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What is Normal Anyway?

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Summary: Buffy/Angel/Harry Potter crossover. Harry/OMC. Non DH epilogue compliant. Total Buffy/Angel AU. Five years after DH and Harry just wants to have a normal life as an auror. Of course he's Harry Potter and doesn't even know what 'normal' is. Slash Femslash

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > RomancebunniusagichanFR1811,1410046021 Jun 1121 Jun 11No
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, or Angel The Series. I do own all OCs and the plot.

A/N: Just so everybody knows I am way behind on my Buffy watching. I'm on like, season three... and I only saw the first season of Angel so this is going to be very, VERY AU. Oh, and a lot of people who are supposed to be dead are alive... and this is only rated 18 so that I don't have to hold back so expect the unexpected. (Don't worry, I'll warn you first if it's big) NOW! On with the show!

Full summery:
Harry just wants a normal life but because he's Harry Freakin' Potter there's not such thing, for him anyway. Five years after the end of DH he's working as an Auror for the good-guys. At least that's what he thinks. When he's told to capture a possible Dark Lord and keep it alive for 'interrogation' (cough torture cough) he didn't expect the mans' twin to show up and kidnap Harry and take him to a hotel full of really weird people, and weird to Harry is saying something.

Warnings: Some swearing, messing around with how vampires mate, an author attempting to write about a culture she knows not of, and an author running on caffeine and very little sleep.

Harry knew something was wrong. It had to be. He wasn't sensing any magic coming off of the person in front of him so he couldn't be a Dark Lord wanna-be. But the man looked exactly like the man in the non-magic picture sitting on the bar in front of Harry.

The man in the picture was very handsome, if Harry thought of other guys like that. And he didn't. Because the Man-Who-Lived wasn't gay. Or Bi. Or in denial. He just wasn't.

The man had red hair. Fire red. Long, silky looking red hair. Even though the picture stopped at the mans' shoulders Harry could see the actual man and knew the hair went all the way down the mans' back. He had golden eyes. Eyes that could probably see through Harry's soul. Harry thought the man would have blended in very well in Gryffindor.

The man wasn't smiling in the picture and he wasn't smiling in real life. Even though Harry couldn't tell what the man was saying over the sounds of the pub occupants it looked to Harry as if the man was trying to flirt the bartender into giving him a free drink. Harry watched as the barman walked away and the red-haired mans' shoulders slumped. Apparently no free drinks for him.

Not for the first time Harry wondered why the Ministry wanted to track down every. single. lead. on any semi-possible dark lord. Most leads went nowhere but when they did go somewhere Harry had to go out and arrest the person and bring them to the secret Ministry headquarters. Not the actual Ministry headquarters because, and he quotes, "They are simply too potentially dangerous and thus, cannot be trusted to interact calmly with the general population and thus, must be kept in maximum security." Harry supposed this sort of made sense. Though, it would make more sense if every time Harry entered the Secret Headquarters he didn't hear screaming.

Harry was wrenched out of his thoughts by the man walking past him and out the door of the pub. Harry throw a few pounds down for the barkeep to pay for his non-alcoholic drink and followed the man out.

Harry followed him for about ten minutes until Harry was finally satisfied that there was nobody else around. He pulled his wand out and cast a stunning spell at the mans' back. The man fell to the ground and Harry walked over to him, crouched down, put his hand on the mans' arm, and apparated them both into the Secret Headquarters.

The man was taken away from Harry and put...somewhere. Nobody ever really told Harry where the prisoners were kept until their trials. Or let Harry testify in said trials. Or let Harry do anything other then the dangerous work. People hadn't tried to kill him this much when he was in Hogwarts.

Harry decided that now that his job was done for the night he could really use a strong alcoholic drink. He walked to the nearest pub. Just before he was about to go inside he saw something...

Harry wanted to blame it on a trick of the light but he could very clearly see the mans' face. It was the same face as the man Harry had just arrested. But that was impossible. Somebody would have called him and told him that there had been an escape. And Harry seriously doubted that the man would be so calm if he had really just gotten out of maximum security.

Harry could feel magic coming off of the man in waves. It was so strong it almost most knocked Harry to the ground. It was defiantly a different man.

'Well I'll be damned.' Harry thought. 'I got the wrong guy...'

Harry pulled out his wand. He had a moment of deja vu. He aimed it at the man. He cast a stunning spell at the man. But then the man didn't crumple to the ground.

Instead there was a loud yell. "What the HELL do you think you're doing?" Harry just stared at the man but then the man was right in Harry's face and a hand was around his throat and he couldn't breath and then someone was digging around in his head and

Harry found himself on the ground spluttering and trying to get air back in his lungs. He felt a sudden sharp pain in his thigh and it took him a moment to realize that the man had kicked him. He looked up at the man in surprise. He had honestly expected the man to use an Unforgivable on him, not kick him.

"What the FUCK did you do with Arri you bastard?"

If Harry knew who Arri was he might have been able to answer that question.

Suddenly Harry found himself being pulled to his feet by hands that held onto him too tight for comfort, though Harry suspected the man didn't really care if he hurt Harry.

Harry didn't have his wand. He started to panic a little. Somewhere in the back of his brain he wondered why he wasn't panicking more. He put his hands on the mans' chest and used his magic to push him away.

The man cursed again and then pulled something off from around his neck. Harry vaguely realized it was a necklace, he was busy trying to figure out why the man hadn't moved very much when Harry had pushed him. The man was WAY more powerful then Harry had originally thought. And that was saying a lot because Harry had KNOWN he was powerful.

Harry felt...empty. Cold. He didn't like it. He didn't like it at all. He couldn't fell his magic anymore. He looked down and realized the man had put the necklace around Harry's neck.

Harry started to panic a little more. "What did you do?!" He shrieked.

The man groaned and muttered "I'm started to get a headache."

Harry didn't feel sorry for him at all and just continued to shriek. In a very manly way, of course.


The End?

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You have reached the end of "What is Normal Anyway?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jun 11.

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