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The Legacy of Clan Kalderash

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Of Light and Dark". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Scoobies visit Hogwarts and Willow proves just why muggle channelers are feared. Sequel to Of Wizards and Wands.

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DISCLAIMER: I own none of the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or from the Harry Potter series. I am not making any profit from this.

TIMELINE: Summer just before Book7/Season 5.

Minerva frowned in confusion as she watched Mr. Potter and Miss Granger scurry about the hastily emptied Great Hall alongside an older muggle named Giles as they prepared the area for the red haired channeler. She wasn’t sure, exactly, what the young girl was proposing to do. Only that she’d walked into the Great Hall with wide eyes, before she’d squealed out in excitement how the room was perfect and the quality of the ambient magic sizzling through the school would really boost the ritual.

Both Miss Granger and Mr. Potter tried to explain the ritual and its effects, but they got roped into helping out before she truly understood. All she was sure about was that they hoped the effect would negate, in some way, the advantage that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had through his vile horcruxes.

She wasn’t willing to refuse them the opportunity to try if it might help, even the slightest bit. And she had been assured that no one would be hurt during this casting.

“So, anyway. I know it’s real far away from the Hellmouth and all, but this is the school that Cissy went to. And if I understand it correctly, everyone else from her family went here too, right?”

“Er…” Minerva turned her head to look over at the young man standing next to the blonde girl. He was holding a smiling and laughing baby in his arms. The child was clutching a blinking and flapping stuffed hippogryph that he waved at the blonde. Then the baby turned to smile at Minerva. His eyes were the shining pale gray of the family Black.

The young man took her non-response as a yes and grinned at her even as the blonde began to play peek-a-boo with the baby over his shoulder.

“I figured, if the war and all was over by then that Alex could come here. Maybe learn more about his mom and his heritage and all. Only…uh, I’m not wizardy and I don’t know much about wizardy stuff. So…”

Minerva smiled in understanding.

“Don’t worry. Alexander Black has been listed on our roles as a future student since the day of his birth. He will be receiving an invitation to attend on his eleventh birthday.”


Then, before she could explain their policies further, Mr. Potter, Miss Granger and the muggle gentleman wandered over to them.

“If everyone will just stand back, Willow is ready to proceed.” Mr. Giles said.

After getting out of the way, Minerva turned to watch as the young muggle channeler walked to stand in the middle of the vast drawing of runes and symbols. Then, to her confusion, the girl held up what seemed to be a simple crystal ball. Surely she wasn’t trying to scry for a solution?

Then the chanting began and Minerva could literally feel the vast reservoir of Hogwarts’ magic respond to the call. The magic swirled into the room from every direction creating a whirlwind of air and magic that funneled itself directly into the young girl. Minerva knew with absolute certainty that the amount of magic flowing through Willow would overwhelm and then destroy any witch or wizard that attempted to tap into it. Willow, however, looked exalted.

The chanting grew louder and louder as Willow’s eyes turned darkest black and her shimmering red hair bleached white as snow. The girl’s entire body lifted off the ground and floated on waves of pure magic. And still she chanted.

Suddenly, Mr. Potter let out a tortured yell of agony and dropped to his knees. The scar on his forehead split open and a cloud of pulsing black magic and a murky brown mist flowed out of it sluggishly before being sucked up into the funnel of magic.

Then, between one heartbeat and the next, the crystal ball began to glow with a yellowish light. Streaks of muddy brown and ashy black marred its heart as the colors began to swirl. The power contained in the room was immense and Minerva flinched back from it, almost missing the conclusion.

With one last shouted command at the magic, the light flared brightly and the surge of power knocked everyone to the floor.

Baby Alexander began wailing and his father cuddled him and made soothing noises even as the blonde girl rushed over to Willow. The young channeler was crumpled on the ground in the center of the ritual circle, breathing heavy.

“Whoa…what a rush.”

“Is…is everyone alright?” she asked to the room at large.

“Yes, Professor.” She looked over to see Miss Granger help Mr. Potter to his feet. He held a bit of cloth to his bloody forehead and smiled wildly. “In fact, I’ve never felt better. It’s like a weight I didn’t realize I was carrying is suddenly gone.”

“Well,” Mr. Giles looked concerned as the blonde helped Willow to stumble over to them. “Are…are you okay, Willow?”

She nodded. “I’m fine Giles. Just, you know, tired. That soul curse takes a lot outta me and this was harder because the dumb ol’ poopyhead split his all apart, so I had to track all the bits and pieces down.”

Minerva blinked. It was high time she had answers and she wanted them now.

“What, pray tell, just happened?”

The once again red haired young channeler smiled up at her with delight that shone through her obvious exhaustion.

“Oh. That. Well, the soul curse was developed by the Kalderash to punish a vampire. It basically yanks a soul from…” Willow waved her one hand around in a vague motion, “wherever and stuffs it back into the body of the original host. So, I used it to break the horcruxes and stuff all the bits of his soul back into his body.”

She frowned then.

“I think a few were in Hell, actually.”

Harry snorted. “I can’t believe one was in my bloody head.”

“Harry! Language!”

Harry smiled at Hermione fondly before turning to look over at Willow. “Does this mean that he’s officially mortal again?”

She nodded and Minerva suddenly realized the benefit of this ritual and smiled. With the horcruxes in place, You-Know-Who was impossible to kill. But now… Now there was hope.

“Of course, there’s the loophole too. It says that if the cursed person ever has a moment of perfect happiness, that the curse breaks and they lose their soul. Only, your Voldemort big-bad isn’t a vamp, so it’ll probably kill him to lose his soul.”

Minerva’s smile grew even wider at that.

Miss Granger wobbled her head back and forth. “Maybe. But maybe not. Wizards and witches sentenced to a Dementor’s Kiss survive losing their soul due to the high levels of magic they have. Although, that’s not a bad option either as those who’ve been kissed are only capable of drooling on themselves.”

“Well, let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. We don’t even know if he can even feel happiness.”

Mr. Potter shook his head then. “Oh no. He can. Very often he feels great happiness. My scar…er, the horcrux in it I suppose, linked us mentally. I was an unwilling witness to many times when he’s been very happy. It usually involved torturing muggles, but he was happy.”

The End

You have reached the end of "The Legacy of Clan Kalderash". This story is complete.

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