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Welcome to Squad Three

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Extraordinary and Unusual Adventures of Squad3". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Meet Squad Three -- a squadron of Slayers run by Spike. Post-Chosen, not Season Eight compliant.

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Multiple Crossings > Spike-CenteredGwirryFR1367,652033,32515 Jun 1129 Jun 11Yes


DISCLAIMER: I do not own BtVS, Torchwood, Stargate: SG-1 or Atlantis, Supernatural, The Lies of Locke Lamora or PJO. If I did, a lot of things would be different (namely, Owen, Tara and Ianto would still be alive, Atlantis would still be screning and Nico would have got his own spin-off series). Now, on with the story :)


Pippa Fletcher-Harris leans back against the wall of her new dorm room and remembers.
She remembers her old dorm, the one Willow assigned her to, that she had shared with her best friend, Issa. She remembers languages classes with Giles, and him looking after her. She remembers Faith and Buffy teaching her how to fight. And she remembers meeting him for the first time. He’d ridden up to the castle on his motorcycle, his duster flapping, not even bothering with a helmet. She remembers his accent, the first time he’d talked to her, and him marching her into Willow’s office and demanding that he would be her watcher. She loves him. He is like her father. He protected her, and she learned from him. And then she remembers the unmentionable thing. The last apocalypse they had averted with Buffy’s help. She starts to cry. She remembers her friends fighting together, as the walls of the building came down. She remembers Sarge screaming for help. She remembers them all leaving the ruins together; Vi, Rona, Shannon, Connor, Matt, Andrew, JJ and Spike, carrying her, because she had a broken leg and couldn’t walk. She remembers Spike’s voice, outside the infirmary, screaming at Buffy. She remembers Rona, Shannon and everyone else coming to talk to her, but never Buffy, or Dawn. She remembers her Watcher’s furious reaction when Buffy told him she’d do it again; sacrifice a team for the greater good of the mission. She remembers Connor and Spike helping her into the front seat of the Desoto. She remembers the look on Xander’s face when Spike told him what happened. She remembers Faith, Gunn, Wes and Illyria coming out of the castle with their rooms stored in backpacks, leaving with them. She remembers the sound of the engine purring as Spike started the car. She remembers their arrival at the warehouse in Cleveland. She remembers Illyria creating the rooms and gyms and mess halls with her power. She remembers Fred coming out of the Old One’s being and helping the girls with a secret mission. She remembers the look on Spike’s face when he saw them all in their black tops of various forms with the stylised phoenix and the name and motto they had picked for themselves.

The Phoenix Academy – Numquam dicit mortuus

They called themselves The Phoenix Academy because in their own way, every one of them was rising from the ashes. And the Latin translated as ‘Never say die’. Good, they thought, since rule one was ‘Don’t die’.
Pippa Fletcher-Harris remembers. And she cries for everything, and everyone, she has lost. She turns to the open space on her back wall, and pulls out a sharpie texta. On one side she draws the Greek letter alpha, for all the new people in her life. On the other side she draws the letter omega, for all the people she’s lost. The names under this letter will be the easiest, so they are the ones she writes first.

Caridad – her first squad leader. Killed by a vampire on a night patrol.

Heidi –her first roommate. Killed by a Fyral demon.

And now the ones she puts up for the sake of symbolism.



She stops crying as she realises that the names on the alpha side of the room are easier than she thought to list.

Andrew Wells

Matthew Tunden

Violet Donovan

Rona Indigo

Jarrod Mathieson

Shannon Martins


Xander Harris

Ianto Jones

Sam Winchester

Captain Jack Harkness

Owen Harper

Toshiko Sato

Jack O’Neill

John Sheppard

Ronan Dex

Nico Di Angelo

Locke Lamora Fletcher-Harris

She smiled at the list. The people in her life had changed everything. She was one of the best Slayers yet. She could beat her foster father, even when he’s wasn't holding back. With a grin, she made her decision and added one more name to the list:

Pippa Fletcher-Harris

And with that, she dropped the pen to the floor of the room next to her and took up the pen that rested on her desk, opening the book that sat next to it. She placed the pen on the paper and began to write.

My name is Pippa. Pippa Fletcher-Harris, Vampire Slayer. This is my story…

A/N: Give me two or three chapters to set up the team and explain why Pippa doesn't like Buffy and Dawn, and then the crossovers will magically start to appear....
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