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Tempered in Justice

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Summary: A chance enounter with Ethan Rayne before halloween sets off a chain of events no one could have predicted

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Chaos Theory

Disclaimer: see First Chapter

Feedback: Yes, please... I always appreciate hearing what others have to say about my fics

Author's note: This is the last of what I have already written, next chapter is about half done but will probably take more than one day to finish... sorry.

“She couldn’t have dressed like Xena…” Willow muttered even as she mentally cursed whatever was responsible for this mess as she ran towards the library for all she was worth. She was both angry and glad over having worn her usual ghost costume instead of what Buffy had been trying to get her to wear.

The redheaded hacker was glad because it seemed that none of the people turned monsters were able to harm her as a ghost, plus she didn’t even want to think about what she might have turned into if she had only been wearing what Buffy had loaned her; she was angry because once she had found her friend ‘Lady Buffy’ had called her a whore and tried to slap her when she tried to explain that they were friends.

Buffy’s expression, when her hand passed harmlessly through Willow’s face, had been priceless and probably matched the Hacker’s own right up until the slayer had screamed hysterically and ran off into the darkness before the ghost could recover from the shock of seeing Buffy’s hand pass through her.

After several fruitless minutes searching for her, Willow had decided she needed to get to Giles and hope whoever, Buffy had turned into could keep herself alive long enough for them to figure out and stop whatever was going on.


Joy cowered under a table as the strangely dressed wild man and the armored warrior woman battled the monsters attacking the party, trying to figure out how she was going to explain her disappearance from his side at the auction house to her master, let alone how she had managed find herself in the middle of a battlefield. If the beating the man who was looking to be her new master had threatened to give her for introducing herself without permission was any indication she was going to need one damn good excuse to keep from winding up a sacrificial offering, if she was lucky.

Suddenly the yellow and blue clad wild man smashed through one of the nearby tables; he laid there in the remains of the table in an unmoving heap. The silvery claws slid into the backs of his hands as one of the largest monsters approached him and raised his claws to strike at the warrior only to be distracted by a glass bottle hitting it on the side of its head.

The elfin harem girl looked at her arm in horror; she had no idea how or why that had just happened. Her arm had just picked up the nearby bottle and thrown it on its own accord. Slowly her eyes went from her arm to the towering form of the monster which had turned to face her and glared down at her, eyes narrowing.

The monster snarled, exposing its fangs at the already terrified Joy and the young elf snapped. Screaming in blind terror she turned and started to run blindly in an attempt to get as far away from the thing as she could possibly get.

Sabertooth, his blood still running hot from his battle with the runt, licked his lips at the sight of the fleeing prey. His mind quickly filled with the images of all the fun he could have both running her down and after catching her, before killing her.

The familiar sound of metal scraping against metal from behind him caused the sociopath to dodge to the side so instead of taking his head off, Wolverine’s claws merely laid open his neck, his carotid artery spraying blood across the room. As he moved to capitalize on the injury Wolverine spared the retreating girl’s back a look of uncharacteristic gratitude, silently hoping she found some where safe to hide until this was over.


The Dog General walked through the streets. Although he dispatched all those foolish enough to attack him, battle was not was not what he sought. He was searching for something that would tell him what was going on. While it was true that the Youkai of his homeland occasionally attacked human settlements there was always a reason for it such as needing food or goods, gathering riches and slaves, retribution for a wrong against their clan, or to acquire some relic or mystical item the humans had found that the demons thought could increase their power.

But this was like no raid or attack he had ever heard of; there was no sanity to it at all. The demons weren’t searching for anything and weren’t feeding on their kills. They were behaving like a pack of rabid animals, destroying and killing with no apparent pattern or reason.

Inutaishou shook his head, unsure which disgusted him more-- the obvious lack of the lord of the village’s soldiers trying to protect his subjects or the behavior of the demons that were attacking this place. The Youkai lord shuddered at the thought of anyone considering these beasts to be like him in anyway.

A scream snapped the Dog General out of his unpleasant thoughts; he spun towards the screaming right hand dropping to grip the hilt of one of the swords at his waist and saw a demon of some kind chasing a strangely clad woman straight towards him. Without even thinking about it Inutaishou cleared the space between him and the unknown demon in the blink of an eye. The warrior drew his sword, the blade transforming so that it was roughly the same size as the young woman before him and vaguely shaped like a fang, then smiled at the surprised look on the demon’s face as he cut it in half.

Inutaishou slid the Tetsusaiga back into its sheath as he walked to kneeling woman, who was looking up at him with awe. “Are you injured?”

The woman blinked, shook her head and blushed deeply as she took a deep breath to compose herself. “No, kind sir, I am fine…”

“Good,” the Youkai lord nodded, offered his hand and assisted her in rising to her feet. “Come, I will take you somewhere where you will be safe.”

She smiled, looked at the ground as she blushed and slid her arm into that of her rescuer. “I thank you… again.”

Inutaishou was surprised by the young woman’s sudden romantic overture. Given her bearing and the quality of her clothes he had assumed her a member of a noble family, but he smiled as he caught both her poorly concealed glances at him and the combination of fear and arousal in her scent.

Several blocks and many dead attackers later the Dog General’s eyes fell on a house which looked almost the same as every other he had passed, but when he saw it the same thing that had told him to protect the children spoke up once more telling him this was a place of safety.

Leading the young woman to it, Inutaishou paused for a moment to contemplate the meaning of, or reason for, the 1630 written on the wall of the building before he opened the door and escorted the noblewoman inside. She started to move deeper into the house, only to come to a stop when Inutaishou began to gently remove his arm from hers. “You will be safe here, until this madness passes…”

The Youkai lord felt her hands tighten on his and paused at the doe-like expression she was giving him and sighed. “I will insure there are no dangers before I leave, my lady…”

The lady nodded and released Inutaishou’s arm but stayed close to him as he moved from room to room checking for threats to alleviate her fears. At each door or window the Youkai lord paused to touch it while murmuring something too low for his companion to hear.

Finding nothing, the Dog General and the noble woman returned to what he assumed to be some kind of greeting hall, despite what looked like a raised bed under the window. “There are no enemies within and I have placed seals of protection on the entrances of this manor; nothing shall enter to do you harm. You have the word of the Taiyoukai Inutaishou, Inu no Taisho and ruler of the Western lands.”

“I thank you again, my lord…” she glanced up quickly and blushed, “and now a small reward for your actions.”

The lady stepped forward, placed her hands against his chest for balance, rose on her toes and stretched as far as she was able in an attempt to kiss him on the cheek.

Staring down at her hands on the front of his armor, distracted both by the unexpected recovery of the memory of his title and the strength of her scent with her this close, Inutaishou suddenly felt warm breath on his neck and whipped his head around, lips pulling back from teeth as a snarl built in the back of his throat at the attempted act of dominance… Only to have both die as lips parting for a threatening snarl met lips parting in a gasp of surprise.

Inutaishou blinked in surprise at the power he suddenly felt from the young lady when their lips met; it was similar to the power of a Youkai, with the same wild almost untamable predatory undercurrent of a hanyou, but still different… and the way it was caressing his youki was a definite invitation if its reaction to his unconsciously deepening the kiss was any indication.

The noblewoman’s eyes went wide as her breath caught in her throat at the rush she felt when their lips meet; an endless moment later her eyes slid half closed as she pressed her body against him and let the breath out with a small meowling sound in the back of her throat when her rescuer deepened the kiss. Dimly she felt his hand begin to wander over her body, her own working under armor to run over firm muscles; then a moan was suddenly torn from her throat as she realized the hands she felt caressing her were no longer doing so through cloth.


Angel paused in the shadows of the fence, wanting to make sure the coast was clear before starting for Buffy’s back door; after all he wouldn’t be much help to anyone if something killed him. He had just decided it was safe when a deafening howl came from the house, rattling the windows of nearby houses and sending a shiver down Angel’s spine.

Fearing the worst Angel ran onto the porch and reached for the doorknob, intent on stopping whatever had made that noise from hurting anyone. However, the moment he grabbed the knob his eyes went wide and he would have screamed if he had been able, white lightening like bolts of power flowed over him a split second before throwing him into the neighbor’s pool in an semi-conscious, burnt and smoking heap.


Inutaishou panted lightly as he lowered his head, the echoes from his howl of completion still ringing in his ears, to nuzzle his partner’s cheek murmuring words of encouragement as he gently stroked the back of the trembling form clutching itself to him hard enough to make the youkai lord began to worry about her injuring herself.

Slowly the constricting pressure of arms and legs loosened their grips on him, sliding off to rest at her sides on the bed until finally her jaw relaxed enough for the Dog General to slip his shoulder free. Inutaishou glanced at his shoulder and blinked as he found she had actually managed to draw blood.

As he looked at the noblewoman Inutaishou frowned in disbelief at the limp boneless way she was laying. The soft rise and fall of her chest and the fact he still heard her heartbeat were the only things that kept him from wondering if she was alive.

Shaking his head, stunned that someone with the power he had felt from her would be exhausted after only two times, the Greater dog demon gently gathered the unconscious woman in his arms and laid her out on the bed. Inutaishou watched her sleeping form for a moment before fetching her discarded dress to cover her. With a smile he reached out and brushed a bit of hair from her face then started to gather his belongings so he could dress.

The Dog General slid Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga into his obi, turned at looked at the sleeping form with something like regret before exiting. Inutaishou paused on the path that led to the road, turned and cast a barrier over the house he had just left; while it would only last the night it would do to keep out lesser vermin running amok tonight.

With the safety of the strange noblewoman all but assured, the greatest member of the Inu clan to ever live vanished into the darkness.


Spawn willed her chains to wrap around another group of the damn Borg things, had them grow blade like spikes on each link and then recalled them shredding the Borg into something closely resembling hamburger. Grinning like a maniac under her mask she continued her search for more of her enemies. Now glad that pajama-boy had demoted her to clean up duty after she tried to use that same trick to cut the head off of that nutcase calling himself Apocalypse she was still a bit miffed that he had broken two of her chains to save that scum’s life.

~ Yeah, so they will heal but that’s beside the point... it’s like bucket head said, this is the real world and that fool’s idealism is gonna get us, not to mention a lot of the people he claims to want to protect, killed or worse! ~ Spawn almost shuddered at what she had seen these things do to people that had been unfortunate enough to run across them.

Shaking her head the Spawn admitted most of her current hostility was due to the unusual situation she found herself in; usually in battle she could feel her energy being drained, a steady reminder that once she had used it all she was gone-sent back to hell where she’d have to answer for breaking contract with old Belzy.

And except for the few times she had been able to drain the energy from whatever demon they had sent to ‘get their treasonous general back with the program or kill her’ this week, that was the way it went; her energy slowly leaking away like sand in an hourglass.

But since waking up in this craziness, her energy level had been steadily rising until now she was at nearly the same level as when she first awakened after her return from hell, and it was still rising. Spawn paused and watched the angel battling the devils. She battled the desire to assist but previous experience told her that, for a place as big on love and forgiveness as heaven was supposed to be, they were awfully quick on the trigger to kill any and all hellspawn found on earth without question.

No, if she were to help it would only lead to severe injuries at the hands of the warrior of heaven. If she was lucky… but that didn’t stop her lashing out with her chains to slam one of the devils that had gotten behind the angel through a parked minivan and into the wall of a store before fleeing the scene in search of more of these Borg things to take out her frustrations on.


Having made quick work of the Devils, thanks to the distraction of the unexpected attack, the angel turned and just caught sight of movement on a roof across the street. A single flap of her wings carried the heavenly being too said roof; the angel frowned as she watched something that should have been impossible. A Hellspawn, one of several minions Beelzebub had been forbidden the use of in this dimension, was moving away from her, jumping from one rooftop to the next with an ease that belied the huge chains and cloak draped around its body.

She started to reach out to those of her kind responsible for removing such things, when something about the Spawn caught her attention; not only was this Spawn not dead but its soul while not pure was innocent, bearing none of the taint of one belonging to hell by deed or contract. That egotistical demon lord had dared to infect an innocent living soul he had no claim to with one of his abominations… the mere thought began to enrage her.

“Vengeance is the Lord’s, not yours.” An English accented voice stated from behind the angel, taking on an amused tone when she jumped in surprise. “Besides, for once the little worm isn’t involved, and you have more important things to worry about…”

Spinning to face whoever had spoken to her, the angel blinked in surprise and confusion when she found nothing but the empty air and street below. After spending a moment trying to figure out who had spoken to her, the Angel shook her head and took to wing. She hoped that the mortal lover she had been lying with before finding herself in this place, was safe and unharmed as she looked for some sign as to why she had suddenly appeared here.


Inutaishou growled low in his throat as he tossed the unconscious Samurai away; so far he had found four Samurai and three Shinobi with no answers to either the location of the soldiers that should be at least trying to protect this place or where he could find the lord of this city.

The Dog General was beginning to find the idea of using the Sounga to destroy the surrounding buildings until the city guard chose to show themselves very appealing. Only the thought of how many innocents would be killed or injured in the process and the knowledge of how much pleasure the sword would take in the destruction kept it firmly in its sheath.

Shaking off his frustrations, Inutaishou continued his search once more ignoring the chaos going on around him for the most part as he searched for someone that could answer his questions. Whether from a human, Youkai, Hanyou, celestial being or mice from Mars, it didn’t matter to him as he no longer cared where he got his answers so long as he got them.

Turning down a new road, Inutaishou came to a stop and frowned at the sight of a black and white horseless carriage that, unlike the ones he had seen earlier had red flashing lights on top of it sitting in the road with it doors open.

Curious the Dog General approached the vehicle. As he drew even with its doors Inutaishou noted the dead human male laying in front of the vehicle with his throat torn out and frowned. He was briefly curious about why the unarmed and unarmored man would have stopped before reaching the safety of his home with the chaos that he could still hear going on in the distance.

He had just decided it was probably one of those human things he would never understand when a series of what sounded like thunderclaps followed by sounds of a struggle from the nearby alleyway caught his attention. When he reached the alley he frowned as he found a human dressed identically to dead one he had just left being dragged to the ground by a group of demons he was unfamiliar with.

Once the demons had the human restrained, one of them grabbed the front of its clothing and pulled; clawed hands easily tore the cloth from neck to groin exposing the lacy undergarments that covered her breasts and groin to the demons as the woman’s struggles increased several fold.

A growl began to build in Inutaishou’s throat as their intentions for the human woman became clear; while Youkai had completely different morals than humans and had almost no taboos concerning nudity or sex they also only had one punishment for crimes involving the latter.

The Youkai lord stormed up the alleyway faster than the eyes of most demons could follow, grabbed the demon that was kneeling between her legs fumbling with its clothing by the base of neck and effortlessly twisted, killing the thing before throwing the body away from the woman as he began to turn his claw techniques on the remaining degenerates.

Less than a minute later it was over; Inutaishou crouched, ignoring the pieces of demon scattered around the alley as he covered her with a robe secreted inside his armor. He picked up the woman up and carried her out of the alley being careful to shield the body of the male dressed as she had been from her view.

As the Dog general carried the woman down the streets he could smell the fear, anger, happiness, gratitude and resentment in her scent… as well as a familiar undercurrent that had continued to grow as he carried her and was beginning to tease a reaction out of him.

“Where are you taking me?” Ellen looked around numbly. Some distant part of her mind still able to access the information from her classes at the academy spoke up, telling her she was more than likely going into shock.

“Do not worry,” Inutaishou looked down at the woman and smiled hoping to reassure her. “I will find you somewhere you will be safe my lady, while I seek the lord of this place to attempt to convince him to send troops to help bring an end to this madness.”

“Excuse me,” Ellen glared at him annoyance clear on her face. “I’m a member of the Sunnydale Police Department, so I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself!”

“So I saw,” Inutaishou smirked and shook his head in amusement at the effect the night’s events combined with his Youki was having on the woman. “I’m sure you had them right where you wanted them… you were merely waiting for the right moment to make your move.”

“Look, don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for the help,” she said squirming in his arms slightly trying to get loose. “But I’m not made of glass or some helpless ‘little girl’ than needs some big strong man to come save me…”

“My lady, I do not doubt the strength of your will. If you were lacking those vermin would have broken you to their will easily…” Inutaishou barked a laugh and fixed her with a pointed look before glancing down to where the robe of the fire-rat had come partly open and raising an eyebrow. “And from what I’ve seen there is no way that anyone with eyes could mistake you for a child.”

Once she saw the state of her borrowed robe, Ellen blushed furiously and quickly pulled it closed. “Who told you, you could look?”

“I was once told that ‘when one is given the chance to gaze upon an object of beauty, they are obligated to do so’, so how could I not look when given a chance to look upon perfection.” Inutaishou smiled disarmingly hoping his flattery would calm the woman’s temper.

“Yeah, right, why don’t you pull the other one now…” Ellen muttered, looking away to hide the way her blush deepened and her confusion over not being sure if it was caused by her embarrassment from him seeing her like that, annoyance that he expected her to fall for such an obvious tactic or excitement at being flattered like that by the handsome man.

Inutaishou paused as he reached the general area of their destination. Frowning, he sniffed the air trying to pinpoint the location.

The police woman looked around as they came to a sudden stop and blinked as she recognized her apartment building. Ellen turned to look at the man carrying her as she felt him tense only to throw her arms around his neck with a startled yelp as he launched himself and almost seemed to float to the fire escape landing outside her window.

The Taiyoukai barely suppressed his chuckle at the way the woman’s heart was racing after his little hop though he couldn’t quite keep the smile from his face as he used a small bit of power to unlock the window before pulling it open.

Ellen fumed, her heart still racing, as she saw the small smile on his face knowing that however he had done that he hadn’t warned her on purpose hoping to get a reaction out of her. She opened her mouth ready to tear him a new one and then blinked as he easily pulled open the large window she knew she had locked before leaving and seemed to flow through the window before setting her down.

“I will check for intruders before I leave,” Inutaishou said as he walked past her to inspect the rest of the dwelling. “Even then you should be safe if you barricade the window we entered through after I’ve left…”

Ellen looked at the Youkai lord’s retreating back in disbelief and the emotional storm that had been building since those things had managed to pin her to the ground in that alleyway broke as a red haze filled her vision.

Inutaishou yelped in surprise as something slammed into him from behind sending him stumbling through the door he had just opened. He tripped over a basket and slammed his head into a sutra hung on the wall as decoration, barely concealing his surprise when it turned out to be real.

Still trying to shake off the effect of the brief contact with the sutra Inutaishou rolled to his feet. He desperately fighting to keep control of his beast, saw Ellen stalking towards him with an unmistakable expression and felt the tenuous hold he had on his instincts slip…


“Why would they put the stairs on the outside of the building?” Joy mused as she looked for a way to the stairs leading to the window that the strange warrior and the woman that had saved her had disappeared into; finally she used the trash cans to get onto the dumpster beside them so she could get her foot onto the bottom rung of the fire escape.

When she had finally stopped her terrified flight from the monster the elfin harem girl had found herself standing on a deserted street unlike anything she had ever seen before… not that she had ever been allowed to see much. She screamed at the top of her lungs as a pair of arms pulled her into the area between two buildings where she was surrounded by a group of monsters.

Joy remembered the feelings of hope and gratitude that had come over her as the woman had come to her aid, ordering them to release her as she pointed what Joy fervently hoped was some kind of weapon at her captors.

When they ignored her demand, the woman slipped between the two monsters advancing on her, somehow sending both of them to the ground as they attempted to grab her. As the pair lay on the ground the unknown woman came up behind the monster holding her and punched where its kidneys should have been with little to no effect.

But when the monster turned toward its attacker the terrified elf accidentally brought her knee up into its groin which finally made the beast let her go. However, by the time the woman had managed to reach Joy she had become the focus of the monsters attention, so she had pushed the elfin female deeper into the alley away from the advancing monsters and told her run.

So Joy had run down the alley only to turn the corner and find a brick wall at least three times her own height blocking her way. Shivering in fear her eyes darted looking for a way through the wall, or at least someplace to hide, then grabbed her ears as she screamed in fear and pain as thunder seemed to explode behind her.

Ears ringing, driving stabbing pain into her head she slowly backtracked until she could peek around the corner and saw the warrior covering her rescuer in a red robe of some kind before picking her up and leaving.

Despite the power she could sense rolling off the male warrior Joy had decided to follow the perceived safety the pair of warriors represented tentatively until she noticed the way most of the monsters were giving the warriors a wide berth, then she moved to keep herself so that she was just out of arms reach of the pair.

Although they hadn’t shown any indications of knowing she was following them, Joy was pretty sure that at least the male was aware of her presence, but had correctly labeled her as not being a threat. When they had reached this building the male had made an incredible leap to the balcony of the window, leaving her to either stay where she was or find her own way inside. The sounds of the chaos still going on around her had her quickly checking the door. Finding it locked she began to search for another way inside and that was when she noticed the ladder leading to the metal stairs on the outside of the building.

After a little difficulty Joy finally reached the top of the ladder and climbed onto the lowest of the balconies and after looking around nervously for anything that might try to hurt her began to climb the stairs that connected each floor to the next.

Joy smiled as reached the window the pair had disappeared into, proud of having been able to find a way to reach it. Her look of pride turned into an expression of shock when she peeked into the window and saw the female warrior toss the male across the room; twisting in mid-air the male landed on his feet and charged the woman. The woman side-stepped his charge, grabbed his arm and used it to plant him flat on his back on the floor and his swords were sent flying across the room.

As Joy watched the pair of warriors battling, their fighting slowly began to take on the look of some kind of an increasingly erotic dance. An aroused flush creeping up her cheeks as the female elf found herself comparing and adding some of what she saw to her knowledge of foreplay; because she had to admit watching the way they were brushing, rubbing, grasping and pulling each other was certainly seeming to have a similar effect on all those present.


Giles closed the tome he was reading and rubbed his eyes in frustration; it had been two hours since Willow had passed through the wall of the library and he was still no closer to finding a solution. Of course the fact that she had been hovering over his shoulder since discovering that even if she knew what she was looking for she couldn’t turn the tome’s pages didn’t help his rapidly fraying nerves or his search for an answer.

“Any luck…?” The scantily clad girl turned ghost asked in a hopeful tone.

“No.” If he didn’t need any and all information the girl could provide him he would have sent her to find the others, although he acknowledged that much of his frustration was over the knowledge that given what Willow said Buffy had been wearing, it was likely that a new slayer had been called already… Shaking off that line of thought the Watcher turned and fixed the girl with the look he usually reserved for when Buffy isn’t taking something seriously or Xander started making jokes at inappropriate times. “Let’s go over this again... Tell me everything you can remember.”

Willow swallowed and began telling him everything she knew for the third time… even as she searched her mind for anything new that might help.


The short figure looked down on Sunnydale from where he floated about a foot above the roof of its highest building. It had taken him very little time after appearing here to figure out what had happened to him, and he was not amused.

The young man tapped his chin thoughtfully, trying to decide exactly how to get even with Janus for getting him dragged into this. As he looked over the chaos going on below him, a large devious smile slowly spread across his face as an idea began to form rapidly taking shape. It would mean having to avoid this dimension for a few centuries and probably earn him another punishment from ‘dear old daddy’ but it would definitely make things interesting for old two heads…

“You know this just might be fun after all!” He chuckled and he rubbed his hands together. White hair began to whip around his large pointed ears and eyes began to glow green as he began to gather his energy. Finally, having gathered enough power that the air around him crackled with small bolts of green lightning, he turned towards an array of antennas on the roof and began to chant.

“People of Sunnydale I find you vile, sitting there in pure denial, villains you free, while heroes you cage, so from now on the rules I do change.”

Chant finished, green light shot from his eyes and mouth striking the antennas. The array glowed green for a second before releasing a wave of green energy that swept across the city and continued outwards in an expanding circle of power that passed through walls, people, trees, stones and wards with equal ease until finally dying out shortly after passing through San Francisco.

The spellcaster fell to his knees, more from the lightheadedness of releasing so much energy than any weakness caused by the spell. He pushed his hair out of his face and giggled at the thought of the wrench he had just thrown into a certain group of tight asses’ well oiled machine.

Normally he would have avoided mixing magicks at almost any cost, but this time he felt it was reasonably safe. After all, while Oberon’s children were people of order and were mostly neutral in the war between the light and dark, the Puck was, and would always be, a true child of chaos.


Mayor Richard Wilkins the third, not to mention first and second, sat straight up in bed eyes wide as a wave of magic unlike anything he ever felt before washed over him. Unlike the harmless bit of chaos magic that he had felt start up earlier which was aimed at the populace and posed no real threat to him, in the aftermath of this wave he could feel really dangerous changes taking place.

Channels long held close through blood sacrifices combined with the power of the hellmouth now surged with earth magic once more; the path of leylines changed long ago through pacts with powerful demons returned to their proper course causing a small but notably growing shift start in the power coming from the hellmouth. Even before the earth magic reached it, it started mixing with the changing energy the hellmouth was giving off as the process of its realigning itself began...

The mage paled as he racked his mind for some way to stop over one hundred years of preparations from going up in smoke. His face steadily reddening in barely contained rage Wilkins jumped out of bed and threw on his clothes. With luck, if he hurried another sacrifice might be enough to restore the ‘dams’ that had taken him so long to build. If that could be done the rest could be fix easily… all it would take is time and the right ‘price’.

And after all he had done for the people of Sunnydale, the least they owed him was a little blood, sweat and tears to make his own dreams come true.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Tempered in Justice" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jun 11.

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