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Welcome to Squad Three

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Extraordinary and Unusual Adventures of Squad3". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Meet Squad Three -- a squadron of Slayers run by Spike. Post-Chosen, not Season Eight compliant.

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Multiple Crossings > Spike-CenteredGwirryFR1367,652033,32515 Jun 1129 Jun 11Yes

The Last Team Member

DISCLAIMER: I don't own *takes a deep breath* Buffy, Angel, PJO, Warehouse 13, Stargate: Atlantis, Supernatural, Torchwood or the Lies of Locke Lamora. *pants*

Claudia Donovan knew that after the Warehouse, there wasn’t another job that could compare. Perhaps that was why she was sitting in the pool of a hotel on the England/Wales border, doing nothing, and trying really hard not to think about Myka leaving the Warehouse and the team falling apart. The voice of a girl dragged her out of her carefully constructed place of non-thinking that really wasn’t brooding.

“Shannon was right. We could have been sisters.”
Claudia opened her eyes, and looked straight up into the face of a pretty redhead in a black tank top and short shorts.

“I’m Vi. Vi Donovan.”

“Claudia. Donovan.”

“Cousins, then?”

“I guess.”

Claudia closed her eyes again, and felt the water ripple beside her. Vi was sitting down on the edge with her legs dangling in the pool. She smiled over at her newly discovered potential relative.

“What do you do?”

“I’m a computer technician. I hack things.”

“Funny. My boss is looking for one of those.”

“Really? What do you do?”

“I fight the forces of darkness with my surrogate sisters and one of their boyfriends, based on visions had by the adopted son of my boss’s potential boyfriend, who used to be a conman in another dimension.”

Claudia looked for any hint of amusement in Vi’s eyes and found none.

“Then I suppose I should tell you that I worked for a secret government agency that found and neutralised artefacts given magical properties by their previous owners.”

“Warehouse 13?” enquired Vi.


“Cool. Come meet my boss, Spike, and we’ll see about a job, hey? We could use someone who knows their illegal way into the coroner’s office records.”

And Claudia Donovan, cousin (they proved it) of Vi, the Vampire Slayer, joined the group now calling themselves the Phoenix Academy.

And that was who was in those three cars as they drew into Cardiff proper, up to the abandoned hotel that wasn’t the Hyperion as Connor kept telling them.

In the Impala: Sam, Nico, Rona, Shannon and Ronan.

In the Spyder: Xander, Locke, Andrew, Matt and Claudia.

In the Desoto: Spike, Pippa, Connor and Vi.

They settled themselves into their new rooms, planning how they would decorate them, planning on adjoining doors, and libraries and training rooms and a magic store to help pay the bills, and for – though neither Spike or Xander would admit it - old times’ sake.

Spike finally read Pippa’s Slayer Journal. She kept calling him Father. He didn’t cry. Really. His eyes just watered. Claudia hacked into the records that night and made Pippa his daughter. Pippa Fletcher loved it.

Claudia and Sam fell in love. So did Matt and Andrew. Connor finally asked Pippa out.

He got five different versions of the shovel speech.

Rona and Shannon were adopted by Ronan. Vi was officially made Pippa’s sister. She kept her surname, though. They renovated the hotel. They slayed vampires. They kicked evil’s ass.

Pippa Fletcher Harris looked down at the update to her journal, and added a small post-script to the bottom.

There are 14258 Slayers worldwide. 14000 work with the New Watcher’s Council. 250 want nothing to do with the calling. 3 are in Council holding cells. Four are classified as rogue. One is on the equivalent of the Mossad Red list, and all council operatives have orders to shoot her on sight. That’s me. Pippa Fletcher. Welcome to my life.

A/N: This is all for this one! They will offically meet Torchwood in an all new adventure... So, read, review, and tell me who you'd like to see Nico and Ronan end up with!

The End

You have reached the end of "Welcome to Squad Three". This story is complete.

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