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A New Life

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Summary: Buffy hasn't dated anyone since Angel, and he hates her for sending him to hell, her friends are not who they used to be and she has no one to turn to, she needs to start a new life.

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NCIS > Buffy-CenteredfudgeandkissesFR1537,53223412,2985 Jun 117 Jun 11Yes

Love at first sight...or not!

Diaclaimer- Don't own anything and I'm getting nothing but my sense of accomplishment and enjoyment, but rest assured if I did own it I'd have sold it for bubblegum a LONG time ago. I will notify if the disclaimer changes, PEACE!

Chapter 1

It was a rainy Tuesday when Ziva first saw Buffy Summers, she was dressed in black leather leggings and a black tank top, with her blond/brown hair tied back. Her hair was the most peculiar thing in the world, like she had forgotten to die it, the tail was blond but the rest was a deep brunette. She opened her mouth and wryly said.

"I'm here to apply for a job on Agent Jethro Leroy Gibb's team, is he here?" A sweet melodic voice stated, not at all matching the tough exterior.

"Are you sure?" Ziva replied raising an eye at the other girl’s petite frame and shaggy exterior.

"Quite sure," She replied calmly not taking offense at the obvious insult.

Gibbs walks in and walks up to Ziva, "Who're you talking to that can't wait till after you've finished that report?" He snaps, taking a deep swig from his starbucks coffee.

"Uh, boss, Buffy here is applying for a job on the team." She smirks.

"Well then, Miss Summers," he reads of her nameplate, "I suggest that you apply at the office, and do something about your hair."

"Easy, too much work, and if I get hired then I'll dye my hair, otherwise there's too much work involved and I'll go someplace else." She states as if he was stupid.

"Well, what's a reject cheerleader got to add to my team, then?" He bristles.

"Well, I work for the IWC, I am specifically for hand to hand fighting, supernatural based cults, and bodyguard work." She stated bored already.

"You're already working for this IWC anyway? Won't your boss get mad?" She grabbed a mobile out of her pocket and dials a number.

"Hello, can I speak to Giles please?" She pauses for a minute, "Tell him it's Buffy, thank you!" She says exasperated. "Hey, Giles, I quit, Ripper, sucker!" She hangs up after some incoherent splutters. "Out of reasons yet?” She snaps.

“Yeah, you’re hired, go fill out the necessary forms or whatever and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“What? Gibbs!” Ziva protested in vain.

“If I have severely reduced pay can I start today?” Buffy questioned smiling for the first time since she had come in.

“Sure,” Ziva remarked dryly. “You can help me do my paperwork.”

“On second thoughts I need to get my hair done, unless it’s okay like this ‘cause it’s really boring.” The girl looked up at him hopefully. She was answered by a pointed finger.
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