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Marvelous Exile

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Summary: Xander is banished from his universe after a bet he loses to Willow allows her to have him wear a Supergirl costume for Halloween.

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RubyPaladinFR1824,05567414,3399 Jun 1111 Aug 11No

The Loss


Challenge 6364: Supergirl Xander

Xander, having lost a bet with one of the girls, has to dress up as supergirl for Halloween. After all is said and done he ends up with not only superpowers but his body changed into a girl as well. I would like for it to have Xander trying hard to adjust to his new form progressively as he learns what it's like to be not only a girl but a girl with superpowers. I would also like for it to have Xander having to go to a different Universe because he would disrupt the "balance" of things in his own Universe. The Universe that I would like for him to go to is the Marvel Universe.

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Marvelous Exile


Ruby Paladin

Chapter One


“I can’t believe this happened.” Xander said as she sat down in the library chair.

Because of a bet she had made a week ago back when she was a he of course, she was now clad in the red and blue costume worn by Supergirl. She ran a hand through her long blonde hair as she tried to get a grip on the situation. Giles looked up from the old book he had removed from a shelf when he learned of the predicament.

“Xander, I will try to find some way to reverse what has happened to you.” Giles replied.

“If nothing else, you could always join the cheerleading squad.” Cordelia suggested before getting stared at. “What? With Supergirl’s abilities, we’d go to state.”

“Excuse me for not caring whether or not the cheerleaders go to state or not, I want my penis back!” Xander exclaimed.

“Giles, we need to find a way to get my no-longer-Xander-shaped friend back to being Xander shaped.” Buffy told her Watcher.

“I’m trying to find anything that might help, Buffy, but chaos magic is notorious for rather erratic results.” Giles replied. “It may be irreversible.”

Angel was about to say something when a burst of heat vision from Xander nailed the railing he had been leaning against. He leapt away from it and glared at the transformed Kryptonian girl who glared back at him with her eyes almost glowing.

“One word, Deadboy, and my next burst goes through you.” Xander said pointing a finger at him.

“Xander, you need to calm down.” Buffy told her. “Don’t fry my boyfriend.”

“With my super hearing, he’s even more annoying and unnerving as ever.” Xander replied. “I can hear the heartbeats of everyone in this room and with him not having a heartbeat...”

Willow nodded. “I can see why that would be wiggy.” She said. “Xander, I’m so sorry about winning the bet.”

“Willow, I’m not mad at you. How was I suppose to know that Harmony would get a better test score than I would? It’s Harmony.” Xander told her friend. “Well...”

Xander turned her head and looked towards the door. Willow noticed her friend’s eyes seemed to shift into a different color momentarily.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Someone is here, he isn’t human, and he dresses badly.” Xander replied.

The ‘man’ stepped into the library and Angel recognized him immediately. “His name is Whistler.” Angel said introducing him. “He’s a balance demon that works for the Powers That Be.”

“Yeah, what Ratbreath said.” Whistler said. “I’m here because of this little incident which is really riling up both sides.”

“What do you mean?” Giles asked.

“Well, Evil realizes that at this time that they are majorly screwed right now and are actively seeking to kill you and/or corrupt you to their side.” Whistler said to Xander. “Good is of course not liking that idea.”

“Okay, I have a feeling the Powers That Be have an even worse idea judging by the tone of your voice.” Xander replied.

Whistler scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, their idea is incredibly stupid that it would make that Harmony girl that you know a member of Mensa.” He replied.

“Harmony, a member of Mensa!” Willow exclaimed. “What kind of retards are the Powers That Be?”

“They want to create Doomsday to balance out your friend.” Whistler replied. “Even I’ve read Superman comics in the last few years to know that is a completely dumb ass idea.”

“Oh, Rao.” Xander said weakly as she lowered her head. “Doomsday killed Kal. There’s no way I could stop him.”

“I know and the Powers have to be bogarting whatever it is that they’re smoking if they think that’s a good idea.” Whistler replied apparently furious with the very idea. “There is no way they could even stop something like that.”

“What can I do?” Xander asked.

“I found what might be the best alternative.” Whistler said as a portal formed and out stepped a figure only Xander recognized. “That guy, Warren, dressed as him.”

“Greetings, I am The Beyonder.” The figure replied. “Thanks to Warren Meers, I know what has happened here. Your world is like countless others. It exists on a precipice awaiting one good hard shove to send it over the edge. Unfortunately, you happen to be the shove. Should you stay?”

“And what, go to the Marvel Universe?” Xander asked with a smile. “I think that might be a copyright violation.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that.” The Beyonder replied. “While the ‘Marvel Universe’ as you refer to it requires balance as well, it has already been thrown out of balance by the Scarlet Witch.”

“What happened?” Willow asked concerned.

“She became quite angry with her father and yelled ‘No More Mutants’.” The Beyonder replied. “The mutant population was reduced to a mere one hundred and ninety eight people. You will help in restoring the balance.”

Xander got out of the chair. “Okay, but there are a few people who I need to say good-bye to first.” She told him.

The Beyonder raised his right hand slightly and three people were teleported into the room. Miss Calender, Joyce Summers, and her youngest daughter were rather surprised. Though Jenny seemed to be less shocked by the teleportation, she was surprised to see the Beyonder.

“England, I didn’t know the Beyonder was real.” Jenny said.

“Neither did I but he’s here to keep the Powers That Be from creating Doomsday to balance out Xander.” Giles replied.

“Wait, the Powers That Be want to create Doomsday?” Dawn asked. “What are they smoking?”

Whistler raised his arms up and exclaimed. “Thank you. Now, Xander wants to say his...I mean her good byes.”

Joyce was confused as she looked over at the blonde haired girl dressed as Supergirl. It took a moment but she walked over to the girl.

“Oh my god, how did this happen?” She asked.

“The shop where we bought our costumes from was owned by a chaos mage that Giles seems to know and he enchanted the costumes he sold.” Xander explained. “Apparently, random chance caused me to stay like this.”

“Magic isn’t real, Xander.” Joyce told her daughter’s transformed friend.

“Right, an unreal source of energy turned me into Kara Zor-El. Miss Summers, you’ve been more of a mother to me than my own has been.” Xander said as tears began to come down her face. “Oh great, I’m crying.”

Joyce hugged the girl she tried to calm her down. It took a few moments but Xander managed to calm down.

“Wait a minute, if magic is real then does that mean that Buffy was telling me the truth this whole time?” Joyce asked as Xander allowed her to pull away. “I’m so sorry, Buffy.”

“It’s okay, Mom.” Buffy told her mother.

“Miss Calender, you’re the only teacher who didn’t give up on trying to teach me anything despite my best efforts not to learn.” Xander said. “I thought you’d want to know.”

“Good bye.” Jenny replied.

“Dawn, you’re the little sister I’ve never had.” She said to the youngest Summers. “I will always care about you and I know that any guy who marries you will be the luckiest guy on Earth.”

Dawn was quiet as Xander walked over to Giles. She immediately hugged the man and was able to resist using her newly found full strength as Buffy was notorious for doing. Though surprised, the librarian hugged her back.

“Giles,” She said deciding not to use her nickname for him. “you’ve been a father to me in all ways but blood. I’m going to miss you.”

“I’m going to miss you as well.” Giles replied. “Don’t do anything foolish.”

Xander smirked. “I’m going to be in a universe that everyone once thought of as a comic book and I’ve got superpowers.” She said. “Foolish actions tend to be mandatory.”

“Be careful.” He told her.

“I’ll try.” Xander replied before she turned to Cordelia. “Well, I guess since this is my last time in this universe...”

Xander pulled her closer to herself and surprised her by kissing her passionately on her lips. Her hands roamed the cheerleader’s body as she kissed her. After a couple of coughs from the spectators, Xander stepped away from Cordelia.

“Rao, I always wanted to do that.” Xander said before she went over to Angel.

“You’re not going to kiss me too?” Angel asked.

“Oh, hell No.” Xander said. “I want you to promise me that you will do everything that you can do to protect the people in this room. I can’t be here and you can be. I need you to do that for me, Angel.”

Angel’s eyes widened as he realized what he had just heard. He simply nodded his head at the girl as she went over to his girlfriend.

“Buffy, you were my proof that there were really superheroes in the world. If they had the costume, I would have still been in this situation because I know you love Power Girl. You had better die when you are old and grey-haired surrounded by your grandchildren and great grandchildren.” Xander said to her. “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, Xander.” Buffy said with her eyes tearing up. “I just wish there was some way we would know what was going on with you.”

“Done.” A demonic looking woman whispered as she peeked in through a window. She had shielded herself from detection using her magic otherwise she would have been noticed.

“Well, I wish there was some way I would know what was going on here.” Xander replied.

“Done.” The demon woman said again.

Xander turned to her childhood best friend only to have the redheaded girl rush her as Willow hugged her transformed friend. Tears were once again shed as both girls tried to say good-bye to one another but couldn’t find the words. When they separated, Xander blurred away for a moment before returning with a yellow crayon. She held it out to her friend who gently took it from her.

“Willow, our friendship began with a yellow crayon. Let this crayon remind you of that friendship when I’m no longer here.” Xander said. “I will not forget you, Wills.”

“You better not, Mister...” Willow replied before she laughed at what she had said. “I mean Miss.”

Xander laughed and stepped away to look at the Beyonder. “I’m ready.” She said.

“Very well.” The Beyonder said before both of them disappeared in a flash of light.

Willow looked at the spot that her friend had been standing and her eyes widened. She crouched down at the spot and picked up the Supergirl costume that Xander had been wearing.

“Uh oh.” She said.


Avengers Mansion

The Avengers stepped out of the Quin Jet as they arrived back from their trip to Genosha. Finding out that Magneto had been one of the victims of Wanda’s proclamation had been another surprise for them, it was almost not getting surprising for them. Steve Rogers pulled back his mask and ran a hand through his hair.

“What else can happen?” He asked.

A flash of white light occurred in front of them and when the light faded, a naked blonde teenage girl stood before them. She looked around at them as if she recognized them before she looked at herself.

“Oh crap.” She said before she blurred away with obvious super speed.

Spider-Man let out a breath he had held. “You had to ask.” He said.

Author’s End Notes: Sorry, loyal reviewers. I hit a plot bunny that I couldn’t get out of my head.
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