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Late Lament

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Summary: Hers was one of those cases where there was no victory, no satisfaction that they had helped save the day. It was a case that only left nightmares.

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Television > Criminal Minds(Past Donor)akatFR1516171112,41924 Jun 1124 Jun 11Yes
Disclaimer: Neither Buffy, Angel, or Criminal Minds belong to me.
A/N: Just a little something that came to me as I was trying to work on other fics (of course :P).


“We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human.” – Albert Einstein

Jason Gideon sat in his office, staring at the file JJ had just handed him.

Hers was one of those cases where there was no victory, no satisfaction that they had saved the day.

It was a case that only left nightmares.

Part of him wanted to hand this off to someone else, but at the end of the day, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. He knew this unsub best – as he should, seeing as he was one of the original agents who had found her fifteen long years ago, naked, bleeding, and damaged beyond repair.

That day still haunted him, even now.

For while they had saved her from that psychopath, they had failed her, too, because they had simply come too late.

Very slowly, Gideon opened the folder. His eyes immediately focused on the picture lying on top, and he inhaled sharply.

She looked so different from the little girl he had pulled from that cage, and virtually unrecognizable from the happy girl who had probably run in the grass with brother, hugged her mother and father, and went to bed every night feeling safe and warm and loved before Walter Kindel had taken all that away from her.

Overcome with a strong desire to see that girl again, Gideon pulled open his desk drawer and took out his little book, the one that he kept of all the people he had saved.

After a moment or two, he found her page.

His fingers lightly traced over her smiling face, her long dark hair. But it brought him no joy.

Because while they had saved her, they couldn’t catch her tormentor, the psychopath that had murdered her family and inflicted torture on her that most people couldn’t even imagine. There would be never justice for her.

And now...

It was days like this that made it difficult to find the good in the world.

Gideon forced himself to close his book and turn his attention back to the newest case, another one that centered around her – only this time she was the unsub.

His eyes flitted over the information JJ had pulled together, his expression growing grimmer with every word he read.

She had killed at least one person in her escape, a male nurse at the psychiatric hospital where she had been committed. Now she was roaming the streets – and a trail of bodies was beginning to surface.

With a small sigh, Gideon closed the file and got to his feet. He took a moment to put his book back in the drawer before heading for the door to meet the rest of the team, case file in hand.

Before he made it halfway there, however, he paused, caught in a rare moment of indecision. Then he abruptly turned around, and in a few quick strides, he was standing in front of his desk.

He pulled out the book, flipping to her page. Then, very carefully, he ripped it out and put it in the folder he was holding.

Because he finally had to face the fact that he hadn’t saved little Dana at all.


A/N: So, I’m hoping it’s clear that the victim-turned-unsub is Dana, the psychotic Slayer Angel and co. had to find. If it’s not clear, well, I guess that’s a big fail for me. :/ Also, I'm not too confident in the Criminal Minds fandom, so I hope this was okay -- or at least that I didn't butcher it too badly!

The End

You have reached the end of "Late Lament". This story is complete.

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