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Crossing Your Path: Episode Three

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Summary: It's time for another episode of everyones favorite blind date show. I have permission from CorruptedSmile to use her idea in this fic. Happy Birthday Genuka. Slash. Crack!fic.

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Multiple Crossings > Non-BtVS CrossoverscryefourmeFR1544,097036126 Jun 116 Jun 11Yes

Chapter Four: Love Them or Hate Them?

Chapter Four: Love Them or Hate Them?

Deep in the Belgian Woods, Five Weeks Later

“Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the continuation of last time’s episode of Crossing Your Path. Five weeks ago we reintroduced Daniel Jackson to Evan Lorne and Ronon Dex as potential lovers instead of just friends. Today we welcome them back. Let’s give a warm welcome to our guests,” Jo Harvelle announced as the camera zoomed in on her first before going to the forms of the three men who walked over to the couch.

“Gentlemen, how have the last few weeks been?” Jo asked.

Daniel had a slightly dazed look on his face while Evan smiled easily at him and Ronon pulled him closer to his body.

“I have to say that the three of us get along extremely well. We all seem to like pretty much the same things,” Evan answered with a fond look thrown at Daniel and Ronon.

Ronon gave a heated look back to Evan and tucked Daniel under his arm. “Evan’s favorite hobby is to paint us while I’m giving Daniel sparring lessons.”

Daniel lifted his head from Ronon’s chest and, with the same dazed look, said, “We’ve been living on Atlantis, the City of the Ancients. With everything that’s happened to me, I never dreamed that I’d ever get to live there.”

Evan placed his hand on Daniel’s shoulder and the other man turned and buried his face in Evan’s chest instead of Ronon’s. Ronon gave his two men a fond look before smirking.

Jo raised a curious eyebrow. “Is that normal behavior for him?”

“Oh, yes, it’s perfectly fine. It has something to do with living on Atlantis for longer than a couple of days. Since he was once an Ascended, he feels the city differently than those of us who are normal or just have the ATA gene. He snuggles Ronon then, because I have the ATA gene and it reacts to Daniel. It’s almost like it sings to him,” Evan answered, rubbing Daniel’s head.

Daniel let out an almost pornographic groan at the touch.

Ronon’s hand gripped the couch arm at the sound. Taking a deep breath, he said, “Daniel has this sweet grin when he walks around Atlantis. I think he has found more new labs in the last five weeks than the whole Expedition did in five years.”

“So basically we’ve taken the time to get to know each other; to find out what each person likes and dislikes. Ronon and I have found that Daniel has never been the type of person to fling himself into those one-night relationships and the lasting ones he did have were dropped on him. Kinda like us.”

Evan smirked at Ronon and in response Ronon rolled his eyes.

“Meaning what exactly?” Jo pressed on, a slightly worried look on her face.

“Meaning that we’re taking things slow. Each of us has grown up with different cultures. Daniel was raised in Egypt until he was eight, Ronon is Satedan, and while I’m a born and bred San Francisco boy, I like the slow pace,” Evan replied, rubbing his hand over Daniel’s head again.

Once again the near-pornographic groan caused Ronon to grip the couch. Biting his lip, he frowned lovingly at the man in Evan’s arms. “Doing things this way makes it very, very hard to stick to my morals,” he added as he rolled Daniel from Evan’s chest to his own. He bent he head to the dark-haired man and whispered, “Please, not here and not now. We still have time.”

Daniel looked up, blue eyes meeting green, and he cleared his throat. Sitting up, he dazedly looked around the place. “I did it again, didn’t I?” Daniel asked, pouting a bit. The other two just nodded. “Damn, I hate it when I react to the ATA gene.”

“Carson and Jennifer both said that you’ll stop reacting soon,” Evan replied. He looked at his watch and smiled. “Very soon.”

A predatory look came over Ronon’s face. Smiling, he asked, “Are we done yet?”

Jo looked at the three men closely, noting the sexual frustration trapped in their bodies. “You haven’t had sex yet, have you?” she asked accusingly.

All three men looked at her innocently, small smiles blooming on each of their faces.

Shocked, she said, “This is a first in the history of the show. A couple—or trio in this case—not yet having found out, if they are sexually matched.”

“Oh, there isn’t going to be a problem on that front. Sex is all about trust and we’ve spent the last five weeks building that trust. Sharing life stories, embarrassing moments, finding out what each person likes and dislikes. Once we had done that, we found that bringing up our sexual history was easy. We could tell each other just what we have done in the past. That’s how we found out that Ronon likes certain things and because I have never experienced them, I thought they sound enticing. Evan also likes other things that I don’t know, if I’ll like. I’ve done those things before and I didn’t like them, but I also didn’t trust my partner like I trust Evan and Ronon,” Daniel replied with a sensual smile. “It’ll be fun.”

Evan looked at his watch again. Smirking, he nodded at the other two. All three men stood and in the glow of Asgard beaming technology, the three men disappeared.

Jo looked perturbed. “I guess this concludes this episode of Crossing your Path. I am your host Jo Harvelle and I hope you have a good night.”

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Crossing Your Path: Episode Three". This story is complete.

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