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The Vampire Carrot From Another World!

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This story is No. 13 in the series "Grim up North.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: ‘The Thing From Another World’ movie xover. It creeps, it crawls, it strikes without warning…it’s also orange and full of vitamins! Dawn and Faith struggle to save the world from an alien vegetable menace!

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Movies > Thing From Another World, The(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151026,3741513,7256 Jun 1123 Jun 11Yes

Chapter One

The Vampire Carrot From Another World!
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the movie ‘The Thing From Another World’. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: The Thing From Another World.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar; Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: Set a few weeks after ‘The Torquay Frog Mystery’.

Words: 10 Chapters of 2500+ words.

Warnings: None.

Summary: ‘The Thing From Another World’ movie xover. It creeps, it crawls, it strikes without warning…it’s also orange and full of vitamins! Dawn and Faith struggle to save the world from an alien vegetable menace!


Slayer Central, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Cleveland, England, Summer 2004.

A gentle breeze blew in off the North Sea as Dawn sat in the passenger seat of Faith’s beat-up old Land Rover as the wind made ripples in the grass. Watching the daisies and buttercups nod and sway in the sun, she wondered if she’d get to see her sister today. Ever since that fateful day when Buffy had burst into her bedroom and found her in bed with Faith, her sister had been avoiding her.

A minibus pulled up on the gravel parking lot outside the long green wooden hut that housed Slayer Central. Dawn turned her head towards this unlikely nerve centre of the not quite worldwide slayer organization. Distracted from her thoughts, she watched as nine or ten young slayers climbed from the bus. She speculated idly on where they’d come from and how their lives had changed since Willow had cast her spell. Could it really have been only eighteen months ago?

Smiling to herself Dawn watched as the girls pulled bags and suitcases from the back of the minibus. Once unloaded they milled about unsure of what they should do next. The door of a hut on the other side of the parking lot (Dawn told herself she really ought to call it a ‘car park’ here in England) opened and Maggie McBride, the senior slayer instructor, marched across the ‘car park’ to where the girls stood in a uncertain huddle.

Getting the girls into one untidy line, Maggie walked slowly up and down the line shaking her head in faux sorrow. Dawn imagined what she’d be saying right about now; ‘I asked for a few good slayers’, she’d say, ‘and this is what they send me!’ Maggie took up position about two yards in front of the ragged line of girls and stood ramrod straight, her little stick thing stuck under her right arm and her big, black boots so highly polished the sun reflected off them enough to dazzle you.

“My name is McBride!” Maggie’s voice drifted to Dawn on the breeze, “Staff McBride, I make slayers of little girls like you!”

Grinning to herself as Maggie ‘marched’ the new girls away; Dawn thanked whatever gods there might be that she wasn’t a young slayer and wasn’t about to do two weeks of intensive slayer training with the senior instructor. Maggie was very good at her job; she loved all the girls that came to her for training and that was why she was so hard on them. She didn’t want to see any of them die; ‘train hard, fight easy’, she would often say.

The driver’s door opened and Faith stuck her head into the vehicle.

“Buffy?” Dawn asked hopefully.

“Sorry kid,” Faith shrugged her shoulders; oddly Dawn didn’t mind Faith calling her ‘kid’, “she’s either out or asleep. Whatever, I knocked on her door for five minutes and she didn’t answer.”

“Sleeping it off more like,” Dawn replied miserably as she climbed out of the Rover.

Ever since finding out that Dawn and Faith were more than just friends or work colleagues, Buffy had been drinking heavily. Which was odd considering Buffy’s previous attitude to booze; Dawn could remember how her mother had been known to take a drink or two at times of stress. Maybe this was the same sort of thing.

“Come on,” Faith walked around the Rover and held out her hand to Dawn, “we better go see what Book-man and Wicca-girl want.”

“Nah,” Dawn pulled a face at Faith’s ‘Super’ nicknames for Giles and Willow, “sorry doesn’t work for me,” Dawn hesitated for a moment, “but on second thoughts ‘Wicca-girl’s’ not so bad for Willow.” Dawn grinned, “I still like Super-Librarian’.”

“Just so long as ya don’t forget and say it to their faces,” Faith smiled as she took Dawn’s hand and they walked over to the hut.

The Slayer Organisation (it was called that because no one could be bothered to think up a better name) was housed in an old holiday camp near Saltburn-by-the-Sea in Cleveland which is a county in Northern England. They’d bought the place after they’d moved from the States back in ’03. After a wobbly beginning the Organisation was getting…well, organised, having had a lot of the camp’s facilities converted to their needs; they were able to bring in girls from around the world for two weeks of basic slayer training. After this the girls could and did come back for specialist training courses. Things were really looking up and one day (say, some time in the next fifty years or so) they might just have an organisation that was truly worldwide and…well…organised.

Pushing open the door to the HQ hut, a long single story building which was surprisingly snug in the winter (about eight months of the year in Cleveland), Dawn walked up to the girl sitting behind the reception desk.

“Hi!” Dawn called, all the time thinking, ‘We have a receptionist, we must be getting good!’ “Where are Mr Giles and Miss Rosenberg?”

“Good morning Miss Summers,” the girl looked up from her computer screen, she nodded in Faith’s direction, “Miss Lehane; they’re both in the conference room.”

“Thanks,” Dawn’s cheerful reply denied her disappointment at not seeing her sister.

Leading the way, Dawn headed off down a long narrow corridor that ran the length of the building. Glancing out of one of the windows she saw Maggie running the new recruits (luggage and all) to their accommodation. No time to waste, Dawn thought, Maggie only had them for two weeks. Coming to the door of the conference room, Dawn walked in without knocking with Faith hard on her heels.

“Hi guys!” Dawn called, happy to see her old friends; Faith’s greeting was only slightly more restrained.

“Hi Dawnie!” Willow bounced across the room to give Dawn a big hug; hesitating for only a fraction of a second she turned to Faith and gave her an only marginally less enthusiastic hug.

Standing at the head of the conference table, Giles didn’t hug anyone; he coughed quietly into his fist and then gestured to the seats around the long, pine table.

“If everyone would like to sit down,” Giles said calmly, “we can start the briefing.”

Slumping into a chair next to Dawn, Faith glanced around the room, she could smell the newness of the place. The new furniture, the carpets even the wallpaper, she smiled to herself when she saw all the new electronic gizmo’s and wondered who’d been behind having those installed, she doubted that it was Giles. And what was it with Willow acting all ‘long lost buddies’ with her?

They had history between them, none of it that good. But they’d learnt to live with it, even act like they were sorta friends but the plain fact was, Faith had punched Willow…hard; she could’ve easily have killed the witch. Things like that couldn’t just be forgotten and then there was all the murder and trying to kill the red head’s best friend. Her changed attitude must be something to do with joining the ranks of the lesbian sisterhood…whatever, Faith sighed to herself. It made Dawn happy to see them getting on, so she’d go along with it.

“Where’s Buffy?” Dawn asked before Giles could begin his ‘lecture’.

“I’m afraid,” Giles glanced at Faith before he looked at Dawn, “Buffy’s unavailable at the moment.”

“Drunk more like,” Dawn sulked.

“Dawn!” Willow turned towards the younger woman and gestured vaguely in Faith’s direction, “Finding you together like that,” Willow hesitated choosing her words carefully, “she’s still trying to come to terms with it.”

Shaking her head, Faith smiled and wondered if Buffy ever realised just how loyal Willow was to her, probably not, she told herself.

“If I might begin?” Giles asked a little testily; he fiddled with the remote control for a moment, got nowhere, made his famous ‘annoyed clucking’ sound and handed it to Willow.

Pressing a few buttons, Willow got the curtains to close, the lights to dim and a projector to project a map of Scotland onto the screen at the end of the room where Giles stood. Faith felt a shiver run down her spine, Scotland…again? What was wrong with the place? Kennedy and Willow had almost been eaten by wild Haggises up there. Dawn and herself had nearly been killed by human-demon hybrids only a few weeks ago. Just what was it with the joint? It seemed like every few days they’d get reports of something weird going on up there.

“Two days ago,” Giles began as he picked up a long slim pointer, “a large metallic object crashed into a lake near RAF Gloup on the island of Yell in the Shetlands,” he pointed to a group of islands to the northeast of Scotland.

“Hold on!” Dawn looked up and down the table, “This is some sorta joke right? Nowhere has names like that.”

“I’m sorry, Dawn,” you could tell by the tone of his voice that Giles wasn’t in the least bit sorry, “but they’re all quite genuine place names, now if I might be allowed to continue?”

Dawn reluctantly nodded her head.

“Now a military contact of mine,” Giles continued, “has reported that the RAF are going to try and recover this ‘object’ and are gathering a group of scientists and other experts together to help.”

“So we’re thinking evil, alien, space bats?” Dawn smiled eagerly.

“Um, yes something like that,” Giles announced without a flicker of a smile. “The object that crashed into the lake was definitely some sort of craft not a natural phenomenon. It decelerated as it approached the island, we think it must have been damaged as it came into land.”

“What about this RAF place?” Faith wanted to know.

“Yes,” Giles nodded to Willow who did something with the remote, a large aerial photo-map of a desolate heather covered island sprang into view on the screen.

If you looked carefully you could just make out a small huddle of wooden huts not unlike the ones that made up Slayer Central.

“Impressive…not!” Dawn commented, “Like, where’s the runways and the fighter jets?”

“No fighter jets I’m afraid Dawn,” Giles smiled indulgently, “RAF Gloup is a small weather and research station, its also used to run survival courses for aircrew.”

“Would you want to survive if ya got lost in a dump like that?” Faith wanted to know.

“That’s as maybe,” Giles ploughed on through the interruptions. “Since the arrival of the object the RAF have moved in a small security detail…the place is so remote there’s little chance of it being overrun by sightseers or the press. They’ve also invited several universities to send small research teams in to help investigate the object. Of course it’s all very hush-hush and the media has been told that it’s just a normal meteor that crashed and the scientists are there to study the effects on the local ecology.” Giles sighed, “Surprisingly the media have swallowed the story and are anyway more interested in the latest series of that tawdry, talent-less show on TV.”

Again with the annoyed clucking sound.

“So ya want Dawnie an’ me to go poke ‘round up there?” Faith asked slowly.

“That’s the general idea,” Giles agreed.

“What’s our cover going to be?” Dawn wanted to know. “Like, the last time we pretended to be students that totally didn’t work!”

“Yes well,” Giles moved towards a chair and sat down, “Willow’s been working on that,” with a gesture, Giles invited Willow to continue; Willow stood up and took Giles’ place at the head of the table.

“The main problem we have,” Willow began, “is that all of our most experienced operatives,” she smiled at her use of the word ‘operatives’ thinking how it made them sound like spies, “look too young, but, I’ve been working on this.”

Picking up a big, brown envelope, Willow reached inside and took out two, clear, plastic zip-lock bags, she passed them over to Dawn and Faith with an instruction not to open them just yet. Dawn examined the contents of her bag; it looked like some sort of class ring. Squinting through the plastic Dawn caught sight of the year engraved on the ring, it said ‘Langley 2001’. Looking at the ring given to Faith she saw it said ‘1997’.

“I don’t think these are going to fool anyone into thinking we’re older than we are,” she pointed out.

“That’s coz you’re not wearing them yet,” Willow pointed out.

Dawn and Faith exchanged suspicious glances.

“Like, that’s one element of your cover,” Willow announced, “the other is that the UK government invited the US government to send a couple of observers.”

“Let me guess,” Faith looked at Willow as if she’d gone slightly insane, “we’re gonna be the observers? Y’know that’s actually worse than pretending to be students?”

“Hey!” Willow frowned, “Don’t pooh-pooh the idea until you’ve heard it all.”

“Yeah, okay,” Faith sighed disbelievingly quite convinced she would end up in jail sometime soon, this time for spying.

“I worked all day yesterday setting this up,” Willow explained, “it helped that this place you’re going to is so out of the way its hard for anyone to check up on anything, even,” she said before Dawn could butt in, “with military communications. When you present your documents at this RAF place you’ll be believed…and you must present you documents for this to work properly…”

“Let me point out,” Giles spoke up from his chair, “that this is all highly illegal and involved the casting of a number of spells that I don’t think I quite approve of.”

“Oh, stop worrying,” Willow sent Giles an annoyed glance, “everything’ll work out fine.”

Dawn felt her heart sink to her boots at Willow’s words.

“Okay then,” Dawn sighed heavily dreading what Willow would say next, “What’s our cover?”

“Here,” Willow handed over two slim files, “those are your ‘legends’.”

“Legends?” Faith looked at Dawn hoping for clarification.

“Its spy talk for our cover stories,” Dawn took her file and opened it.

“You’ll need to read and remember them in case anyone asks about your past,” Willow looked at Faith and remembered her dislike of reading let alone remembering things. “Or you could just tell anyone that asks you that your past is ‘classified’.”

“So we’re gonna be spies?” Faith didn’t even bother to open her file, “Cool,” she added with a lazy smile.

“Sort of,” Willow admitted, she took a deep breath, “now I want you to put on your rings.”

Taking the ring out of its bag, Faith took a moment to study it; it was chunky, covered in engraving and had a small red stone of some sort set in its middle. A typical ‘class ring’ from this Langley academy place, whatever that was. Slipping it on her finger she found it was too big, just as she was about to point this out she felt the ring tighten on her finger. A little concerned she turned to Dawn only to see her girlfriend’s face slowly change.

“Hey! What’s…” the words died on Faith’s tongue, she glared at Willow, “This better be reversible.”

“It is!” Willow replied quickly, “It’s really just a kinda reverse glamour spell. While you’re wearing those rings you’ll look ten years older.”

Feeling her face, Faith detected some minor changes, she looked at Dawn, the girl looked like a young woman in her late twenties and if anything sexier than she had before. Faith wondered what an early thirties version of herself looked like. At least Dawn hadn’t screamed when she’d looked at her.

“So-so what happens if we take the rings off?” Dawn wanted to know.

“You can’t,” Willow explained, “only Giles and myself can do that, we thought it’d be safer that way.”

“Whatever,” Dawn looked at the ring, she was dying to see what she looked like, she needed a mirror, fast! “So why do we need to look older?”

“Well,” Willow laughed nervously, “no one's gonna believe, like, a eighteen year old CIA agent!”

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