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Summary: A bridge is a device that gives you access to a point that is blocked in some way. This is just exactly that...more or less!

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralArjaiHFR718560160816 Jun 1116 Jun 11Yes

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the single OC, and the plot such as it is. BtVS belongs to Joss, and Mutant Enemy.


She didn't know how she got there. Heck, she didn't know where 'there' was! Before her she saw a long expanse of roadway, and behind her was what looked like a miles high white wall. In the center of the wall, where it met the roadway, was a black door. She tried the door but it was firmly locked. She turned back to the roadway, and was faced wit a strange looking man. He was almost ethereal, and was dressed in a formal black robe. From his back grew a pair of black wings, and on his head grew wispy feather-like black hair.

Cocking his head to the side, reminding her of a bird, he said to her in a soft, gentle voice, "There is no going back, this time child. You must go on. It is ordained by the highest authority."

"Where am I ? How did I get here?" she demanded.

"You are where you must be," he answered. "Think beloved child. Think and remember."

As he said this her past came back to her in an appalling rush, and she was almost overwhelmed.

"I'm dead aren't I?" she said horrified.

"Yes, child, he nodded his head. "This is the eternal bridge between life and death."

"This is Heaven? Or is it Hell?" she asked getting more perturbed by the second.

"It can be both, and neither. For you it is a choice, a chance if you will."

"A Chance for what?" she asked.

"Happiness maybe. There will be, as you travel along the bridge, several exits. Some are forever closed to one such as you, many are open, it is for you to chose from these." He smiled gently.

"And I'll know where these exits lead?" she asked.

"No not specifically, but you will find that you 'feel' one way or another about them. For example you will get a feeling of 'danger' from one, and a feeling of 'safety' from another, a feeling of 'peace' from one, and a feeling of 'conflict' from a fourth. You must chose."

"And I chose to 'not' chose I can just stay here?" she snarled.

"Then, for you, this becomes unchanging boredom, and I believe, for one such as yourself, that would be the purest form of Hell," again he tilted his head. Then without warning he smiled and faded completely from view.

She walked to the edge of the roadway and looked down. Far, far below she could see the vague outlines of a faded landscape, a world in fact.

With a bit of anger, and a bit of confusion she began to walk down the roadway toward a formless misty distance.

This wasn't the heaven she remembered, or was it? Had she walked this way before, and inadvertently chosen the path that lead her back home, or maybe been led there by some unseen force?

A path suddenly appeared on the right. She walked to the edge, and was almost immediately struck by a feeling of soul wrenching revulsion. She moved on quickly.

A pathway to the left gave her a feeling of boredom. The next one to the left a feeling of unreasoning violence. So on and so on she went down the roadway.

Though she did not become physically tired, she became to feel emotionally drained.

Finally she sat down and placed her head in her hands. She was about ready to cry when she noticed a small, almost hidden path, barely a foot wide to her right. From this small track she felt utter contentment, and a wash of unconditional love.

Rising she sprinted to the edge of this path and was instantly drawn downward faster, and faster, almost at light speed, through what seemed to be a dark tunnel with a bright light ahead in the distance

Her beautiful face was creased with a huge smile....


As she looked down into the beautiful, red, puffy face of her daughter the young mother cried tears of joy. Her husband beamed at both of them through his one un-patched eye!

"She's beautiful Dawnie, as beautiful as her mama!" He too was almost crying. "You and I do darned good work!"

"I'm going to name her Elizabeth Alexandra, Elizabeth Alexandra Harris!"

"Giles, honey, I'm changing our name to Giles remember? We don't want my family name to jinx her do we!""

"Right, Giles. Elizabeth Alexandra Giles. I think she might be a blonde for a while at least, and she apparently has green eyes, or maybe they're blue. I don't know and at this point I don't care. The doctors say she is perfect...ail ten fingers, and tiny toes, and everything in working order!. Oh Goddess, Xander she's the most beautiful child in the whole world, and she's going to be the most loved too. I just wish my sister had lived to see her."

Xander winced, then he smile softly at his wife.

"She reminds me so much of my sister for some reason."

"We can always nickname her Buffy!" said her proud father.

Her mother could have sworn, just for a moment, that she saw her daughter smiled.

The End

You have reached the end of "Bridge". This story is complete.

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