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Rationalising the Supernatural

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Summary: Bones and Booth are having vivid dreams. They are not vivid dreams but rather memories. So what happens when everyone favourites duo remember being a slayer and a souled vampire.

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Television > Bones > GeneralhellbellsFR151010,8791195,16425 Jun 1127 Jul 11No

on the yellow brick road

Booth and Bones were a little freaked by their friend's behaviour. It wasn't just their friends; everyone around them was acting as if they were on a chemical high. Booth was freaked by the fact that Hodgins made no mention of a conspiracy. On top of that, Hodgins was widely smiling at everyone. If Booth wasn't already, sure that something was up; this would have been the wake up call. Hodgins acting calmly and rationally with no hint of conspiracy talk was most disconcerting.

Temperance spoke softly, tentatively, as if she was walking on eggshells, "Yeah Jasmine is great."

She figured it was best not to upset the crazies.

Booth had been staring at the screen in silent horror. He was just glad that it was not showing on his face. He shook off his shock, "I'll just walk you to your office."

Bones carefully shut her office door. Booth was clearly alarmed as she was, "What was that?"

Bones shrugged, "No idea. It is not a demon I've ever run across. Plus, I've never heard of one that can cause mass hallucinations."

Booth snorted, "That's an understatement."

Bones was becoming angrier as the Slayer part of her slid to the fore, "More importantly, how do I kill it?"

It was Booth's turn to sigh, "We need to find out what type of demon it is. Also, we need to find out how far the good vibes have spread."

Bones shook her head; one thing that had remained constant between the universes was music, including the Monkies. For Bones, the best thing this universe, apart from finally getting a chance to be with Booth is that she had gained several inches of height. Oh, she had also gained and a father, who cared about her even if he was misguided.

She looked at the papers online and stared in disbelief as she read the headlines. The headlines spoke of countries that had traditionally been considered aggressive signing peace treaties. It seemed that North Korea wanted to come in from the cold, internationally speaking. To Bones these were all sure signs of the apocalypse in her book.

Booth who was reading behind her shoulder was just as thunderstruck, "Safe to say that it is widespread."

"Oh yeah. Still doesn't answer the question: How do I kill it?"

Booth thought about it, "We need to see if any other demons have snuck through."

Bones agreed; she couldn't help but pout as a thought struck her, "God who'd have ever thought I'd miss Willie."

Booths snickered; his girlfriend had always relished getting answers from the slimy bartender. He asked the most important question. "So what do we do?"

She leant forward wanting a hug from her lover. All the events had thrown her off balance; she relaxed as Booth's arms closed around her. She allowed herself to take some comfort from Booth, "We go about our day pretending that we have 'seen the light'. Then we find a way to kill the bitch."

It was a good plan and as Booth did not have a better suggestion, he did just that.

For Booth, today was turning out to be a truly freaky day. Even counting his memories of the supernatural, he could not ever recall such a strange day. It was strange that everyone was going around acting as if they were on happy pills. However, when he reached the office there were a line of perps already to confess to their crimes. He rolled up his sleeves and wondered just how many cases would be solved today.

The last perp wasn't just willing to confess to his own crimes, he was willing to roll on his buddies. Better still, he gave Booth the location of his buddies. When Booth followed up on the tip, he found not only his suspect but also an active crack house. A Judge was very amenable to giving Booth his warrant, as soon as, Booth mentioned how great Jasmine was.

Booth thought it best to co-ordinate with uniform to help him clear and book all the suspects from the crack house. Having cleared the crack den, he searched the house further. He was not sure why but his senses kept telling him there was something else there. He found the answer in the form of a relatively harmless demon that was quivering behind a door in the far corner of the derelict house.

Booth started to question the hysterical demon. In between hysterical sobs, Booth found out that Jasmine was actually from this demon's home dimension. The scared demon told Booth how he'd been so scared of Jasmine, that he'd figured his best option was to escape his home dimension. Only, much to his horror, he found that Jasmine had also escaped from his dimension.

Booth was frustrated, he shouted trying to focus the hysterical demon, "Look I'm sorry but I want to know how I kill it?"

The demon looked up at him quizzically, "I don't understand."

Booth tried to remain calm; after all, there were no ice-cream vans to shoot. "Forget it you're coming with me." He was just grateful that the demon could pass for human.

He deftly guided the demon towards his girlfriend's office. She looked up from the ancient text she was reading. His guest clearly didn't amuse her, "who's your friend?"

Booth smirked, "I have a lead but we may need to go to Oz to find it."

She wondered if she'd heard him correctly, "You want to say that again."

Booth knew better than to not say anything; Bones was a scientist she needed empirical evidence. "It seems the best way to kill our demon is to say her real name."

Her look asked him if he was serious, he held his hands up in surrender, "I've already asked him if he's read rumpelstiltskin."

She knew that sometimes you just had to go along for the ride, no matter how crazy it seemed. All jokes aside, she was well aware that real names held power and a lot of it. She just prayed that whatever journey they went on, they gained the name of this demon. As a plan B, she figured she'd remove the demons head from its shoulder. In her experience, it was a good back up plan. After all, very little could survive, if it was missing its head.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Rationalising the Supernatural" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Jul 11.

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