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A Day in the Life of... Neville the Watcher

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Day in the Life of...". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Neville got a job as a Watcher after the war was over. He’s head of a small Slayer house near London. This is his typical day.

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Harry Potter > GenerallothlorienFR71756041,30524 Jun 1124 Jun 11Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own them. All Harry Potter characters belong to Rowling and all Buffy characters to Joss Whedon and others I can't name from the top of my head :P

A/N: I got the idea for this series while watching Viasat History of all things… it’s going to be a series of random stories describing a day in the life of certain characters. And we’re starting with Neville Longbottom. I hope you like it. Please leave a review.

Summary: Neville got a job as a Watcher after the war was over. He’s head of a small Slayer house near London. This is his typical day.

A day in the life of… Neville the Watcher

Neville woke up before sunrise, as he always did, to tend to the plants and harvest the potion ingredients that worked best when harvested just before dawn. He was very proud of his greenhouses. So far he had four of them, each with its own unique climate and many rare plants that were notoriously hard to grow in artificial environments. He even won the Phyllidia Spore Award for Outstanding Achievements when he successfully crossed the Venomous Tentacula with the Mandrake to produce a Mandrake breed that was capable of defending itself from parasites like Dugbogs.

Tending to all four greenhouses took a while, so it was already 8 o’clock when he finally finished. He prepared a cup of tea and a light breakfast and went to the porch to enjoy it in peace. He read the Prophet and the Sunday Times and answered letters from Luna and Hermione. Since it was Sunday and his girls had a late patrol the previous night, he allowed them to have a bit of a sleep in.

At 10 o’clock he woke up the girls on breakfast duty and let Ziggy, the resident Puli, out of the house. The smell of food inevitably woke the other slayers and they slowly started trickling into the kitchen. Neville sat with them as they ate breakfast and collected their patrol reports. After breakfast he sent the girls on a long run with Ziggy and went to harvest the potion ingredients that needed to be harvested in noonlight.

Next came the part of the week he was least looking forward to – delivering the fresh ingredients to Severus Snape and collecting the latest batch of healing potions. The Council had a standing agreement with Snape. They provided the ingredients and paid him a substantial fee and he, in return, provided them with the best quality healing potions this side of Merlin. Potions prowess aside, Snape still tended to think of Neville as an incompetent student and treated him accordingly. Their relationship had improved to the point where their usual meeting went something like this: Neville entered the Dungeons, left the ingredients on the desk and took the potions left by the door. If any words were spoken at all, it was usually something like Hello, Thank you, Goodbye from Neville and a semi polite grunt from Snape.

After he got home he checked on the Slayers. Most of them were watching television and spoiling Ziggy rotten. Luckily, Amy was on lunch duty, so Neville knew he could expect lunch to be on time. And true enough; the lunch bell rang at 3 p.m. sharp. Lunch was usually a very noisy event when slayers were involved. Still, he managed to quiet them for long enough to give them their afternoon assignments – 3 girls were on cleaning duty, 2 were tasked with grooming Ziggy, the 3 magical slayers had classes with Luna and the youngest two girls were helping him in the greenhouses.

The afternoon progressed relatively calmly and, after solving a few cases of She looked at me wrong and She wouldn’t do her work, he gave the girls an evening off, provided enough money for a dinner and a movie and sent them out of the house. Then he took a shower, dressed in his best clothes and started preparing dinner.

Blaise arrived right on time and after a few minutes of intense… greeting they sat down for dinner. The conversation was light and flirty as it usually was since Neville lost some of his shyness and became more confident. Finishing their meal they moved to the porch for pudding and tea followed by some more… dessert.

Blaise left just before the slayers came home. Since it was already after 11 p.m. they were only allowed one more hour of TV and internet access. At midnight Neville sent them all to bed, activated the night-time wards on the house and apparated over to Blaise’s house where, as the slayers were assured, he would have a quick drink and then he and Blaise would share a chaste peck on the lips and then adjourn each to their own room to spend the night alone. And their watcher would never lie to them, would he?

A/N: I got all the necessary information about plants from HP Wiki. The term noonlight belongs to Terry Pratchett. And Puli is a breed of dog with lovely long fur that forms natural dreadlocks. They’re fantastic, but require a lot of grooming – hours of grooming to be precise.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Day in the Life of... Neville the Watcher". This story is complete.

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