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The Guardian

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Summary: A new Time Lord is created and the Universe will never be the same

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-CenteredFreddyfrmelmstFR1845,14625419,56211 Jun 1129 Aug 11No

Chapter 2

The Guardian Part 2
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who Torchwood or BTVS

Xander could not believe it cross an ocean and jump 50 plus years into the past and still somehow he finds himself involved in his friends’ lives. Harris luck you better believe it.
“Not a problem I saw someone in trouble and I helped.”
“Yes sir but you helped a Jew no one in Germany would do that.” Otto told him
“Maybe Otto but I’m not German.” Xander told him.
“You're not?” asked Willow.
“American born and bred was doing some traveling and got stuck I guess you could say.” Xander fibbed.
“Whatever brought you here my friend I’m glad it “Otto smiled.

“What are you doing here may I ask?” Asked Xander.
“We are trying to escape Germany.” Willow told him.

“Any way I can help?” Xander smiled.
Otto looked around at the other 6 people each one nodded.
“You can look at our information and see if you can find something useable.” Otto smirked and pointed to a table that was loaded with scraps of paper. “That’s all the information we’ve been able to gather steal and scrounge in the last 2 years since we’ve been hiding. If you can find anything that can help let me know.
Xander smirked and yanked a pair of glasses out of his pocket and put them on and then froze. “Ok this instinct stuff is getting a little creepy.” He mumbled as he sat the table and pulled out a pen and pad and began reading.

Willow looked at Otto. “We’ve been thru that a hundred times it’s next to worthless why are you having him look at it.
“To keep him busy my dear while we check him out with our friend in the police. We can’t be too careful.”
Willow nodded hoping her savior was on the level because she liked him and he did protect her.

3 hrs passed and Otto nodded to Willow Xander was clean. Willow felt great relief at that.

Xander stood up and cracked his back. “Well I can see 3 ways out one dangerous and one completely insane and one Dangerous and seems insane but most likely to succeed if you have a pilot.”

Otto chuckled

“I was a crop duster for a year before I went into hiding one of the said.

Xander looked down at the papers again and began writing on his pad.

“Well if this information is reliable I found a way out of Germany and a way to deliver a major black eye to Hitler at the same time.

“It is the plan that’s dangerous the one that’s insane or the one that’s both?” Willow asked.
“It may seem insane and dangerous but it’s only seems that way because of who and what’s involved in this plan.” Xander motioned for the group to gather around.

“Alright here is my idea and the info to back it up. In 4 days Hitler returns from his trip and he will fly into the large airstrip that 2 miles east of here. My idea is we steal Hitler’s plane and use it to escape.” The Group exploded at the plan and Otto motioned for quiet.

“Thank you Otto.” Xander smiled.

“On the surface this idea may seem completely insane but it’s not.

The sewers here are almost connected to the drainage tunnel that leads under the air field’s hangers. All we would have to do is knock thru the two walls and clear a foot and a half or so of and dirt and the two tunnels will be connected. The Drainage tunnel connects to where Hitler’s plane is stored and where the air force keeps its fighters. We the time is right we can plant a small bomb on the fuel tanks behind the fighter hanger and that will take out the fighters.” Xander explained.

“From there standard procedure is to secure Hitler’s plane and move it to a safe location in case he needs to make an emergency escape to another location. We simply are waiting in the plane when the bomb goes off and take the plane we will be in the air and heading in the right direction to escape before they will know what happened.”

“That’s Nuts. Cried one person.

“It’s insane.” Yelled another.

“It’s brilliant.” Willow and Otto gasped.

“Yes it’s all three.” smiled Xander.

Xander told the group he would gather a few things from where he had been coming from when he saved Willow that would aid them in pulling this off.

Sneaking thru the streets Xander made it back to his Tardis.

Once he was safely inside the Tardis’ holographic image activated.

“Welcome back.” Smiled the Hologram.

“Thanks smiled Xander.” As he headed to the wardrobe room.

“Let’s see Germany pre 1944 uniforms.”

“Will you require anything other than uniforms?” asked the Hologram.
“Are they any explosives or anything that can be made into such on board?”

“Explosives are in the Armory sir make a right three halls down and 2nd door on the left.” Smiled the Hologram.

Xander just grinned he loved this Tardis.

Xander piloted the Tardis to the entrance of the hide out and headed inside.

“Alright everyone I brought all I could get my hands on to help with this little mission.” Smiled Xander as he dropped the bad with a variety of Nazi uniforms.

“Good god where did you get all these?” gasped Willow.
“I stole a truck and it happened to be a laundry truck.”
“Why did we never think of that?” asked Otto.

“We have the Uniforms to pull this off and I have some noise makers to help with the diversionary part of the plan now all we have to do is dig thru to the drainage tunnel and we will be in business.” Smiled Xander.

As the men left to gather there tools to dig Willow walked over to Xander.
“Why are you helping us? I mean you are obliviously an American and the Nazis will let you leave and you and go at anytime why are you helping a group of people you didn’t even know yesterday?”

Xander sighed. “I’m helping Willow because I lost my family they were taken from me by things I couldn’t control or stop. I’m alone now everything I ever knew I can’t be a part of anymore. I help because Its the only way I can honor those I lost and still do some good for myself too. I guess you can say I’m trying to save my soul by helping as many people as I can for as long as I can”.

Willow was stunned as Xander walked off to help on the tunnel connection. She had expected him to be some kind of government agent or something that had some special reason for why he was doing what he was. And yet the reason he gave was special but also very human.

Willow watched as Xander helped dig she could help but wonder what would happen if they all escaped would they become friends would they stay in touch. As she looked at him she could shake the feeling that Xander would be an important part of her future,
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