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Cosmic Cousins

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Summary: The Gang gets some help from the FBI.

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Television > X-Files, TheIlliandyandraFR13531,185175,73020 Jan 0317 Mar 03Yes

Cosmic Cousins

Cosmic Cousins


Romantic = Willow/Xander; Mulder/Scully; Giles/Jenny; Angel/Buffy (Sort of)
Friendship = Willow/Angel

Three Differences between Buffyverse and the AU of this Story.

1. Angel’s soul is made permanent, by Willow, before the release of Angelus.
2. Willow is already getting pretty accomplished in witchcraft and Wicca.
3. The gang has already had several run-ins with Ethan Rayne.

Disclaimer: I do not own Mulder or Scully or any other character from the X- Files and am writing this for fun only. They belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox. I am using them without permission. The Characters from Buffy The Vampire Slayer Also do not belong to me but to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN.

Chapter 1

J. Edgar Hoover Building
Washington D.C.
June 26, 1998; Tuesday
9:37 AM EST

“Hey Scully, remember me telling you about my little cousin in California?” Special Agent Fox Mulder asks his partner.
“The one you say reminds you of me?” Special Agent Dana Scully M.D. replies.
“Yeah…I just got an e-mail from her. Seems that her home town just got a new sheriff, your friend with the bucked teeth.” He tells her a little snidely.
“Mulder his teeth weren’t bucked. And why is she writing you about this?” Scully inquires.
“Well she happened to over hear Sheriff Bucky and a male she describes as ‘a tubby wanna be important, thinks he’s a vamp.’ After which she winks at me. Which knowing Low means she thinks he’s off his rocker. That sounds like Ronnie Strickland to me. But she did not appreciate what they had to say about me and- now I’m just quoting here ‘your’ that would be my- ‘Scully’. She says I should tell my boss that it is vitally important that we apprehend this criminal who got away from us and then bring you to come meet her. Oh and Xander says that he seconds Low’s emotion…that is one weird boy.
So what do you say Scully wanna meet the only family member I get along with…not to mention the future you?”
“I take it you want to go?” She asks.
“ Yeah I do. I mean I really want Low to meet you, I think you two would hit it off. And I wouldn’t mind getting proof that those were vampires. I mean even I didn’t believe in vampires. Plus I haven’t gotten a chance to see Low and Xander since well I saw them a few years ago when I was in LA on that case while you were gone.” Mulder’s voice got very quiet remembering the pain of that time.
“Okay we’ll go. But you have to get the okay from Skinner.”

Sunnydale High Library
Sunnydale, CA
June 26,1998; Tuesday
10:24 AM PST

As soon as Alexander Harris entered the library, a red haired female ball of energy and excitement met the dark haired boy. “ Xander, Will is coming and he’s bringing Scully!!!!!! They will be here by Friday!”
“Hunt’s coming…Cool. They staying at Casa de Rosenburg?” At the nod from his best friend, he added, “got room for one more?”
“Xander there is always room for you. Though you’ll have to take Aunt Diana’s old room. Don’t want Will to find her journal and see all the nasty things she had to say…she was one mean old lady.”
“Umm…Wills why are you talking about yourself in the third person?” Asked a petite blonde as she joined the duo talking on the table.
“Buffy, I’m not. My cousin is coming to visit. I call him Will, and he calls me Low. He’s a FBI agent. The one the new vamps in town were talking about the other night. He and his partner handle all the weird cases in the Bureau. And they had a run in with this set of vampires before. Luckily he spilled some sunflower seeds and the vamp was obsessive-compulsive. He says it was on purpose but … you know what’s funny it will be like having two Xanders here.”
“Oh great.” Buffy rejoined sarcastically.
“ Hey you’ll like Hunt. He’s cool. But don’t mention his sister or he’ll turn into Deadboy.” Xander quipped solemnly.
“ Huh? And why do you call him Hunt, I thought his name was Will?”
“His name is Fox William… but he hates his first name, so I call him Will, like me. I’m the only of his relatives that he likes and vice versa so I use his middle name…sort of. And Xander calls him Hunt, like a fox hunt. Cause he went to Oxford. Hey he and Giles should get along great. This will be the coolest. I need to see when they are coming…I need to make sure that they get here before dark.”
“Okay and why does he get broody if you mention his sister? What’s she like?” Buffy asked, still perplexed.
“ I don’t know what she’s like she was abducted when they were little, before I was born. Will was babysitting her and he still blames himself. He thinks he should have protected her. But he was a little boy himself and it wasn’t a normal abduction.” Willow refused to elaborate, and sent Xander a look, which warned him not to either.
“Come on Xander we need to get your stuff and clean up the House. Buffy if Giles needs us we’ll be at my house.” Willow pulled Xander out of the library leaving the slayer alone.

Rosenburg Residence
Sunnydale, CA
June 29, 1998 Friday
4:15 PM PST

“Nice normal looking town to have so many cemeteries.” Scully said to her partner as they approached the front door of the modestly large Rosenburg home.
Suddenly the door flew open and a small bundle of red hair flung herself into Mulder’s arms. “WILL!!!”
“LOW!!!” Mulder yelled back hugging the teenager fiercely.
“ HUNT!!!!” Xander yelled as he raced out. He stopped himself from hugging the older man then hugged him anyway.
Willow managed to squeeze herself from between the two brunet males and headed over to Scully, who, to her surprise, also got a hug. And you must be Scully, I’ve heard so much about you and Will was right you are drop dead gorgeous though that is not a good way to put it in this town. But you are so pretty and your hair wow. I’ve never met any one with my color before. Do people always ask you where you found that color too…like it’s impossible for it to be this color naturally? Are you really as good a pathologist as Will says you are its hard to tell when he was exaggerating about you…I mean no one can possibly be that smart…though you are as pretty as he said you would be. So you probably are as smart. I’m sorry I seem to be babbling and I just can’t stop. Xander Help!!!” she finally got quiet when Xander clasped a hand over her running mouth.
“Hello I’m Xander and the babbler under my hand is Willow. You‘ll have to excuse her she babbled when she gets nervous. You make her nervous. OUCH! Stop biting me. I just meant that Scully makes you nervous cause you’ve wanted to meet her for so long and you both like the same things…lil miss hacker whose got the coroner’ office book marked. And I really shouldn’t have said that considering that those two are federal agents. Yeah I’m shutting up now.” Xander quieted.
Willow took charge, pointing people into their respective rooms. “Scully you can have my parents room. Will, you can have Xander’s room.” Scully raised an eyebrow at this to which Mulder sent her his ‘I’ll explain later’ look. “And Xander is Aunt Diana’s old room.” Again the Agents exchanged meaningful glances. This time Xander caught both looks.
“Hey Wills they do the silent communication thing too. I always thought it was just us. Hunt don’t worry you don’t have to explain. I can. Scully the reason I pretty much have an assigned room here when I live just up the block is that well between the two of us we have the world’s suckiest parents. Add in Hunt’s folks and you are looking at what should be the three most dysfunctional people walking. Instead you have two damn near geniuses and the most handsome and debonair white male to ever walk the earth.”
But despite his words Xander’s eyes still looked sad. Willow and Scully simultaneously reached out and squeezed his hand reassuringly. The light returned to his eyes as he smiled a goofy smile the looked at Mulder. Xander started to say something but closed up at a look from the older man. Scully shook her head at the silent interchange, amazed at how much the boy reminded her of her remarkable partner. Willow asked everyone to meet in the living room once they got settled. Scully had to ask. Her curiosity was too great. “Are you sure your parents won’t mind having me stay in their room? What if they come home early?”
Willow and Xander both laughed bitterly. “Scully, my parents haven’t been home in over three months. If I want to talk to them I have to leave a message with their service. In the last eighteen months Sheila and Ira have been in Sunnydale for three days tops.”
“That’s being generous there Wills.” Xander remanded.
“ I doubt they will ever even know. And if they do come home they will leave their laundry, pick up new clothes and be out the door again in less than six hours. I think its pretty safe.” Willow’s voice held very little bitterness showing that she was quite used to this type of treatment from her parents. That caused Scully’s heart to ache even more for the resilient teen. Willow turned to her older cousin. “Will, I mean it. Come to the living room as soon as you get settled. Do not go running. There are some things you need to know about this town before you go out at night. And I know how you are.” With that Willow and Xander left them to get settled.

Rosenburg Residence
Sunnydale, CA
June 29, 1998 Friday
5:15 PM PST

“I’m gonna have to ask that you both keep an open mind. I’m sure that when you tangled with the Sheriff and his caravan you notice that they were very un-normal.” Willow began only to be interrupted by Mulder.
“They are vampires.” Mulder said cockily.
“You know. Good. If you know that they are Vampires then you know that there are vampires. That makes the next part of my lil speech a lot easier, which is good cause I hate making speeches. Okay any way.” Again Willow was interrupted, this time by Scully.
“What do you mean there are vampires? Vampires are a myth. That’s all. There is no based in fact. Granted it is a long lived myth but a myth just the same.”
“Sorry to burst your bubble Scully but Vampires are very real. I know we’ve been fighting them for over a year. And need I mention that the Earth being round, or that it revolved around the sun was a myth at one time as were germs and microorganisms.” Willow launched into the scientific battled very well prepared.
Xander went and sat beside Mulder and together they watched the two redheads debate the existence of vampires and other things that go bump in the night. Soon both women were flushed and throwing scientific lingo back ad forth with amazing speed and alacrity. Xander turned to Mulder at the same moment as Mulder turned to him. And simultaneously the two men said “is she hot when she gets all scientific or what?” Both males said this proudly. Mulder looked at Xander for a moment, jealously and over protectiveness waging a silent but visible war across his unschooled features. ~ Was the teen talking about HIS Scully or HIS cousin. Well he’d better be talking about Willow cause I’m the only one who can look at Scully like that ~ Mulder looked back at Xander and made note of the fact that the boy’s eyes were fixed firmly on Willow. ~Can’t get too mad about that, I know he’ll treat her like gold, she’s his best friend. You know they really are what Scully and I would have been like had we grown up with each other.~
Finally The argument ended, and Willow had managed to do something that Mulder had been unable to do in six years, made Scully admit that science did not know it all and that there are things out there that science is afraid to examine. Willow and Xander armed the two agents with the ‘Sunnydale Nighttime Special’. Then they headed to the library. In the car on the way there Willow explained Angel, and his relationship to the group. She was in fact counting on the dark vampire to be the final blow to Scully’s skepticism.

Sunnydale High Library
Sunnydale, CA
June 29,1998 Friday
6:32 PM PST

Willow led the group into the library, and introduced Mulder and Scully to her friends. Giles and Mulder found out that they had several Oxford acquaintances in common and had in fact both dated Phoebe Green. Scully’s reaction to the woman’s name sparked a round of teasing from Willow. Which ended when Xander reminded the short red head that she had a fifteen year old vendetta against the much hated Ms. Green herself.
Before Willow could retort Angel silently entered the library. Willow, without turning, called the vampire forward to meet her cousin and his partner. Mulder gaped at his young cousin, “how did you know he was there? I didn’t hear him come in.”
“Well you know how I told you about how the gypsies gave him back his soul well we found out that the soul restoration had a big loop hole in it. So I did a spell to make it permanent, the spell bonded us and now we have this freaky connection. Like I can tell when he gets all broody and he can tell when I get in trouble.”
“ I can also tell when you are hopped up and thanks to you, little one, I got no sleep today. If some vamp gets the jump on me and I get dusted it will be all your fault.” Angel said teasingly, He smiled at the young girl who had replaced the hole left in his unlife by the death of his little sisters.
Mulder walked over to the 240-year-old vampire and looked him in the eye, silently sizing him up. Trying to figure out whether Low was safe being bound to him. Every woman in the room simply stared at the two similar, devastatingly handsome men size each other up. The silence that had settled over the room was broken by Xander’s own brand of sardonic humor. ”So Angel I guess one of your family got away and ended up having kids cause I’m telling you from where I’m standing Hunt looks like he’s from your family tree.” At the weird looks from the rest of the gang Xander got defensive, “ you can’t tell me I’m the only who notices how much they look alike. Look at them!”
“Yeah we’re looking.” Buffy said appreciatively. “The question is have you looked in the mirror cause you look just like them too. At least Will’s eyes are hazel not chocolate brown like yours and Angels.” When she noticed the belligerent looks she got back from Willow and Scully, she added, “What I’m a teenage girl, and they are all gorgeous I’m just looking…I’m quite happy with my Angel.” She finished hotly, very embarrassed.
Unfortunately Willow and Scully realized they had been caught being jealous in a circumstance in which they had no real right to be. Both red heads blushed heavily. The flush started at their hairlines and disappeared into their necklines.
Scully caught Mulder’s eye, communicating her desire to examine Angel more closely. “Agent Scully would like to examine you…Angel. Man and I thought Fox was bad. Anyway she is a very good doctor-“
Angel cut him off with a raised eyebrow very similar to one of Scully’s, “She’s a pathologist?” at the nods of Willow and Mulder, Angel chuckled, “well then she is the perfect doctor for me”
Angel hopped up onto the table after throwing Giles an apologetic smile. “ Please take off your coat?” Scully asked efficiently. Angel did as asked and Scully began her examination. Angel even allowed Scully to draw blood for her own examination into the origins of vampirism. Though he did explain that the blood she drew was not his but that of the donor who gave tainted blood at the Red Cross. “So you consume human blood?” Scully asked in a very professional tone of voice…like she asked the question numerous times, as she examined numerous vampires.
“Yes but only that discarded by blood banks I haven’t fed directly from a human in over eighty years.” Angel answered clearly. “Willow told me that I would probably have to show my game face for you to believe us, may I ask what has convinced you so quickly?”
“Well aside from the fact that you do not breath nor do you have a heartbeat. There is the fact that your skin is cool to the touch and you have a body temperature of around 65 degrees. Two things convinced me as to your true nature I suppose we should call it. One was Low’s---Willow’s arguments from earlier, and second was the fact that with a temperature of 102 in the shade out there you walked in wearing a full length black leather duster, and all black clothing while looking as cool and unfazed as a cucumber.” Scully finished her oration with a quirky grin. However if you would like to let Mulder and I see your ‘game face” please feel free.”
Scully gasped quietly as Angel slipped into his demon face. Mulder came to stand besides her, looking intently at the vampire. Amazed at how quickly the man had gone from handsome to fearsome, Mulder glanced around the room Xander and Willow were completely at ease. While Giles and Buffy both seemed very tense. He noted that his cousin and her best friend trusted the vampire more than his supposed girlfriend did. He gave Scully a loaded look and realized that she had noted the same thing.
He turned to the older man and the blonde girl. “Can I ask you a few questions? I’ve noticed that Xander and Low are much more relaxed around Angel than you and Betty are, why is that?”
“Umm-one it is Buffy, and two I’m the slayer…the one girl in all the world destined to kill vampires and keep the darkness at bay. Giles is my watcher, he trains me and helps me research. He figures out how to kill whatever it is that needs killing.”
Scully broke in here amazed at the sheer stupidity of what she just heard. “Wait a minute you are trying to tell me that you-the slayer- are dating Angel- a vampire- the very thing you are supposed to slay. Does that not seem very unnatural to anyone else.” She noted that Xander Giles, Willow, and even Angel seemed to agree with her. Yet the Slayer herself seemed oblivious to the wisdom of the words.” Does your very nature not scream out to destroy each other? How can that possibly lead to anything other than heartache?”
Buffy flounced over to a chair, angry that no one was supporting her in this not even Angel. Giles smiled over at the petite agent, marveling at how much she reminded him of his young charge. “ Believe me when I say that we have all asked that question, though none as vocally as Xander.”
“Whoa! Xander showed insight when did that happen?” Mulder said under his breath. When Angel chuckled he smiled realizing that he had been heard.
Xander looked over at the two so very similar men, and figured out that the joke had been at his own expense. “Hey I heard that. Hunt stop making Angel laugh that is truly disturbing. Deadboy laughing is one of the signs of a Sunnydale apocalypse.”
“ Yeah there’s that, then Giles tossing his tweed, once Buffy stops making pop culture references, and I get an actual boy interested in me then the whole world is over.” Willow quipped.
Xander stood, as did Angel. They both advanced on the younger redhead. When Mulder moved to help his cousin, Scully held him back. Scully could tell from the looks on the faces of the two men that they had warned to redhead about talking down about herself and that this was a long standing tradition amongst the friends. Willow’s head was bouncing back and forth between her two friends, Knowing that she was going to be punished for her self-deprecating remark. She started laughing before Angel and Xander even reached her. Suddenly just as they reached out to tickle her, Willow disappeared from between them, appearing behind Scully. Angel stopped himself just short of Xander’s sides. The teen, however, did not have the vampire’s reflexes and became privy to Angel’s biggest secret Angelus Conner McGuire is ticklish.
Giles stepped in before comment could be made. “Willow you are a beautiful young woman. The day you realize that and stop comparing yourself to others, you’ll understand what Xander, Angel And I have been trying to tell you forever. Now to the matter at hand, Mr. Mulder, you and Dr. Scully were extremely lucky. The family of vampires we are looking at is extremely old. Their primogenitor, the sheriff is so old that he can go into the sunlight for short periods of time. From your notes on the case it would seem that Mr. Strickland is also very old. My research leads me to believe that these two are direct descendants of the original vampyre demons left in this dimension, if not two of the originals themselves.”
“Wait a minute, how did you get our case notes?” Mulder and Scully asked simultaneously. Suddenly wary of the people in the library, they looked at each other and missed Giles censuring glare at Willow.
“Will, Scully please don’t be mad at me. But I kinda hacked into the bureau’s mainframe and accessed your case files. But I only read the ones concerning vampires. Just this one and the Trinity case from when Scully was gone…that’s it. I promise never to do it again unless it is absolutely necessary.” Willow said in sincere apology. “We just needed more information, the whole story, so that we could research them. Until I did that we couldn’t find any real trace of them… Why are you looking at me like that? Will say something. You are starting to scare me. Please don’t be too mad.”
“Low, I’m not mad…exactly. In fact I’m shocked. You hacked into the FBI mainframe and into what-Skinner’s files—“
“No yours. I figured that you’d be more likely to forgive me than your boss would be.” Willow said sheepishly.
Mulder’s voice got a little louder. “Low, you broke into the X-files office computer and read two—“
“Downloaded.” Willow added quietly.
“Downloaded two complete case file without detection.” Mulder’s jaw dropped. He pulled out his cell phone and made a call. “Frohicke turn off all the recorders. All of them. Okay did someone get into the X-files computer and you guys not call me?” while he listened he placed his hand over the mouthpiece and asked Willow for her handle.
“Lilredwitch.” She answered back quietly.
“I don’t care what you guys say. I’m standing here talking to the hacker and she’s been in there. Ever hear of a hacker called Lilredwitch?” Mulder asked smugly.

Lone Gunmen’s Lair
Arlington, VA
June 29,1998
11:45 PM EST

“Lilredwitch- she’s some hotshot techno-pagan hacker. We figure she’s out of Canada or England- is that where you are or did she come stateside?” Frohicke asked, after putting Mulder on speakerphone.
Langly interjected his own thoughts now. “She’s a goddess. No one knows exactly where she is from cause she bounces her signal so well. She has hacked into some of the most secure systems in the world and never been detected by the monitors on those systems. The only reason we know she exist is because she’s a subscriber to the E-zine. She hacked us, that is cool man. You saying she is there…with you? Man, tell her I love her man. Ask her if she’d ever marry a guy she’s never seen but who will adore her until the end of time!!!”
Mulder’s voice came out in a protective growl, “Langly, I will tell her no such thing. She is only 16 years old. And beyond that I will ask you to keep my little cousin out of you dirty mind.”
Byers spoke now, hoping to diffuse the situation before Langly said anything to make it worse. Mulder was extremely protective of those he loves, and Lilredwitch seems to fit into that category. “ Mulder, you said she hacked into the X-files and back out without setting off our alarms. Not only that but she subsequently confessed to you. Not only that but you and she are related. Is this all on the up and up?”
“Yes she is perfectly safe and trustworthy. I’ve known her and Xander since swaddling. She is dealing with some very heavy stuff here and needed some of the information from a file. She should have asked first but I’m not angry with her.” Mulder said calmly though all three understood that he had added the last part for his cousin’s benefit.
Byers voice held a note of awe and trepidation when he spoke next. “May we meet her?”
“If you want to meet her you’d have to come out here. Sunnydale, California. She says that she would love to meet the Lone Gunmen. If you do come, get here well before sunset. I’m not joking guys. Get here before during the day. I know I’ve said it twice and I’m saying it again. Get here before dark…or even dusk. Trust me on this one, and don’t get here after dark. When you get here head to the high school library. We’ll either be here or someone here will be able to find us.” Mulder’s voice rang with sincerity.
“Ummm- Mulder, its June, the high school library is gonna be closed.” Langly said cautiously. He’d been quiet since he got yelled at for lusting after Lilredwitch. ~How was I supposed to know she was Mulder’s 16 year old cousin~ He thought humorlessly.
“Just follow my instructions. And Langly you’ll have to leave the hero worship at home. Low is very shy and she has a best friend Xander. She is his Scully. He’ll go a little nutty.” Mulder warned.
“Oh so basically he’s so in love with her he can’t see straight but is too scared to tell her.” Frohicke said smugly. “Yet every other male that looks her way is in mortal danger from him.”
“Yeah basically. Gotta run guys I just wanted to brag that my little cousin can out hack you guys. And let you know that you might want to beef up the X-files security. I’ll give her my password so she won’t have to hack it again.” Mulder hung up with a chuckle.
The gunmen made improvements to the security system that had added to the X-files computers. Then made arrangements to join their friends in California.

Sunnydale High Library
Sunnydale, CA
June 29, 1998
9:10 PM PST

After Mulder finished his call, the group still had some time to kill before patrol. Giles and Mulder went off to discuss their shared past and interests. Scully and Willow migrated to the computer for a more in depth discussion of Willow’s theories which melded science, parapsychology, and demonology.
Xander, Angel and Buffy trained together. When Jenny joined the group in the library, she was introduced to the new guys, then she and Willow went over a few spells and Xander showed Scully how to carve stakes.
“So what’s up with you and Hunt?” Xander asked Scully, his voice filled with false casualness.
“Same thing that’s up with you and Willow.” Scully replied in the same tone of voice.
“Oh so basically he’s in love with you, but won’t tell you cause he feels you deserve better. Yet every time you have a chance at better he does his best to ruin it, hating himself all the while. Then to top it off he is constantly sending you signals that scream platonic love.” Xander quips with brutal honesty.
“No its more that he likes the leggy, busty and brunette, or ditzy, busty and blonde, not smart, short and red headed. Therefore I keep a serious lock on my feelings for him. Every now and then I say I’m going to tell him, and then I’m brutally reminded that all he feels for me is platonic love.” Scully rejoined with little mirth.
“In the words of Angel’s most annoying childe, ‘we are love’s bitch.” Xander chuckled as he and Scully toasted stakes. He then proceeded to tell her all about Angelus’ childre, as well as his improving relationship with the dark vampire. He even conceded that the relationship was improving because he had finally admitted his feelings for Willow…at least to himself.

The group left on patrol and separated into two groups. Each group would take two cemeteries and then were to meet up in the park. Each carried a list from the ME’s office of possible rising vampires. Scully, Willow, Xander and Mulder headed in one direction. While Angel, Buffy, Giles, and Jenny headed in the other.
Willow and Mulder’s group proved to be a cohesive unit. Scully showed herself to be as good with a crossbow as she was with her sig. Mulder developed his own ploy for dusting vamps. He called it ‘the old fake and stake’. He would engage the vamp in hand to hand combat, pretend to be inept, the stake them quick, or maneuver them for Scully to get a clear shot. Xander and Willow worked together completely, seeming to know instinctively where the other was and what they were doing. By the time they headed to meet the others they had dusted a baker’s dozen of fledglings and minions.
Mulder and Xander were walking behind the talking redheads when Mulder got curious. “When did you learn hand to hand? That form you used looked almost military.”
“Well last Halloween, a warlock turned us into our costumes. Hey you may know him he went to Oxford with Giles, Ethan Rayne.” At a look of shock from Mulder he smirked, “yeah him. Well fortunately I was dressed as a Special Ops Lieutenant. Buffy, dressed as a Scarlet O’Hara type. She was worthless. Any way his memories and training have come in very handy. Plus I’ve got some extra strength from that time I spent possessed by a hyena spirit, but I don’t like to remember that time. In fact as far as everyone, but Giles and now you, know I remember nothing from that week.” Xander gave Mulder a perfect ‘please keep my secret’ puppy dogface
“Don’t worry I’ll keep your secret. But save that puppy dog for some one who doesn’t use one whenever he has to.” Mulder chuckled.

Chapter 2

When the two groups met up in the park Xander looked at the manner in which they had divided themselves. “You know I’m thinking we got gypped in the strength,” He said to Mulder in a stage whisper. “ I mean they had the vampire- super human strength, the slayer-super human strength. Then they even had the watcher, or the slayer trainer which means above average human strength. Yep you guys gypped us in the strength department.” Xander teasingly complained.
“Yeah well think about how we feel, you got both the photographic memories, and the doctor. Not to mention the military tactician trapped in your disorganized mind.” Buffy returned. “At least we both had witches.”
“Actually, Buffy, they have the stronger magic user. Even with Giles and I combined we are not as strong in the craft as Willow. Looking at the binding spell she did it should have taken an entire tribe but she managed it with only a little help from Oz and Cordelia. Two people with no supernatural gifts.” Jenny’s voice held a strong note of teasing. The gypsy loved bragging on her student, especially to her cousin, and his partner.
Mulder laughed and pulled his little cousin into a headlock mussing her thick red hair. “Not only is my little cousin one of the world’s top hackers, but she is also an accomplished witch. Not only that but she made my Scully believe in vampires and demons. Is it any wonder that she is the only family member that I still talk to?” Willow began wrestling with Mulder trying to get her head back.
“Your Scully?” Scully asked with a raised eyebrow. “ And let Willow alone before she turns you into a frog. Scully admonished.
“Ack.” Willow yelped and stopped struggling.
Mulder pulled her into a hug. And looked at Scully strangely. “Now you’ve done it.”
“ Frogs are icky and yuck and creepy and why did she have to go and mention frogs. Never mention Frogs ever again.” Then as and afterthought, willow added “ or c-l-o-w-n-s.” she spelled out in a whisper.
Scully chuckled obviously amused. “ You’ll fight vampires and malevolent demons. You’ve faced several apocalypses but I can’t mention frogs or clowns?”
Suddenly Mulder’s arms were emptied, as Xander grabbed and hugged Willow. “Where is the clown? Keep that buggy icky clown away from me. I hate clowns…and mimes too; just silent, creepier clowns. UGH! Don’t even mention clowns.” Scully found this amazingly funny. Mulder did also yet found himself unable to laugh. His entire body was focused on watching Scully laugh. It was a beautiful sight, and one he saw far too little of. Her head was thrown back in laughter. Her eyes were alight in amusement. Mulder’s jaw was slack as he took in her beauty. Xander noticed and showed Willow. They soon joined Scully in laughter, though their source of amusement differed.
Xander looked At Willow and then back at Mulder and Scully. Willow nodded imperceptibly. She then smiled up at him though her brow was furrowed in thought. Xander caught her chin and tilted her head back forcing her to look at him, he smiled goofily at her. She nodded firmly and her resolve face slid into place.
Angel had noticed the silent interchange and quite used to seeing them between Willow and Xander almost dismissed it completely until he noticed who their interchange seemed to center around. He opened the link fully, something he rarely did and asked the training witch, ~What are you and Xander up to?~
Willow and Xander crossed to the vampire as Buffy, Giles and Jenny went to talk to Mulder and Scully. They wanted to know the FBI agents’ thoughts on the night’s patrol. Willow smiled devilishly at Angel. “We just decided to help Will get his Scully. He deserves some happiness. And anyone can see that they are in love with each other. I don’t know why they can’t see it.”
“If that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black.” Angel said under his breath. Smiling innocently at Willow when she asked what he had said. “Nothing.” Fortunately he was saved from further comment by the approach of a vampire. Angel moved between the approaching vampire and his friends. Looking at the Silver Star the advancing vampire wore, Angel smirked. “Sheriff Hartwell, how are you tonight? Are you enjoying our little town? Are you planning on leaving it…soon?”
“Funny, I would have thought the hellmouth would be able to use all the law and order it could get. But then I did not realize that the slayer had a pet vampire to share the workload with.” Sheriff Hartwell rejoined with seemingly uncharacteristic sarcasm.
Angel growled at the older vampire.
Willow and Xander moved from behind the souled vampire as Buffy joined the trio. “Which of you girls is the slayer? You are so oft together that I find myself unable to tell which of you the sensation is coming from.
Buffy stepped forward, hostility rolling off her in waves. “That would be me.”
Hartwell’s surprise was evident. I was almost sure that it was the redhead. She has that innocent, ethereal beauty slayers are infamous for.”
Another menacing growl ripped through the night. Everyone looked at Angel only to find that the object of their stares was smiling at Xander. One look at the teen showed clearly that it was he who issued forth the last growled warning.
Hoping to diffuse the building tension, Mulder stepped out of the shadows and smiled. “See Scully I told you he has and overbite.” Scully joined the cluster of friends, raising an eyebrow at her partner.
“Agents Mulder and Scully.” Hartwell tipped his hat at the FBI agents. “You didn’t have to come all the way out here. We’ve finally managed to get Ronnie out of that Bela Lagosi stage. May I ask how you found us?”
“One of my sources over heard you and Mr. Strickland discussing how you got away – and notified us. Now a question of my own. Why is Ronnie not dust?” Mulder’s voice conveyed supreme dislike of the bumbling Sheriff.
“Quite simply, you missed his heart. So when the ME pulled out the chair leg—“ Sheriff Hartwell left the rest unsaid. “ I’m quite happy that you were not assigned that autopsy, Agent Scully.” Though Sheriff Hartwell sounded genuinely happy about Scully’s safety, Willow and Scully found it necessary to physically restrain Mulder.
“Interesting Sheriff. You have managed to antagonize three of the four males here and come very close to insulting the slayer, yet I seem to remember you being much more charming and helpful when we last met.”
“ Sorry to disappoint but that gentle idiot façade is rather taxing to maintain. I assumed that you’d figure out that it was a falsehood and would appreciate the truth.” Sheriff Hartwell said amicably.
“Yes, I’m quite sure that one does not reach your advanced age without being very intelligent. I’m not presuming that Sheriff Hartwell is an assumed identity, may I inquire as to your true identity.” Giles asked with curiosity.
“You may call me Cain, I have been know by that name for several lifetimes. Understand that my people no longer hunt humans, and as such we are not your enemies. We no longer bring anyone across. We simply want to exist. We have jobs and homes, and satisfy our needs in a civilized manner. So really I suggest a live and let live approach. You don’t hunt my family and I won’t allow them to interfere in your activities.” Sheriff Hartwell spoke primarily to Giles.
“I’m sorry but Ronnie Strickland is still a wanted criminal. Be he a vampire with delusions or a human with delusions. He still killed several people. He cannot be allowed to escape justice.” Scully said looking intensely at the Sheriff. “ I’m sure that you can appreciate that SHERIFF.” She stressed the vampire’s legal title.
“ Agent Scully your legal system is neither equipped to handle nor ready to learn to handle a special individual like Ronnie. Scientists would want to study him. Religious zealots would want to persecute him. Allowing broad base knowledge of vampires could harm not only my family but all vampires, as well as benevolent demons and witches.” Hartwell spoke passionately. “Even the slayer would be open to persecution.”
“Alright…I think we need to move this conversation to the library. While our friend here is old and decrepit he is nowhere near as old as you and as such is still solar ray sensitive.” Xander spoke brashly. The members of the Scooby gang had to hide their shock. They were all surprised that Xander was being so solicitous of Angel much less referring to him as a friend.
“I shall have to join you there later. I still have to finish my rounds,” Sheriff Hartwell said. “ I shall meet you at the high school library-“ at the short nod from Giles he continued, “ in an hour.” He tipped his hat and left.
As soon as he was out of range of even vampiric hearing Xander began. I’ve never met a normal vamp that was creepier than the Master… not even Drucilla. But him, he’s creepier than the Master and Dru combined.”
“Damn that’s pretty dag on creepy.” Buffy said chuckling.
“Yeah and what was up with that ‘Call me Cain’ crap. Next thing he’s gonna tell us that he was turned by Lillith.” Xander had the entire group laughing by the time they returned to the library.
Once there they separated again. Willow, Buffy and Xander began their homework. Jenny moved to the other computer and began researching the family some more. While Giles and Angel set up a sun-proof conference area, Scully grabbed her laptop and began her report. Mulder aided Willow in helping the others with their homework. With the homework finished quickly, and Xander and Buffy both in full comprehension for a change, the teens decided to give Mulder the Scooby initiation test.
“Okay what’s the first thing you do when you see a vampire?” Willow asked the first question.
“Before or after I scream like a girl?” was Mulder’s deadpan response. The girls chuckled at how similar the answer was to Xander’s reaction to the same question. “ No, but seriously. Personally with the exception of Angel I think I’m gonna have to say I’m a stake first question later kinda guy.”
“Good rule, man, good rule. So second question what are the possibly weapons against a vampire, and how do you use them, or what do they do?” Xander put forth the second question.
“Well lets see if I can get them all. I’ve seen every vampire movie ever made---insomnia- don’t ask. Okay there is the stake through the heart, turns them to dust. Then there is Holy Water it burns them. Decapitation…also dusts. Sunlight burns them. Though not always to the point of dusting them…learned that one the hard way. Oh and Fire.” Mulder visibly shudders at the thought of fire. Xander placed a hand reassuringly on his shoulder saying silently that he understood. “Hey does garlic do anything?” Mulder asked breaking the silence of the moment.
“Yes it annoys the hell out of us. Onion bothers us too but not nearly as bad.” Angel said quietly, surprising the entire group except Willow.
“Bells Deadboy, you need to wear bells.” Mulder said then looked in puzzlement at the rest of the group as they dissolved into hysterical laughter. “Well it wasn’t that funny.” The teens, and vampire only laughed harder.
Xander recovered first and tried to explain. “Look Hunt. Wills has been saying all week how alike we are and several time since you got here you’ve made Xanderrific jokes… this last one was just too much. Not only did you do the bells thing but you used my nickname for Dead---de.” Xander was unable to finish, lapsing back into uncontrollable fits of laughter with the others.
“Scully, can you believe this they all seem to think that me and Xander are just alike.” Mulder called to his partner.
“Well that’s only fair you think that Willow and I are just alike.” Scully returned.
“Wow. Really he said that. That just made my day. Cause he talks about you like you are some sore of goddess.” Willow danced out of her cousin’s reach and continued. “He thinks that you are like the smartest and most beautiful person ever. In fact he was so glowing that I was worried that you’d think I was like idiot nerd girl. But this is so cool. Hey Scully do you think we are alike cause if I’m gonna grow into you I think you just fixed all my self esteem issues. Shoot, I wish some one would talk about me like Will talks about you-“ She was cut off by her older cousin. He finally caught her and had his huge hand wrapped around her mouth.
“ Oh but Willow you do have some one that talks about you like that. In fact Xander was telling me earlier how special he thinks you are. In fact he sounded almost like he worships you…from a –“ Scully was also cut off by larger hands over her mouth. She realized that it was only Xander and did not toss him across the room chuckling instead. Hey no body messes with her Mulder. Not even his little cousin.
Xander and Mulder exchanged looks, and said simultaneously “I’ll trade you redheads.” The exchange was made and Xander smiled at Dana. “Hey Scully thanks for not kicking my ass.” Mulder was still scowling at Willow who looked at him with wide innocent eyes. Though she sent him a telepathic message. ~~~If you would have told her how you felt like you keep saying you are going to I wouldn’t have to try to help you out.~~~
Mulder’s eyes opened wide in shock. “Whoa, Low are you that powerful a witch. This is amazing. Can you receive or just send? When did you learn to do all this? Can you communicate with anyone?” Mulder was firing questions at his cousin. Everyone else was looking at him in confusion.
“Mulder what are you talking about?” Scully asked, for once not on the same page as her clever partner.
“I believe that Mr. Mulder is referring to Willow’s use of her telepathy. One of the powers she gained through the craft. One of the powers she is only supposed to use when she absolutely needs to.” Giles said in a censuring tone.
“ You know I’m thinking that this trip is gonna shake my entire belief structure all to hell. Vampires and all sorts of Demons, as well as witched and slayers are real. Well hey at least I know that there is a God now.” At the weird looks from the rest of the group Scully calmly explained. “ The Powers That Be, whoever created the slayer to fight for the forces of good. But enough of my religion, Willow would you mind answering Mulder’s questions before he explodes.”
“Yeah he looks about a inch from plotzing. As to your questions Will, lets see. Yes I would seem to be very powerful, at least according to Giles and Angel. I can send and receive, though it is easiest to receive from certain people. I’ve been able to receive from you, Angel, and Xander easily. And from the others with difficulty, though I’m only getting one message from Scully. Her Psyche is screaming at her and she isn’t listening. Giles and Ms. Calendar have been my teachers. I believe that it is easiest to communicate with those I have a close bond with. Xander and I have always had an almost telepathic bond. A lot like the one you share with Scully. You and I are bound by a familial blood relationship, and Angel and I are bound by a soul connection and a blood link. I can get messages that are screamed out by the psyche from pretty much anyone.” Willow’s entire monologue was received differently be every person in the room.
Mulder took in everything she said, each answer giving him information and more questions. Scully squirmed. She could guess what her psyche was trying to tell her and that was exactly why she was avoiding it like the plague. Xander was watching her with pride and carefully hidden love in his eyes. He’d had to learn to be very careful around Willow since she had gained this power. Buffy was smiling up at Angel not really listening except when his name was mention. She scowled at her friend for a split second; it was gone so quickly no one except Mulder even saw it. She still didn’t like that fact that her best friend was bound to her boyfriend.
Giles and jenny nodded at several points, confirming her explanations. Pride in their student gleamed in their eyes. Angel chuckled as he watched the faces of the assembled group. Stiffening when Sheriff Hartwell entered the library halfway through, Willow’s exposition. He looked at the other vampire conveying with his eyes a dire threat of retribution should any harm befall the people assembled within the library.
Willow noticed the change in the dark vampire. She looked at Angel and then followed his heated gaze. “Sheriff Hartwell” Willow, unknowingly, sat up straighter and addressed him her voice filled with authority. “ I believe that you have joined us to discuss a truce. Please join us.”
Cain joined the group as though he found himself unable to resist. Xander smirked, as did Angel. Both men understood how compelling Willow was to any male when she spoke in that tone of voice. Though they both also knew that the petite redhead had no clue as to her magnetism. As for Cain he was reevaluating the slayer. ~She must be far smarter than I thought to have made such powerful alliances. The FBI Agents, Angelus, the red and dark witches. Her watcher and the boy also give off auras of power. ~

Chapter 3

Cain cast his eyes around the group. For the first time he understood the need to make an alliance with this assemblage of powerful individuals. He spoke calmly, though he unknowingly was making an enemy of the slayer with every word. For he addressed himself to the most powerful people in the room… the red witch and her consort. “My family and I have come to Sunnydale to offer our services to the slayer and her watcher. We did not realize that she already had such powerful allies. However I believe that we should still combine our resources. The FBI agents will eventually have to return to Washington. That will leave you with only and army of six.”
“Eight.” Willow corrected.
“An army of eight. I’m sure that there will come times when you will need more help than that. Then there is the fact that we are a very old lineage. We have stores of knowledge that the Watcher’s Council is not privy to. Your own Angelus does not have even close to the resources and connections that we have. I understand that you do not trust me.”
“And why should we?” Xander said boldly. “You have admitted that you lied to Hunt and Scully. A member of your family killed enough people and cattle for it to come to the attention of the FBI. And you have been condescending and threatening. Why should we know believe that you want to help us. Oh and another point that I just though of even Angel doesn’t like you, and if the good vampire doesn’t like another it usually means that they are a bad guy.”
“I am here only to offer our assistance. As to why I lied to Agents Mulder and Scully, I did not realize that they knew of the existence of vampires. I treat all humans to that façade. It is what they expect to see. If you show most humans what they expect to see they never look beneath the surface.” Noting that Xander, and Scully both seemed to agree with this statement he continued. “Ronnie has been dealt with within the clan. He shall harm no one else. As far as being condescending. That is a personality trait I’ve been working on for centuries and I just can’t seem to shake it. As far as threatening, come on. You, Angelus and Agent Mulder all threatened me as well. You, for complimenting your consort, Angelus for a simple, teasing insult, and Agent Mulder for speaking to his mate. Xander and Mulder both blushed realizing that Sheriff Hartwell was right. “Even now I can feel the hostility coming off the slayer, though I’m not sure why” Cain finished puzzled.
“ Why? I’ll tell you why you come in here talking about truce yet you address everyone but the person you are trying to make the truce with.” Buffy answered belligerently.
Sheriff Hartwell/Cain looked confused. “My apologies I believed that I was addressing myself to the correct person. Then her consort spoke directly to me and it would have been rude to ignore him.”
Giles hid a smile and tried to explain to the blonde slayer. “Buffy, in vampire society a vampire communicates only with the most powerful person of the other family. In our case Willow.” Seeing the outraged look on Buffy’s face as well as the confusion on the face of Willow, Giles continued. “I hate to disillusion you Buffy but physical strength is not as highly prized in their society as it is in our own. Willow is more emotionally, and mentally powerful. It is also true that her supernatural powers far surpass your own. As such to those outside ourselves Willow is the natural leader. Inside our group she sees me as the leader. So I’m sure she would tell, um, well Cain to address himself to me. However I believe that Willow and her chosen consort,” Giles smiled in a very Ripperish fashion, “are handling this quite satisfactorily. Please continue Cain, I believe you were just about to tell us why you are attempting this alliance.”
“Our family has been of the mindset for centuries that if we do nothing to fight against those who are actively trying to destroy humanity, then we are no better than they are. We have come to the point where we no longer even sanction the hunting of those mortals who are themselves evil. Though those who take pleasure in the pain of children are still allowed.”
“I’m sorry to interrupt you Sheriff, but I’m gonna need to know why your family has changed. To me motives can be as important as good works. I mean you are still soulless correct?” Buffy asked.
“Angelus you have been very lax in your education of your mortals. Slayer, Vampires still have souls they are simply without consciences, as you know them. A varied sense of morality. Many of the activities of vampires that are so looked down upon by human society are simply human taboos, which no longer have a place in the life of the vampire. The demon that now inhabits the body knows no shame for its actions. A bad person becomes a bad vampire. Before you ask no I’m not saying that Angelus was a bad person. He was however catholic and it usually takes them a century or two before they tire of the wildness that can come with their new freedom. The gypsies interrupted this process by reintroducing a human sense of right and wrong… of guilt, to his demon. It has probably driven his demon quite mad. I hope that it is never released from the guilt. Or his prior actions would be a walk in the park by comparison.”
Upon seeing that Angel was shocked as the rest of the room, Cain smiled sadly. “I’m sorry I assumed that your sire would have taught you all this. But perhaps he did not know.”
“So you are saying that if I were turned I’d be a bad vampire?” Scully asked her voice filled with sarcasm. “Just because I and a catholic. Why?”
“Catholicism, with its plethora of rules and its extreme rigidity of beliefs tends to place such and astronomical amount of restrictions on the human that once free of them the newly risen vampire tends to be very wild. Much in the same way that a child behaves when free of parental control for the first time. You seem very self-contained however so I doubt that you would react that way. Agent Mulder would probably be much more of a wild childe than you Agent Scully.
As I was saying before, my people have advanced to the point where we realize that the wildness is detrimental to not only humans but vampires as well. That wildness and tendencies towards violence could lead to the discovery and destruction of vampires as a race. Complete genocide. Therefore we must do whatever we can to keep that from happening. If that means helping the Slayer, as our council has determined it does, then so be it. I am now here to offer a truce and our assistance.”
Willow looked around the gang. Buffy was still too belligerent, and angry to offer any relevant thoughts. Mulder and Scully each looked intrigued but not ready to trust. Giles seemed fascinated by what the old vampire had revealed. Angel smiled suddenly as if everything had popped into place and his whole world now made since. Willow tried to look at Xander and see what he was thinking…she really did. But all the talk of him being her consort had made it impossible for her to meet his eyes. So she pinged him mentally and entered his thoughts. Unfortunately he had no time to disguise what he has really been thinking about and Willow found herself barraged by images.
Xander had only been listening to the rest of the conversation, most of his mind had been occupied with thoughts and fantasies set off by the concept of being Willow’s “consort”. He was unable to close off the thoughts when he felt Willow’s signal that she wanted a telepathic conversation. She saw it all. His fantasies had progressed well past the point of simple kisses and caresses to full blown naughtiness.
Willow, though powerful was still a novice. She found herself unable to stop the answering flow of images from rushing at Xander. Both teens dropped into their chairs as the images washed over them. Xander reached out blindly grasping Willow’s hand. Once the deluge stopped the two friends looked at each other, and smiled shyly. Back in the real world they reassured their friends that they were okay. Then turned to Cain.
“Sheriff Hartwell I believe that the only way we will be able to trust you is if you earn it. I hope that you can understand that. However I feel that you do deserve the opportunity to prove yourself. Your family is safe from the slayer. As long as she doesn’t find them doing anything against the spirit of the truce, feeding from an innocent human, trying to open the hellmouth, being overall evil. Deal?” Willow’s voice was clear and powerful. It at once was reassuring and yet threatened dire retribution should the treaty be broken.
“Hey the slayer hasn’t agreed to this!” Buffy spoke out, only to shut up completely when she saw the look the red witch was giving her. The look chilled Buffy to the bone. Letting her know for the first time that Giles had been right. Willow should be leader but preferred to stay in the background. “Until now I mean. Yup this slayer is in complete agreement with the treaty. No slaying of Cain’s family unless they break the rules.”
Willow sighed. She hadn’t meant to be short with Buffy, but she needed the meeting to be over so that she and Xander could talk. They really needed to talk about what had just been revealed. And maybe enact some of it.
“Cain could you being your council to the park tomorrow and we can work out the logistics of the arrangement.” Xander put forth as a way to end the meeting. “I think we should all go and try to get some sleep.” He turned to the rest of the Scooby Gang, “Guys well meet back here at dusk and set up for the armistice. Angel can you handle the refreshments? Both kinds.” Xander allowed himself to smirk for a moment. “Buffy Please bring your Mom. She said she was ready to handle your slayerness, and we may need her insight. Giles can you gather all your information on prophesies. These guys seem to go back to the dawn of time maybe they can help. We may as well get something out of the deal. Hunt and Scully I think we are ready to head back to the house?” Though Xander had taken control he still looked to Giles for confirmation before the gang split up. At his nod everyone departed the library, and headed home.

By the time they had gotten back to the Rosenburg home both Willow and Xander had chickened out of discussing what they had seen from each other. However it was taken out of their hands. Mulder struck as soon as the front door closed. He had kept silent at the library to allow Willow and Xander the finish the deal but now he wanted answers. “ What the hell happened in there? The two of you damn near passed out.”
Scully ushered the teens into the living room. She checked them over and found them to be fine. A huge change form when she had taken their pulses after their near collapse in the library. She saw the look the teens gave her silently pleading for her help. She merely gave the Scully Eyebrow, letting them know she wanted the answer as well.
“Man, that thing is more powerful than the People’s Eyebrow. Okay well what happened was. Um. See the thing is-“ Xander’s entire face flushed and his heart rate sped up as he remembered the visions he had seen from his best friend’s mind.
“ Well I was attempting to find out what Xander thought of everything but he was having not related to the conversation thoughts and I saw them which made me send him some not related to the conversation thoughts.” Willow babbled quickly, blushing heavily.
“And I’ll take it that these were unexpected, not related to the conversation thoughts?” Scully asked amused.
“Completely unexpected.” Both teens said simultaneously.
“And I take it that the sheer volume and nature of these not related to the conversation thoughts were a bit overwhelming?” Mulder asked picking up on Scully’s train of thought.
“Um…well yeah.” Willow said.
“ Not so much overwhelming as unbelievable.” Xander’s face lit up as it dawned on him exactly what the visions meant. “Wills, does this mean that you like me, in that purple more than friends kinda way? Cause I gotta tell you as your best friend you can do so much better than me. But as a guy I’m kinda hoping that that won’t matter to you.”
Scully grabbed Mulder and pulled him out of the living room. “Lets give them some privacy.” She missed Willow and Xander’s quiet exchange. They figured if it worked to get them together, the same thing might work for the agents. As the door to the living room was closing Scully heard Willow utter some Latin words. Suddenly she and Mulder were caught in a maelstrom of each other’s fantasies and emotions for the other.
Willow and Xander smiled at each other as they heard the gasps of Mulder and Scully in the hallway. The redhead turned to her dark haired companion and smiled shyly. “So are we like official now?
“Yeah. Officially official.” Xander quipped he gathered all his courage and pulled the petite witch into his arms. He did the bravest thing he had ever done in his life. He leaned down and kissed his best friend. The kiss was deep and intuitive. Their lips met softly. Xander slid his tongue against the seam of Willow’s closed lips. She allowed him past her pink, sweet lips, and tentatively touched his advancing tongue with her own. Xander moaned and pulled ‘his Willow’ even closer. The teens kissed for several minutes pausing only when they needed to breathe.
Scully and Mulder recovered as quickly as Willow and Xander had earlier. They looked at each other and smirked. Then turned as one to confront the “helpful” teens. When they entered the family room, they found the two teens wrapped around each other kissing passionately. The adults tried the polite throat clearing approach to separating the teens. When that proved unsuccessful, Mulder walked up to them and smacked Xander across the back of his head.
“Ow Hunt what’d you go and do that for?” Xander asked petulantly. Willow just glared at her older cousin.
“ Well I wanted to talk to my little cousin about the whammy she just put on me and Scully and I figured she might need her tongue back to answer me.” Mulder deadpanned.
“Okay I can see that you are mad at me for the whole fantasy trade and explore. But I needed to help you. I love you Will and I’ll do what ever I can to make you happy. You deserve to be happy. And Scully, I love you simply for saving my cousin so many times. Okay so I’m not supposed to use my powers frivolously but if I can’t help two of the most important adults in my little corner of the world what’s the use of having them. And really I understand the whole mind invasion thing but I never went into your minds, I just opened them to… well to you two. And you two trust each other implicitly. So I figured that it would be okay. Now you two talk this out and Xander and I will go find something to eat.” Willow grabbed Xander and pulled him out of the room making a fast escape.
“ I suppose one day I’ll have to tell her that I’m not actually mad about either of those things.” Mulder’s voice held a note of reflection that shined through his anger.
“Then why are you angry with her? Cause I have to say its kind of nice to know that you find me desirable. I thought you saw me as an asexual sidekick. That you preferred to save your amorous attentions for leggy brunettes with big chests.” Scully’s lips quirked into a smirk. “Well that type or your silicone enhanced video girl.”
“Gee Scully, you seem to have analyzed my types a great deal.” It was now Mulder’s turn to smirk. “Where on earth did you get that idea that I had any set type. Geez is that the kinda of guy you think I am?” Mulder’s diatribe was ruined by the teasing smile playing about his lips.
“There was no analysis necessary. Phoebe and Diana both fit that bill. And Bambi and Angela were missing only the correct hair color. As to the video girls, that was easy I have seen a few in my time and those girls must all have the same plastic surgeon. Okay maybe I did think about it in passing.” Scully admitted grudgingly. “So why are you mad at Low if not for the reasons she gave you?”
Mulder’s face showed many emotions confusion, exasperation, hope and finally joy. “You didn’t think that my fantasies were well…sick, perverted, warped?”
“Mulder I’ve always assumed that you would be a very passionate lover. Your fantasies weren’t quite as blue as I expected. I think the problem is that you expected me to be very vanilla in the bedroom. Did my fantasies shock you, were you surprised that the ice queen had hot fantasies?” Scully’s voice had taken on a very dangerous tone. She punctuated each word with a step towards him, smirking when she realized that he was matching each of her steps with a counter step so the distance between them remained the same.
“Now Scully, you know better than that. I happen to know you aren’t an ice queen. An ice queen couldn’t kick my ass on the regular basis you do. I never said anything like that. I just meant that I have a very deviant fantasy life and I was worried that it would repulse you.” Mulder’s face conveyed his own self-loathing.
Scully looked at her partner, for once letting her love for him shine in her eyes. “Mulder, I don’t know who has convinced you that those fantasies are deviant but they weren’t. I saw nothing there that I couldn’t see late at night on Cinemaxã. Why are you so sure that I didn’t enjoy the things I saw in your beautiful mind Mulder.” Scully’s voice was thickening and darkening with desire.
“You know I don’t know if I’ve ever been loved for my mind before Scully.” Mulder said huskily. “Your voice holds a promise, unfortunately Low and Xander will be back in here soon. They are us just giving enough time to talk it out and get in a couple of kisses, but they will be back. Low’s too much like me. She’ll have to assure herself that I’m not mad at her before she can sleep and Xander won’t let her put it off cause she’s as bad a morning person as you are on a good day, let alone if she hasn’t really slept.”
Almost on cue Willow and Xander entered the room hesitantly. “Um, Hunt did you and Scully talk it all out and make with the smoochies?” Xander asked testing the tension level of the room.
“We’ve talked everything out, yes. Though I’m not exactly sure what you mean by the ‘make with the smoochies’ question. Now why don’t you and I head up to bed and let these two talk. Neither of them will sleep if they don’t get this straightened out.” Scully kissed Mulder’s cheek pausing while Xander kissed Willow good night, and they left the cousins alone to talk.
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