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The Two Chosen Ones

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Summary: To escape magic, The Dursley's move away to Sunnydale when Harry is ten. How will the Wizarding world react when they learn their savior isn't quite what they expected? How will the scoobies react when they find out there is another savior among them?

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Chapter 10

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter.

Ten minutes later, the scoobies, plus Remus and Sirius were walking through the halls of Sunnydale High. Buffy made sure to stand by Harry and make sure he was a safe distance away from the two newcomers.

“Do you think they’re telling the truth?” Harry asked Buffy. Honestly, he wasn’t sure how he’d feel about it if they were. He’d spent his entire life with family that didn’t care. He’d accepted a long time ago that that was how it would always be. He was able to live with it because he had his friends. He wasn’t sure how he would feel sudden family that cared. Oh, hell, that was if they cared. He’d never even heard of this Sirius guy before. If he truly was his godfather, where had he been his whole life?

“I don’t know, but for the moment, I think we should assume they’re lying. It’s safer that way,” Buffy said as they continued to walk towards the library.

“Hey, is this a boarding school?” Remus asked. He only asked because it was late at night and they were walking through a school. Children didn’t generally visit school at night unless it was a boarding school.

“Oh my God! A scary thought just occurred to me,” Harry said as his eyes widened.

“What?” Xander asked curiously.

“Spending all day every day in this place. Snyder being able to sneak up on us morning, noon, and night,” Harry said.

Buffy shuddered. “Okay, I think a shiver just went down my spine. Forget vampires and demons, that’s my worst nightmare.”

“I think I speak for everybody when I say it’s all of ours,” Xander said.

Buffy turned the corner to the library and opened the door. “Giles, we’re back!”

“With friends slash foes!” Harry added.

Sirius cringed. It hurt to hear his own godson refer to him as a possible enemy, but he couldn’t really blame him. The kid didn’t know him and his life seemed the type that made trusting strangers unwise. So while it hurt, he understood.

Giles was out of his office within seconds. “What? What are you talking about?”

“We found these two while patrolling. They were being attacked by vampires. Oh, and they seem to know Harry. This one claims to be his godfather,” Buffy said as she pointed to Sirius.

“Harry, do you know these men,” Giles asked.

“Nope. Never seen them in my life,” Harry said as he plotted down in a chair.

“You have, you just don’t remember,” Remus said.

“What are your names?” Giles asked.

“I’m Remus Lupin and this is Sirius Black,” Remus replied.

Giles moved quicker than he ever had before. He grabbed Harry by the collar of his shirt, forcing him out of his chair.

“Whoa!” Harry exclaimed in surprise as he was hoisted out of his chair and pulled behind Giles. “Holy crap, Giles, warn a guy before you do that.”

“Oh, bloody hell,” Sirius cursed. He knew what happened of course. The muggle had obviously heard of him and his ‘betrayal’ of James and Lily.

“Xander, Willow, get away from them!” Giles ordered. They were the closest to the two men and while they weren’t as likely to be hurt as Harry, he wasn’t taking any chances.

“Giles, what’s wrong?” Willow asked as she and Xander moved over to the counter where Buffy was standing.

“This man is a murderer. He is responsible for the deaths of Harry’s parents,” Giles said. He might not be a wizard, but he knew a bit about the wizarding world, and anyone who knew of the wizarding world knew of Sirius Black.

“What?” Harry asked in a strangled voice.

Buffy leveled a withering glare at Sirius. “Oh, I am going to kick your ass.”

“Wait, I thought Harry’s parents were killed by that Lord guy,” Xander said.

“They were, but that’s because they were betrayed. You see, they used a type of magic that would keep their location a secret unless the one person who knew it gave it away. That person was Sirius Black,” Giles explained.

“You bastard!” Harry growled before pouncing towards Sirius. He might not have known his parents or even know very much about them, but they were still his parents and they would’ve loved him, at least he thought they would.

Giles immediately grabbed Harry and enclosed his arms around him to keep him from attacking.

“Let go!” Harry yelled.

Xander immediately ran to his friend’s side. “Come on, man, calm down. I know you’re pissed, but you have to stay calm.”

“Don’t tell me to be calm! Would you be calm if you were me?” Harry asked angrily.

“Look, it’s not what you think,” Sirius said.

“Right, this is where you tell us you were framed,” Buffy said.

“Um, well, yes, actually.”

Buffy rolled her eyes. “Right, because that one hasn’t been tried like a million times.”

“It’s the truth! James was my best friend. I would never betray him like that,” Sirius said.

“You were the secret keeper,” Giles said as he continued to hold Harry back.

“Only at first. We switched at the last moment to throw off You Know Who,” Sirius said.

“Who?” All the teenagers in the room asked.

“You Know Who,” Sirius repeated.

“If we knew who, we wouldn’t be asking who, would we?” Buffy asked irritably.

“Huh?” Sirius asked, confused at the word play.

“He is speaking of Lord Voldemort,” Giles said, receiving a flinch from Remus and Sirius in the process.

“Well, then why didn’t he just say that?” Buffy asked.

“There are very few in our world that speak his name. It causes fear amongst nearly everyone,” Remus said.

Buffy looked at him like he was a complete idiot. “That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

“Yeah, who ever heard of it being dangerous to say someone’s name? Unless it’s cursed or something,” Willow said.

“No, it just strikes fear,” Remus said.

“Why?” Buffy asked.

“Excuse me, but could we please get back to him killing my parents? You can let go now, Giles. I’m cool,” Harry said. Well, okay, he wasn’t really cool, but he wouldn’t attack again. For now.”

Giles reluctantly released the boy from his arms.

“I didn’t, Harry. I swear I didn’t. But it is my fault they’re dead and I’m sorry for that,” Sirius said guiltily.

“Would you stop saying that? It is not your fault,” Remus said firmly.

“What do you mean by that? What do you mean when you say it’s your fault?” Harry asked.

Sirius sighed. “Look, it’s true that I was originally their secret keeper, but we switched at the last minute. We decided to use another friend of ours that was less likely to be suspected. See, I was James’ best friend. It was expected for me to be his secret keeper.”

“So you’re saying that this other guy, the guy you switched with, is responsible for what happened to my parents?” Harry asked.

“Yes, that’s exactly what we’re saying,” Remus told him.

“Why should we believe you?” Buffy asked.

“I don’t care whether you believe or not. I care whether he does,” Sirius said before turning to Harry. “Please believe me, Harry. I would never do anything to hurt your parents or you. I loved all of you. You were my family.”

“Roll up your sleeves,” Harry said after a minute. During research, they’d learned that Voldemort’s followers were identified by a snake and skull tattoo on their forearms. A tattoo that couldn’t be removed no matter what.

Sirius smirked at his godson’s obvious intelligence and rolled up his sleeves. “If only the idiots at the ministry had been smart enough to ask me for that. Well?”

Harry looked at his arms. There were no tattoos of any kind. He turned to Giles. He still wasn’t sure. He trusted Giles’ opinion more than just about anyone’s, even his own. “Giles?”

Sirius felt a twinge of jealousy as Harry looked to the muggle watcher for his opinion. It was obvious that his godson trusted and looked up to this man. He couldn’t help but feel that that should be him.

“I don’t know, Harry. He doesn’t have the tattoo, but that doesn’t automatically make him innocent,” Giles said.

“If it helps at all, Dumbledore believes him,” Remus said. He knew Harry might not know about Dumbledore, but the watcher seemed well versed in their world. It was possible that he knew Dumbledore or at least knew of him.

“Why would some guy I don’t know mean a thing to me?” Harry asked. Sure, he’d read up about this Dumbledore guy. He seemed pretty smart and on the side of good, but Harry didn’t know him anymore than he knew these two men.

“I’ve met Albus Dumbledore before. He’s not a man easily fooled, but it’s not impossible either,” Giles said. He wasn’t ready to believe them yet. If he were to believe them and something happened to Harry, he would never forgive himself.

“I am innocent. I would give you an oath if I could,” Sirius said. He really wished that Magic would work in this place. Then he would be able to prove unequivocally that he was innocent.

“There’s gotta be some kind of way,” Xander said.

“We could get Dumbledore here,” Remus suggested.

“No!” the scoobies all shouted at once.

“You alert Dumbledore of Harry’s whereabouts, he will insist Harry return to England and fight. He is nowhere near ready for that,” Giles said. Harry had gotten much better in physical combat and was even beginning to learn Magic, but he was still nowhere near ready to face Lord Voldemort.

“He’s got a point. Dumbledore’s looking for a warrior. That’s why he sent us here to get the Slayer,” Sirius reminded his friend before turning back to the others. “You see, we weren’t even here for Harry. We thought he was dead. No one had been able to locate him for years.”

“I guess no one thought to check the hellmouth,” Harry said.

“Alright, it’s getting late. I think you children should head home,” Giles said. He was immediately met with protests from every single teenager in the room.

Harry’s protests were the loudest. “Giles, you can’t be serious. You can’t just expect me to go home and forget about this.”

“Harry, nothing is going to be figured out tonight and you all have school in the morning. Now I will take Mr. Black and Mr. Lupin home with me and we will reconvene tomorrow,” Giles said.

“You can’t be serious. There’s no way I’m leaving you alone with these two,” Buffy said.

“Actually, I’m Sirius,” Sirius joked. Even with a situation like this, he couldn’t help but joke. It was just who he was. His parents had really missed the mark when naming him.

Buffy rolled her eyes. “And how many times have you used that lame joke?”

“Too many,” Remus told her with a shake of the head.

“Buffy, I am quite capable of taking care of myself. We are not after all dealing with demons. Now go home,” Giles ordered.

Buffy glared at the two strangers. “If there’s a scratch on my watcher when I come in tomorrow, I will hurt you both in ways you never dreamed possible. Come on, guys, let’s get out of here. Harry, you’re staying with me tonight.” There was no way in hell she was sending him home to an aunt and uncle who couldn’t care less about him on a night where there were two men who could potentially be a threat to him. She was going to make sure he was close by so she could protect him.

Harry nodded and followed his friends out of the library.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Two Chosen Ones" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Jul 13.

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