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Cosmic Cousins

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Summary: The Gang gets some help from the FBI.

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Television > X-Files, TheIlliandyandraFR13531,185175,73020 Jan 0317 Mar 03Yes




Subject: Pix and News…plus a few invites.
Date: May 1, 1999

Hey we’ve enclosed tons of pix from the school year. The dark haired girl in a few of them is Faith, Kendra’s replacement. I still can’t believe that Kendra’s dead. She was such a good slayer. Well this is supposed to be to invite you to graduation but the mayor’s got plans to ascend to demonhood that day so appear at your own peril. Alyson and I are Val and Sal respectively. So we may have to do speeches. But those aren’t really top priority. Saving the world is yet again. Xander and Cole got into UCLA, as did Aly and I. Angel is moving to LA too and he’s looking for something big enough for all five of us. He and Buffy (Betty to you Will, you never have called her by her name.) finally stopped trying to make the whole thing work. Angel’s much happier now. Xander and Cole are taking bets on how long Buffy can resist Faith’s charms. Don’t tell anyone but Aly and I think she has already succumbed. Well we’ll see you soon. If not you then the very expensive graduation gifts you are sending all of us. (That’s from Cordy though seconded by Xander and Cole.) Dad says hello, and that he’ll have Will and Scully’s room ready and the guys can bunk in the training room. But if you come…come armed. Cause did we mention the demon ascension thing.
We love you guys. Hoping to see you soon.
Alyson and Willow

P.S. Langley, Our kung fu is the Best!!!!
P.P.S Giles and Jenny are getting Married the day after that. They danced at your Wedding, Will, its only fair that you dance at theirs.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Cosmic Cousins". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking