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Life Support

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Meta, Wand, & Earth". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Magic is relative and the past impacts the present whether we like it or not. Harry's about to get some help from an unexpected but not unwanted source. With new students, new professors, and new allies, fifth year will be one to remember.

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SkylarRoseFR151967,4731212733,8407 Jun 1113 Aug 11No


Author: Skylar Rose
Story: Life Support
Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy, Charmed is owned by Constance Burge, Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling. I write for fun, not for profit.
Summary: Magic is relative and the past impacts the present whether we like it or not. Charmed/Buffy/Harry Potter
Warnings: Canon slash, character deaths (both canon and not), Original Characters
Time lines: Hoo boy, okay. Buffy and Charmed happened pretty much simultaneously. Season 8 of Charmed and Season 7 of Buffy occurred at the same time, so the Sisters were playing willy-nilly with the past/future at the same time Buffy and co were fighting in the Cave. Harry Potter, on the other hand, is pushed WAY up, so that the First War with Voldemort was happening at the same time as Buffy S7 and Charmed S8. Harry, Hermione, and co were born a few years after the Senior Partners attack in LA. If you need an absolute year...2013. However, this is set in their fifth year so they will be fifteen years old, meaning it takes place in 2028. :)
Word Count: 1,822
A/N 1: This is a crossover between Buffy, Charmed, and Harry Potter. Spike and Oz are major players in the Charmed side of things, but the Scoobs won't actually meet with the Charmed Ones for a while. Also, this is FILLED with OC's, as the Scoobies and Sisters are all in their 40's and 50's. Most are gonna be background characters, but a few are important to the story. If that isn't your cup of tea then head out now. :)


Phoebe had just been in the middle of feeding Wyatt dinner when the vision hit. At first, she didn't recognize any of the landmarks, though there were street signs she made note of the moment she came out of it. The vision was unusual in that she could hear some of what was being said, not a whole lot, but enough to know names.

“Spike, get out of here!”

“I've been a lot of things in my time, you great poof!” the shockingly blonde man grappling with what looked like a mix between a rhino and an orangutan with a talent for fire yelled back to the dark haired man attacking a honest to goddess dragon. “A coward has never been one of them!”

“Someone's got to warn Buffy!” the man yelled back. “Spike, go! Warn the Slayers--!”

Phoebe returned to the manor as the man's head was cut off by the dragon's claws, causing him to turn to dust.

“Phoebe, what is it, what did you see?” Leo asked and she suddenly realized Wyatt was screaming as Leo and her sisters surrounded her. Billie came skidding into the kitchen, looking wide-eyed and worried. Phoebe herself was on the floor.

“Slayers,” she gasped out, feeling the tears come to her eyes. She wasn't sure how but she just knew the man who'd died had been one of the good ones, a fighter, and the world, if they'd known of him, would all mourn. “I just...Spike? I think that was his name...”

“Leo, what is it, what do you know?” Piper demanded and Phoebe looked up to find Leo had gone pale. He stared down at her, hard.

“What did you see, exactly, Phoebe?” he demanded. “Because you were never supposed to be able to see any of the Powers' Champions so this has to have been big...”

“A battle,” she told him as her sisters and Billie demanded to know what Leo was talking about. “They were fighting a dragon and an army of demons, two men. The one, the one who was yelling at the man named Spike, he...he...”

“Turned to dust?” he asked softly and Phoebe nodded, tears squeezing down as she picked herself up. If it were possible, Leo looked even more pale at the news.

“Leo, what is going on?” Piper demanded. “Who are these guys and why can't Phoebe get visions of them?”

“The Elders' are in charge of meta witches, like you four,” Leo told them, helping Phoebe to her feet and then to a chair when her legs refused to work properly. “But there are other groups, most prominently the Powers, that are in charge of a group of Champions associated with the Slayers.”

“Slayers...the Chosen One?” Billy asked, looking startled. “I read about her in the book—it said its always a young girl who's given powers to fight off evil. I thought for a while maybe the Council had taken Christy...”

“That's about right, only its not just one anymore,” Leo agreed as everyone shifted uneasily at the mention of the dark witch. “The last chosen one drowned and her death, though she was resuscitated, called another girl so there were two. About a year ago, though, the two natural slayers changed things up—they called every girl over sixteen.”

“Sixteen?!” Piper asked sharply. “What gives them the right to mess up--”

“They were being hunted Piper,” Leo cut in. “It wasn't fair but it was really the only option the women had—with powers, the girls stood a fighting chance against the being trying to kill off the line. Without them, they were all sitting ducks.”

Piper still looked peeved but Phoebe could feel the uneasy acceptance of that logic. Leo's emotions were fairly mixed up but underneath everything she could feel a deep respect for the fighters they were talking about.

“So these two guys Phoebe saw...”

“Angel and Spike, demonic vampires with souls,” he said, answering Paige's question. “Angel was cursed with it but Spike fought for his—he fell in love with The Slayer and wanted to be worthy of her. According to a friend, he sacrificed himself to destroy a dark nexus but due to the magic involved, ended up coming back to help Angel, the man you saw.”

“So what do we do?” Phoebe asked. “The fight they were in—it was an army, Leo, Spike won't stand a chance...”

“Where are they?” Paige asked. “Could I orb there?”

“I didn't recognize anything,” she said. “Just had two street signs...”

“They'll be in Los Angeles,” Leo said. “That's the city Angel is protecting.”

“So we get the street signs, look at the maps of LA...” Billie was already heading to her laptop, clicking open the internet.

Piper wasn't happy about this and seeing her watching Wyatt, Phoebe figured she knew why—their destiny was supposed to be over. Piper was supposed to be allowed to raise Wyatt and Chris in relative peace and now Phoebe was getting visions that said otherwise.

“Phoebe, what streets did you see?” the blonde asked, looking expectant. Phoebe glanced at her sisters. Paige looked and felt willing to go and Leo was content to let them choose on their own...

“Piper we don't have to,” Phoebe said, even though in her heart she knew they did. Leo said she wasn't supposed to have gotten the vision because they weren't under the same management. The fact she had, however, meant something, she just knew it.

“Yes, we do,” Piper said, resigned. “Leo, stay here with the kids. Pheebs, tell Billie the street signs. I'm going to stock up on potions. Paige?”

The two women headed towards the attic as Phoebe turned to the laptop. A few minutes later, they had not only the location but an image of the hotel they were going to land on the roof of, thanks to Google maps. Billie was prepping to help Leo with the boys as her sisters came back down. Paige studied the image on the computer before nodding. Standing on either side of the half-white lighter, Phoebe gave Leo a quick smile before everything dissolved to white.

The moment they arrived, Phoebe could hear the sound of the fight down below. As they rushed to the edge of the roof, Phoebe's heart froze at the sight and sounds—they were too late for Angel.

“Someone's got to warn Buffy!” the vampire yelled. “Spike, go! Warn the Slayers--!”

All three sisters flinched as the man dissolved into dust. “We're too late.”

“Not for Spike,” Paige said as the man himself, stunned at the sight of the other man's death, froze. “Spike!”

The vampire dissolved into orbs just as the demon he'd been fighting would have set him alight. Phoebe went straight to him when he rematerialized on the roof, collapsing at their feet. He looked up at her, still in shock, as she put his head in her lap.

“Is there anyone else down there?” Paige asked, kneeling next to him as the demons roared out in rage. Spike stared at her blankly. “Spike, are there any--”

“Illyria disappeared into the mass of em,” he said. “Who the bloody hell--”

“The Charmed Ones,” Phoebe told him as the familiar sound of her sister exploding things hit her ears. “Paige, is Piper--”

“Taking her rage out on the demon army,” Paige said moving to watch. Spike suddenly sprang to his feet, looking frantically down. A giant explosion of white and purple laced lightning suddenly engulfed a huge chunk of the army, leaving nothing but a smoking crater and one prone demon in a red suit, with blue streaked hair.

“ILLYRIA!” he shouted, making as if he were going to jump down to the woman.

“Roof!” Paige snapped out and the prone form appeared just behind them. Phoebe remained looking around as Spike fell to his knees beside his friend, frantically checking her over.

“Stop,” the woman—demon?--ordered, swatting his arms away weakly. “I have used the last of my energies, half-breed.”


“This is a good death,” she said and Phoebe knew there was nothing they could do for the woman—demon? She was dying. “Avenged the other Half-Breed.”

Spike looked over his shoulder and Phoebe suddenly realized the dragon was dead. This woman had killed it. Illyria suddenly stiffened and her gaze went to Spike. “Mourn for me, Half-Breed. I am worthy of that.”

“Yes, you are,” he whispered, sounding broken, as the woman morphed into a human looking form. She wasn't breathing. “Go be with Wesley, Fred. Take care of him.”

“Who are they?”

Phoebe and Spike looked up at Piper's sudden demand. “Who are who?” he asked, getting to his feet with a grim expression. He and Phoebe joined her sisters on the edge, looking down to where a group of women were rushing into a fight with the demons. Spike's face twisted into anger. “About bloody time!” he said through clenched teeth. “All of us die and they finally bloody show up!”

“They have things under control,” Paige said as Phoebe realized they had to be Slayers. “We should go. Phoebe's vision only had Spike—none of them.”

“Vision?” Spike demanded, looking at the three of them.

“We were supposed to save you,” Phoebe told him solemnly. “But Paige is right, I don't think we're supposed to help them—just you.”

Spike looked down at the fight below and she didn't need to be an empath to know what he was feeling. The slayer he'd fallen for was not among the army who'd come. His expression turned stony as he looked at her. “Why me?”

“I honestly don't know,” she answered. “But I almost never get visions without a reason.”

Spike looked back down at the fight below, which was already turning against the demons. His expression went blank but Phoebe could feel the loss and resignation as he turned to them.

“Then let's go,” he said. His eyes flickered down below again, locking on a brunette and a redhead fighting back to back. One was lashing out with green energy, tears streaming down her cheeks, the other with a broadsword. Both were angry and full of pain; she made a mental note to find out who they were, because she didn't think they'd knowingly abandoned the fighters. Spike turned back to Phoebe and tears came to her eyes at the utter abandonment he was feeling overwhelmed everything from the two girls down below.

“There's nothing for me here anymore.”
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