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Into the Blue Sky

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Summary: Taking place during S8, the actions of champions bring about whole new changes to the world and beyond. This is the story of one man.

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Television > Kamen RiderAdrainTepesFR18624,287042,65523 Jun 114 Nov 11No

Episode Six - Name

Into the Blue Sky
By Adrian Tepes
Rating: PG-13 to R.
Summary: The actions of Champions and Chosen bring changes across their world. This is the story of how some of those changes might have gone.

Disclaimer: All properties, characters, etc… are copyright of their respective owners. I make no profit off this and am writing for my own amusement and enjoyment. BtVS is property of Joss Whedon and others, Kamen Rider is the property of Toei Animation, Shotaro Ishinimori and Bandai of Japan.

Takes place during the S8 comics and follows/replaces/adds on to the series canon from there.

Author's Note: Special thanks to everyone who helped me with this story. You know who you are. I couldn't have done it without you.

Timeline: S8 comics, Begins during “No Future for you Part 3” and continues through “No Future for you Part 4”.
{ word } indicates thoughts.

A young black woman in her mid-twenties attired in standard military dress exited the chopper, holding her hand closer to her head. “Twilight, are you here? ‘I humbly request your audience’ and all that crap.”

Not receiving a response, she kept going. “I bear your mark,” she called as she held up her palm with his symbol inscribed on it, “now give me my damn audience!”

“Calm yourself, Lieutenant Molter,” a voice from within the black night spoke, disturbing the night air as its owner floated into sight behind her. Unfazed, Molter turned to address him, “You’re not gonna be walking on air when you hear what I have to say. Our man on the inside confirms that Summers is still alive. Your goons failed.”

“Rodon and Genevieve were not my minions…they were my targets.” His response surprised the army woman.

“What are you talking about?" she demanded. "This whole operation was about neutralizing two of your own soldiers?”

Twilight loomed above and in front of her, “No, it was about manipulating our enemies into waging this ugly war for us. A tactic crucial for bringing the age of magic to a close. By pitting Watcher against Warlock and Slayer against Slayer, we have pushed even the victors to remove themselves from the chessboard.”

Molter clearly remained unconvinced, since she responded, “Who cares about a couple of rooks when the queen is still in play? How can you see this is a victory when Buffy’s narrow ass lives to fight another day?”

Twilight settled on the ground as dawn began breaking. “Let her have the day, lieutenant.” He turned to face the sun. “Night falls soon enough.”

A soft cough drew their attention to another figure on the mesa. A man in his mid-thirties dressed in a wool trench coat, with coal-black hair.

“Lieutenant”, the man pushed his glasses back on his nose as he spoke. “Twilight, sir. There are still plans to be made and implemented.”

“Captain Fenris.” Twilight’s voice seemed to twist and scramble the air itself, “Details.”

Xander’s thoughts raced through his head as he maneuvered around the city streets. ‘That was intense, scary but intense. { Purple is really strong, Green lets me see or hear anything, Blue is fast and Red… well Red’s missing something. } He felt a nudging in his ribs as Satsu was attempting to get his attention. Nodding, the Scooby pulled the bike over in an alley, then removed his helmet as Satsu waited. She held up her cell-phone for him to see. Onscreen was a text from Willow that simply read, “Faith.”

He pulled out his own phone and hit the speed dial. “Hey, Will, what’s going on? No, I’m with Satsu and she got your text.” Xander then listened as his best friend from Sunnydale filled him in on what had happened. He didn’t interrupt her until the end, “So Giles has Faith doing something he doesn’t want us to know about.”

His eye scanned the skyline as he continued speaking, “And Buffy didn’t take it well.”

“Not at all,” Willow’s uneasy voice responded, “she just said help him however he can and left. When are you coming home?”

That caught him flat-footed, “What? Is something going on?”

“Buffy’s upset and needs to talk to someone” Willow paused, “and Renee’s already making plans to come find you if you stay out by yourself.”

Xander mentally considered what he knew before responding, “I’m not coming back to the castle for a while.”

“What? Why?” Willow’s surprise was evident in her voice.
Taking time to look around, Xander briefly filled her in on what he had learned from the professor. When he finished, there was silence on the other end as Willow processed what she had been told.

“So these things, nobody knows what they are, only that they’re killing a lot of people. And,” here the Wicca paused, “they’re getting awarded for it?”

“Yeah, crazy as it sounds I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like them before.” Xander turned around and watched as Satsu seemed to be texting in a fast and furious manner. “I can’t leave the city yet, until I know a little more about what’s going on, Will. Right now, my little change-up is the only thing that seems to stop them for good.”

“I can always come in and cast a –“ She was interrupted, “I think that would be a bad idea.”


“The locals are nervous, lots of dead bodies, not a lot of answers. Last thing we need or want is a drastic and highly visible sign something supernatural is going on.”

Xander watched as Satsu appeared to finish and put her phone away before saying, “It’d be much easier for me to do this by myself.”

“Buffy won’t like it,” Willow countered, “but I understand. What do I tell Renee?”

“Tell her I’ll be back before she knows it.” Xander finished, put away his own cell and approached Satsu again, “Look, I’m going to be investigating in town further, and I can’t take you back to the Castle.”

She waved her hand, “I figured as much, so I made my own plans for heading back.” She gestured to a nearby alley. Puzzled, Xander turned and saw a faint glow reflected on the wall. Seconds later, one of Willow’s girls, a Wiccan/Slayer emerged with a pleasant look on her face. He nodded as she approached, already deep in thought.

The former driver of the bus struggled against the iron grip of the monster that held him. He had been on his normal route, albeit with fewer passengers, when something happened. A bald, fat man had crossed the road, not bothering to look at traffic at all. So the driver had responded in typical fashion by blowing his horn to alert the man and everyone else to pay attention.

That’s when all hell broke loose. The man had turned with a hate-filled glare on his face. Before the driver could really understand what was going on, the stranger had reached the door to the bus and entered. While still on the steps, “he” had changed into a horrifying monster that had slaughtered the other passengers after hurling the driver through the windshield.

Afterwards, the beast had exited the vehicle to find the driver still alive and had picked him off the ground. The driver struggled to form words, having only the strength to ask, “What are you?”, before it broke his neck and dropped his body to the ground.

Zain resumed his human form as he left the area, his thoughts not on the carnage he had created, but rather on what he had seen.
{ Could it be those old stories were true? That he would exist again? But why here? }

Such were the thoughts of a monster.

“What a mess,” the detective looked at the carnage.
Bodies had been ripped and torn apart, blood and other fluids splattered across the remains of the building. Here and there, those skilled in the medical arts attempted to aid those that survived. And the sound, a ragged chorus of animals crying out in pain or succumbing to death’s touch. Dogs whined as they lay, paralyzed and unable to move. Cats meowed and screeched, some scratching those that tried to comfort them.

It was either Providence’s will that saw no human casualties in the attack or the work of Satan himself that saw this level of violence against these creatures -- the detective couldn’t decide which. He did see the new expert who was assisting the department arrive and walked over to greet him.

“Hello, Dr. Williams,” he nodded at the older man. “Come to see this slaughterhouse?”

“Detective,” the professor visibly blanched at what he saw, “the lumberyard incident seems to be under control, despite the loss of life. Tell me what happened here?”

The detective retrieved his PDA, tapping on a few buttons to bring up his notes.

“According to witnesses, they saw a huge, thing appear, it ripped through the gate and started attacking the cages. Anything it could reach, it tore apart. Lasted about twenty minutes and then it bashed an opening through that wall,” he pointed to a huge opening, “and left. Rescue workers arrived within seconds, all available veterinarians, animal rescue, etc… have been called. An awful mess.”

“I see, and is that all?” Williams inquired.

The policeman replaced his PDA. “I have an uncorroborated report that a heavyset man was seen in this immediate area before the attack.”
Looking over the older man’s shoulder, he saw what could only be a group of media types headed his away, “And that’s all I need. Might want to make yourself scarce, Doc.”

Williams nodded, advancing deeper into the chaos, and watching as the policeman attempted to head off the press. He managed to reach what was a de facto staging area where the surviving animals were being treated. This also put him in range of a radio that was in the midst of another update. “And our top story is the unexplained massacre of a city bus. Ten people, including the driver, are confirmed dead with reports of at least fifteen passengers on this particular bus.”

The professor took out his cell-phone, fumbling with it as he did so, and started manually dialing a number from memory.

“Hello Xander.”

Renee watched as her fellow slayer shimmered into view. She quickly walked over to the other girl, greeting her as she approached. “Hey, Satsu.”

The Japanese slayer responded, “Renee, he’s fine.” The dark skinned girl slowed, a faint blush on her cheeks, “How do you know…?”

The other girl waved her hand dismissively. “Forget about it, what’s up?”
Renee quickly filled her in, noting the growing look of apprehension and anger on her face. Making a decision, she edited her comments. “Buffy sounded fine when we checked on her later.”

Satsu ignored her as she strode away, “Xander said he was going to remain in the city for a while longer. I’m going to find Ms. Summers.”

Zain watched as the pathetic creature struggled for a few more seconds as its life faded away. This one and the others had drawn his ire for generating that incessant noise audible from blocks away. Thus, they had been perfect for his game.

“Zain” he stopped and waited as a group of familiar figures appeared nearby. Biran was snarling in rage, his hands clenched at his side, and the other Gyarido stared in silence. Baruba ignored the duo and addressed him directly. “What are you doing Zain?”

“I am invoking my right of game as leader of the Zu.”

The red-head’s eyes narrowed as she spoke, “And you understand that by doing so, all that you risk?”

“Their lives are meaningless to me.” Biran’s anger finally boiled over.

“Enough of this bullshit. You’re stealing MY turn!”

Gyarido eyed his compatriot with a sense of amusement as he ranted, “It was my turn to play next. The Zu shouldn’t even be allowed near the game.”

“Quiet!” Baruba’s icy tone ended any further discussion. “Zain has invoked his right to game as leader of the Zu. And in doing so, he understands both the rewards for success and punishment for failure.”

Zain nodded, “I do. I shall complete my game and face the legend myself.”

Gyarido raised an eyebrow, “Legend? The old tales were true?”

They watched as the leader of the Zu ignored them and departed with Biran staring after him. Undisguised hate burned in his eyes, prompting the other man to speak. “You know Biran, if and when Zain fails, your chance to game begins immediately.”That drew a razor toothed smile from the other and he sent after Zain. Neither had noticed Baruba’s face change at Zain’s mention of a legend.

“Thanks for the lift, Allie,” Renee hugged the other girl. Allie returned the embrace, saying, “No problem, Renee. Willow wanted us to keep in practice with the teleportation spells, after all.” She recited the incantation to return back to the castle and waved goodbye to her friend as she vanished.

Renee turned and headed out of the alleyway, nearly bumping into a large brutish man that was headed past her. The African slayer had only taken a few steps when a scream of pure terror caused her to whirl around.

The fat man behind her had his hands wrapped around a young man’s neck and was in the process of strangling him with the cord from his headphones. Reacting on pure instinct, she dashed up to him and kicked the larger man’s hands, breaking the hold. The almost murder victim dropped to the ground, and both he and his would be killer stared at her before the latter changed.

One second she was looking a large, barrel-chested man, than his entire body shifted and changed, becoming something only vaguely humanoid. His head widened and a pair of large ivory teeth protruded from his bottom lip as he reoriented himself and began advancing towards her. The boy used the opportunity to flee while Renee launched herself at the monster, attacking it relentlessly with kicks and punches, all to no effect.

Eventually, it just grabbed her and smashed her headfirst into a wall. With her head ringing, Renee almost missed the loud cry in the background. But she didn’t miss the red blur that was Xander leaping into action and tackling the beast.

He drove punches, elbows and knees into it with no more success then she had. The large monster grabbed him about the neck and attempted to throttle him as well.

Xander reacted on instinct and kicked the monster as hard as he could in the chest, driving it backwards and breaking its grip. The beast staggered and attempted to regain its balance. However, a second assailant attacked it, knocking him backwards.

After a few seconds, Xander realized that the newcomer was another of the strange monsters, covered with scales and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth that gleamed. The two things exchanged blows before the larger one fled the area. Xander looked for the second one before canceling his transformation and returning to normal.

“What was that all about?” He wondered aloud as Renee approached.
“Maybe the big one did something to the other one?” She offered, “What happened to the other one?”

“I checked his pedigree” Xander responded, “Why are you here? Aren’t all hands on deck for crisis Buffy?”

“She has enough people to look after her and keep the sharp instruments handy.”

The sound of a car horn drew both of their attention and they saw Dr. Williams waving at them from behind the wheel.

Satsu watched as Buffy and Willow exchanged furious whispers. Whatever had happened was important enough to have the two long time friends separated from the group. The Japanese slayer briefly pondered trying to eavesdrop, but decided against it.

{ Something Mr. Harris said about respecting others privacy. }

The thought of the male leader of the group distracted her momentarily. {Xander’s new abilities are very interesting and somewhat frightening. I do have to admit, being fireproof is one thing a slayer isn’t, that she could use. }

Out of the corner her eye, she caught sight of movement and turned to watch as a small, oddly shaped beetle struggled into view. It opened its mandibles tentatively, then its rear carapace opened and a pair of thin but functional wings helped the insect to take flight.

Leah and Rowena watched nervously, their eyes shifting from the pair to her and back again. The trio shared an unspoken agreement about the title of their situation, waiting.

“So you’re saying that this other one ran up and attacked the larger one? This is a very intriguing development,” Dr. Williams said as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Renee fiddled with her new watch and asked, “Anyone got the time?”

Wordlessly, the doctor handed her his phone so she could use its clock to set her watch.

“Before the full Giles gets going,” Xander interrupted, “let’s remember that this one thing has been responsible for a lot of dead people recently. How do I stop him?” He paused then added, “When he was choking me, I used my leg to kick him in the chest.”

The older man stopped rubbing his chin and brought up his notepad, flipping through some pages, his eyes focused on something he had written hours earlier. “The sites of attacks in the past few hours include an animal boarding/grooming house, a gathering of young people in their vehicles, at least one electronics dealer where numerous televisions and radios were destroyed. Perhaps it despises modern conveniences. As for your method of attack, perhaps the red form you describe is stronger in unarmed combat and using a kick would further that conclusion.”

A gasp from Renee drew both men’s attention and they watched as she dropped the professor’s phone on the ground.

“Are you all right, Renee?” Xander asked as the Englishman bent over and picked up his phone. He flinched as he flipped it open, piquing Xander’s interest.

The American stepped over to him and looked at the phone. Images of mangled and broken animals turned his stomach. One image of a dog horribly bent in particular seared into his mind.

{ Good Christ, what kind of monster would do that? }

He turned his face away from the gruesome sight, trying to clear the images from his mind’s eye and dismiss the imagined sounds from his thoughts.

{ Wait, that’s it. The animals, the kids, the store… }

“It’s noise that does it. He hates loud sounds. The big guy, he hates loud sounds. That’s why he attacked that electronics store. They had all their stuff turned up and on. And those kids, I bet they were showing off their speakers.”

“And the animals, of course, would respond to such an alien monster near them audibly,” The older man finished.

Xander nodded in agreement as he mentally listed all of the things that could create large amounts of noise in the area.

“Tell me doc, is there any construction going on around here?”

Bored, the driver of the front end loader worked his controls to dump yet another load of dirt into the back of a dump truck. This would be the truck’s final load before it and the rest of the crew knocked off for the day. He put the vehicle in reverse and started backing up to allow the other truck to pass and be on its way. His ears were long since used to the blaring beep alerting others that the vehicle was moving backwards.

The sound of metal groaning and the sudden, jarring stop jerked him out of his daze and he twisted around to see a large man standing with his arms on the machine and with a fierce look on his face. “Hey, what the hell man? Clear out.”

As an answer, the man changed. That is to say, his entire body twisted and rearranged itself into a horrific monster with massive tusk-like teeth protruding from its lower jaw and snarled at him. The driver didn’t waste any further time and bailed on the vehicle, running screaming for his life.

Not that far away, Xander pulled up on his bike and removed his helmet. Fortunately for him, the monster hadn’t yet noticed him. He summoned the belt into existence and spoke a single word, “Henshin”. The armor quickly formed, replacing his normal appearance. Then, acting on his emotions, he charged the beast and tackled it.

The monster barely had time to register his presence before it and he tumbled down into the construction site. He regained his feet first and started pounding the beast with a barrage of punches and elbows. The strikes barely budged the beast and it retaliated with a backhand swing. Xander dodged backwards, then planted a kick into the thing’s torso which knocked it off balance. The beast tried to close with him and was promptly kicked again in the chest. The transformed Scooby realized his advantage, and used a variety of kicks to stagger the beast. He took advantage of its condition to improvise a judo throw, knocking the creature face first into a deep pile of mud and dirt.

Xander paused as the beast lay on the ground, and he could feel his body tremble as his emotions raged within him. The images of the slaughtered people, the animals, blood splattered everywhere played in his mind. He struggled to retain his focus. { Got to finish this but how….Buffy. }

Renee watched from where she lay off to one side as Xander went from an ‘on guard’ pose to spreading his arms wide apart. At the same time, she saw a flash of yellow energy, spark through from the red jewel within the center of the belt and travel down his leg. Then he charged towards the beast as it stood up.

When he closed to within feet of the beast, he leapt towards it, tumbling forward in mid-air. As Xander came out of the roll, he released the pent-up rage in a shout, extending his leg towards the monster in a leaping kick that connected with bone-shattering force. The thing went flying backwards, parts of its jaw and tusks flying in the other direction. There was a pause as each combatant evaluated what had happened before the beast began to stir.

Zain was woozy, his vision cloudy as he felt enormous pain wrack his body. The pain grew outward from where he had been kicked by the unknown figure.

{ This is it. This is how it ends. The legends were true, after all. This one exists. }

He made it to his feet, his eyes settling on his red and black executioner, sparking one last fit of energy to stagger towards him, even as the energy arced and through his waist. With his last bit of strength, he raised his arms towards the other and called to him, “KUUGA!

Then his body was consumed in an explosion that blasted apart his remains, never seeing his killer shift in response with a surprised demeanor.

Xander willed himself to revert to his normal state, his eye turning to meet Renee with a whole new set of unanswered questions on his mind.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Into the Blue Sky" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Nov 11.

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