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The Guardian

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Summary: A new Time Lord is created and the Universe will never be the same

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-CenteredFreddyfrmelmstFR1845,14625419,56211 Jun 1129 Aug 11No

Pro and Chapter One

The Guardian


Disclaimer I don’t own BTVS Doctor Who Torchwood or any other crossovers you see here.

Buffy Giles and Willow sat in the library they were all worried Xander had run off to help during the madness of Halloween last night and no one had seen him since.

Buffy’s head snapped up as strange sound began to drift into the room.

“Do you guys hear that?” Buffy asked as she pulled a stake out of her backpack.

Before the others could answer a blue police box appeared just inside the book cage.

Giles ran and locked the book cage and tossed the key across the room.

The door to box opened and out stepped Xander in a brown suit long coat and glasses.

“Hello everyone.”

“Xander where the hell have you been?” demanded Willow as she ran to the cage.

“Here and there.”

“What is that thing Xander?” Buffy asked looking at the box.

“It’s my ride Buff.” Xander smiled.

“Just a second Xander let me get the key and you can explain what’s going on.” Giles told him.

“Don’t bother Giles I’m not staying.” The words freezing the Watcher in place.


“I can’t stay Willow I’ve been changed by the magic who I dressed as wasn’t human and now neither am I.”

“You still look human Xander.” Buffy told him scared she might have to slay her friend.

“No Buffy you look Time Lord we were here first.”

“What do you me We Xander?” Giles asked.

“I’m a Time Lord now Rupert. I know you think that I should’ve turned back once the spell ended but you see that Time Lords have the Ability to regenerate from Mortal wounds and last night after I killed Spike Dru stabbed be. I regenerated and I was no longer my costume I became a Time Lord in my own right.” Xander admitted

“So you’re an alien no big deal Xander we won’t tell anyone. You don’t have to leave.” Willow told him near tears.

Xander walked up to the cage and put his hand over Willow’s

“Willow when I regenerated the energy released from it was like sending out a massive flare. It’s how my ride here found me and the Time Lords had a lot of enemies some of whom wouldn’t think twice about slaughtering every man woman and child on this planet to make sure they killed me. I can’t stay Willow not for a while.”

“I’m coming with you.” Willow told him firmly. Pulling away from the cage and heading for the key.

“Sorry Willow not this time.” Xander smiled sadly as something dropped out of his sleeve and into his hand.

Willow ran to get the cage key while Xander raised his arm and melted the lock in place with his newly acquired laser screwdriver.

“What did you just do?” Buffy demanded as she Xander’s screw driver.

“Locked the cage so you can’t come in until after I’m gone Buffy.”

“Why did you do that?” Willow cried tears in her eyes and she tried to force the key into the melted lock.

“Because where I’m going you can’t follow Willow you and Buffy both have families that actually care about you and as much as I want to I can’t take you away from that. My family doesn’t care about me never has but you both have parents who love you and Willow while they might not always be there I know taking you away would destroy them. I have to make sure you are safe Wills nothing is more important to me to knowing you are safe.”

Xander stepped back from the cage and turned toward the box and snapped his fingers. The door opened bathing him in white light.

“I’ll come back someday but I don’t know when that will be. Take care of each other.” Xander told them as he stepped into the light and the box began to fade and Willow and Buffy screamed his name as Buffy tried to rip the door of the cage of its hinges.

By the time she got it loose the Box was already gone.

Xander closed the door. And rested his head against the door tears unshed welling in his eyes.

“You did what you had to do to keep them safe Xander.” A voice told him.
“Doesn’t make it any easier.” Xander whispered.

A hologram of a woman appeared next to him.

“You are leaving the ones you love to protect them there is nothing nobler then that Xander.”

“Yeah but it still hurts to do it” Xander told the Hologram as he walked over to the control panel and set a location. Anywhere but Sunnydale.

Chapter 1
The Tardis moved thru the time stream Xander piloting his ship running from the pain he was feeling. He had to leave his old life behind to keep his friends from being hurt because of what he was now. He gripped the Controls and selected a destination well away from Sunnydale but still on earth no point in getting too lost his first trip out.
Spinning the dial for the time period he figured let chance decide his first stop.

The Tardis landed and Xander opened the door and stepped out into an alley hear a commotion he walled around the corner and toward the street when he saw something. What he saw made he blood boil he was looking out an alley way watching a parade of jack booted thugs marching thru the streets.

“Nazis.” Hissed Xander.

So much for a quiet first trip he thought. Spinning on his heel Xander started back to the Tardis. The Scream of a young girl prevented Xander from leaving breaking into a full run towards the screams

Xander rounded the corner and let out a snarl as he saw a young girl no more then 13 or 14 being bent over a box screaming as a man in uniform tried to open his fly while holding the girl.

Racing up to the man Xander grabbed him from behind and slammed him against the brick wall of the alley.

“YOU DON”T TREAT WOMEN LIKE THAT.” Xander yelled as he slammed the would be rapist against the wall again and again.

Pulling the luger from the man’s gun belt and ejected the clip and cleared the chamber. Tossing the clip and gun into different garbage cans, He turned to the young woman noticing the large yellow star.

“I’m not going to hurt you we have to get out of here.” Xander whispered to the girl who just stared at him.

A Shout from the direction of the Tardis told him that avenue of escape was closed.

Taking the girl’s Hand. “Run.” Xander told her as he pulled her down the alley and away from the approaching soldiers.

Xander and the girl ran thru the back alleys and into and out of buildings before ending up in an abandon building

“Are you alright did he hurt you?” Xander asked the girl.

The girl shook her head not looking Xander in the eyes.

“Hey it’s ok I’m not going to hurt you.” Xander told her softly.

“Who are you asked the girl?”

“I’m just a wandering Guardian Angel trying to help where I can.” Xander told her trying to make her smile.

The girl smiled despite herself.

“Why are you helping me sir you’re not one of them and you’re not a Jew?”

Xander nodded. “No I’m not I’m not from here I was traveling and got stuck I saw what was happening to you and I couldn’t allow that.”

“I know a place we can hide I was heading there when that soldier stopped me.”

“Allons-y.” smiled Xander.

The girl just looked at him like he was nuts.

“Sorry it’s french for let’s go.” He blushed.

“You know french?”

“I’ve picked a bit up now and then”

The girl nodded and they headed back out into the streets.

The pair traveled thru the backways of the city until they reached a small warehouse that looked ready for a wrecking ball. The girl stomped on a grate and grate opened revealing a teenager with a machine gun.

“Who are you?” The young man asked.
“Who are you Sir?” Xander asked.
“I’m the one asking questions here and I want answers.” The Kid demanded.
“Yeah and you’re threatening me with a gun that still has the safety catch one.” Xander smiled at him.

The Young man looked down at the gun and saw the safety was indeed on.
“Now that the obligatory pissing contest is over can we get off the street? I believe there maybe soldiers looking for us.”
The young man nodded and let them down the grate.

Once they were inside the young man lead them into a tunnel and further underground into a large chamber.

The girl smiled as she saw a young red haired man.

“Otto.” She smiled as she ran into his open arms
“Willow.” The Young man cried as she hugged him.
“Willow?” mouthed Xander.
“A soldier grabbed me this man saved me.” Smiled shot a grateful smile at Xander.
“Sir I am Otto Rosenberg and I can never repay you for saving my Willow’s life. I Don’t know what I would’ve done if I lost my girlfriend.”
Then it clicked. Otto and Willow Rosenberg he had only met them a few times they were Willow’s Grandparents.

“Oh Boy.” Muttered Xander
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