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Phoenix Force

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Phoenix Force". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The X-Men and Jean and Logan in particular are shocked by the appearance of a young mutant from another reality who brings shocking revelations as to what their lives could have been like.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR15312,33011312,5198 Jun 1127 Jun 11Yes

Chapter 1

Phoenix Force

Author: Razial

Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I don't own the X-men or any of the other characters used from Marvel Comics they are the property of Marvel Comics and Stan Lee. I don`t own any of the characters in this story bar the ones I created.

Subject: This is mainly a character piece and a possible set up to a series of stories.

Notes: This starts off in an AU reality where Alexander Logan is the son of Jean and Logan, a member of the X-Men. His mutant powers are a healing factor, slight telepathy and he is a host to the Phoenix Force. He has three retractable adamantium claws bonded to his right hand. His girlfriend is Kitty Pryde. It will cross into the main AU world of X-men later on.

Summary: The X-Men and Jean and Logan in particular are shocked by the appearance of a young mutant from another reality who brings shocking revelations as to what their lives could have been like.

Chapter 1


Alexander Grey Logan dodged the blasts from the sentinel he was currently fighting, he was annoyed that his date with Kitty had been interrupted, but then it would not be the first time it had happened. Their lives as X-Men were always interrupted by their many enemies. This time however they had no clue who had set the Sentinels against them. They had believed them destroyed to the last, clearly that had been a mistake. He glanced to his right where his parents Jean Grey and Logan were tag teaming another of the mutant hunting robots, just across from them his girlfriend Kitty, Kurt, Rogue and her boyfriend Gambit were also teaming up to combat two more of the things.

Glancing back towards where Magneto, leader of the X-Men, floated in the sky with his daughter Polaris by his side fighting four of the things, luckily their powers of being able to manipulate metal gave them a huge advantage against the robots. A stray blast sent him flying through the wall and he cursed his lack of attention, rolling over he noted the wound he had taken quickly healed. Grinning he popped the claws on his right hand and charged back out to confront the robot. He found the final member of the team Psylocke launching attacks with her telekinesis. Increasing his pace he jumped onto the robot's legs and using his claws climbed up towards the things chest. The sentinel was so distracted by Psylocke that it missed his presence until he began to use his claws to rip and tear into the things chest armor. Sparks flew as his claws made short work of the wires and circuits he could see, before he could do anything else the sentinel grabbed him and flung him into a nearby tree. He let out a grunt of pain as he fell to the ground, his vision blurred for a second before it cleared as his healing factor quickly activate again.

"God damn tin cans," he muttered as Betsy jumped out of the way of the Sentinel's foot as it came down in an attempt to kill her. "Ok no more Mr. Nice Guy," he growled as he got back to his feet.

Taking a deep breath he began to summon the power of the phoenix force he had inherited from his mother, he rose up into the air and unleashed a powerful blast that blew a hole right through the Sentinel's chest. The robot reared wildly before it collapsed in a heap. Alex fell back to the ground feeling slightly off balance. He wished he had more control over the phoenix force, like his mother did, so he could actually fly, but he knew it had taken her a long time to fully master the phoenix force.

"Nice shot," Betsy said, as she moved to his side. "I hate these things, they are like cockroaches, they always show up again," she added with a glare at the downed robot.

"I know what you mean Betsy," Alex responded before they were interrupted by one of the Sentinels exploding behind them. Turning, they watched Magneto and his daughter take apart the second of the four they were currently fighting. Knowing the fight was not over both moved to help the rest of their team mates. Alexander moved straight for where Kitty had been flung to by one of the Sentinels. She was clearly hurt and that pissed him off.

"Alex, look out," his mother's sudden warning made him pause and turn as four more Sentinels appeared and all four fired on him. He knew not even his healing factor could save him from that kind of damage. The last sight he had was his mother glowing from the fire of the phoenix force as she thrust her arms towards him, he felt the energy weapons hit before he felt his mother's power wash over him. The others saw a blinding flash of light which when it vanished showed Alex was nowhere to be seen. Jean collapsed feeling drained from using so much of her power to save her son, but she quickly got back up.

"Where is he?" Logan asked, as he backed away towards her from the approaching Sentinels.

"ALEX," Kitty's cry of anguish was heard by all the X-Men and they all could tell she believed her boyfriend to be dead.

"Safe," was all Jean could say before they were forced back into the fight.

Logan trusted his wife and if she said their son was safe he knew she was telling the truth, turning back to the advancing Sentinels he let out a growl before charging into the fight.


(Earth-616, Main X universe)

Jean Grey was heading for Professor's Xavier's office to discuss the group of new mutants who would be showing up in the next week. The search for other mutants never stopped and they had been lucky to find so many. New classes were already been arranged for them, but they also had to sort out rooms for them to stay in and of course equipment they would need. Storm and Rogue joined her from the next corridor; they all fell into small talk about the latest events surrounding the X-Men. The flash of light ahead of them made them all pause and drop into combat positions, their training and experiences left them no other move.

When the light faded they were all surprised to see a young man standing ahead of them, he was swaying slightly and Jean quickly noted he had been hurt. His jump suit which was ripped and torn reminded her of an X-Men uniform, but she did not recognize him. He was bleeding from many wounds around his chest and he quickly collapsed. Spurred on by a sudden protective feeling towards the newcomer she rushed forward and placed her hand on his pulse point, she felt relieved to find a slow, but steady pulse.

"Storm, help me get him to medical," Jean said, turning to her friends. "Rogue, please go alert the Professor as to what has happened," she added before turning back to the wounded young man.

"You got it shugah," Rogue responded before she quickly headed for the office where she knew the Professor was.

Storm moved and helped Jean lift the young man and began to heed to the lift, he let out a moan and was clearly in pain. They arrived quickly and placed him on the bed before Storm stepped away and watched as Jean went to work to heal the young man, she noted her friend looked far more concerned than should be normal.

"Do you know this person Jean?" she couldn't help to ask.

"I've never seen him before in my life Storm and yet for some reason I find myself caring a great deal if he lives or dies," Jean answered, risking only a small glance at her.

"Interesting," the sound of Professor Xavier's voice made them both turn to look at him as he moved towards them in his wheelchair with Rogue by his side. "Do you feel anything else in this regard Jean?" he inquired as he looked the wounded young man over.

"Yes, it is a feeling I've only felt around Rachel and Madelyne," Jean responded. She went to continue before she came to a dead stop and the Phoenix force inside her activated taking complete control of her body.

The others backed off as Jean's body was instantly consumed by the fiery outline of the Phoenix. Jean placed her hands on the young man's chest and he too lit up with the same power much to Charles Xavier's surprise. Scott Summers chose that moment to enter and quickly tried to interfere only to be sent flying into the wall by the Phoenix fire around Jean, again this surprised the others. Jean had long mastered the powers of the Phoenix and it had been a long time since they had seen it act on its own. This made them wonder who the wounded young man was and how was he was linked to Jean.

Scott pushed himself back to his feet in shock at the way he had been casually flung aside by his wife. He wished once more that she had never been picked as the host for the Phoenix. She had never been the same since that event and he still hoped to find a way of removing it from her body. He ignored the look he received from the professor who must have picked up his thoughts. Finally Jean stepped away from the young man and the Phoenix fire began to die down. They were all surprised when the young man's wounds instantly began to heal just like they had seen a hundred times with Logan.

"Ok, what the hell is going on?" Scott demanded to know as Jean collapsed into a chair and rubbed her temples.

"This young man appeared in the mansion ten minutes ago in a flash of light. He was wounded and Jean seems to be connected to him in some way," Storm answered. "She has shown great concern even though she doesn't know him and she says she has the same feeling from him she feels around Rachel and Madelyne," she explained. "And now we just saw him being consumed by the Phoenix fire and not be harmed. He has now healed instantly like Logan does, which makes me wonder if he has a link to him as well," she stated.

"What are you suggesting Storm?" Scott asked and they could all hear the jealous and angry undertone in his voice.

The rivalry between Scott and Logan was well known to all the X-Men and when it came to Jean that rivalry went much deeper. It didn't matter that Jean had married Scott much to the horror of Logan. Whenever something brought Logan back to the mansion, the tension always picked back up. Now facing the possibility of something joining his wife to the Canadian made him deeply angry, he might be Jean's husband but he had always noted that his wife always had a soft spot for Logan. Something he had never understood, he was just glad Logan was not here right now. He had gone out to look for Gambit who had been exiled by the majority of the X-Men for his actions in helping Sinister in wiping out the Morlocks.

"Enough Scott, leave your rivalry with Logan aside or leave," Xavier interrupted, before Storm could answer. "Jean, when you feel up to it I wish you to take blood samples and DNA tests," he said, turning to the red head who nodded her head. "Keep him unconscious for now until we have some idea who he is and why he is here," he added before he turned to leave. "Scott, you are with me," he ordered.

Scott wanted to argue, but a glare from Jean made him follow the Professor, clearly his actions had not pleased Jean. He could not help it, Logan just brought out a side of himself that was vastly different than normal. He didn't like seeing the Canadian anywhere near Jean. He wished that the man would just stay away permanently.

Rogue watched the door close before she turned to Jean who was still rubbing her temples. "You okay Jean?" she asked.

"I think so Rogue," Jean responded as she got back up. "Whoever this young man is," she told them, "he is a host for the Phoenix Force as well, like me, Rachel and to a lesser extent Madelyne," she stated. "That is what I felt from him, it might also explain my concern for him as the Phoenix clearly recognized a fellow host," she suggested.

"A possible solution Jean," Storm agreed. "However it does not explain his healing factor being exactly like Logan's," she pointed out.

Jean briefly closed her eyes as she listened to Storm. Opening her eyes again she did her best to ignore the possibility that the young man was connected not just to her, but to Logan as well. She knew how the seemingly ageless man felt about her even now that she was married to Scott his feelings for her remained the same. Sometimes she briefly saw those emotions in her friend before he tightened his grip. Logan did his best to keep his thoughts and dreams about her to himself, but sometimes they slipped through and she picked them up, then there was the small part of her that had always felt attracted to Logan. It was another reason for the hostility between Logan and Scott. He knew there was a part of her that was attracted to the other man and he didn't like it one bit. She had done her best to keep that part of herself caged and thankfully Logan had backed away from always challenging her feelings for Scott or flirting with her since she had married Scott. The temptation however was always inside her and she did not need Storm to allude to things that might stir that side of her.

"Leave her be Stormy," Rogue countered. "We don't need any more infighting after what happened with Remy," she reminded her and both women could see the pained expression the subject brought out on her face.

The subject of Gambit and his exile was always going to be a sore subject for Rogue. Her on and off again romance with the Cajun thief was long, but when she had learned the truth of his role in the Morlock Massacre she had been so enraged and like the majority of the others she had voted for his exile as well. The kiss she had shared with him by force at Magneto's hand had shown her everything. It had left her with a deep physic echo of the man that still hadn't fully left her.

However as the echo died down she had felt great guilt at leaving Gambit in the frozen waste of Magneto's base. However when she went back to find him he had vanished. This had led to Logan who had not been a part of the vote to exile Gambit to go in search of him. She knew it had also got him out of the mansion where he had to watch Scott and Jean, which still made him heart sick. Turning she left the infirmary and headed for her room wondering if Logan would indeed find Remy, but she was still confused on what she would do if they came back.

"I did not mean to upset her," Storm said after a brief silence. "Just let her be Ororo," Jean replied as she began to take some blood from the young man on the table. "The memory of Gambit still haunts her, it probably always will," she added.

Storm had no reply and chose to leave as well, deciding it was best to leave her friend to her work. Still she couldn't help but believe the young man was connected to both Jean and Logan. She could sense trouble on the horizon if she was right. Shaking her head she headed outdoors for some fresh air.

Jean let out of sigh as she worked and then sent out a mental probe. She found Logan easily enough and noted he was close to the mansion. Clearly he was on his way home anyway, she felt him lock onto her metal touch something he had always been able to detect.

‘Haul your ass back here, Logan. I believe we have a situation here that might require your presence,' she told him.

‘On my way Red,' Logan responded. ‘Tell Chuck I found Cajun and we're both coming in,' he added before he broke contact.

Jean blinked as she realized that things were going to be even more messy than she had realized especially if Storm turned out to be right about this young man being connected to her and Logan.

‘Professor, I just contacted Logan through a mental probe and he is already close to the mansion and on his way home,' Jean sent to Xavier. ‘He found Gambit and they are both coming back,' she added.

‘I understand Jean. I will let Rogue know, so she won't be caught off guard,' Xavier responded before he went silent. Jean let out a sigh, then she set about doing the tests the Professor had wanted done.
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