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Marvelous Exile

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Summary: Xander is banished from his universe after a bet he loses to Willow allows her to have him wear a Supergirl costume for Halloween.

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What To Do Now?


Chapter Two

What To Do Now?

Xander slammed the door of the bathroom closed and said a silent prayer to her lost friend, Jesse, that they had spent hours memorizing the layout of the Avengers Mansion from a book they had found. Willow had told them back then that knowing the layout would have been completely useless and they should have been studying for a test that had been coming up soon but they didn’t listen.

“Look at me now, Willow.” She said to herself letting out a giggle as well. “I’m actually in the Avengers Mansion. I have to find clothes because I swore to Jesse the only mansion I’d wind up naked in would be the Playboy Mansion.”

From the other side of the door, she heard. “I think you might want to wait a few years before going that route.” A man’s voice said. “I don’t think Hef would want to face charges of child porn if I have your age right.”

Xander walked over to the door and was about to ask who it was when an idea dawned on her. ‘You’re Supergirl.’ She thought before peering through the door with her x-ray vision.

“Spider-Man, think you can find me some clothes?” She asked. “I’ll explain why I know who you are when I get dressed. Trust me, I’m not going away where.”

Spider-Man shrugged his shoulders and walked away. He ran into Miss Marvel and Tigra who were searching for the girl as well.

“Carol, Pam, I found the girl.” He said to them. “Think you could find her some clothes that might fit.”

“Think she’ll run again?” Carol asked the web slinger.

“No, she told me she wouldn’t.” Peter replied. “I think she can see through walls though.”

“Great, she has super speed and x-ray vision.” Tigra said. “What else can she do?”

It was about five minutes later that Xander heard a knock on the bathroom door. She used her x-ray vision to see the red furred heroine, Tigra, holding what looked like a gray T-shirt and matching sweat pants. Xander cracked the door open and took the clothes from her with a smile on her face. She dressed quickly noting the Avengers’ style A on the shirt before she reopened the bathroom door. Tigra seemed a bit amused for some reason.

“So, I’m guessing there are a few questions for me.” She said. “Is Doctor Strange here?”

“Yes, he is.” Tigra replied cautious. “How do you know about him?”

“I would rather explain this all at once.” Xander said. “I’m not from this universe. In my world, your world is a comic book.”

Tigra seemed to take it well. “So, I’m just a comic book character.” She said.

“Heck, I don’t have much room to talk.” Xander replied with a smile. “I lost a bet with my best friend and had to dress up as one for Halloween. Does Supergirl ring any bells by chance?”

“Nope.” Tigra said shaking her head.

“Okay, I guess I’ll wait till we go to whatever meeting room we’re going to.” She replied. “Alexander Harris, by the way.”

Tigra raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t that a guy’s name?” She asked.

“Up until a few hours ago, I was one.” Xander replied.

Tigra decided to drop the issue until they reached the meeting room. As they entered the meeting room, Xander was a little taken back by the heroes that were in the room. The feline heroine sat down looking literally like the cat who ate the canary as she grinned at her fellow Avengers.

“Who are you?” Iron Man asked. “How did you get in our base?”

“Alexander LaVelle Harris and for the second question, I’m blaming one of you.” She replied looking at them. “I want to know who taunted Murphy. I know it wasn’t Spider-Man as I think his spider sense would forbid him from doing that.”

“She’s got a point.” Spider-Man said nodding his head. “Cap did taunt Murphy.”

“But, isn’t Alexander a man’s name?” Luke Cage asked.

“Up until a few hours ago, I was one.” Xander answered. “In my universe, this universe is nothing but a comic book. I made a bet with my best friend and since I lost, I’d have to wear her choice of Halloween costume.”

“What was the bet?” Miss Marvel asked a bit curious.

“Whether or not I’d get a higher test score than a girl in my class.” Xander replied. “She’s a walking blonde joke if you know what I mean. It should have been simple for me to get a higher grade than she did but she aced the test while I only got a B minus.”

“Ouch, so how did...” Spider-Man asked gesturing.

“The costume shop owner had enchanted his costumes. Aside from one other costume, I was the only one to remain transformed.” Xander said. “The other costume happened to be the Beyonder who was not amused with the shop’s owner. I don’t even want to know what he did to the guy but I’m glad the Beyonder brought me into this universe than what the alternative was.”

“I have to ask but what was worse?” Iron Man asked.

“Imagine a creature as strong as the Hulk if not stronger. Every time you do manage to kill this monster, it will soon resurrect itself and evolve to a point where how it was killed last time won’t do it a second time.” Xander explained. “Now, picture that this creature has been around for thousands if not millions of years destroying everything it came across.”

“By the Vishanti, why would the Powers That Be of your universe do such a thing?” Doctor Strange asked. “That creature would only bring destruction and death wherever it went. Even the Hulk would get bored and tire out.”

“I know.” Xander said shrugging her shoulders. “I didn’t have much of a choice. It was either come here or my friends could get killed.”

Miss Marvel raised an eyebrow. “You weren’t concerned about your family?” She asked the girl.

“Miss Danvers, my hometown was built on a Hellmouth. It was infested with every sort of demon and vampire that you can imagine and I had been clueless until the start of this year. I spent nights sleeping outside to get away from my parents’ drunken arguments.” Xander replied. “I could have been killed several times simply for living in my hometown. I wasn’t concerned about them.”

“Understandable.” Jennifer said. “So, how were you able to go super fast?”

“That is one of Kara’s powers.” Xander replied.

“One of her powers,” Captain America said catching what Xander had implied. “what else can she do?”

Using her fingers as she ticked off a list of powers, she said. “Super speed, super strength, super hearing, freeze breath, heat vision, x-ray vision, telescopic vision, flight, and invulnerability.”

Luke’s eyes widened. “Damn, girl, is there anything you can’t do?” He asked. “You’re like a more powerful version of Miss Marvel.”

“Hey, I just got transformed into an alien girl who has a lot of powers at her disposal.” She replied. “I’m only now getting use to my speed. I’m lucky that I didn’t plow into a wall.”

Tony raised the face plate of his armor up and smiled at the girl. “Are you hungry, Xander?” He asked receiving a nod from the transformed girl. “Why don’t you go with Jarvis and he’ll fix you something to eat?”

The blonde haired teenager left with the butler and Tony touched a few keys on a nearby control panel. A feeling reminiscent of static electricity passed over them. Natasha Romanoff, also known to the world as the Black Widow, raised an eyebrow as she looked over at Tony.

“What was that?” She asked.

“Something I developed as a sort of anti-SHIELD surveillance tech.” Tony replied. “Among other things, it should prevent our guest from overhearing us.”

“Nick rubbing off on you, Tony?” Steve Rogers asked.

“It’s not paranoia if you know what they’re capable of.” Tony replied. “She must be going through a similar experience that you did when you were thawed out, Steve.”

The old soldier nodded his head. “You’re right, Tony. Changed by methods that were outside of our understanding and forced by fate to leave all that we knew, we are alike.” He said. “We need to help her.”

“Why don’t we see if the X-Men won’t take her in at the Institute?” Luke asked.

Tony shook his head. “If Professor Xavier was still there, I would have thought the same thing but I’m not going to ask them to take her in after what has happened to them already.” The billionaire replied. “We’ll need to handle this ourselves.”

“How, Tony?” Carol Danvers asked. “We’re not exactly set up for it.”

“Yeah, I mean. She’ll need clothes, friends her own age, people to help her understand her powers.” Jennifer Walters said. “That’s the Institute.”

“Not to mention identity.” Natasha added.

“I’m a billionaire so I think I can take care of a few of those. A few of her abilities are in our ability to teach her. Carol can help her with flight along with Jennifer on her strength.” Tony replied. “We could introduce her to the Young Avengers as well. That way, she’d be able to possibly have friends around her own age that would also know about her powers as well as them having their own abilities as well.”

“Hopefully, an issue of the Young Avengers wasn’t made in her universe yet.” Tigra added. “They might not like the whole ‘our reality is a comic book in her reality’ concept.”

“We might want to explain that the Young Avengers’ Hawkeye isn’t Clint though.” Peter added as well.

“That could be awkward.” Tony said.

“Let’s just hope that SHIELD doesn’t find out about her.” Steve said to them before Spider-Man began to beat his own head on the table. “What did I say?”

Peter glared at Captain America. “Did you just ask that question? What happened last time you said something like that?” He asked incensed. “You’ve taunted Murphy again.”

“Peter,” Natasha said. “that was just coincidence.”

While the rest of the Avengers were continuing a rather pointless philosophical debate, Tony Stark decided to bring up one of the external cameras on a hunch. What he saw made him slap his right armored palm to his faceplate.

“Steve, the next time you decide to say something that might coincidentally occur...don’t.” Tony said as he deactivated the anti-surveillance shield. “SHIELD decided to show up in our backyard.”

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes headed out of the conference room and found Xander seemingly having a pleasant conversation with the SHIELD director.

A Few Minutes Ago...

Xander sat down in the kitchen and looked over at Jarvis who seemed ready for her to request something.

“Anything is fine, Jarvis.” She said. “I’ve never been picky.”

“That is indeed fortunate, young lady, as several of the Avengers are.” Jarvis replied. “No matter what I fix for meals here, someone always complains about something. The only two I haven’t seen complain are Mister Stark and Mister Logan.”

“Tony is used to your cooking and Logan will probably eat anything that may or may not try to take a bite out of him.” Xander said. “Though the thought of Wolverine as an Avenger, that’s new.”

Xander turned her head and Jarvis noticed the shift in her eyes. He walked over to a window and his eyes widened at the sight of the SHIELD helicarrier along with several SHIELD aircraft coming down on the mansion.

“I have two questions. One, what did the Avengers do?” She asked. “Two, who in the hell is acting like she’s Nick Fury in drag?”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Marvelous Exile" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Aug 11.

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