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Foreign Service

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Military Option". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Agent Summers DSS, on duty in Moscow.

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Games > Other GenrebatzulgerFR181410,562612047,62916 Jun 1130 Jun 11Yes

First Assignment

They speak Russian in Moscow, did you know that?

Well, apparently the Diplomatic Security Service doesn’t, as that was my assignment straight out of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Especially since my language and cultural specialties all revolved around the Middle East.

I had dutifully reported to General Schaefer and he had tried to get me to go active duty, but I had sadly turned him down. There are too many places and problems around the world that could need slayerly intervention and being stuck in one spot due to orders could cramp my response time. Also Faith was in school now, so it was my turn to take on apocoli until summer vacation. Giles had strong-armed tuition out of the Council, but she had also joined ROTC for the extra cash and training opportunities and the two of us were petitioning for access to Ranger School. General Dutch was still trying to figure out how to swing it without letting on to the higher ups about our capabilities. So in the meantime I had applied and was accepted to the DSS.

As I’ve said before, part of the DSS is the equivalent to the Secret Service’s protection detail. They guard ambassadors, embassies, and visiting foreign dignitaries. The other part does FBI like stuff like fugitive recovery, counterintelligence, and counterterrorism. The protection detail gets to guard parties and go to gorgeous banquets. The other sections, not so much.

Normally a new agent spends a year or two in the US being sent on temporary duty around the world as needed. Me? I was sent straight to the Moscow Counterterrorism Section.

Apparently when the Soviet Union shut down, there were a lot of high-ranking soldiers, politicians, bureaucrats, and spies that lost their jobs, paychecks, and opportunities for graft. They did NOT like this and did whatever they could to get some kind of power and cash flow back in their sweaty little palms.

The other thing that happened when the Soviet Union broke up was a lot of weapons and equipment was suddenly available if you knew who to talk to, namely one of the above soldiers, politicians, bureaucrats, and spies who were flailing around looking for cash.

The Soviet Union had the biggest military, in terms of relatively high-tech equipment at least, in the world. So it basically became the global mega-mall of violence if you had the cash and the contacts.

Then the Bratva (that’s the Russian word for “Brotherhood”) got involved. The Bratva is a pretty wide-ranging word that covers pretty much all Russian organized crime. The Bratva groups work a lot like the old Mafia groups in the US in 40s’, 50s’ and 60s’, only better armed and a lot more violent.

So you have gangsters with access to tanks, rockets, bombs, former special operations soldiers, and possibly nuclear weapons…Politicians that will block investigations, leak information, and do whatever’s necessary to keep themselves rich…And finally, terrorists looking to get the best explodey stuff money can buy.

So anyway, they wanted me here as an Arabic/Farsi linguist to translate wiretaps on potential buyers for ill-gotten goods. That’s right, my entire job was to sit in a room in a dumpy looking apartment block wearing itchy ugly headphones, and translate carry-out food orders.


As usual the crossover will be a surprise…

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