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Don't Touch That Dial!

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Summary: Three hundred channels and nothing is on......

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Stangers with Accents

A/N : The following is a series of one shots inspired by the Adam Sandler movie “Click” and the SPN episode “Changing Channels”. Each “Click” involves Buffy, Dean and/or Sam making appearances on popular TV shows from past and present. Every chapter features a different fandom.

Fandom: BTVS/SPN/Primeval
Summary: Buffy, Sam and Dean run into a dinosaur
Disclaimer: These fandoms are the products owned by creators Whedon, Kripke, Adrian Hodges and Tim Hanes


“Where the hell did it go?!”

Sam, Dean and Buffy whipped their eyes around the thick brush of trees in the forest. Buffy kept her crossbow steady as Sam and Dean leveled their guns.

“Shit,” Dean grunted. “That damn Wendigo keeps getting away.”

“Wait.....look,” Buffy pointed. “Tracks lead that way.”

The three hunters charged through the woods, following the trail of large footprints in the dirt. After a mile, the tracks stopped just shy of a strange portal of crystal like light jutting through the air. Buffy, Dean and Sam widened their eyes in curiosity as they stared at the large portal.

“What the hell is that?” Dean asked.

Buffy felt a sharp tug in her instinct and winced as Sam and Dean edged closer to the strange portal.

“Uh, I don’t think you guys should get near it.....” she warned.

Sam and Dean exchanged looks when they heard a faint and eerie echo piercing through the portal. A flash later, a shriek pierced their ears as the ground beneath their feet shook violently. A humongous prehistoric looking creature raced out of the portal and roared as Sam, Dean and Buffy retreated away in a panic.

“And what the fuck is that?!” Dean asked as his eyes went big.

Sam gulped as he nearly tumbled to the ground.

“It looks like a....dinosaur....” Sam said breathlessly.

“What?! A dinosaur?! Are you fucking kidding me?”

Buffy raced around a bank of boulders as she stole a look behind her. The creature was hot on their asses, looking at them like prey or a meal.

“Whatever it is, it’s gaining on us!” she howled.

Buffy hopped over a succession of fallen trees as Sam and Dean struggled to keep up with her.

“Let’s split up! It’ll follow one of us!” she hollered.

Sam, Dean and Buffy broke off into various directions through the forest. Dean threw a glance behind him and frowned when the dinosaur decided to chase him.

“Aw, come on Dino, Fred is gonna be pissed you ran away! Go home!”

He shook his head as he quickened his pace. After drawing out a little distance, Dean snapped his pistol behind him and fired several rounds at the dinosaur’s body. It roared in anger and charged at breakneck speed closing the distance in a flash. Dean zigzagged through the forest before his foot caught the edge of a large log. He tumbled to the ground as the dinosaur shrieked above him, flaring its claws and razor teeth. Dean choked with fear as he gripped his pistol. Just as he was about to take another shot, a young girl with a pixie style white blonde hair jumped out in front of him and stared up at the creature. A young guy in a long shirt, vest and hat crept out from another part of the woods and called out to the girl.

“Abby! It’s a carniraptosilus!”

Abby cautiously edged over to the creature, trying to steer it away. The creature eyed the guy in the hat and then Dean, honing in on which to attack first. Abby yelled at the creature, drawing its attention. She raced into the woods, back in the direction Dean had seen Sam running. He widened his eyes as he bolted to his feet and took chase after the girl named Abby. The guy in the hat took step beside him and noticed the pistol in Dean’s hand.

“We got this one lass, no need to trouble yourself wit it.”

Dean frowned at the guy.

“Well I WILL trouble myself 'WIT IT' since your crazy ass girlfriend just sent that....whatever the hell that was toward MY BROTHER!”

Dean quickened his pace as he caught sight of the girl leading the creature in another direction. After racing through a clearing, Dean abruptly halted in his tracks when he saw Sam and Buffy spilling out from the south side of the forest. They looked dazed but not injured.

“Thank god!” Dean roared.

Dean shifted his eyes to Abby as she ushered the creature toward the portal. After a few seconds, the portal sucked into the air and disappeared.

“This has been the strangest friggin’ day ever,” Dean muttered.

Dean regrouped with Sam and Buffy as the three eyed the two strangers.

“So who the hell are you two?” Dean asked.

“My name is Connor and that is Abby.”

Connor eyed the pistols in each of the two guys’ hands before he glanced at the blonde girl clutching a crossbow.

“Who are you three?” he asked.

As Sam and Buffy stared at the two, Dean drew a dry smile.

“I’m Barney....”

Dean nodded toward Sam.

“And that’s Wilma...."

Sam rolled his eyes as Dean nodded toward Buffy.

“And Betty.”
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