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NTK . . . . NOT

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Summary: GIbbs has a bad day

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NCIS > GeneralcmdruhuraFR1312,1500184,01810 Jun 1110 Jun 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
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Summary: Gibbs has a bad day – One Shot

The current case was giving Gibbs a headache in more ways than one. A Marine Gsgt. and his family had been slaughtered. And yet even that horrendous word was too tame to describe what had been done to them. Everyone who'd viewed the crime scene had gotten sick, though only he and Ducky had managed to wait until they were not observed when they did so.

The three kids were what got to him most. It had taken Ducky and Palmer over two days to confirm that all five members of the family had died in the house. That fact was not obvious just from viewing the scene as body parts from all the victims were intermingled together.

There had been some small hope that at least one of the children was still alive. Now that that hope was gone, Gibbs was filled with a steely resolve to see the perpetrator put away for a long, long time. Preferably after experiencing a lot of pain.

He was at his desk, where he’d been since early morning, re-examining the photos from the crime scene for perhaps the thousandth time. There was something bothering him about them but he couldn't put his finger on it and was trying to discover what it was.

Finally, frustration caused him to decide he needed to revisit the scene itself to figure out what was wrong.

He was about to pick up his gun and head out but was stopped when he heard his name called from the balcony.

“Agent Gibbs,” said Jenny. “I need to see you in my office.”

She apparently saw his hesitation as she then added, “Now!”

Reluctantly, he closed and locked the drawer then made his way to the Director's office. The scowl on his face made Cynthia glad she didn’t have to try and stop him from entering the Director’s office this time.

“Close the door,” said Jenny from behind her desk.

He did and then stood in front of the desk and observed Jenny's slight scowl. Obviously what she had to say wasn't good news.

“The Henderson case is being transferred to another agency,” she stated. “You and your team are to assemble all evidence and reports related to the case and prepare to hand them over to the other agency later this afternoon. This includes all copies – paper and electronic. A representative of the agency will then purge our electronic files once they receive all the files. All we will maintain is a hard copy of the fact that the family was murdered by party or parties unknown. Once the other agency has resolved the case, they will provide us with a final report to close out our files.”

“Jen, you can't let them take this case away,” stated Gibbs. “Tell them they can't have it.”

“Agent Gibbs,” replied Jenny, tightly and authoritatively. “This order came direct from SecNav, himself. The case is being transferred regardless of your preferences.”

Gibbs was brought up short by Jenny Shepard's use of her no nonsense Director's voice.

Of course that was nothing compared to his shock at hearing a voice speak from a darkened corner of the office. A corner that he was positive he'd scanned like he always did when he entered the Director's office and had found it empty at the time. Now, however, there was a short blonde dressed in a gray pants suit standing there. A short blonde that he hadn’t noticed enter the bullpen area let alone go into Jenny’s office.

“She's right. Your desires do not have any bearing on this decision at all,” said the mystery woman. “I suggest you go and gather up the evidence files so they are ready for when my colleague arrives later.”

Gibbs glared at the woman who he thought could barely be out of high school, let alone old enough to be an agent for some agency taking his case from him.

“Special Agent Gibbs, this is Special Agent S,” stated Jenny.

Gibbs waited a beat for Jenny to mention what agency Special Agent S was attached to in the hopes of getting a clue who he might call in some favors from. However, no such information was provided.

Finally, Gibbs growled out, “What agency are you from? Why are you trying to take over this case? And who are you, some Man in Black that only uses an initial for identification?”

“Jethro!” hissed Jenny menacingly.

The woman ignored the outraged Director and answered Gibbs directly with a smug smile, “My agency IS the one that is taking over the Henderson case. Also, as I am obviously not a male nor dressed in black, your powers of observation must be slipping. Which is just another reason for us to take over the case.”

Gibbs glowered at her sarcasm, but before he could snap back at her, Jenny spoke up, “Agent Gibbs, you are to go and prepare everything needed for transferring the case. Now!”

Gibbs seethed and glared at the mystery woman for several heartbeats before turning and heading for the door.

It took all of his will power not to slam the door shut.

Once back in the bullpen, he hissed out, “With me!”

Tony, Tim, and Ziva all looked up startled before quickly rising and following Gibbs to the elevator. All looked curious but no one wanted to be the first to ask what was up.

As usual, Gibbs flipped the STOP switch shortly after the elevator started its descent.

“We have been ordered to turn over the Henderson case to another agency,” he angrily stated. “All evidence and files are to be turned over this afternoon. The other agency will then wipe our computers of anything related to the case except for a hard copy brief statement about the Gunny and his family being murdered by person or persons unknown.”

“McGee, I don't know how good their expert is but I need you to somehow copy the relevant files without leaving a trace,” he said before turning to Tony. “DiNozzo, I need you to go to Ducky and tell him what's going on. Have him try to keep as many copies of his samples as possible without making it look like anything is missing. David, you give the same message to Abby. We don't have much time people . . .”

Before he could finish, the elevator started moving back up even though the STOP switch was still indicating STOP.

Gibbs toggled the switch several times but soon the doors to the elevator were opening to show armed security guards. All pointing their weapons at the occupants of the elevator. Standing just behind the line of guards was Jenny and the mystery woman.

The mystery woman held up her hand and flicked a switch on the item she held in it. Gibbs voice came from the device, replaying the conversation he'd just had in the elevator.

The four occupants of the elevator just stood there too stunned to even realize that the doors continued to remain open.

Once the recording ended, Jenny said to the head security guard, “Captain, you are to place Agents Gibbs, DiNozzo, and McGee under arrest for attempted mutiny. Officer David is also to be placed in custody until escorts from the Israeli embassy arrive to return her to Israel where I understand she will face similar charges. You will also send men to detain Dr. Mallard and Miss Sciuto, and put them in isolation until the interim Director arrives to deal with their termination of employment under less than honorable conditions. My secretary has the phone number of my replacement should anything else needs to be decided before his arrival. I’ll be in my office filling out my resignation.”

“Ducky and Abby had nothing to do with this!” yelled Gibbs. “You can't fire them!”

“Decisions and actions always have a ripple effect with unknown results Agent Gibbs,” stated the mystery woman blandly. “The consequences your colleagues are going to face are a prime example. You were a Marine, Agent Gibbs so you should know that you do not have to always understand or even like the lawful orders you are given. You just need to carry them out. If you hadn’t intended to defy those orders none of this would have happened.”

With those words ringing in his ears, Gibbs felt a sudden sensation of vertigo and found himself back in the Director's office still facing the mystery woman.

“What the hell!” he shouted, startling Jenny who had a bewildered look on her face.

“SHD,” said the woman holding up a small device. “Subliminal Hypno Device. Don't really know how it works but what you just experienced in your mind was a version of your worst nightmare. A nightmare you wouldn't have had unless you intended to keep investigating the Henderson case. That will not be allowed. In fact I have the authority to make that nightmare come true right now just based on the fact you reacted to the scenario supplied by the SHD. I prefer not to do that as you and your team do good work and would be hard to replace. But let me make one thing perfectly clear. NCIS is off this case. That means you are off this case. If you try to continue investigating this case, even without the help of your team, we will know about it and the people in your worst nightmare will feel the fallout of at least being unemployed and forced to work in the fast food industry to make a living for the rest of their lives. That’s on top of you occupying a cell next to some of the people you put behind bars.”

Jenny and Gibbs stood there stunned.

Jenny deducing that the young woman had somehow hypnotized Gibbs into seeing something in his mind that showed bad things happening to him and his team if Gibbs didn’t let go of the case. She didn’t know what it was but Gibbs was nearly foaming at the mouth with anger. Threatening his team would definitely do that. She wasn’t too happy about it either.

Gibbs was fighting an internal battle against charging over and punching out the woman regardless of how young she looked. Two things stopped him. One was the safety of his team. If she really had the authority to do what she said, then punching her would only make it more likely they would suffer for it all the more. The other was the look in her eyes. They were cold, emotionless, and completely confident. The type of eyes he saw in the mirror while they worked to catch some scumbag.

“I hope you choose to protect your team, Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs,” the young woman said. “I know I will.”

Gibbs knew that the woman wasn’t talking about protecting his team but protecting hers. That told him she wasn’t making idle threats and that she viewed further involvement by NCIS in the investigation as endangering her team somehow.

He gritted out, “You’d better get the bastard!”

“We will,” she replied unperturbed by his unspoken threat.

“Just for your information,” she added. “Your worst nightmare rates a 6.”

“Gee, thanks,” he replied with the sarcasm dripping copiously for those two words.

“You misunderstand, Agent Gibbs,” came her response as she headed towards the door. “That’s not 6 out of 10. That’s 6 out of 6 Billion, with a B.”

“My colleague will be by later to pick up the files and evidence.”

That said, Agent S left.

“Jethro,” came Jenny’s voice. “What did you see?”

Sighing he related what he had experienced and commented on how real it all seemed. Whatever device she used was that good.

Silence reigned for several minutes before Jenny spoke again.

“The current world population is about 6 Billion.”

“I know,” he replied. “My six is for you, Ducky, Abby, Tony, McGee, and Ziva. I don’t get counted as it’s expected that I will accept the consequences for my own actions. Good or bad.”

“So, do I need to contact SecNav and let him know that I can’t control the agents under me?” she asked.

“No need,” he said. “‘Cause I believe she’d be more than happy to share her worst nightmare with me as part of my punishment. And I pray that I never need to know what it is that gives someone that young the idea that the whole world would suffer if you make the wrong decision.”

With that, Gibbs left Jenny’s office and went to tell his team that the Henderson Case was being turned over to another agency. And spin some story that will placate them into accepting that decision. Possibly some Black Ops related to Homeland Security.

Alone in her office, Jenny had to agree with Gibbs. She really didn’t need to know that information either and wished, within her mind, that she didn’t already know.

The End

You have reached the end of "NTK . . . . NOT". This story is complete.

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