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The Grass is Greener

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Summary: What would happen if Xander left the Scoobie Gang to start his own group away from Buffy? Ok. The updates are going to be slow.

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Charmed > Xander-CenteredAgRoseFR1821,8060165,66717 Jun 111 Sep 12No

Little past and a morning ritual

A.N. Sorry for the wait, but at first is was college and then it was work and then I had just been gone so long I lost what I was going to do, but now I have just had a brain blast of this chapter and so I will write it out now!

Chapter Two:

Xander didn't know what he was going to do when he reached the Halliwell Manor. He hadn't seen any of them since a year before Buffy and the supernatural came. He was currently in a motel and was setting up so he could sleep well. He was finally away from the Hellmouth and its' influence on him. Putting holy water on the bed side table, crosses in the windows, and making sure there was no welcome mat in front of the door, he was almost done. All he needed to do was use the real natural engery the earth produced to strengthen the door and to make sure that only a master vamp or a demon could get in through the door.

Keeping busy was keeping his mind away from the past. It seemed like a good idea because of all the regret that would creep in if he let his mind wonder. So instead I was going to think about his wonderful three cousins, whom had no idea he was coming at all. Man, he wondered how Pru and them had been. The last time he had seen them was at Grams' funeral that his own mother had to be bribed with talk of her or himself of inheriting somethings. Infact is was through Grams that he was even as good at magic as we was. Before her funeral he was shipped off there for summer a couple times, when his parents wanted to get rid of him. It was cool to him because he was away from there drunken fights and and scream matches. Grams and caught his in the throws of a nightmare that had made his magic pulse after being way from the Hellmouth for a couple of days. He had to learn control before the trip was over or he could become evil or a threat to his friends.

He had learned as much as he could, but it seems that it hadn't been enough. Either that or his full powers weren't unlocked and he was still in danger of becoming evil. He never did get a straight answer from Grams because before she could answer his cousins decided to visit. He didn't think it was fair that the three beautiful women were related to himself and so he could date them at all. Sometimes life was unfair.

Before he got lost in his memories and the first time he met his cousins, he needed to meditate and sleep. It seemed to come easier and in no time he was centered and asleep in no time.

Just as the sun was rising, Xander was up doing a morning ritual that he had been performing every morning since Jesse had died. Salts, crystals, silver, and a candle were in front of him. He quickly grabbed a light and lit the candle just as dawn broke. As he arranged the crystals in the correct order he spoke softly, "As the new day begins to dawn, may not the night be lost. Across the divide a life was drawn, his memory my never be lost." As the crystal began to light up from his magic and the dawns' light from his left to his right he spoke, "Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul. The Body is lost, the Heart has stoped, and the Mind has stilled. His Soul is free." He took some salt and threw it across the candle and crystals and just as it touched them they all went out. For on last time he spoke, "Jesse, you will never be forgotten in my heart. You were my everything and now I will be starting a new life. My you be happy where ever you are." With that he started to clean up and got ready to leave.


Ok so that is as far as I got in my mind. Now Xander doesn't know that Pru is dead because even though his mom got the invite she didn't want to go because she wouldn't get any money from it. The girls were so busy they didn't know he wasn't there. Now I can't remember all the fights the girls go into so i am going to do a little altering and so some demons they have never fought they will and some they have may not even come up. I don't know where I am going with this because I have two ideas. One is where he stays with the charmed girl and another is where he goes back. I have ideas for both. I am planning on getting a laptop because what I am using right now is my Ipad.

Now for those of you who thought I was just trying to justify Xanders involvement with his magic escipades I tried not to leave Xanders part of them out. Because I believe that Xander was partially at fault in all of them. For the love spell he was being influenced my the Hellmouth as well as Cordelia dumping with and so his fragile emotions were playing with his brains too. He is a human teenager and the only way he could not retaliate was by becoming a monk. The whold Fluke this was both Xander and Willow together. Xander could have said no, but he was afraid of his oldest best friend of leaving him behind. Willow has always wanted Xander, but couldn't get rid of Oz because she wants that attention on her self. Now I have some plans for Willow which I will not share, but rest assured this is not a bash fic. All of them are teens that live for drama.

Please Read and Review and please don't try and tell me I have Xander and them pegged wrong. Everyone had their own oppinions and for me for this fic this is it so far. I may change how they act or not later on.

Thank you all who have so far reviewed and read my story.

Oops I put aunts instead of cousins. I fixed it so it should be ok. Also this ritual is one I have made up on the fly. So I have no idea if it is real.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Grass is Greener" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Sep 12.

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