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Helping a lost soul

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Summary: Harry Potter is sent to a new dimension to help a person similar to himself in many ways.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon
Harry Potter belongs to J.K.Rowling

Any OC is of my own creation.

Harry Potter/Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Harry Potter is sent to a new dimension to help a soul similar to his own.
Main Pairing:
Author’s Note
Need to mention that English is not my first language, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes. Probably certain words that are repeated too much as well, but I hope you can enjoy it anyway. Like most writers I enjoy reviews.

Prologue –
What a ride it will be

Harry James Potter was about the most unusual young man you could find in the world. Besides being a wizard, he had at age twenty been through more things than most people would in a lifetime. He had survived at least twenty attempts on his life, with most of them being before he even became of age at seventeen.
He had also defeated the most powerful Dark Wizard in over four hundred years, and also managed to do less impressive things like killing a giant magical snake at twelve, out flying a dragon and becoming a Tri-Wizard Champion. Not your ordinary human in other words.

His personal life though had become somewhat depressing with time, his fame made it almost impossible for him to walk outside without a glamour charm and even then he had to be careful. He and his ex-girlfriend Ginny had split up two years ago when they realized that it wouldn’t work out, they had changed too much from their younger teenage self’s. She was now engaged to Dean Thomas, apparently their relationship had worked much better this time without any jealousy over Harry to handle. He was happy for them.
Hermione and Ron were engaged as well, and that was without a doubt the last time he planned to help anyone else propose, Ron had almost driven him insane with his weird ideas on how to do it. Despite his many good sides he still didn’t understand why a proposal at a Chudley Cannons game wasn’t something that Hermione would consider romantic, in his mind the two best things in the world was Hermione and Quidditch after all, with food as a close third. Thankfully it worked out in the end though after some serious convincing from Harry’s part.

The last year Harry had become withdrawn from his friends though, he still felt that without the war he didn’t really belong. He didn’t have a girlfriend or anything he could call a family, something he longed for dearly. Dating had been disastrous the few times he had agreed to it when his friends set him up, he had seen fan girls mentioned on a show called Naruto once and that seemed like a perfect description of all his dates.
That’s how he found himself sitting in a dark living room watching TV on a Friday evening. ´What he didn’t know was that this day would change his life yet again, much like that birthday almost ten years ago. A bright white light suddenly came in front of him and the next second a woman dressed in a white dress stood there. He tried to reach for his wand, but found himself unable to move as much as a finger. Instead of panicking though he just looked at her and waited for what was going to happen. She didn’t exactly look like she wanted to murder him; instead she was content to just watch him with a small smile on her face.

“Hello Harry Potter, I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you. I’m not here to hurt you, so I’ll trust you to remain clam if I release you now.” She said and with wave of her hand he was again in full control of his body. She sat down in a comfortable chair close to him and crossed her legs in a calm manner. Recovering slightly he put his face in a neutral expression.

“I see, may I ask who I’m talking to?” He answered calmly leaning back in his sofa while watching her carefully.

“That is a question with many answers, depends on who you are asking.” She replied playfully, seemingly in a very good mood about something.

“Well, I’m asking you, so I’m sure you’ll be able to give an appropriate answer.” He countered, already getting a bit annoyed. This way of making small talk reminded him eerily of Dumbledore when he was up to no good. Though, considering how she appeared it was pretty safe to say that she was up to no good as well.

“True, I could. But I’ll start by asking a question. If you were given a chance to get away from all this. To do something that would save people, perhaps even the world. To maybe even have that family you so wish for. Would you take it?” She questioned with a knowing look in her eyes.

“That depends.” He retorted after a few minutes of thinking. “What’s the catch?”

“Your life will be in danger of course. You would have to leave this world and your current friends behind for a new dimension with no way to contact them.” She explained to him, uncrossing her legs and leaning forward slightly. Staring him straight in the eye with complete seriousness.

He closed his eyes and thought about it, dimension travel was heard of, but only through accidents, never like this. Never being able to see Ron, Hermione, Ginny or the rest of the Weasley family again, could he handle that? They were already drifting apart, he knew that. But there was still some security in the knowledge that he had them in his life. Then there was his savior complex as Hermione mentioned, he could make a difference again.
Twenty minutes had passed where his guest had not said a word, but left him to his own thoughts. At last he opened his eyes again and stood up with a hard blazing look in his eyes. “I accept.” He replied.

She smiled at him in that way that convinced him that she knew what he would answer before they even began. “Very well, I will stop by your friends and leave them the message. We will meet again Harry potter, be well.” She finished the conversation and before he could even reply she slammed a hand into his forehead and everything turned black.

When he woke up again the only thing he could feel for a few minutes was a blinding headache as information was absorbed into his mind. With it came knowledge again the world he know inhabited and what his mission was.
Going through all the things he learned about the supernatural world here he started to understand about Vampires, Slayers, Demons, and most urgent for him, how magic worked. Apparently it was all positive for him, he still kept his magic inside instead of drawing it from the earth and world around them as everyone did here. This also meant his old spells worked since they reacted with his own magic. The lack of wand wasn’t a problem either, since this world already had a much larger magical focus then his own, he didn’t need something to control the magic for him. Waving his hand he whispered Stupefy and a red bright light slammed into the concrete wall next to him, with a small smile he apparated away.

Fifteen minutes later he was standing outside a motel that would make Snape’s potions room look like a pleasant place to stay. Inside was Faith Lehane, eighteen year old and one of the two current Slayers and the person he had been chosen to help. The Powers that sent him feared that her path would lead to darkness otherwise, something that could have awful consequences for the Slayer line according to a prophecy.
Faith was being chased by an old vampire called Kakistos, which was the latest and last information he had been given of her life. A life he otherwise knew everything about, down to every last physical and emotional injury she had received through year of abuse and street life.

He sighed quietly to himself and started to walk towards the door. “Why do I have a feeling this is going to hurt?”

Author’s Note
Next Chapter: Harry meets Faith and takes a trip down memory lane with her. Kakistos receives a surprise, and a certain pair arrives in Sunnydale.

Hope you enjoy the prologue, reviews are welcome of course.
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