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Another Brick in the Wall.

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This story is No. 15 in the series "Grim up North.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: ‘Village of the Damned’(1960) xover. “Hold on, you’re saying Buffy’s been captured by evil, mind controlling, alien, space-children with the power of telekinesis?” There was a long pause as Willow realised just how grim things were.

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Author: John Wyndham(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151026,9291515,52726 Jun 1115 Jul 11Yes

Chapter Ten.


Picking herself up off the floor, Buffy groaned, “I’m getting too old for this.”

As she supported herself with one hand resting against the wall her eyes fell on the body of the girl left crouching on the floor in a pool of her own blood.

“Bastards,” Buffy swore under her breath, she had to kill all these alien scum before they could take over the world.

A burst of gunfire close by jarred her out of these thoughts of genocide. Someone, Buffy smiled, she thought she knew who, had obviously got the same idea. The door to the lab was slammed open nearly knocking it off its hinges.

“BUFFY!” Came a familiar voice.

“Kennedy?” Buffy stared at the doorway, although her sister slayer’s voice sounded as if it was right there in the room with her she couldn’t see the gun totting slayer anywhere.

“Buffy?” Kennedy’s voice sounded as if it was right next to her ear; Buffy spun around but still she couldn’t see her rescuer, “You can’t see me can you?”

“No,” Buffy replied uncertainly.

“How about now?” Suddenly Buffy found Kennedy standing right next to her.

“AAGH!” Buffy jumped away from the dark haired girl. “W-What…?”

“One of Willow’s trinkets,” Kennedy explained tucking the pendent under her jacket, “come on we’ve got to go.”

“First we have to find the rest of the village kids,” Buffy’s eyes flicked over to where the girl lay.

“Crap!” Kennedy cursed quietly; she noticed the chains still attached to Buffy’s wrists. “Right,” she agreed, “but first let me get those chains off.”

“Don’t bother,” Buffy lifted up her wrist, “I’ve tried they won’t move.”

“Here,” Kennedy took hold of Buffy’s wrist and did something to the shackle, moments later it fell to the floor.

“How’d you do that?” Buffy watched as Kennedy removed the other chain.

“There’s a secret catch,” Kennedy pressed with her fingers and the other metal cuff fell to the floor.

“How’d you know that?” Buffy asked suspiciously as they both moved towards the door.

“Um,” Kennedy looked slightly embarrassed, “its Willow…sometimes she likes to be, you know…restrained.”

“Willow?” Buffy stared wide eyed at Kennedy, “With chains?” Kennedy nodded in the affirmative, “Oh my god!”

“Don’t you ever say anything,” Kennedy warned.

“My lips are sealed,” Buffy reassured her.

“Kids?” Kennedy quickly changed the subject.

“They must be down here somewhere,” Buffy led the way further into the basement, “How were things going upstairs?”

“I think I’ve got about half of them,” Kennedy replied matter-of-factly, “and blown some big holes in the place.”

“I heard,” Buffy stopped outside a door and listened; she tried the door handle but it was locked, “They’re in there I think.”

Giving Buffy a superior look, Kennedy slid open a shutter in the door, she looked into the cell beyond to see a dozen girls of various ages.

“I’ll have to shoot the lock off,” she called through the hatch, the children looked up at her fearfully, “Everyone get away from the door and stick your fingers in your ears…your own ears!” Standing back from the door, Kennedy put her rifle to her shoulder, “Buffy?”

“What?” Buffy glanced at her comrade in arms.

“Unless you want me to shoot between your legs?” Kennedy gestured for Buffy to get out the way.

“Sorry,” Buffy moved to one side just as Kennedy fired a burst.

The bullets struck the door neatly cutting the lock free and sending it spinning across the floor. Heaving open the door, Buffy dashed into the cell and started to push the terrified and tearful children into the corridor.

“Come on kids,” she tried to keep her voice light so as not to frighten the children anymore than they were already, “let’s get you home to your folks.”

By the time Buffy got back out into passageway, she found Kennedy had organised the children into two’s, an older child holding the hand of a younger one.

“Okay, children,” Kennedy stood at the head of the column her rifle butt resting on her hip, “we’re going home now,” she told the kids in a sort of Mary Poppins type voice. “Stay behind me, no dawdling, don’t let go of your partner’s hand and no talking.” Kennedy’s eyes turned to a bemused Buffy Summers, “Auntie Buffy?”

“Auntie Buffy?” Buffy replied confused.

“Yes,” Kennedy replied pointedly, “would you mind bringing up the rear, make sure there’s no stragglers?”

“Sure,” Buffy nodded her head, “not a problem.”

Leading the children up the stairs and through the smoky interior of the Grange, Kennedy acted as if having to step over dead bodies was nothing unusual or anything to be worried about. Amazingly the children took their cue from her and followed her out into the night. Making sure that the last child was out of the building, Buffy came to stand next to Kennedy.

“That was amazing,” Buffy smiled.

“Simple child psychology,” Kennedy replied airily, “act as if there’s nothing to be scared of and the children will believe you.”

“Talking of scared,” Buffy pointed to where the villagers stood in a confused huddle at the bottom of the drive by the gate.

“They don’t look as if they’re going to rip us to pieces,” Kennedy pointed out unconvincingly.

“I think the control on their minds must have slipped,” Buffy slipped her arm through Kennedy’s arm and smiled into her face, “that’s thanks to you.”

“Do you mind?” Kennedy glanced down to where Buffy’s hand lay.

“Oh!” Buffy jumped away from Willow’s girlfriend, “Sorry!” Collecting her thoughts Buffy turned back to the Grange, “We’ve got to go in there and finish them off. I can still feel them.”

“No I’ve got to go,” Kennedy took a deep breath, “I’ve got the gun and the invisible pendant thing.”

“No.” Buffy replied firmly, “Rule sixteen ‘B’ quite clearly states; ‘One for all and all for one’, we go do it together.”

“Sixteen ‘B’?” Kennedy queried.

“Yeah,” Buffy nodded her head firmly, “bottom of page twenty-seven…look it up if you don’t believe me. It’s non-negotiable like the one that says, ‘Don’t Die’.”

“Okay,” Kennedy sighed, she knew when she was beaten, “we’ll go together.”

“NO!” a male voice came from behind them; turning they saw Professor Zellaby, “I’ll finish this off, after all a lot of this is my fault.”

“WHAT!?” Buffy and Kennedy turned on the man.

“If I’d not been so naïve,” the old scholar replied tiredly, “I might have seen the danger sooner and been able to stop them before they got so powerful.”

“But…” Buffy stepped forward and took hold of the old man’s arm; she noticed the explosive vest for the first time.

“After all,” chuckled Zellaby, “I’ve come prepared…a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do…and all that.”

“Let him do it, Buffy,” Kennedy called.

“But…” Buffy looked from Zellaby to Kennedy and back again.

“Please,” pleaded the old professor.

Slowly Buffy let go of Zellaby’s arm.

“Thank-you,” Zellaby started to walk towards the building, he paused and turned to look at Buffy, “You better get everybody back; it’ll be quite a bang!”

Dumping her rifle and Buffy’s bag with the spare clips, Kennedy herded a reluctant Buffy Summers and the children towards the villagers.


Walking into the Grange, Zellaby felt the minds of the remaining Children start to beat against his own.

“Must think of a brick wall,” he told himself as the picture of the wall above his fireplace came to his mind, “a brick wall.”

His steps faltered a little as the children concentrated their will against his. A little further, he told himself, he’d worked out previously where he needed to stand when he detonated the bomb.

“A brick wall,” he told himself again, but already he could see the cement start to powder and the bricks begin to move. “A brick wall,” sweat stood on his brow as he forced himself deeper into the building. “A wall…a wall,” he said over and over again as more bricks loosened and fell, “Wall…the wall…”

Suddenly Zellaby’s mind took on new strength as the words came to him from his memory, he smiled as he started to recite the words from the eighty’s pop-song.

“We don’t need no education,” with grammar like that ‘they’ obviously did! “We don’t need no thought control,” Zellaby smiled at the irony. “All in all it was all just bricks in the wall,” smiling Zellaby let go of the dead-man’s switch. “We won,” he taunted the children.


Watching as the flames leaped into the night sky, Buffy and Kennedy stood side by side and stared at the burning Grange. In the distance they could hear the sirens of the local Fire Brigade as they made their way along the narrow country lanes; they’d arrive way too late to save anything.

“Let’s go,” Buffy whispered into Kennedy’s ear.

They pushed their way through the crowd of stunned and confused villagers and walked back to the Parcel of Rogues, each lost inher own thoughts. Buffy wondered at how close the world had come to being taken over by the alien children. It’d been lucky that neither herself nor Kennedy had been affected by their mind control powers. Idly Buffy speculated if it was because they were both alcoholics…now that would be ironic.

As she walked next to Buffy, Kennedy scowled to herself wondering what Willow had bought to furnish their new house with. She wondered if it had been wise to give her girlfriend the use of one of her credit cards, she was devoted to Willow but…but she just didn’t trust her where interior design was concerned. Of the Children she hardly spared a second thought; they had won as she always knew they would. After all what chance had the alien losers had? She’d been there…and Buffy had helped…a little.

Arriving back at the pub, Kennedy led the way into the building and on into the bar, everything was still unlocked even the till. Walking behind the bar, Kennedy set up two glasses and poured a generous measure of vodka into each.

“There,” she pushed the glass towards Buffy, “you’ve earned it.”

Sitting down on a bar stool Buffy stared at the glass, not making any effort to pick it up; Kennedy came around the bar and sat down next to her.

“One drink isn’t going to hurt,” Kennedy explained, she still hadn’t made any move to touch her own.

“One is too many,” Buffy quoted the Demon Alcohol, “ten is never enough.”

“Scared?” Kennedy asked without any malice in her voice.

“No,” Buffy thought for a moment, “I just don’t think I need it any more,” she paused for a moment, “I really think I could be ‘fine again’ after all.” She jumped down off her stool, “Come on,” she smiled at Kennedy, “let’s go to bed.”

“Yeah,” Kennedy agreed leaving her own drink untouched, “I think I know what you mean.”

Slipping her arm around Kennedy’s waist, Buffy guided her towards the stairs.

“You know what you were saying about Willow earlier?” Buffy asked with an impish grin.

“Uh-huh,” Kennedy grunted non-committaly.

“Do you do the whole ‘spanking thing’ too?”

“Not that its any business of yours what Willow and I do in the privacy of our bedroom,” Kennedy glanced at Buffy as they started to climb the stairs together. “But yes, sometimes, Willow likes to be spanked.”

“And tied up?” Buffy asked breathlessly.

“YES!” Kennedy stopped and turned on Buffy, “What’s wrong with you? Why do you suddenly want to know about what Willow and I get up to and what’s with all the in appropriate touching!?”

“I…I’m…” Buffy brow furrowed as she tried to think what had come over her, “I’m not sure,” she took a deep breath, “I don’t know why but I suddenly feel kinda attracted to you…”

“Attracted?” Kennedy asked slowly.

“Yeah,” Buffy admitted sheepishly, “in like a sorta sexual way…”

“You’re sleeping on the floor tonight!” Kennedy turned and quickly climbed the stairs.

“What!” Buffy ran after her, “Why do I have to sleep on the floor?”

“Because, Buffy Summers,” Kennedy stopped, turned and glared down at Buffy, “if you try to get into bed with me I’ll kill you!”

“Oh,” Buffy shrugged, “that sounds reasonable enough,” she followed Kennedy up the stairs her eyes riveted to Kennedy’s butt. “When you say ‘in bed’, what exactly do you mean? Like is that just ‘in’ the bed or is lying on top of it okay?”


Dawn broke to find Buffy and Kennedy in bed together, Kennedy lay on her back with Buffy’s arm thrown across her chest and stared at the ceiling. What have I done, she asked herself, how did this happen?

“Oh god!” Buffy woke up and looked into Kennedy’s eyes, “I’m sorry! I…”

“You don’t know what happened?” Kennedy swung her legs out of bed and sat up with her back to Buffy. Oh-god, she moaned internally, I’m naked; she glanced over her shoulder, so was Buffy.

“What’s the last thing you remember?” Buffy asked as she climbed from the bed and started to search for her clothes.

“We argued on the stairs,” Kennedy said slowly, “we got to the room, I opened the door and…”

“And?” Buffy encouraged.

“And everything gets a bit blurry after that,” Kennedy sighed heavily, “You?”

“About the same,” Buffy found her panties and pulled them on; she started to look for her bra.

“Did it all feel sort of unreal, dreamlike?” Kennedy wrapped the bed sheet around herself and went in search of her own clothes.

“Sorta,” Buffy found her bra hanging from the light fitting, “what are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking we might have been effected by something those alien scum did after all,” Kennedy shuffled across the floor to where her travel bag lay and started to pull clean clothes out of it.

“Hey,” Buffy frowned as Kennedy laid out a complete and clean set of clothes, “just how much stuff can you get outta that thing?”

“This?” Kennedy gestured to the bag, “its actually the entry to a portal that leads to my clothes closet at home…Willow set it up for me, where did you think I got the AK from?”

“You keep assault weapons in your closet?” Buffy was impressed.

“Um no,” Kennedy shook her head, “look I’ll explain later more important things right now.”

“Yeah,” Buffy nodded her head, “you think the alien space brats turned me into a lesbian?”

“Could be,” Kennedy agreed, “have you ever felt attracted to women before?”

“No,” Buffy said firmly.

“There you are then,” Kennedy pulled on her panties without getting out of the sheet she was wearing, “it’s probably temporary. Willow will be able to reverse it I expect.”

“You mean after she’d turned us both into frogs?” Buffy looked seriously worried.

“Don’t worry,” after trying unsuccessfully to get her bra on while still holding onto the sheet; Kennedy turned her back on Buffy and let the sheet drop. “I’ll explain everything; she’ll be cool after all it wasn’t our fault.”

“You think?” Buffy didn’t sound so sure.

“Sure of it,” Kennedy replied earnestly.

“Cool,” Buffy sighed with relief and laughed, “HA! There was a moment back there when I thought we were in big trouble!”


Slayer Central, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Cleveland, England.

“Giles!” Willow burst into Giles’ office; it was still early in the morning; far too early for Willow to be looking as worried as she was, “We’re in big trouble!”

“Oh-god!” Giles stood up reflexively from behind his desk his brow creased with worry, “More?”

”Fraid so,” Willow crossed the room in a couple of steps her skirts flying around her legs, “I’ve been phoning ‘round, its been happening all over the world.”

“Good grief!” Giles glasses came off in a flash and out came his handkerchief, “What I can’t understand is what could anyone hope to gain by doing this?”

“I don’t know Giles,” Willow started to play with the ends of her hair, “I’m not even sure that it is magic. I mean we know so little about slayer physiology, this could all be something natural.”

“No,” Giles slipped his glasses back on, “no, I think there’s some force behind all this,” a thought hit him. “Do you feel different…” Giles searched for the right words, “do you, erm, still…”

“Do I still like girls?” Willow arched an eyebrow, “Is that what you’re trying to say?”

“Well, um, yes,” Giles coughed to cover his embarrassment, “as it happens yes.”

“Well, duh,” Willow had and urge to stick her tongue out at her old mentor but resisted it, “of course I do!”

“So its just the slayers then?” Giles asked quietly.

“Like you say,” Willow slumped into a chair, “what could anyone hope to gain by turning every slayer in the world gay?”



The End

You have reached the end of "Another Brick in the Wall.". This story is complete.

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