watched as her little sister played with the vampire, not caring she’d be caring for Dawn with a cold for days, but forever storing away the memory of her sister’s childhood.

“Ducky, what does mortuos restituendo mean?” Tony asked.

“My, I believe it means ‘to restore the dead’, I first heard the expression in a case in 1979...” Ducky rambled

“Well, there’s a video posted here, but it’s not a video according to Abby, called mortuos restituendo.” Tony answered bored, so far they had, had a lot of fake information and the video Abby downloaded, not a video, a virus designed to crash the computer from the very centre by overworking the system to cause a fire on the motherboard.

“Well, it’s not, it has no frequency, it has to be another virus.” Abby protests.

“No, I have a good feeling about this one, click on it, that’s what it wants you to think, come on, Abby, be cool.” Tony persists.

“Okay, okay, I’m loading it.” Abby grumbles, not liking the idea at all.


Hi everyone, I've had a lot of bad reviews about OOC and getting a beta reader and my ideas being all over the place so I'm cancelling this story, if anyone wants to take over enail me at and I'll delete this copy, feel free to start from wherever you want, change whatever you want or add whatever you want. Maybe I'll start again in 6 months but with all of the reviews it just doesn't seem worth it and I'll choose a diff, plot line. I want to thank everyone that did give me a good review and say that you really don't know how much this means to me and it's so inspiring. This whole experience has been a real eye-opener and I wish I had the talent to keep it alive, especially since this took 11 hours! Thank you. Goodbye.

BTW I'm making chapters addable by everyone so that if anyone wants to continue this like that or just add one one-shot just do it, doesn't have to be a masterpiece.

The End

You have reached the end of "A New Life". This story is complete.

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