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When Two Worlds Collide

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Summary: It all started with an old friend asking for help. No one imagined all the trouble to follow like time travel an paradoxies. Will Angel and Buffy make it to the church on time? You have to read to find out.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered
Television > QAF (UK and US versions)
fandomoverloadFR182727,07025311,66121 Jun 115 Nov 11No

Stake That and That

Author's Notes: Okay first off I loved when Willow did her little spell and then we had slayer galore, but it is a pain in my ass to remember the names of them all and I never liked Kennedy. So in this little diddy after the first went bye bye so did the little slayers that could. Faith and Buffy are the only two. Of course there are a lot more Scoobies now but no more slayers. Everything else that is different will be explained at the given time.

As always I own nothing. Just the thought of this story is my idea so sorry if it sucks. Got myself a review so back to the story.

Stake That and That

Faith and Buffy walked the streets of LA looking for something to kill. It was a slow night so they were standing in the graveyard chatting.

"He said what?" Faith asked again making sure she heard her right.

"He said that when we meet with the Harky guy we couldn't tell him I'm the slayer."

"Why the hell not. He knows that A is an vampire why can't he know you can roll the punches just as good if not better?" Faith asked getting pissed. The Slayer she kept under control had flashed before her eyes.

"He works for some bad ass company. He is saving the world more often than us if you can believe that. I don't I mean I doubt he spends every Tuesday waiting for the world to end. Angel says if he knew about us we'd be dragged into his fight." Buffy explained.

"Then I guess I can't be angry with Angelcakes. I mean you and I handling the hellmouth of LA everything is five by five, but I ain't dignified enough for England. Times like this I miss the army. I mean we give them all that training, they kick ass and saved the world, and they get happy lives. Where the hell is our golden ticket?"

I think it is the fact that I can marry the man that I love without him murdering me on my wedding night, and the fact that you and Robin will be welcoming a little version of you into the world soon. In fact how are you on patrol?" Buffy asked her friend as she patted her belly. She was three months in and she was still skinny as a rail.

"Robin worries too much. Never complains if he wants to get groiny but the moment I want to slay he gets peckish. Besides he has a cold. I slipped him some NyQuil and jumped out our bedroom window."

"Faith you're on the third floor!" Buffy scolded.

"Thanks Captain Obvious, the sun will be up soon lets wrap this up. I'm taking to the roof you stay here." Buffy was amazed to how well Faith was doing now. With one swift jump she was on the roof of a crypt and scanning the horizon. If only The Watcher's Council could see them now. She took off in the opposite direction.

"What are we doing here sir? This is suppose to be our vacation?" Ianto Jones asked his lover as they patrolled the cemetery for vampires.

"Oh come on Yan, real vampires. Not a misplaced Plasmavore but the real deal. How could I pass it up? Besides maybe we could do it in the cemetery. Nothing hotter than doing it in a crypt." Jack told him leaning in for a kiss.

Ianto decided he would go with the flow. Jack was investigating something important in his life and he invited him. That was more proof that he meant something to him. He leaned into Jack's kiss. Smiling when he pushed him against a nearby crypt and began to kiss him deeper. Jack heard a scuffle and took off leaving Ianto to follow.

Oh yes this was what Faith needed. Something about slaying while she was pregnant was so invigorating. She really couldn't tell who enjoyed it more the slayer, herself, or her little angel.

She had already taken out three and only had two left. She closed her eyes to see if she could sense Buffy. She could she was on the other side taken on six of her own. She would never make it in time to join the party. She turned a back flip of the tombstone she had been meditating on, stake in hand and took out the only female of th bunch. Only one remained. She took off on a full charge, she jumped in the air, she had timed everything perfectly. She would kick this guy in the face causing him to stumble, and before he could think he'd be staked. Things did not go as planned.

Jack did not know what to expect when he reached the sound of the scuffle. It was a young woman. At least what he thought was a woman. She was like a blur. It was like she would be there one second and not the next. She was taking them out like a wild amazon, and he nearly came in his pants when she turned a back flip off a tombstone and staked a female. It was when she took to the air that final time her timing was all wrong. He jumped over three stones and grabbed her mid kick. He heard when her stake made contact with her chest. He would never forget the shocked look on her face.

Faith could not believe it. Robin was so going to kill her. She pulled the stake from her chest and immediately felt the slayer healing her. Another little gift from TPTB for saving the world. They were a lot harder to kill. She closed her eyes to calm herself and listen. She could feel it, that strong second heartbeat. Little bit was alright, the bastard which caused her to stake herself. not so much.

Jack could not believe what he had done. He had killed her. He wondered if she had a family. If she was someones daughter. For ail he knew she could be his daughter. He was pulled from his thoughts by the not so dead chick talking.

"Motherfucker! Do you have any idea how much this top cost. I just got it broke in. Well are you going to stand there gawking all night I need like a doctor or something! I swear to God if something has happened to my baby, I am going to cut out your heart and let my husband feed it to you!"

For once Jack was speechless.

"Right this way ma'am." Ianto replied taking her hand and leading her towards their waiting car. Jack was following silently.
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