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An American Scooby in London

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Summary: What if Xander had been discovered by Alucard in High School?

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Chapter 1 - An Encounter and an Introduction

Disclaimer: I own nothing... Wish I did, but jeez... Yay for being poor... T.T

AN: Hello once again my dear readers ^^! Here is a new story for all of you thanks to BarefootXO who's One-Shot by the same title provided the inspiration/plot for this story. Basically I read the One-Shot and liked it so much I asked if I could take a crack at it. Just so you know the One-Shot is the template for the first two chapters. I of course added to it and adjusted the rest to be more compatible with my writing style. This was done in an effort to avoid anyone who reads beating their heads against their keyboards in frustration at the sudden style shift. (My personal response tho that is something along the lines of 'F@#k! Damn it! Why!? Why I ask you! I was getting into it and now it feels completely different... ARGH!!! ...Ok maybe I should have kept that to myself but I think you see what I'm getting at now.) Yes if you pay attention it'll be noticeable, but at least this way it won't be so bad *Crosses Fingers*. Seeing as this was originally BarefootXO's baby I've listed him as a co-author even though after the second chapter the work will all be mine alone. Anyway I hope you all enjoy ^^! and if you haven't read the original One-Shot I highly suggest you do for the sheer fact that it's a good read ^^.

AN: As always don't expect my editing to be top notch here. I do try, but after a while I just kind of want to put what I've been working on out there and see how you all like it.

AN: On a side note to BarefootXO: I just want you to know that I appreciate the chance to take this bunny off your hands ^^! That being said if you read through this chapter and absolutely hate it (Seeing as it was your original work that was the template for this chapter after all.) just let me know and I'll remove it. I of course will be continuing it if you don't say either way. I thought I'd put this out both for the sake of respecting a fellow author and not getting into trouble with the admins for plagiarism, or something, if I can avoid it.

“You’re going to die, and I’m going to be there.” The moment was truly delicious. He could smell the fear coming off the young man just as surely as Angelus could, but he could also smell something else… Determination, will, intent… That trio was difficult to cultivate in most and this ‘boy’ had all three of them in spades. Yes, he found that he was very impressed with the display in front of him.

The leech slapped a bouquet of cheap flowers (Really? If he truly wanted this Slayer to be ‘his couldn’t he have sprung for something a little nicer?) into Xander’s arms. “Tell her I stopped by.”

Alucard instinctively sneered as he watched Angelus leave. Normally he’d just end the insect with a single bullet; he couldn’t help but watch instead. Not that Angelus was anything special of course, no, it was Harris that intrigued him. The young man in front of him was the reason Alucard was even on the Hellmouth to begin with. Stepping forward as the young man went to the waste basket and dumped the flowers into it he said “Well done.”

Xander, who hadn’t realized he was being watched before then, immediately spun around and followed the voice to its source.

“Who are you?” he said slowly. The man that had suddenly appeared from the shadows behind him was tall, lanky even, with dark hair and red tinted John Lennon shades covering his eyes. As he observed the man standing in front of him Xander could help feeling the power radiating from said individual. Something deep within Xander, something primal, tried to make him want to run in the other direction but Xander wouldn’t allow said fear to control him. He was NOT going to leave Buffy unguarded, consequences be damned. So the young man stood his ground.

And to think Angelus thought he was scary. Judging by the man in front of him Angelus didn’t even know the meaning of the word. Heck he was a pansy by comparison.

The No-Life-King offered a death’s-head grin before speaking his sharp elongated canines glinting in the florescent lights of the hospital hallway. “Someone who was very interested in your defeat of that leech. Angelus, was it?”

Xander shrugged slightly never once taking his eyes from the yet to be introduced man. “To be honest I didn’t beat him. If anything I was bluffing like there was no tomorrow. Which come to think about it, if it hadn’t worked…” Which he quickly followed up with, ‘And me nearly crapping my pants…’ This however Xander kept to himself.

The Transylvanian laughed mockingly. “My boy, I have been through many wars long before you were crawling. I assure you that the lines of victory and defeat are rarely cut and dry. Also keep in mind that not all battles have bloodshed, though admittedly the best ones do. What you had there was a battle of wills, and yours proved the stronger. Take it as you will…”

Xander stared at the strange ‘man’ for a long moment (This ‘man’ was making him nervous, well more nervous anyway…) before responding again with. “Who are you? What are you?”

“No one of consequence, my young friend. My employer might very well be interested in a man of your talents though, but I don’t think you are ready to accept her offer quite yet. When you are, I will return. Then we’ll talk again…”

“I like the quiet.” Oh the chill that permeated the air when the boy said that had been extraordinary. Staring a zombie down over a ticking bomb knowing full well that if he lost he’d be blown into tiny Xander shaped chunks. Alucard grinned maniacally as he watched the zombie lose his nerve to who most considered nothing more than the doughnut boy and disconnect the bomb. The No Life King had been quietly observing Alexander Harris for quite some time by now and it was moments like this that made it all worth-while. The young man had such great potential. Now if Alucard could only convince him to leave the Hellmouth behind so he could have it realized. Shouldn’t be too hard considering how his group of ‘friends’ had been treating him, especially as of late. He was wasted here even if he didn’t know it yet.

“I don’t want to see you around school anymore Jack.” Xander said with as much force as he could now that the adrenaline from standing over a ticking bomb consisting of a barrel of fuel and a timer was leaving him.

Alucard watched as the zombie ran from the boiler room into the hallway and telekinetically freed the werewolf that had been stored in a spare classroom nearby. No reason to let that sort of trash escape while he talked with the boy. “Very impressive, Alexander. My master would have been impressed I think.”

Xander locked eyes with the strange being for a long moment and then attacked, an attack that Alucard slapped aside carelessly, as if swatting a fly. “Oh come now, Xander. There’s no need to kill yourself. I am only here to talk to you, not your so-called ^friends^.”

The look Xander gave the No Life King was both determined and unflinching as he responded. Tired or not now was not the time to show how close he was to just falling over (It had been a long night after all.), especially now that he knew ^exactly^ what was in front of him. “I won’t become a vampire of any breed, I swore on the grave of a friend who was all but my brother that I would never allow myself to be turned, soul or no. And that I would do everything in my power make them pay for what they’d done.”

Alucard allowed an almost fatherly smile to cross his face as he gazed at the young man when he said that. The boy was nothing if not loyal and with his friends pushing him away it would be all the easier to swoop in and bring him to Hellsing. All they would need to do would be to show him respect and give him a chance to prove himself and he would be theirs.

“I have no wish to make you a vampire, Alexander. As a human, you could grow to be a fierce opponent. As a vampire, especially of my kind, you could grow into an opponent that is far more terrible then even I. No, better that you serve my master than me.” Alucard said, the smile still on his face but with a glint of amusement now shining in his eyes as he observed the young man over his shades.

At this Xander just looked both suspicious and confused. He’d read up on Mideons after finding out just what type of vampire the man in front of was and one as powerful (he suspected) as the one in front of him serving a master? It seemed unlikely. “And just who is your master, Mideon?”

Alucard’s lips quirked in a faint smile. The boy wasn’t a researcher by nature, but when it was needed he was apparently quite capable of getting the job done. Alucard suspected he’d been subjected to more than a few late night sessions of him and the other ‘Scoobies’ scanning old tomes, scrambling to stop yet ^another^ ‘Apocalypse’. “My master is Sir Integra Fairbrook Windgate Hellsing, of the Hellsing Organization. I in turn have served the Hellsing family for generations, since the organization’s inception, ever since my battle with Abraham.”

Recognising the name Abraham from his research, Xander frowned as realization dawned on him. Oh damn it, Alucard backwards. “Dracula…”

“It’s Alucard boy, I think it best if you remember that. It’s been many years since I’ve responded to anything else.” The king of Mideons responded.

“What does your master want with me exactly?” Xander asked cautiously.

“At the moment? Nothing. I have not told her of you, yet. But I will. You have within you the potential to be exactly what she needs.” Alucard said as an almost non-existent smirk graced his features. “All you really lack is the training and polish you would require for her to see past those shirts you seem to like so much. But you already possess the will, the determination, required to be of use.”

“What about Buffy or Faith?” Xander asked now less apprehensive as his curiosity was peaked. Here this Mideon Vampire was giving him praise and words of encouragement and despite himself Xander found that he on some levels was lapping it up.

“What about them? Do you honestly think this ‘Buffy’ knows the first thing about combat? Slayers are children, given powers they can scarcely comprehend, and pointed at vampires by a group of cowardly old men with little more than a wooden stake to protect themselves with. Slayers are little better then fledglings, they carry little experience. This ‘Buffy’ as you call her is mediocre at best. She has no drive to become more then she is. She wants to curl up in a hole and be normal. Normal? Bah! A cheerful ideal for the weak-minded, nothing more.”

Xander couldn’t help but agree with the statement, even as the tiny fragment of his soul that was still attracted to Buffy rebelled at the idea. “What do you want from me?”

Alucard smirked. “When the school year ends you plan to go on a road trip yes? Invest in a plane ticket to England instead. Come to Hellsing and present yourself to Sir Integra. I believe you will come to benefit.”

Xander nodded slowly before responding. A plane ticket to England? Could he really afford that? But all he ended up saying was “I’ll consider it.”

Alucard bobbed his head and spun on his heel, grinning like a loon he tried so hard to portray. He wondered silently if Xander would ever realize that it was Alucard himself was behind ‘The Fluke’ as he and his friends were now calling it. That Chase girl hadn’t been appropriate for him. No, not at all. Alucard had someone much more appropriate in mind. Still, he doubted it would still Xander’s rage if he ever realized how he’d been manipulated. He had genuinely care for the Chase (still did truth be told) and her complete rejection of him while his ^best friend^ Willow Rosenberg got off practically scot free had hurt him deeply. Yes Alexander would come to them. And in the end even all the obstacles that would have to overcome, he would in the end be grateful.

Upon arriving at Heathrow Airport after a 12-14 hour flight the first thing that he notice how much more humid it was compared to Southern California. Sure it was nowhere near how it’d been during his layover in Florida but it was still more than he was used to. Looking out the window that let people waiting for their flights to look at the tarmac and the planes moving on it. Taxiing, landing, taking off, the occasional accident (or so Xander assumed) all day long… Jeez he never wanted to work in an airport.

It had been months since Xander’s last encounter with Alucard, but he still couldn`t get what had been said throughout said encounters. The sad fact was that Xander had never had anyone give him that kind of encouragement before. His parents had only ever demeaned him. His friends, while not generally demeaning, had never really gone so far as to suggest that he might be generally worthy their time. And that whole fray-adjacent thing hadn’t really helped at all. In many ways Cordy was the worst, though Xander didn’t think she meant it badly, at least not until ‘The Fluke’. Dweeb Boy, Dork, Geek Boy, Zeppo… After a while all of those names cut into his self-esteem like a knife through butter.

Ironically it had always seemed to be an enemy that appeared to respect him. Angelus had been the first. It was ironic that the evil vampire’s snide remark about Xander being Buffy’s White Knight had actually made Xander feel more confident in himself. Alucard, while not precisely an actual ^enemy^, was supposedly of the same origins and had once been THE enemy. If nothing else it certainly put the vampire’s comments in a weird sort of perspective. As Xander’s mind went over such thoughts he couldn’t help thinking ‘Heh, funny old world isn’t it?’

Moving over to the baggage carousel assigned to his flight Xander lifted his Army surplus duffel over his shoulder and started to make his way to the entrance. The ticket to England had been pricey at over a thousand dollars but he’d managed to scrape up the money via odd jobs he’d been picking up over the past few months (Mostly from Mrs. Summers after she realized he worked well with his hands.). Now he just had to find Hellsing Manor. Oh hell… Why hadn’t he asked for directions???

AN: So? What did you all think? Trust me I'd like to know. Reviews are what give us Fanfic Authors the energy to do this and strive to be more creative after all ^^. Oh and to anyone who's read or follows my other stories I'll be revising some of my older ones at some point for the sake of I was reading through 'A Change of Pace' the other day and the beginning chapters made me want tap my head against my desk in an attempt to reawaken some of my brain cells T.T so be on the look out for their re-release at some point ^^!
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