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Rationalising the Supernatural

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Summary: Bones and Booth are having vivid dreams. They are not vivid dreams but rather memories. So what happens when everyone favourites duo remember being a slayer and a souled vampire.

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Premise: In the Season Two Finale Buffy jumps with the re-souled Angel, not wanting him to face hell alone. The powers upset about potentially losing their two champions diverted them to the bones universe. Therefore, canon diverges in Buffy after Season 2 and in Bones from Season 3 finale. However, in this universe, Zach is not Gormogon's apprentice but the Season three finale is still Canon minus Zach.

A/N This was started a while ago and posted to I am editing it and posting it here and probably live journal.

Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy, nor Bones. I only own my twisted imagination.

Pairings Booth (Angel)/Brennan (Buffy)

Prologue: Memories

It had been a week since they had found out Booth was actually alive; initially she had been so furious she had punched him. Temperance had been devastated by Booth’s death; regretting never having the chance to tell him, how much he meant to her. Since then, Booth had hastily apologised and tried to find out why she had not been told. In the week since his resurrection they had spent the whole week together, Bones had insisted that she take care of him.

They had fallen asleep on her couch once again and she was once again dreaming. It was the same dream each time; she was fighting mythological vampires and demons. This dream was new, it felt different it gave her the strangest feeling of deja-vu. She was walking down an alleyway and could not shake the feeling she was being followed. She waited; baiting a trap for her would be stalker. In the end, it was a simple takedown but her surprise was she saw who her mystery assailant was; the man under her foot was Booth!

She startled awake instinctively shouting the man's name "Angel."

At the same time, Booth awoke calling, "Buffy."

The couple turned to each other in shock as previously blocked memories cascaded forward. As the onslaught ended both had silent tears running down their faces, Booth gently stroked her cheek with an old familiarity. The couple knew they needed more information and knew exactly whom they could extract it from, looking up at the ceiling both shouted, "Whistler!"

The messenger demon entered to the side, "How's it hangin' boys and girl."

Bones was struggling for the moment to compartmentalise the memories and was struggling with the warring personalities as they blended. Brennan’s response was more Buffy-esque, "I don't know, I mean I'm in a new dimension, my undead love has a pulse and oh yeah I have a PhD!"

Whistler backed up from the angry slayer, "Okay. Listen I'm to pass on a message, your old friends method of getting rid of a big bad will be to transport it into what they think is a hell dimension."

Brennan finally able to get all the new memories compartmentalised, "Let me guess it's about to be dropped into our laps.”

Whistler futilely tried to placate the angry slayer, “Look the Powers were a bit put out when they lost both their champions to Acathlea. So they diverted the portal here enabling you to continue the good fight."

Brennan was quickly becoming furious, "It's all I've ever done."

She only relaxed when Booth pulled her into his embrace. Booth knew that both as Buffy and as Bones she hated being manipulated. Allowing Booth to be comfort her carried on, feeling slightly calmer, “How long have we been here and there is now way you’re making Booth a Vamp.”

Whistler's self-preservation instincts started to kick in, "Listen you've been here for ten actual years and your right about Powers. They are unleashing all the restraints that you have had on your abilities. Though it appears, you have managed to remember your fighting and weapon skills. Angel will regain his strength and his healing but he’ll have none of the disadvantages Princess. Now I gotta split but I have one final message from the powers 'You'll know it when you see it'.”

They were then left alone on her couch, still locked in each other’s embrace as they became lost in the memories. They could not help but admire the irony of the situation, no matter what universe they were in, they certainly seemed to be drawn to one another. Bones was no longer allowing a stupid line to separate them. She twisted on his lap so she could kiss him; Booth did not think he reacted instinctively drawing her into a more passionate kiss. He had wanted this for so long and could not believe they would finally have a chance. This universe had offered them him amazing gifts, he had a young son and he no longer had to worry that his love would bring out his Jekyll, combined with recent events made him realise he needed to stop running from their love.

Now they were finally on the same wavelength, as she gently led him to her bedroom. He was about to protest but she put a finger to his lips, after all, she was an adult and knew what she wanted from life, "We are both still dealing with the memories now. For now I just want to sleep in your arms and there is now way in hell, I will let you brood for past dimensional issues."

He chuckled, hearing aspects of their old personalities filter through. It seemed that no matter where they were, they were meant to be together.

A/N So who wants me to continue this?
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