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Helping a lost soul

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Summary: Harry Potter is sent to a new dimension to help a person similar to himself in many ways.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterDenethionFR1823,6311213,43012 Jun 1114 Jun 11No

Chapter 1

AN: First of all, thanks for the reviews and feedback from the prologue. Secondly, I’d like to mention that the time line for this chapter is that Faith has arrived in Sunnydale, but still hasn’t had any contact with anyone from the Scooby gang.

Chapter 1: Memories and a bad life

Taking a deep breath he knocked on the door in front of him and waited for Faith to open. Hearing movements inside he prepared himself for what would probably be a difficult conversation, in more ways than one. When the door opened he could see the young woman from the memories he had been given. She looked like she hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in a while, a sneer firmly in place that was only betrayed by small hints of fear in her eyes that most people would have missed.
Her eyes wandered up and down; taking in his appearance that he now thought he should have changed. His indoor clothes combined with dirt from when he had landed on a street gave him a somewhat less than impressive presence. “Don’t know who you are, but I’ll give you one chance to leave before I beat you down.” She snarled in what would probably be a scary way for ordinary people.

“Can’t do that, I was looking for you actually, Faith.” He replied with what he hoped was a friendly smile. At hearing her name she immediately changed her stance to a defensive one. “Calm down, I’m here to help.” He hurriedly added when seeing her reaction.

“Oh, Mr.Britain is here to help, well then, that changes everything.” She responded mockingly and before I could even react, her right arm lashed out towards my head. A moment I was flat on the ground, seeing starts literally, Slayers could punch bloody hard when they tried. Felt like being hit by a truck, or getting a hug from Hagrid maybe.

“Time out!” He yelled to hopefully prevent any more injuries. She hesitated for a moment which was all he needed. Not that he wanted to trick her during their first meeting, but he had to stop this somehow. Praying that this wouldn’t cause too much damage to any trust in him, he raised his hand quickly and ropes came in to existence, tying her up without a possibility to move. Another wave and her body quickly rose up and flew inside the room and landed on the bed. Looking around he couldn’t see anyone that would have noticed them, so he walked inside and threw the door shut before taking yet another calming breath.

That first meeting had gone about as well as expected considering the situation. “Round two, start.” He muttered. Turning around he noticed her staring at him with a good amount of anger and fear in her eyes.

“Now, I meant it when I said I was here to help. Therefore I’m going to release you and would like it if you refrained from trying to beat me to a bloody pulp until at least we’ve finished our conversation. Okay?” He said studying her expression, noticing a hint of curiosity he removed the ropes with a wave again. She sat up hastily, keeping her eyes on him at all time she moved to a more comfortable position.

“Do you usually tie up girls in a bed?” She smirked at him, seemingly having recovered from the events so far. Harry fought a blush, and her smirk grew even wider. “English people can’t take anything. So what’s your deal then?” She continued changing her expression to a neutral one.

“Some higher power showed up at my doorstep and said this dimension, and specifically you, needed my help. I accepted, and she sent me here with a bunch of information and memories.” Harry replied, feeling need to keep this talk quick and simple to avoid any further problems.

“Impressive, but I need help from no one, so you can be on your way now.” She said with fake confidence. Harry snorted at that, raising his eyebrow in disbelief.

“The memories I was given was yours, I know everything about you Faith. That includes your Watcher and Kakistos.” Harry answered calmly. Faith’s eyes widened in anger, but surprisingly remained at her place as she thought the information through.

“Isn’t that great, some random guy sees my life in all its glory. I bet you feel great about yourself now, trying to help the fucked up Boston girl. Real righteous and all.” She spitted out at him, defenses going all the way up on her emotions.

“You talk like you’re the only one with a bad childhood. It may not have been that great, but believe me, you’re not the only one.” He replied, trying to get through to her on some level. This was important on many levels if he was to gain her trust. He knew all too well the embarrassment and self-loathing of being abused.

“What of it?, Mommy forgot to give you a kiss some night?” She snarled back at him while clenching her fists tightly. Harry felt a brief flash of pain at the mention of his mother, but moved past it. Nineteen years of being an orphan had given him plenty of time to accept it.

“Actually, she was brutally murdered together with my father when I was one year old. Then I was sent to live with my Aunt and Uncle, but it gets better. The bastards hated everything that wasn’t normal, so every time I did even a piece of accidental magic, or mentioned anything to do with it, they beat me and locked me inside a cupboard. ” He ranted, showing some of the pain and anger this had caused him through the years. Faith frowned and seemed to back down at least a little bit.

“Ehm, sorry man, didn’t mean to open old wounds and all.” She shrugged as if to make it disappear quicker, clearly not a girl that liked to show feelings.

“No offense taken. I know of only one way to make you trust me even a little bit, so I’m just going to throw it out there. I know all of your life, now I want to show you mine.” He explained to her with a small hope that she would accept. Confusion and mistrust showed easily on her face, but she did seem to think about it at least.

In a ‘what do I have to lose’ gesture she gave her affirmative to his question. Harry stood up slowly, walked over to her and stared in her eyes, trying to show his honesty in the matter. Raising a hand to her forehead, he felt her take a deep breath. The next moment he whispered a mind transfer spell he had learned during his post-war studies. Her eyes closed and she fell back to her bed in what could be taken for a deep sleep.

With nothing else to do for a while Harry thought about his three most crucial problems. No money, no clothes and no place to live. The last two would solve themselves with fixing the money issue. He needed a place for both himself and Faith, because damn, this motel looked like hell. Not to mention it was in a dangerous place even to a Slayer.
Magic was the easiest solution for now, even if it was illegal in many ways. Leaving the problem for later he noticed that Faith was starting to wake up again. “Welcome back.” He said to her with a sad smile. She blinked and looked like she was in shock still after all that information downloaded to her brain.

“You’ve been through a lot, Boy-who-lived.” She smirked at him. Of course, bad nicknames would be the first thing she mentioned. “I get what you mean though, kind of a messed up life that. Could see why you left.”

“You’ll let me help then I take it?” He asked hopefully. She looked at him for a few seconds and shrugged.

“Why not, you look like you could handle yourself in a fight.” She answered and even though the response was quite a bit like she didn’t care much, he could tell it took her a great deal to accept help.

“I got to say though, you don’t look like twenty anymore.” She frowned while studying him intently. Harry stood up and walked over to the mirror in the bathroom, staring back at him was an eighteen year old version of him. Apparently he hadn’t been sent back exactly as he was before. “Shit.” He muttered, hearing a barking laugh coming from the Slayer in the other room.
Walking back inside the room he rolled his eyes at her continued laughter. Opening the door he motioned for her to come with him. “Time to go sweetheart, we have work to do.” He told her.

Standing up she reached for a stake lying next to her on a table and followed him. “What’s the mission?” She asked curiously.

“Killing Kakistos of course, revenge should always be taken swiftly.” He replied easily. Faith froze for a moment at hearing the Master Vampire’s name, but then continued to walk with a smirk.

“I’m down with that. One question about your memories though.” She answered with a twinkle in her eyes. Fearing what was coming next; Harry raised his eyebrows in question. “Did the first person you kiss really cry?, Because that is just…” Harry decided to keep that conversation short, he took her arm and with a quick snap they apparated away towards a certain Vampire’s destination.

“Where are we?” Faith questioned when they had arrived, looking at the warehouse in front of her. Knowing about apparition from his memories probably helped with the travel.

“Los Angeles, seems Kakistos has come quite close to tracking you down. Now he’ll become the hunted.” Harry smirked to which he received a similar smirk in response. Having an idea he raises his hand. “Let’s see if this works.” He whispers. He focuses on his magic and a moment later the Sword of Gordic Gryffindor reaches its owners hand. Both of them stare at it in surprise, especially Harry since he didn’t really expect it to work. “Seems I still got some help from my visitor.”

He stretches his hand forward towards Faith. “Take it; you need it more than me.” He smiles at her and she looks at him wide-eyed before slowly taking it from his hand. Sliding her hand over the flat part softly she gains another glint in her eyes and starts walking quickly towards the entrance of the warehouse. Harry follows just a little bit behind.

Inside Kakistos and his servants were relaxing, completely unprepared for any visitors, especially those of the attacking kind. When the door opened and an easily recognizable Slayer with an impressive sword and a tall man with black hair entered they were understandably surprised, but not for long.

Five vampires rushed towards them, Harry motioned that he would take them and Faith chose to continue walking up to Kakistos. Harry raised his hand at the closest vampire and an Incendio spell later the poor thing was burning up screaming wildly. This caused the remaining four to stop right away to reassess their apparently not so defense less victim. He took advantage of this by slamming both hands into the ground, ice grew quickly on the floor towards the vampires and before they had time to react it had reached their legs, so their ability to move had disappeared.

Satisfied with his work so far he afforded a fast glance to Faith who was swinging her sword at Kakistos with great skill, but the large vampire just managed to avoid it. He was clearly the defensive side
at the moment though. Switching his focus back to his own fight he threw two Incendio spells against different vampires and a few seconds later they were down to two. Sadly both of them had enough time to break their ice prison and were now headed for him in supernatural speed.

To avoid any damage to his body he took a moment and then apparated twenty feet behind them instead. They came to halt and turned around just in time to see him wave his hand in a fast horizontal movement while yelling Sectumsempra, before they could react their heads were removed from their body and they turned to dust as well. Harry meanwhile took a few deep breaths and then turned his attention to the only remaining fight in the room.

Faith had Kakistos backed into a wall while she was trashing him with the sword. Knowing that she needed to get some of her anger and resentment out he left her to it while she basically tortured the old vampire. At last she decided to end it all.

“This is for Diana.” She said firmly staring into his evil eyes that were full of pain and fear. The sword neatly cut through his extremely hard neck and his life on earth had come to a violent end. Faith fell to the floor and Harry ran to her quickly and held her close to his body while she cried for a lost mother figure.

AN: There we go, not the longest chapter, but it had reached a nice place to end things. Next time we get our first meeting between Harry, Faith and the Scooby gang.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Helping a lost soul" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Jun 11.

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