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Wild Card

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Summary: Margaret has a special gift for The Protagonist in the form of a previously-unknown Persona.

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Games > Japanese FantasyorganicmagicFR1511,8990061125 Jun 1125 Jun 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Persona 4. I lay no claim to them, this is merely fanwork.

SPOILER WARNINGS: Please note that there will be spoilers up to July and the Marukyu dungeon as well as light spoilers for Yosuke’s and Yukiko’s S.Link max events (also minor for level 3 of Margaret’s S.Link) for Persona 4. Buffy: end of season 4 for one small reference.

The why: I’ve been itching to write a Persona 4 and BtVS crossover but as I am working on two other longfics, I don’t really have time to add a third to the mix. So, in order to sate the rabid plot bunny I have written this little oneshot.

Pairings: None, really, but you can take it as Protagonist/Yukiko if you so wish

Note: I went with his manga name of Souji Seta rather than his anime name for ease.

Wild Card.

Souji Seta had picked his usual outfit to go after the newly in-town Idol Rise Kujikawa and had left Kanji with Teddie to keep the little Bear safe from harm as the team made their way through the Marukyu Striptease. It seemed the most logical set up to the Leader as Kanji was less experienced in combat than his other three fellows were and the volatile boy would not be insulted if given the order to keep Teddie safe - after all, Teddie was almost as important in combat as Souji himself with his helpful notes on the shadows they faced.

Souji led them up to the tenth floor and Teddie helpfully told him that he could feel Rise nearby, Souji knew that the team must be no more than one floor away from the girl and her shadow and he called for a quick rest.

Chie instantly moved over to Yukiko and leaned against the wall with her, one eye on the other girl and one keeping an eye on the hall to ensure no Shadows were lurking nearby.

“Hey, partner, you wanna go all out today or rest up and come back tomorrow? The fog isn’t gonna come for a few more days,” Souji turned towards the thoughtful-looking face of his best friend, Yosuke.

“We’ll go on. I want to save Rise as quickly as possible, if we make it to the top with enough spirit left,” the reserved boy responded. “I might have to give Yukiko a soul food though, to make sure she has enough energy to heal us all. I have a feeling this fight will be even tougher than the one against Kanji’s shadow.”

“Eww, that was so gay. It still gives me nightmares.” Yosuke shuddered and poked his tongue out.


“Yeah, partner?”

“You know what they say about those who protest too much?”

“Dude, I’m not gay.” Yosuke said hotly, only for Chie and Yukiko to giggle on the other side of the hall.

“I think you just proved his point, Yosuke~!” Chie teased and Souji simply blocked his ears to the argument that was brewing between Chie and Yosuke as usual. He smiled as Yukiko walked over and sat beside him.

“Here, have one of these,” Souji offered the girl a soul food and she nodded, making use of the spirit-replenishing item. “I want you to be my healer again, the three of us to attack and you to heal whenever we look like needing it.”

“Amaterasu and I are ready,” she smiled shyly. “I’m still just getting used to being able to summon her instead of Konohana Sakuya, but I like it.”

Souji smiled at the way she blushed then and he gave her a small smile back. “It helps that you’re now immune to fire attacks as well. It means you’re that bit safer.”

The sweet moment was interrupted by Teddie calling out to Souji again,.

“Sensei? I smell three enemies, don’t get careless!” Souji jumped up and quickly signalled for the others to get into battle positions as a large shadow came around the corner.

Souji looked at the shadow as it reformed into it’s battle shape and Teddie cried out just as Souji recognised it anyway.

“Sensei, it is a Mighty Cyclops!”

“Yosuke, use Garudyne.” He ordered and his second followed without even pausing. He leapt into the air and called forth Susano-o as he twisted, slicing his kunai through the tarot card to summon forth his ultimate persona. With a blast, the blue-clad ninja whirled a huge blast of wind energy at the shadow, causing it to falter.

Souji knew it was now Chie’s turn and he quickly called out “Physical attack, whichever you want; just don’t use bufula as it absorbs that.”

“Got it! Protect me, Tomoe!” Chie kicked her tarot card to pieces and Tomoe came forth, swinging in a mighty arch and bashing the shadow almost senseless.

“Yukiko - it is weak to fire; use agidyne!”

“I am thou,” His priestess called forth Amaterasu and the cyclops was engulfed in flame so hot Souji could feel it burning his face before it was suddenly gone, leaving the mighty cyclops on the floor. “Our enemy is down! We must strike!”

“Yes,” agreed Souji and the four all charged in, loosing their all-out attack and causing the shadow to be defeated in a puff of smoke.

Just as everyone was congratulating Yosuke on levelling up, Souji felt dizzy and he leaned heavily against the wall again. It was the same kind of dizziness he felt when Igor called him to the Velvet Room…but this time it was not Igor. It was Margaret.

“You and I have a deepening bond and through your determination and leadership, I have decided to give you a new card.” Souji looked around, seeing nothing but Margaret and fog. Margaret stepped forward and gave him a tarot card - it was blank.

“This is a card only you and I are currently aware of. Even my master is unaware of it and shall be until you summon her. I have found her through extensive research of your personae and the power which you seem to both give to and receive from your friends. I believe some day she will become the ultimate form of the strength arcana and through your being able to show me Gdon with rampage…I believe you are the one who should be entrusted with her.”

“Margaret, I…” She quieted him with a slender finger touched to his lips.

“Do not fail me in this, Souji Seta.” Margaret was gone and Souji found himself on the floor, blinking up into the worried eyes of Yosuke.

“He’s awake, Yukiko - we don’t need to samarecarm him” the boy commanded and Souji smiled up at his Magician. “Dude, you okay?”

“I’m fine, it seems Margaret felt the need to summon me to the Velvet Room…” He knew he had not really been inside the velvet room but it was easier than explaining it to Yosuke who only knew a little of Souji’s strange dream-trips. Souji sat up, rubbing his head a little and he looked down at his hand. There was the blank tarot card she had given him.

“Is that a new persona?” Chie asked, looking excited. She loved seeing which new persona Souji would have fused or found to link to his heart. Yosuke, though, frowned upon seeing it.

“I think so, but it is blank.” Souji knew Yosuke loved the power the Wild Card had given his partner and despite getting over his jealousy and the two of them now feeling like equals, Yosuke had admitted to Souji that he was a little wary of splitting a soul into so many parts. Souji was a little wary of this new card as well and he could understand Yosuke’s fears but they needed his Wild Card ability if they had any chance of finding and defeating the serial killer. “Margaret said it was a female form…”

As he spoke, the card flashed and an image started to come onto the card. It was a wild-looking woman with streaks of white war paint on her face. The picture looked almost feral but Souji could already feel the power of the card. Then the picture flashed to a similar-looking girl and then another girl who had red war paint…the girls now scrolled so quickly Souji could not make them out.

“What the fuck, dude?” Yosuke asked, oh-so-elegantly.

“I don’t know…” Souji responded, honestly. After another three minutes, the picture stilled. A small blonde woman was on the card, but she was facing away from them and Souji could not make out a face.

“I am the ultimate slayer.”

“Did the card just speak?!” Chie asked, baffled.

“Wasn’t that an American voice?” Yukiko asked. “I don’t really speak enough English to know what she said”

“I know what she said, I can speak lots of languages, it is a beary good skill to have” Teddie supplied with his usual giggle at a bear pun. Kanji walking up as well, looking like he wanted to hit the excitable bear. He quickly translated it into Japanese for the group, even though Souji had understood the voice.

“I will summon this Ultimate Slayer in the next battle and see if she can help us save Rise.” Souji decided. “Let’s go.”

They moved on around the winding corridor, now so used to the naked girl motifs that even Yosuke was ignoring them and they came upon another shadow.

“I’ll take point,” Souji ordered as the thing coalesced into a Champion Knight. Souji already knew that it was resistant to physical attacks even as Teddie supplied the information to the others.

Souji stared down the horse-riding shadow and crushed the card in his hand, calling out “Slayer.”

With the usual rush that ripped through him at summoning a persona came the blonde woman. She was so tiny it seemed almost impossible that she could possibly fight something so huge, but Souji knew better than to question it. Some of his other personae seemed very weak as well and none had been so far for the jobs he had required of them.

“You know, you could just call me Buffy. It is rude to call me ‘Slayer’ like that.” the girl huffed as she looked at her summoner and then back to her foe.

“Buffy then, my name is Souji. Could you please take out that Knight for me?”

“Yeah, alright. I guess I let Giles talk me into letting you guys summon my power or whatever.” She loosed a roundhouse kick that Chie would have loved to have been capable of - even with her Galactic Punt - rendering the knight defeated in one hit.

“OH MY GOSH THAT WAS AMAZING, TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT. I’LL EVEN BUY YOU STEAK.” Chie screeched, running forward and looking like all of her dreams had come true at once.

Souji smiled at the Slayer - at Buffy - as Teddie translated Chie’s words.

“Chie, how are you going to buy steak if she is a persona? She can’t enter the real world…” Yukiko tried to reason with her friend.

Souji left the girls to it and turned to find Yosuke and Kanji both staring at his newest persona and both with nosebleeds.

“Dude. What I said about having so many personae being a bad thing? I take it all back.”

“What he said.” Kanji supplied, then noticed the nosebleed, he quickly dug out two well-embroidered handkerchiefs. “Shit.”

“Hey, Miss Buffy? Can I score with you some day?” Piped up Teddie and Souji just laughed like he had never laughed before. His friends were all idiots but he wouldn’t give them up for the world.

The End

You have reached the end of "Wild Card". This story is complete.

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