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A Stranger Shore

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Summary: /Pandorum. She is strange among strangers.

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Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Pandorum do not belong to me.

Author's Note: No editing. Straight from brain to post. I know, I know, but this isn't my machine.

Something to break me out of this rut!

- - -

She starts finding flowers in her tent.

Small flowers, white and bell-shaped, each petal a curving fan. A few people in Agriculture started calling them Tanisian bellflowers a while back, and the name stuck.

Anne doesn’t need a translator for this one.

“He’s in love with you,” whispers Nadia, over steaming bowls of high-nutrient oatmeal. They stand as they spoon down tasteless mush. “You must know.”

It would be hard to not know. The way he looks at her.

The first part of the compound to be finished was the maternity ward. The last thirteen hundred and three members of the species Homo sapiens are practical—humanity’s first concern must be survival, and survival means propagation. Some women are already in the earliest stages of pregnancy. Most of the rest will soon follow.

Some days, it’s as if everyone is looking at her, their eyes flicking from her face to her belly and back, the glance a question. When?

There are three men for every woman. Those are not good numbers. So many women died on Elysium that where the genders were once totally balanced, now the geneticists hold closed meetings. There’s talk of needing a certain quota of women to have children by more than one genetic donor. The fact that the word volunteer is still included in the discussions is being taken as a positive sign.

“He’s the only one who could keep up with you anyway,” says Nadia. They’re walking toward the biolabs, bagged samples of local flora in their satchels. “Why not?”

Why not. Anne says nothing, but there’s an answer on her tongue.

He smiles when he sees her. He’s beginning to speak very good English, and he has a very playful sense of humor. When he isn’t mapping plant genomes or analyzing soil samples, he’s helping out on one of the field crews, or filling in on a labor team. He’s well-liked by nearly everyone. The men respect him, and she knows there are more than a few women who envy her the bellflowers she keeps finding in her tent.

There are Tanisian bellflowers in her tent and Manh’s in love with her.
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