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I Tink Ders Someting More ta’ Kendra Young

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Summary: There’s more to Kendra Young than just ‘The Slayer Handbook’ and Mr. Pointy…

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Kendra-Centered(Recent Donor)LunaFR1822,7590211,11824 Jun 1126 Jun 11No

I Tink Ders Something More ta’ Kendra Young

Fanart by the amazingly talented and entirely generous Christytrekkie. This can be found at Fanart, Fear Not the Multiverse.


Summary: There’s more to Kendra Young than just ‘The Slayer Handbook’ and Mr. Pointy…

Prompt: DeepBlueJoy prompted us on the Forums to “Write a story of more than one chapter featuring one of the black characters from BtVS/Ats, Any cross, any pairing, [straight, gay, bi-racial or mono-racial] PS... let's not limit it to black characters only... there are also Hispanic and at least one Chinese character that I remember... and the ethnicity of the actress who played Dana was Indian, so she could be portrayed that way... Let's stretch...”

So! I agreed with her discussion points and wanted to contribute. I’ve always stayed away from Kendra due to the “Ah! How do I write that damn accent!” problem, but Blue’s said many times that Kendra’s accent was faker than fake and mildly offensive. Plus, people can switch code when speaking. So I want to try to write a Kendra fic to elaborate on her background, why she cuts herself off from emotion, her relationship with her watcher, how Sunnydale changes her, and some romance soon after that.

Also, suggestions/comments are WELCOME!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor its characters.

Legends are like river rock – they may erode over time but they never disappear. Not completely.

Late at night, around the dinner table, her family would speak of the old legends, the ones rarely spoken of outside their local community nowadays. They lived in a rural area and for them, the legends were more fact than fiction. The stories were a reminder of the old ways and the current threats – such as the vampire.

Vampires, the animated dead ruled by demons who made sport of human lives, still roamed their countryside, hiding within the sugar cane fields. The adults of their community, primarily men, would occasionally hunt them out but direct contact with the creatures was often lethal. By the age of five she had witnessed more than her fair share of funerals.

But hope existed for those who believed in one of her people’s most beloved legends – the vampire slayer.

As the story went, a great female warrior lived back in the Homeland. She was named Delu, which meant ‘the only girl’, and she fought back against the denizens of darkness. Her people loved her for her bravery and skill, but her enemies feared her. Tribal leaders feared the one titled the ‘Vampire Slayer’ would someday use her prowess in battle to overthrow their leadership. Fear provokes the most conniving of plans and one day they tricked the girl, subdued her with iron, and sold her to the white men, along with all members of her family.

No matter Delu’s power and strength, there was nothing she could do trapped within the dark and dank confines of the slave ship. Instead she did what little she could to help her family survive the voyage and focused on escaping once they landed. However, once they landed Delu realized she had underestimated the cleverness of the white men and her own lack of knowledge about her new land. The white men caught Delu in the forest during her attempt at escape and killed her youngest brother in retaliation. Unwilling to gamble her family’s life further, the girl complied with her masters and worked the fields.

Until one day, word spread of a demon attacking the slaves in the fields. Delu’s master was furious over his loss of property and offered a reward to anyone who could end the nightly attacks. Delu stepped forward to offer her skills…and was quickly ridiculed by both her master and peers who were unfamiliar with her history. But Delu ignored their words and set about hunting the beast. After slaying it, she gave her master the body and demanded one in return – the freedom of a family member. Baffled by the success of the teenage girl, her agreed to her request and released her grandmother.

Encouraged, Delu hunted more and more demons until each one of her family members were free. She sent them away, into the mountains for safety, but quickly realized that she could not leave her people, people who now prayed in her name for deliverance against the vampires and slave owners alike.

Thus, Delu began the first slave revolt in Jamaica’s history – slaying not only the vampires who sought to steal their blood, but the white vampires who sought to steal their spirit.

But war is hard and she was only one girl surrounded by faulty weaponry and unskilled warriors. Delu eventually died in battle, but her legend lived on.

To this day her people prayed for a new Vampire Slayer to be sent to them, including her parents during each evening meal.

So when the man named Sam Zabuto arrived at her parent’s door and proclaimed that she was a Potential Slayer, they celebrated the news and agreed to do whatever was needed to properly train her.

The next day, Kendra left her home at the age of five years and entered an ascetic life with only her Watcher as a companion.


A brief intro into Kendra’s world. We were told in canon that Kendra’s parents gave her up to the Watcher and I know that made people go “HUH?!” because most cannot imagine giving their kids up. Hence, some background story.

As I stated previously, comments and reviews are very welcome.

Thanks for reading! :)

**'Delu' is a Bantu name (found on and according to Wikipedia some of the Jamaicans descended from Africans were Bantu in origin (West African coast culture). So when I found out it meant 'the only girl' I was like "Hells yes! Que perfecto!" ;)
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