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Fancy meeting you here

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Summary: The Scoobies still need help after defeating The First

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Television > Surprise CrossoverscmdruhuraFR1311,643021,27019 Jun 1119 Jun 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the shows. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.

AN: Specific crosses are mentioned at the end of the story.

The airport isn’t overly crowded but she still has to dodge several oblivious people rushing every which way. And while she is no Spring chicken anymore, she is pleased that she still has the at least some of the agility of her youth left. At the moment though she would rather not have to be using it.

The plane she’s been waiting for has just had its landing time delayed a half hour. On top of the hour delay of its departure, means that she should have been able to get another hour or more sleep that morning if she had known the night before.

Of course precognition isn’t her forte. If it had she would have been more prepared for the encounter she was about to have.

She is headed for the food court to get some coffee while she waits for the plane to finally arrive, when she hears someone call out her name.


Turning towards the voice she is somewhat shocked to see the person who’d called out to her. Even though the voice did not belong to any of the three people she is waiting on, she is still overjoyed to see the person who’d called out to her.

“Phoebe!” she responds as she makes her way towards the woman. “What are you doing here?”

“The same as you I suspect, considering the mess Cousin Kanga’s gotten himself into,” came the bland reply even as they enthusiastically hugged one another.

“As I remember, after your charge turned 18, you said you were done and wanted nothing to do with the life anymore. You didn’t even come home.”

“Things were complicated then,” is Phoebe’s somewhat sad reply. “And much has changed recently.”

“Did he ask you to come?” Carrie asks.

“No. He doesn’t even know how to get in touch with me. Besides, he would have respected my decision to stay out of it and left me alone even if he did know where I was.”

“So this is due to your ‘intuition’,” says Carrie with just a bit of envy.

“They need me,” Phoebe says. “With what he and they are doing, I am needed to support the changes they wish to make. The Old Guard will fight them once things begin to settle down and they will need all the backing from family they can get.”

“Will she be coming as well?” asks Carrie.

“No,” comes the reply. “She won’t. Mainly because she doesn’t know about our world view.”


“I knew she would never be chosen but I also knew they wouldn’t care and therefore I got myself assigned but never told her or trained her. The knowledge would have ruined what made her special outside of her other potential. So I faked the periodic reports in such a way that she was completely average and wouldn’t arouse the notice of our overseers. I also watched over her to ensure she wasn’t detected by those that live in the shadows. I did this for 5 years as her and her brothers’ nanny. Then later as their step-mother.”

“You got married and didn’t let us know!” Carrie says shocked.

“I couldn’t allow the attention revealing that would bring to me and Prudence,” replies Phoebe. “Besides, the Old Fogies in charge would have forbidden it and we did love one another. And before you ask, he passed away peacefully three years ago.”

“You should have had family with you.”

“I did. Prudence and her family along with both her brothers’ families. They’re doing well and making the world a better place in their own way.”

“I take it that Lisa is coming,” states Phoebe.

“Yes. She and her partners. Unlike you, I didn’t know she wouldn’t be chosen and there were portents that some girl in California would be so I wouldn’t have taken the chance not to train her even if you’d been there to tell me that.”

“Even with now knowing that the one who was chosen had no preparation until after the fact?” asks Phoebe.

“You do remember that I was never much of a risk taker like you and he were?”

“True enough. You were fairly cautious when it came to the games we played. Though I suppose that attitude is where Cousin Kanga’s desire to be a fighter pilot came from,” replies Phoebe.

“You do know he will hate it if you call him that in front of anyone?”

“It’s a hell of a lot better than the one he gave himself,” shoots back Phoebe.

“I’ll never understand how he was able to pull off getting 16 virgins to allow him to deflower them on his 16th birthdays” says Carrie thoughtfully.

“Money and Magic,” says Phoebe matter-of-factly.

“Oh, I know what he offered them as far as the 100 quid each and the promise of no pain along with mind blowing orgasms,” says Carrie. “What I never understood was, even with those incentives, how he could come up with 16 volunteers for the ceremony.”

“As I said, Money and Magic,” replies Phoebe. “The Magic helped him locate the girls who fit the criteria of being virgins, which included they were at lest 16 or older.”

“At least he wasn’t entirely stupid about the whole thing even if the idea was,” interjects Carrie.

“And he used protection,” says Phoebe before continuing her explanation. “Once he was able to detect the prospects to fulfill his desires, it was only a matter of approaching and asking them. You see if you are willing to have your face slapped repeatedly, and possibly an occasional knee to the groin, a man can be assured of having a sex partner for the night, that isn’t a hooker, just by asking every woman he meets ‘Do you want to shag?’. Sooner or later, one of them will answer ‘Yes’. He just had to accumulate 16 ‘yeses’. The money helped getting those ‘yeses’ sooner rather than later.”

“Probably saved him from having to buy a new cup,” snarks Carrie.

“I believe he went through three of them before he got to number 16,” says Phoebe.

“And you know all this, How?”

Phoebe just smiles enigmatically.

Carrie just grumbls something about the unfairness of birth order.

“You knew I was going to be here,” states Carrie suddenly.

“I wanted to explain that cutting myself off from you was not personal,” says Phoebe a bit sadly. “As I said earlier, the Council wouldn’t believe me when I told them Prudence would never be called. They insisted on having her trained anyway. The only way to prevent them from taking her from her family was to become her Watcher. As long as I ‘trained’ Prudence they had no cause to interfere. I cut ties with you and the rest so you wouldn’t visit and detect the fraud I was committing.”

“Apparently your example of not pulling Prudence away from her family got them to see a way to cut down on costs,” says Carrie. “Thus I was allowed let Lisa stay with her family and friends while the Council only had to supply some equipment and a slight additional stipend to cover what my cover job salary didn’t. It became a bit trickier to continue her training once she moved on to High School but we worked it out with no one being the wiser. I went into semi-retirement when she passed the upper age limit not wanting another field job then.”

“I guess I trained her too well,” Carrie continues with a small laugh. “She became a Hunter anyway. Used her fashion design job to rove the world hunting. She would contact me occasionally for one thing or another to help her in her hunts.”

“It’s her and her Life Partners that I’m waiting on,” Carrie concludes.

Phoebe raised an eyebrow at that statement.

“I suppose given the laws of this country, that is one way to refer to those doing a Hand Fasting,” says Phoebe.

“Well she’s known Zachary since Grade School and Kelly has been her friend since High School. And it all came about when she was visiting with them and ended up having the night life literally staring Kelly in the face,” states Carrie. “Once Zachary and Kelly accepted she, and they, weren’t crazy, they decided to help her and somehow the three of them ended up becoming lovers. They called me in for the Hand Fasting, to symbolize their commitment to each other even though it would have no legal standing without at least a civil ceremony to go along with it. Something they of course won’t do nor do they feel the need to anyway. What surprised me was that Kelly accepted Lisa’s proposal almost immediately and had to talk Zachary into it. Kelly has two girls and a boy while Lisa has one of each. This of course has had the effect of limiting when they hunt and how often.”

Just then there is an announcement of an arriving flight.

“Finally,” huffs Carrie. “Let’s get your bags and then you can stick around and meet my former Potential and her Life Mates.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

They head out to pick up Phoebe’s luggage and wait for Lisa, Kelly and Zachary to show up and pick up theirs.

AN: In case anyone doesn’t know, Juliet Mills and Haley Mills are indeed sisters with Juliet being older. Juliet was the Nanny in “The Nanny and the Professor” while Haley was Miss Bliss in “Good Morning Miss Bliss” which later became “Saved by the Bell”.

AN: For those that don’t get the A. A. Milne reference, Cousin Kanga comes from the ‘Ru’ in Rupert, which is pronounced like ‘Roo’ who is Kanga’s son in the stories. And yes I know Kanga is female. It just makes the appellation that much funnier. None of these characters belong to me either.

The End

You have reached the end of "Fancy meeting you here". This story is complete.

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