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Hot & Cold

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Summary: Halloween based fic? But I’ll probably add my own spin of it, especially since in this one Xander gets power of flying, good vision, excellent hearing and he’ll end up so cute that every girl will want to hug him to death, not Xander centric .

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Cartoons > Avatar: the Last Airbender
Anime > Oh My Goddess!
CristinaFR1525,6250144,3427 Jun 118 Jun 11Yes

aftermath 1. part

Disclaimer: Character from Anime/Manga Oh My Goddess! belongs to Kōsuke Fujishima

And the Chaos that will change 20 people directly forever and many more indirectly begins…next time…aftermath of the spell.

Now on with the story...

Amy went to help Willow, while Buffy pried the slimy green hand from Mrs. Parker’s neck. The newly-freed terrified woman, scrambled to the safety of her home, slamming the door behind her with a slam that normally would echo trough the street, if the street was not currently occupied with changing teenagers, adults and little children.

Which, on a normal day, would be big concern for Buffy and Co., but they were too busy experiencing a strange sort of dizziness that brought them to their knees.

Buffy and Amy leaned at each other for support, while Willow half-leaned/half-sat on the fire hydrant.


In another street

Buffy and Amy were standing side by side, while Willow was standing behind children who were ringing the bell for treats, Gage and Cordy were talking, apparently Cordelia thought this to be excellent opportunity to chat with the jock, Xander, accompanied by Jonathan, was off with another group of kids a couple of houses down but still in sight, and Kate and Theresa were standing with three entrusted trick-or-treaters across the street.

Calm pale-amber eyes surveyed the scene, on completely impassive pale face, as her hands caressed the sharp blades that sat hidden in her clothing, calmly watching as a green-armour clad Kyoshi warrior and Ty Lee started to dispatch small size ugly…things that were running around. And that brought her to the next thing. She was seriously considering banging her head against the wall, but, really, giving herself a concussion would not solve the problem, besides that, it would hurt, on the other hand; maybe she would be put out of her misery, the only other reason she wasn’t banging her head was because she was not the type that would enjoy pain, either giving or receiving it.

But anyway, back to the problem, or more accurate problems.

One smaller, pink and bouncy, said problem was cartwheeling away at the moment, jumping from one high metal pole, with some type of light on top, below was some, bright yellow contraption on wheels, kind of like more styled designed war machine of the Fire Nation, which brought Mai to conclusion that they were nowhere in Earth Kingdom or Fire Nation.

On the good side, Azula was nowhere in sight; not that she would ever admit out aloud but, the eldest of the new Governor of Omashu, was beginning to regret her decision to accompany Crown Princess Azula on her tour of the Earth Kingdom.

She had thought it might be interesting, at least more interesting than hanging around a conquered city full of dull, morose, boring, dirty people with only her parents and little brother for company. Not, that she didn't love her family, but they had an unspoken agreement she was good little noble lady of the Fire Nation and she got everything she wanted.

It wasn't interesting or exciting or fun and Azula's drive to capture both the Avatar and her brother, Prince Zuko, was becoming a little over obsessive.

In addition, while she was itching to see Zuko again, she didn't want him captured by Azula either.

Her relationship with Zuko was just beginning to flourish before he was exiled for speaking his mind. They had come some way from the boy who followed Fire lady Ursa everywhere and the girl who was forced to be a playmate to crown princess Azula.

She kind of admired the older boy then, and he was as Ty Lee remarked, cute.

She and Zuko just fit together. He, of all the people in her life - and there were a lot of people in her life - Zuko was the only one who didn't judge or expect things from her or shut her down. He simply listened and sympathized. Mai needed that. And more importantly, she wanted it.

And now Azula wanted to kill him, or did since she focused mostly on capturing the Avatar now. But while she was focusing on capturing and possibly killing her older brother, Mia was seriously wondering if her knives would travel faster than the Azula's blue fire.


Couple of houses down, two plumes of fire incarnated, things that attacked the fire bender. Golden eyes widened, then narrowed, when seeing a larger version of Avatar's flying lemur who was soaring over houses that were unfamiliar, but that didn't matter.

He needed to find his uncle, learn to re-direct lightning, defeat his psychotic, need-to-be-taken-down sister, capture the Avatar, drag the wind brat to his father and regain his honor.

Exiled Prince Zuko had a plan, and he will see it through, but it looked like that he would find Avatar first; after all, a giant flying lemur was not difficult to track.

Following the lemur was ridiculously easy since jumping over couple of fences, climbing a wall or two and he already found the Water tribe boy that followed Avatar holding boomerang at the ready, protectively in front of a white haired Water tribe girl that looked familiar.

Zuko startled, didn’t that girl die, sacrificing her mortal life to become a Moon spirit? He should know since his uncle mentioned that General Zao killed the Moon spirit.

Then, sensing movement behind him, he jumped aside, ready to flame boil the attacker, when flying knives flew past his ear and embedded themselves in some red thing with big teeth and a long tail that was aiming at him with big fork like weapon.

“Zuko, is that you?”

“Hey look, Mai, it’s Zuko. Hey, Zuko!!” Ty Lee waved, while doing a hand backspin, dancing away from a small green thing that jumped after her with small hammer.

Said green thing was immediately crushed by a boulder by that, somehow now taller earth bending girl shot at the creature.

“You hair is short.”

He turned, incredulous, to the black haired girl who was flinging knives at the nearest thing coming after her, providing cover for a two Kyoshi warriors, who were helping a water bending boy, who managed to freeze himself.

Talk about incompetence.

And then it registered, Mai commenting about his hair.


A sigh and another knife thrown. “…I can’t believe I said that.”

“Well, your hair is shiny,” he retorted. Zuko gave himself a mental hand slap, he couldn't believe that she mentioned his hair of all things, yet hadn't given his scar so much as a glance.

“And you still don’t know how to talk to girls,” Mai commented, with small upturn of her lips, finding his clumsiness endearing, not that her opening line was less lame.

“I was in exile, not much opportunity to talk with them.”


Dawn broke over horizon, coloring the clouds bright golden and reflecting in the windows, over what should have been peaceful morning.

It wasn’t. Ambulance lights and sirens flashing, hurrying the poor victims; alive ones to the hospital and most likely to surgery, dead ones to the morgue.

And reporter was making her report over the radio waves:

“Unfortunately most victims were either teens or little children.

Among the more influential people who died, Principal H. Snyder was found dead in the park with a hole in his chest, along with…”

Giles turned off the radio, his head pounding from the scotch he downed in the last half an hour, his eyes darted over to Mrs. Joyce Summers who was watching him. Her violet eyes shone with impish amusement at his frustration, growing more so when librarian’s glasses got wiped yet again, because poor, poor man couldn’t take his eyes of voluptuous white haired woman before him.

“So are you saying that the changes that the children had, thanks to chaos spell, are permanent?”

“Now they are,” came the sing song voice from the woman. "And some got added a bit of extra, even chaos cant escape family bonds."

“How could you, the chaos…”

“I am merely helping my daughter, something you are incapable of…and chaos is my domain now. And what is done, cannot be undone.”

Then violet eyes glowed red, “While I can’t change the fact that my daughter is a Slayer, my eyes thanks to that spell cast by that foolish, foolish man…” Joyce paused while she remembered what she - or rather Daimakaicho Hild, the supreme ruler of Nifelheim - did to the idiot. Spending the rest of his life turned into a dog, a Great Dane to be precise was a fitting punishment for the deaths that occurred during Halloween night.

Some of those deaths were dealt by traumatized teens who were currently sleeping, under her spell, on Revello Drive. Along with some modifications to their abilities and appearance, when they woke up, they would be new, mixed with the old, and would take time to adjust.

She would make sure of it. And not even those laughable excuses for gods in this realm would be able to stop her and her children.

The end... not really there is one more chapter left. But I am marking the story as finished, because that was originally the end of it.

Avatar the last Air bender

Amy Madison as Ty Lee

Buffy A. Summers as Mai

Cordelia Chase as Princess Yue

Daniel Osbourne “Oz” as Prince Zuko

Gage Petronzi as Sangok (Water bender)

Jonathan Levinson as Sokka

Kate Potter as Kyoshi warrior (Kia)

Theresa Klusmeyer as Toph Bei Fong

Xander Harris as Momo

Willow Rosenburg as Suki

Oh my goddess

Joyce Summers as Daimakaicho Hild_ she is the ultimate Demon who is the opposite to The Almighty, known as the Ruler of Demonkind.

The End

You have reached the end of "Hot & Cold". This story is complete.

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