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Who R U?

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Cornucopia of Conquests". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A BTVS/11th Dr WHO crossover.Set after 'A Good Man goes to War' episode of Dr Who and it is another YAHF.Branches off minutes after both episodes.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-CenteredxanfuFR18312,0762309,64316 Jun 111 Jul 11No

WHO R U Part 3.

A Cornucopia of Conquests.
WHO R U Part 3.
A BTVS/11th Doctor Who xover.


The familiar whirring grinding noise announced the arrival of the TARDIS.Amy grins as Xander tells her."Has he left the parking
brake on?" She nods."He says he likes the noise it makes."

The door to the old police box opens and the Doctor steps out accompanied by a very confused Giles.Giles all but leaps out then
checks around it.He proceeds towards them jerking a thumb back at the machine."How in the good lord's name is that bigger on the
inside than on the out?"He looks from Amy to the Doctor."It,it has the Library of Alexandria inside it!"

Amy nods."We used to have more rooms but we're waiting for it to replace the energy we had to burn on a rescue mission."

As Amy mentions this the Doctor goes pale and hurries back inside."Shant be a moment,chat amongst yourselves for a while."

Amy looks puzzled."What's got his knickers in a knot?"

Giles shruged,still amazed at the TARDIS."We had a look at the Hellmouth...suppose I should stop calling it that now..apparently
it a Time Riff Vortex that has been polluted by a large influx of quantum flux particulates from different,but connected,
universes in the space time multiverse."Giles thought for a second."But I think I'm going to stick with Hellmouth for short."

Giles then looks from his Slayer to Willow and his mood darkens."Okay we were gone what?Five bloody minutes,what happened?"

Amy looks at them."The truth?And it kinda disagreed with them."

She was standing away from Xander,who was sitting in his bed looking bemused."I can see where this is going and I don't like the

Giles sighs then smiles like a man about to break."Okay,forgot for a moment I'm dealing with teens...right then,this ends now as in RIGHT THIS BLOODY SECOND!"Ripper relaxed when the voices stilled and he continued."Xander the Doctor says that we can use the Hellmouth as a stand in for the Rift of Galifray.It should suffice for our needs."

Xander nods and taps his head."Right,get the King of Bongo Bongo outta my head.So when do we leave?And what does it mean to me?"

He looked at Giles who was still caught up in the discoveries he had been shown.He looked then to Buffy and Willow,two friends of his former self...He paused for thought at that.What was he?He still felt like the Xander they knew,just ...more.More than the sum of the two parts.He knew now that he was not human but then he also felt that he was not just a Galifraian born far away from the home planet.

He snorted,a home planet that no longer existed thanks to a long drawn out Time War and his ..father?He closed his eyes and tapped into memories,memories that in no way he should have.It was as if he was not only a time lord but was also the repository of all his father's past lives and regenerations.He felt even more like his father's heritage was not the just the be all and end all of what he was.He needed to know more of what he was to know what he would be,he closed his eyes as he heard the others begin to argue again.

His mind hurt all of a sudden and then a scene played before his inner eye as if it were a piece of his life only it wasn't his past but something that was to come.He sees Buffy demanding to know...

"Who are you?"...

A blur then a very naked post sex Buffy smiling up at him from her bed."Do you have to go?I'm sure there's plenty of time...time man."

Another blur then he sees a girl,barely in her teens,standing next to Cordelia in the control room of the TARDIS.Both were bedraggled,clothes singed and torn,their features battered and bruised and fear...fear was in their eyes and in the words Cordelia spoke."Help us,help me protect my sister Dawn..I'm not used to begging but if it helps..."

A flash and they are on a world far away from this one.Two moons light the night sky and Cordelia turns to him as they rest on a blanket,she has another look in her eyes,this time not fear but something just as old and just as powerful.She rests her head on his shoulder and clasps his hand in hers."Two, mister Harris how romantic you've become."She turns her head to meet his and their lips touch,part slightly and they kiss.

Xander then sees a sight he hopes is a nightmare.Cordelia dead! Dismembered at the feet of a Cyberman whilst a Dalek tries to exterminate Dawn,Amy and his father.He feels heat broiling inside him,a blazing ,burning desire for revenge.He holds out his hands and power rips through the deadly scene."NO MORE!"The Cyberman dissolves."No more death at your hands!EVER AGAIN!!"The Dalek's explode.

He looks up into the sky as small stars begin to wink out and the end of times begin..."I have become death, the destroyer of worlds."

The drums beat louder in his head and his eyes snap open as he screams "NOOOO!!!!"

He looks around and Amy is by his side quickly followed by Willow and Buffy.He begins to beat the sides of his head."The drums!The damned DRUMS!" There is a bright flash that momentarily blinds them and then Xander is gone."Bloody hell!" Amy exclaims then shouts."DOCTOR!!"


The Quelm leader of the Joham force sent to investigate the Regen waves and retrieve any viable organic remains from the third rock from the sun of Sol 1 turned as the alarms blared throughout his mighty ship."All guards to the main control room,unauthorized..."The alarm stopped mid sentence and a body was thrown into the room.The Quelm gripped the demat gun in one of his hands and demanded."Leave now or die!"

Xander strode into the room."My words precisely!"He pointed a finger and the gun vanished."You,and the others, orbiting this world have ten seconds to leave before I get...angry.And trust me,you do not want to see me angry!"

He had appeared,then vanished,on all three of the alien ships orbiting the earth then his voice could be heard over their ships again as he counted down."TEN...NINE...EIGHT...SEVEN...SIX..."

Each commander had reports that their drive engines were building to critical mass with a terminal end point in line with the running countdown.Two of the ships warped out of the system quicker than their manufacturers recommended.

One stayed.

Xander was suddenly back in his hospital room.The heat from his body cooling down to it's natural temperature.The night sky suddenly lit up just as he collapsed onto his bed.


The Doctor paces around the central console."I really need to speak to you about something very,very import and old girl and now
is not the time to be bashful."He looked around then tapped his head."Hello are you there sexy?"

He looked around again then made a decision."Okay your not talking today fine,I'll talk you listen."He clapped his hands together
then pressed them against his lips as he thought out how to put his next words."When you had been transplanted into
there something you need to tell me about,something about that happened afterwards maybe?"

The monitor lights up with three words.


The Doctor nods."Yes been that way for sometime now and?"


Fear began to run through his old veins."And how did you manage that?"


"How...We kissed! More precisely you kissed me,thereby gaining access to my DNA..Dear Gods tell me you didn't!"He paced as he
talked,his arms waving before he returned to the Dias.

He looked at the monitor as things began to make sense."It wasn't Regen waves we registered was it?It was..."He paled."The power!What if he..."


"If he turns to evil we will never be able to stop him."


The Doctor slams a fist against the control panel."How do you know this?"


Alarms started blaring inside the TARDIS as it announced a quantum blast in near earth orbit.

While he was trying figure out why Amy's shout echoed inside the blue box."DOCTOR!!"


The End?

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You have reached the end of "Who R U?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Jul 11.

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